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Dear Speak Your Piece, The person who overdosed and died recently was on meth and shooting Suboxone. The people who overdosed and lived were on Neurontin. A lot of the people on Neurontin actually need pain meds but would overdose on it, too. They all need to be in Narcotics Anonymous.

. I think all Letcher County people should help little children when they have leukemia.

. I want to thank Obama for absolutely destroying my life. We’re going to be homeless. I will never ever vote for any Democrat ever again. If Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, that is who I am voting for. As far as the local leaders are concerned, they are just as bad.

. Hang in there, Paul Morris. You still have a lot of fans in Letcher County. We loved your music. Your music was the best music ever.

. I’m calling about a man who drives a gold car. He goes and picks a disabled man up from Loggy Hollow every month and takes his money every month. The next time I catch you at the ATM machine with him you will get turned in. Do you understand?

. I’d like to thank Wayne Fleming for putting in a letter to the editor and putting his name to it. The comparison of executive pay is embarrassing. Not only do they get a general pay of $1.2 million, they get stock options and additional pay of $6.7 million which adds up to $11.52 million. That is just for the top man. Of course it goes down from there but not very far down. Let’s talk about our service. It is shitty. Do you remember years ago when weeks went by and no one cut trees? At Pine Creek, we cut our trees. Since we pay for the power don’t we deserve reimbursement for what we spent? Yes, we do.

. I know all the drug dealers up Pine Creek. Unless you know a new ponytail drug dealer that has come up Pine Creek and left, great. I don’t want them here either. There are little to no drug dealers up Pine Creek. There are drug traders. That is true. They trade back and forth when they run out and all. They don’t sell their drugs. They don’t have any money. I’d say about half of Pine Creek doesn’t have a car. So if you are a drug dealer, I’d think you would have a car. So make sure you know what you are talking about and maybe you were. If you start citing all these people with no cars that have people coming by their houses, that is not a drug dealer. That’s a person in poverty, dire straits poverty.

. What has Friends of Coal done for us lately?

. To the person calling about Facebook baby pictures and taking them off: I hate all those cat pictures on Facebook. I would love for those to be off. All I would have to do is defriend that particular person. Why don’t you defriend that particular person and you won’t have to see any more baby pictures and why don’t you send them a message and have some gall? Facebook is their archive and they can post whatever they want.

. Anna Craft had the foresight during her time as superintendent to promote criminal justice studies at the high school to help students be prepared for jobs when the federal prison is built. Unfortunately, board members voted against her ideas.

. To whoever called Speak Your Piece talking about Jim Ward graveling the road on Pert Creek: There’s no gravel left on the road. ATVs have already kicked it off. You wouldn’t have made such a comment if it came out of your tax dollars. The road could have been paved 10 times over for the amount of gravel that they have wasted on it. They might as well have dumped it into the river.

. Are they ever going to do anything to the little old lady at a certain convenience store for taking stuff out of the kitchen and putting it in her car every morning?

. I’m losing my mind. I’m starting to agree with the cat killer.

. People always try to hide everything from me and I always find out the truth. My aunt’s will was changed a month before she died and I know why.

. I want to wish my two grandsons, twins Michael and Brandon Adams, of Hazard, a happy birthday on April 15. They turn 17 years old. Love, your mamaw.

. I see they have wised up at the BP. They have everybody working by themselves now. They don’t have time to sit on milk crates and talk on cellphones.

. I noticed the restaurant tax was still added to my bill the other day when I ate in a restaurant in Whitesburg. I thought the restaurant tax was done away with. What’s the deal?

. To Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb: You’ve got two thieves in your jail right now who are two of the main drug runners of Letcher County. You need to do your job, lock these people up and keep them locked up. Neither one of them work. So how do they make money?

. This is ponytail and I just wanted to tell you that

you are a coward by putting something in the newspaper. If you don’t like what I do in Pine Creek, you can go jump off a bridge.

. To a certain person: You’re right. We did have some good times, in fact the best times of my life. I love you, but I got the message and I won’t bother you again.

. To the citizens of Letcher County: You’re getting a $444 million prison built. Did you know you can buy stock in private prisons? There’s lots of money to be made on the misery of other people.

. To my twin boys, Brandon and Michael Adams of Hazard: Happy birthday, boys. They turn 17. From their dad, Emmit.

. I want to wish my brother of Covington a happy birthday on April 14. From your sister, Jackie Adams.

. I clocked out of work Friday at 5 p.m. stressed to the max. I went home in traffic and stopped to buy a few beers. I drank a few beers and was still stressed. Then I tuned into WMMT late Friday afternoon and my troubles vanished.

. Jim Ward needs to get out of the office and start being the garbage man and dogcatcher.

. I would like to call this to the attention of the general public. The medical people at a certain medical facility receive samples from various manufacturers all through the year. I have noticed that they are now giving these samples to people as if they are regular prescription medication. They are charging these people for these pills and whatever. This is contrary to what they are supposed to do with these samples. They are not to be sold or exchanged to the general public. I am waiting for them to check this out and cease and desist this kind of operation.

. I’m calling about a former sheriff ’s deputy who is supposed to get out of jail real soon. I don’t think this is right. If it were anybody else they wouldn’t get to get out this early. They wouldn’t have gotten to go Cumberland. It isn’t right. He sold stolen guns. He should have prison time. He treated people in Letcher County so mean and dirty. He has been so rude and so mean to people in Letcher County. He doesn’t need to get out of jail for a long time.

. Could someone please help that girl in Whitco? She is always crying on Facebook about being a single mom and changing her profile on Facebook. Her smile looks like someone stretched her lips apart. She cries about being a single mom. What did she expect? Her hubby was married before and had a baby. Her dad and mom keep her son all the time. She only has him when she is going to bed. Get over your ex. Don’t be mad because you can’t find a man. Have a happy day if you can. You’re killing Facebook with your profiles of you.

. To the person who said The coal mining industry in eastern Kentucky is dead and will never again be revived’: All those coal mining jobs that were shut down by the EPA’s rules and regulations (an act instigated by the Obama Administration) are not gone forever. Those U.S.A. citizens, the miners who worked those jobs, will never be re-hired, that is true, but as soon as Hillary Clinton and the socialists take over the government, they will move enough illegal immigrants into eastern Kentucky. Illegal aliens who will work the mines for a much lower cost (lower wages), or more reasonable salaries than what the American or U.S. citizen would work for. There is plenty of unmined coal in the U.S.A. yet. Twenty or 30 years ago the news media published and article that

stated that there would be, at that period of time, enough unmined coal in the U.S.A. to last into the future for the period of 600 years or more. Big business companies, people in big business and ‘own’ all the mineral rights in Kentucky are not going to stand around and lose all that money represented by the sale of coal to China, India and other overseas places and businesses. Then too, in order to keep a good national and healthy economy, the new Democrat administration will borrow money from China which they will loan back to China, so that China can keep on buying our (U.S.A.’s) coal. The socialists know how to run a country. They will continue to set up ‘win-win situations.’ Anonymous. P.S. I know somebody will read this.

. Go cry to big boss daddy and you’ll be an officer soon. When everyone finds out about your drug dealing, they’ll see your secret life of dealing, telling lies to make everyone look bad and making yourself look good. The stories you tell of people getting out screwed up on drugs are the very people you sold to or still sell to. Everyone knows you buddy up to the police and anyone with authority to mask who you really are, and also to get away with drinking in public. Maybe even big daddy is one of your customers; we know your family members are. Seems that you would change, seeing what a terrible tragedy is going on in your family life. You are a friend to no one and an enemy to all. Maybe one day God will show you what you really are, and when he does, it will be in handcuffs along with anyone else in cahoots with you. You already had to get your wife back from another man. What a fake.

. Just wanted to congratulate the parents and the big bubbies and big sister on the birth of their baby and the kids’ baby brother, Cameron Joseph Cook. Love from auntie.

. Jenkins may be a small school, but when it comes to Letcher Central we’re just as good in sports. Comparison: The Jenkins Lady Cavaliers defeated the Pikeville Panthers in softball, 6-5, and had two sentences in a competing newspaper. The Letcher County Central Lady Cougars were mercy-ruled by the Ridgeview Wolfpack, 13-0, and had half-page article written about them on their loss. Fairness? What’s that when it comes to Jenkins in any sport? P.S. If the Letcher County Central softball coach wants to run his mouth about softball players from all around the region he should meet us on the field. Both high schools should be represented equally.

. Not so sure it is ‘easy to fool so many coal miners,’ as one person said in Speak Your Piece a couple of weeks ago. Miners are not an easy group of folks to fool, and have suffered from the EPA restrictions and political policies that prohibit their ability to work. No one can deny that the comments of Hillary Clinton echo that of Barrack Obama, and that she will continue in that vein if elected.

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