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I live in Little Dry Fork, where the county recently dug a ditch too close to my mailbox. The hole is so big we haven’t been able to get our mail for two weeks. Could someone please tell me what I could do to get them to fix it so that we can get mail in our mailbox?

. I keep watching these ads on TV about Viagra and other products for men, which is fine and well. I use it. It works good for me. Oh, how I wish they would come up with something for these women who don’t give a care and don’t give any affection. I wish they would make a pill for them.

. I sure did enjoy those pictures of you two drinking moonshine. Don’t you know they are taking pictures of you instead of texting? These pictures have been circulating around the neighborhood. I would be careful if I was you two.

. They need to bring Cathy Lucas back to Neon BP.

. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) ranks Kentucky 48th among healthy states, mostly because of the high premature death rate. Hopefully after Matt ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin destroys kynect we can move up to 50th.

. There is a man at UZ who off his rocker. They need to get down here and do something with him before he hurts someone.

. We don’t need teachers constantly advertising their homosexuality or their heterosexuality on social media. I find it unprofessional to put your sex life on Facebook.

To a certain person: I know I’m a troublemaker. So are you. So don’t look at me like you do. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

. I am so happy today. Thank you, Lord.

. ‘He’s a weak man’s idea of a strong man.’ Truer words have never been spoken about Donald Trump. They come from a writer for the conservative National Review, Charles Cooke, who was being interviewed by Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Megyn deserves an award for the work she has been doing to show the world what a fraud Trump is. She catches Trump in lie after lie and then reports it on her ‘Kelly Files’ show. Trump will live to rue the day he decided to take on this great newswoman.

. Does anyone believe that Mitch McConnell would talk about letting the next president fill the Supreme Court vacancy if a Republican held the White House? Well, maybe the person who wrote the last two entries in last week’s Speak Your Piece, since he rants about heathens and a cover-up conspiracy. Please see a doctor. They’re doing wonderful things for delusions now. Step one, turn off Faux News.

. We need Letcher County to be represented, and Angela Hatton will be a good representative for our state, our district and our community.

. I hear they got a new worker at the Neon BP who is very nice.

. The reason I hate the new assistant manager at a certain grocery store in Neon is because she is very hot.

. I wish they would put some chairs in the eye doctor’s office that have arms. Old people can’t get up.

. How in the world does a church in Letcher County have a deacon who has gone to jail for revealing himself? This is not the first time this has happened. This guy was caught in the 1980s doing this stuff as well.

. Here’s a heads up for the Whitesburg Police Chief. The thief who steals from Walmart is driving a little silver Chevrolet Cobalt with a

Virginia tag. They are loaded down with pills.

. Our church is missing about half of its songbooks. If you changed churches and still have its songbooks with the church’s name in it, you should return it. God may look at it as stealing. I do.

. It seems to me that you can do anything you want in the town of Neon. Every night when I come home from work, the police are over at the pool hall. Shouldn’t they be out patrolling?

. What is going on with that 60-year-old man and 12-year-old boy? Why won’t somebody do something? It’s getting to be ridiculous.

. To all you coal miners: you have lost money because of the administration of Obama, let’s go march on the White House and tell him to get out of the White House and go back to Chicago.

. Ted Cruz just says we’ve never targeted civilians and never will. So, here’s what I’m wondering; is he really that stupid? Or does he just think Republican voters are? Or has he actually never heard of Dresden, Nagasaki, or Hiroshima?

. This goes out to the girl who drives a white SUV: Why don’t we meet again?

. Is there a local Dish Network

salesperson around here besides calling the 1-800 number? If there is, will someone please respond in Speak Your Piece?

. I wish I had a job like the evening shift people at Neon. They sit on a milk crates all night and text on their cellphones.

. In the coming election with the two candidates running for circuit judge, Darrell Hall would be my pick for circuit judge. I was looking forward to seeing Will Collins’s name on the ballot. Since that didn’t happen, Darrell Hall is the pick of our family.

. To Bob who does the Swap Shop: Would it kill you to say thank you to people? You need to take note from Larry Kevin Day. That young man says thank you to everybody. It is just common decency to say thank you.

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