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To the blonde-headed rat who works at a certain grocery: I can see that you are jealous of your neighbor. For you to go out and get charges on her and have her arrested, you are scum of the earth. I guess that hair dye has gone to your brain — if you’ve got one. Over and out.

. I’ve always given money to the Sandlick Fire Department and I’ve always tried to help the guys, whom I’ve always respected. We’ve had a fire in Sandlick and this fire has been burning on the ground now for more than two weeks. Does it take so much time to come down here and spray? We have to smell this stuff night and day. It comes inside of our home when the heat pump and air kick on. I am so disgusted with the fire department. I thought we had a better response team in our community. This may change my mind of donating any more money to the Sandlick Fire Department in any way. I’d greatly appreciate anyone who can get something done in any way.

. It’s a shame when the partner of someone running for high office has the nerve to walk into a store and steal beer as if they are entitled to do so.

. Pine Creek has lost another drug dealer, thank God. Now if we can just get rid of some more. To a certain dealer: Go back to where you came from. I’ve got my eye on you, ponytail, and I won’t stop until you are behind bars.

. The Letcher County prison is far from a done deal. In fact, the Bureau of Prisons was just forced to re-open the public comment period on the environmental impact statement. More details on that are coming soon.

. I am responding to Frank Sexton’s comment in Speak Your Piece last week: Please do us all a favor and quit trying to sound like you are so bad.

. To a certain person: We see that you are still selling those Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars you ripped off that boy who lives in Doty Creek.

. I am not so sure it is ‘easy to fool so many coal miners,’ as last week’s writer suggested. They are not an easy group of folks to fool, and have suffered from the EPA restrictions and political policies that prohibit their ability to work. No one can deny that the comments of Hillary Clinton echo those of Barrack Obama, and that she will continue in that vein, if elected.

. I hope the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office will start patrolling the right fork of Doty Creek during the day and night. It’s constantly

one vehicle or ATV after another, and it’s just a matter of time until a child gets hurt or killed. I know that the honest people that live up in here wouldn’t care if you stopped and checked every car that came in or out of here. If you do that from time to time it would close the pharmacy down.

. Please, enough with the baby pictures, okay? Everybody knows the baby is beautiful. My goodness. Please, no more baby pictures on Facebook for awhile. (Aren’t unlimited numbers of baby pictures and the like what Facebook is supposed to be all about?)

. To whoever stole my tires and owner’s manual: You know who you are. May you never do anything successful ever again in your whole life.

. Eastern Kentuckians deserve better jobs than the few we will receive when, and if, the prison goes in. That 444 million dollars could be invested in education. Or what if that money went to building a state of the art mental health facility? We could have something that actually healed the people of this region, rather than locking them up. We could create something that would be used as a model all across this country. Prisons don’t boost economies; they just cause property values to go down. How will the county make up for this loss in taxes? They’re going to do a countywide occupation tax, I bet. You are fooling yourself if you think this is going to create a ton of work, too. Those jobs are going to go to people who transfer from other prisons. The federal government needs to realize that coal helped build this country, and they need to truly invest in our region, not stick us with a prison.

. West Whitesburg parents, let’s set an example for our children to follow by not cutting line in the drop-off lane. Not only is it rude, it isn’t safe for the children getting out of the cars that stop in the middle of the road.

. What has to happen to eliminate the alcohol tax at Whitesburg restaurants? I notice they are still charging the six percent tax. I thought the city council voted to revoke the alcohol tax.

. It looks like a certain person in Doty Creek is up to his old tricks again. He is sneaking around shooting people’s dogs and getting other people blamed for it. This person is a real talent. He feeds dogs antifreeze.

. This goes out to a girl who just got out of jail: Next time don’t steal money from the rest of us who work. I think you should have been

given a lot more time. The cops need to watch you and your man, because you are doing a lot more than stealing.

. I ran into a beautiful little woman from Elkhorn City at the gas station near Mayking. I wish I would have gotten to know her better. She was a pleasure to look at. So Miss Elkhorn, if you read this, come back looking for me or tell me where to come and look for you. Have a nice day.

. This is the old cat killer. You so-called dog lovers and cat lovers ought to be ashamed setting your puppy dogs and cats out by the road and letting them get run over. I would tell you to have a great big meow day, but you all are not nice.

. Problems such as mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and homelessness are more appropriately addressed outside of the criminal justice system. Services like drug treatment and affordable housing cost less and can have a better record of success. It’s time we got serious about pulling our money out of incarceration and putting it into systems that foster healthy communities. With almost 50 percent of prisoners in federal prison for a drug offense and multitudes of severely mentally ill people imprisoned, it is time for the criminal justice system to begin exploring alternatives to incarceration.

. Here is a warning for certain people on Hancock Drive. The next time you sell my son drugs and I end up having to pay his bills, I bet you don’t go back to the doctor. You can take that to the bank and count on it. I’m tired of paying his bills and I’m tired of you selling pain pills.

. Everyone is invited to Daniels Branch between the hours of 2 a.m. and noon. The music is rocking and the windowpanes are jarring. Come on by.

. What about the sexual affair between a doctor and a certain lady who lost her job?

. My name is Paul Morris. want to say thank you so much to the person who called Speak Your Piece about my radio programs, which were cancelled by a local station. It was printed in Speak Your Piece on Page Eight of the March 23 edition. I have received several phone calls and letters in the past few months expressing the same sentiment reflected in this particular comment. It’s a good feeling to know that I still have many friends in Letcher County. I’ve also heard from plenty of others in Ohio and other places who listened to my programs on the Internet. One thing I do not understand in dealing with the radio station WXKQ-FM, is that our agreement was for me to record the radio programs on CDs and mail them to the station. They in turn were to broadcast the programs and then return the CDs to me. Now they will not return the CDs. They won’t even return my calls. I’m trying to put all of this behind me now. This is hard to do after 40 years of talking and playing music for an audience who weren’t just listeners, but my friends. It’s also difficult to not have hard feelings toward those who treated me wrong. The Bible says to pray for your enemies and forgive those who despitefully use you. As a Christian, I’m trying to do those things. Your prayers are appreciated. Thank you.

. Hey, Blue. Congratulations on becoming a grandpa. I was happy when I heard that, but I have seen you three times since you found out and every time you have been drunker than the last. If you don’t settle down and slow down on the partying, you’ll never live to see that grandbaby.

. They buried a good man on Defeated Creek. His

name was Mark Frazier. He got killed in the mines in Harlan County. He had five kids — three girls and twin boys. It has been a hard lick for that family. If you could say a little prayer before you go to bed for him and his family, it will come back to you three fold.

. I see where Letcher County has graveled a log truck road on Pert Creek. I thought Letcher County was supposed to be broke and couldn’t afford anything. They can’t afford to fill up potholes, but they sure can afford to gravel a private log truck road. I think the people of Letcher County ought to know what their money is being wasted on. This is a little bit ridiculous.

. I heard a rumor that there will be a new order of magistrates in the next election, as all current magistrates will lose their jobs. I heard there will also be a new county judge. Someone made the statement that James Asher is going to step up and run for judge for Letcher County. I think this is a great opportunity for Letcher County. Mr. Asher spoke at a recent fiscal court meeting and he seems to have done his homework. He has done a lot of work on taxes and things of that sort. He basically made a fool of everyone at that fiscal court meeting. I think this will be a good move, and I think changing all magistrates in Letcher County would be a good move as well. This is the rumor I have heard in Whitesburg.

. I want to thank Jim Ward and county workers for fixing the road on Pert Creek where they have been logging for the last two months. They just made a beautiful road. I just want to thank them.

. Four hundred and fortyfour million dollars to build Letcher County a prison and not a penny to unite father and mothers with Letcher County’s homeless children. Four hundred and forty-four million dollars — something is wrong in Letcher County. It’s not a good figure. It’s not a job maker; it’s a job breaker. People, you need to stop and think.

. I saw where CSX is closing a track near Colson. It’s going to get a lot worse than that, I can tell you that right now. It won’t surprise me if they close down tracks everywhere else in eastern Kentucky. There is nothing for this railroad to do. There is nothing to haul. They are out of business. They are going to struggle just like the coal industry to survive. It’s hard times for the railroad. Nobody kept them busy like the coal industry did. It was 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There is no other company that runs like that that can produce the freight like that. I see them struggling here. If they don’t merge they’ll file for bankruptcy just like these coal companies.

. I am going to vote for Trump if he is nominated to run for U.S. President. Anything is better than what we have right now in the Democrat race. You people are having it pretty rough here in the coalfields of eastern

Kentucky, ain’t you? That is the Democrats’ fault. The Democrats want to bring in trainloads of illegal aliens and call them immigrants and let them take your jobs as coal miners. And you people — and people of the same political persuasion — will let them do it. There are too many socialist professors in U.S. colleges feeding U.S. citizens communist propaganda. We need a change in U.S. political thought — back to a more logically orientated ideology as that of the McCarthy era. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy saved the United States government from falling to the control of the communists about

65 years ago. If he had not done what he could at the time to stop their takeover of the higher education system of the U.S., we would not be here as free people today. Anonymous.

. I think it’s just crazy that some of the courthouse offices close for lunch. Got that? The whole office closes for lunch. Can’t the workers take turns so those of us who work and can only get there during our lunch time can get service? The bank and practically every other office in town is open during lunch time, but I can’t go to the courthouse and get things done. That’s ridiculous.

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