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This is the old cat killer speaking about Hillary Clinton talking about what she will do to protect this world from ISIS. How come Obama doesn’t go ahead and do what Clinton is talking about right now if she is going to do it when she gets into office? Have a great big ole meow day.

. I’m afraid that Letcher County people could make a fatal mistake by putting trust in the water system. I believe this county is going to be like Flint, Michigan. We are all going to fool around and end up with cancer or severe health problems before anybody says anything. (All water lines installed by the Letcher County Water and Sewer District since the district first began supplying water in 2003 are made of plastic. The problem in Flint was caused by the state of Michigan’s switch to a dangerous water source that caused older lead pipes to corrode.)

. Slap you’ve got money, you can get out of it, which has been proven.

. There has been a lot of misinformation about the federal prison coming to Letcher County. What is going to happen to property values and property taxes around the site of the prison? Will taxpayers be made to pay for the loss in property taxes that will occur when property values go down? How have prisons helped other communities in eastern Kentucky? Studies show they haven’t. So why aren’t Hal Rogers and others being honest with us?

. How is it there is orange water that looks like Kool-Aid running out of the Mayking area out of Pine Creek? They are supposed to be reclaiming a mine job. They went up there auguring, and now they won’t even show their face on camera. This water goes into our home as well as everybody else’s homes. People, stand up and get a backbone. Help. Do something.

. This goes out to Whitesburg Mayor James W. Craft and Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward: Are you all going to let orange water flood our river without doing anything?

. I wonder if the little old woman at the Neon BP is still taking chicken, chicken sandwiches and cold case stuff. She needs a raise in pay so she’ll stop doing that.

. I would never cast a vote for a candidate that tried to separate a child from its father. So no, I will not be voting for Angie Hatton Mullins.

. Hillary Clinton made the statement that she would shut down all coal mines.

So you really need to think about that before you cast a vote for her.

. To a certain person who a big salesman at Isom yard sales: You sure do like to rip people off, don’t you? You cheated your best friend out of his Matchbox cars. Sooner or later someone is going to teach you the same lesson you taught that boy you took the Matchbox cars off of.

. I love my ex-wife.

. I would like to know why they have caught these simple, ignorant people who make meth, but yet they cannot get a certain person. They need to check out this person. He is selling drugs again. Why won’t they arrest him or does he have them bought off? We need to know.

. Don’t forget to feed the birds. They have a hard time finding food right now.

. The College doesn’t have an Appalachian center is because years ago they had a president who did away with everything they had. His belief was that Pikeville College needed to mainstream itself and get rid of its Appalachian roots.

. In regards to the person who says a certain person is trying to keep her husband from a certain family: Nobody has tried to keep this person from his family. He has an automobile and a cellphone. He has two legs. He is free to see his family anytime he wants and he has been. I believe the ones who need to quit trying to take over him is his own family members who are trying to be so persuasive in this matter. You need to mind your own family matters and don’t worry about what he is trying to do and how he is living his life.

. People need to grow up and leave their family members alone. They have their own lives to live and you have your own life to live. If you would leave them alone, they would be much happier.

. This is Master Frank Sexton of John Ng’s Four Seasons Kung Fu & Tai Chi School of Whitesburg, Hazard and Pikeville. I want to let everyone know that neither myself nor the Four Seasons Kung Fu & Tai Chi School of Whitesburg, Hazard and Pikeville is in any way associated with Larry Adams Martial Arts. We have been around longer. Myself, our students and our martial arts group have state, regional, national and world titles and awards. Please don’t affiliate us with other martial arts groups that don’t compete in opendoor tournaments and only compete against themselves in closed- door tournaments.

We are the martial arts school that competes across the United States.

. I’d like to know how I can get the job being the garbage warden in Letcher County, because I think I can do a better job in two months than what the other one has done in the last five years. They need to teach people how to pick up after themselves. They need to teach that in the schools. They need to teach that in the colleges. People just don’t pick up after themselves.

. I think it’s pretty obvious just how easy it is to fool so many coal miners into voting against their own best interests, especially when you see the media generated outrage over what was a ‘foot in the mouth’ moment for Hillary Clinton. In this case, she said ‘we,’ meaning that federal laws have put some miners out of work. In reality, the market has put more miners out of work than anything else. Cheap prices from natural gas and the scarcity of easy to mine coal in eastern Kentucky have done a lot more damage to the coal business than the EPA and the laws that President Obama has enforced. By the way, those laws being enforced now were originally passed in 1983 by George H.W. Bush but later ignored by the George W. Bush administration, just as ‘W’ ignored mine safety laws. Where is the outrage when Hazard Senator Brandon Smith and the Republican controlled Kentucky Senate have passed legislation, mostly along party lines, to gut coal mine safety laws in the state? Where is the outrage about the abandoned mine that spilled acid water into Pine Creek, causing a massive fish kill? The only outrage I’ve heard about that is from coal trolls who are now trying to deflect blame onto a local company that had an unfortunate spill several years ago. The thing is, that good and decent local company ordered its insurance company to make good on damages from that spill and took preventive measures to keep it from happening again. The coal companies never do that, because they know that when it hits the fan they can just declare bankruptcy and leave, just like they have done en masse lately while leaving behind a devastated wasteland. It’s pretty evident that the coal industry has done a lot more ‘to’ eastern Kentucky than it ever did ‘for’ eastern Kentucky.

. If Barack Obama is the antichrist the world will be in such a turmoil by election time that he will put us under marshal law to charge the antichrist to the beast to take us out and lead us into the battle of Armageddon and bring the Lord back. It’s about over, folks.

. Most Letcher even qualify for those federal prison jobs that were mentioned in last week’s Mountain Eagle. Look up the requirements yourself. The Eagle and the Letcher County Planning Commission want us all to believe this is the best we can get and that there’s no local opposition, but we all know that’s not true. We’re the only place in the country being considered for a federal prison, because no one else wants one and the country doesn’t need another one. The residents of this county, and this country, deserve better than more prisons. We’ve been accepting the table scraps for decades in exchange for fueling the

country. That $444 million ought to come to us, but we can figure out much better ways to spend it. What could you do for your community with $444 million?

. I think everyone who has business should have a good bathroom. Businesses that won’t let you use their bathroom? Don’t trade with them.

. To a certain person: You are a lying dog. I found out everything about you from Back Street to the little thisand that store. As soon as I can get up with you, I’m going to tell J. everything. You are a lying dog.

. On Friday the 13th I’m going to be driving back and forth through Neon with a legal .357 magnum in my possession. I dare Sheriff Danny Webb or any other police officer to attempt to arrest me. To the mayor of Neon: Do you realize you are going to be sued for more than the city can afford? I will take it to the limit one more time. If you dare accept my challenge, I’ll be ready, willing and waiting. You know who this is. The Mountain Eagle knows who this is. Speak Your Piece knows who this is. I shall not back down. Get yourself in order or get ready for trouble you have never seen before. Do you understand me? If you don’t, I’ll make it clear later. This is not a warning; it is simply an advisory. Get a life, you stupid people. What is wrong with you? By the way, Fleming-Neon Officer Adam Swindall, do you think you scare me? I’ve had dealings with you before and what happened?

Nothing. Good day. This comment is from the Midnight Phantom.

. To a certain person: You are a lying bully. I’d like to see you get in my face and try to bully me. I challenge you.

. I just bought beer legally in Whitesburg on Easter Sunday. Don’t tell my mom.

. To Speak Your Piece: I just wanted to say something about all those lowlife, stupid people who are disrupting the rallies of Donald Trump, our next president, and calling him a racist. They are the people who back the Black Lives Matter lies, same-sex marriage and open borders. They now even support a socialist like Bernie Sanders so they can take other people’s money and give it to people that will not work. This will destroy what Obama has not already destroyed. Our nation and our jobs will go away forever. I wonder why the Democrats won’t tell the truth. All they do is lie, but if Trump or Ted Cruz tell the truth they are attacked and called racist. I wonder if the Democrats have been lied to so long they believe it now? The Democrats say that Trump or Cruz would be the worst president and destroy the nation. Well don’t believe that. It is just a big, fat lie. No one can outdo Obama, unless it would be Hillary Clinton or Sanders. If you want things to turn around in this nation, do not vote for the Democrats. They are demons. Signed, Harlan County man.

. I think it’s odd for two stepsisters to look so much alike. Hmmm.

It’s a good feeling to have such a good family that these not-so-good people want to get close to. My family is the best.

. The only way to fight addiction is with constant prayer. Remove yourself from temptation, turn your back to those who are eager to see you get high again, and pray without ceasing. My brother died in his sins. He tried to get clean. One time he made it two months drug free. But every person he knew, every friend he had, was on drugs and they were constantly presenting him with drugs, asking him to get high with them. After two months he finally broke over and started using again. He hated himself for doing it, but he hated the loneliness of being drug free even more. He loved his friends, and spending time with them meant getting high with them. It cost him his life, his eternal life. If you are in that situation then I beg you to do whatever it takes to get out of it. If you have to turn your back on every person you love, every friend, every family member, it is better to live out your days in total seclusion and have eternal life, than to embrace temptation and to burn, which is eternal death. If you need help then I will help you. I will hear your confessions and minister unto you. I will feed you, give you a place to sleep, I will be that shoulder to cry on when you need it. I can only help one person at a time but that person could be you. If you want out, there is a way. You don’t have to do this alone. Send me a text at (504) 249- 8977 with the words HELP ME and I will be in contact ASAP.

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