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After attending the Dwight Yoakam concert in Pikeville over the past weekend — the concert was awesome, by the way — I want to tell the people at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center that I won’t be returning if they can’t get their new security screening system operating better than it is now. Kindergarten students could have done a faster job of screening the concertgoers. What a joke the Expo Center has become. And they must not want Letcher County people over there, as they sure don’t try very hard to let us know what is going on.

. Hey, Speak Your Piece. I have lost a pair of glasses. I just gave $500 for them. I don’t know if I lost them at the house or if I have went off and left them laying on a store counter between here and Whitesburg. If anyone finds a pair of glasses, please call 855-7565. There’s a small reward, but they aren’t any good to anybody but me.

. Thank God Letcher Central High School posts Bible verses in its hallways. We need to let Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and other non- Christians know they are not welcome here, and that they will always be treated like the second class citizens they are. If the child of an Indian doctor is Hindi or a Japanese exchange student is a Buddhist they must have Christianity rammed down their throats before they burn in Hell forever. I trust LCCHS’s civics classes teach that the so-called separation of church and state is nothing more than an urban myth.

. This goes out to the building bandit: How stupid are you? Steal a building and lose it off in the road all at once. Then you sit there and lie?

. It’s amazing how certain people use church parking lots like Blair Branch, Doty Creek, Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church and the big church at the mouth of Spring Branch for their own personal drug dealing use. They act like they are church goers when really they are doing the devil’s work. They sell their pills and stolen items to people in church house parking lots. Why does the sheriff ’s department let them by with whatever they want to? They aren’t better than any other drug dealers.

. The Health Issues Poll shows that twenty percent of Kentuckians go without or delay health care. Thanks to Governor Matt ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin for destroying kynect and giving us his disaster of a so-called substitute.

Now tell me again when the prison jobs start? If Letcher County people get jobs, they will be ream jobs. Has a Weed Eater job started yet or are they also outsourced. The land is almost flat and ready, but it will show up as costing millions in equipment workrelated funds just to get it as it is already. Keep me up to date with the progress.

. I would like to thank the people who have been working really hard on our water lines over here in Jenkins. However, I would like to make a complaint. Our roads have been left in poor condition and someone needs to get them fixed before someone gets killed over here. I’m very tempted to post pictures on the Internet.

. Are you all going to let someone get killed over here in Haymond and Jenkins before you fix the road?

. I think it is a shame when someone has to die before anyone will holler ‘I love you. I miss you.’ It’s too late to holler ‘I love you. I miss you’ now because you can’t do it.

. Hal Rogers, stop lying to Letcher County people. The Bureau of Prisons has not signed a record of decision yet and anyone wanting information on the prison can contact the Bureau of Prisons. It is public information.

. I’m calling about the former Letcher County sheriff’s deputy who is serving time for receiving stolen property. He is supposed to get out of jail soon and I don’t think it is right. He should spend prison time for what he did. He did wrong. He did the people of Letcher County wrong. He talks to women like dogs. It’s not right. He needs to spend his full time in jail. He stole guns; he sold guns. He did wrong, just like anybody else in Letcher County that he picked up and took to jail. He did the same thing as others he arrested did and he needs to spend at least five years in prison.

. To Combs: Thank you for making Letcher County your second home. The time and dedication you have put into making Letcher County better has not gone unnoticed. We’ve not forgotten about you either, Sen. Johnny Ray Turner. You have also done a lot of good things for Letcher County.

. I want to wish my brother Jimmy a happy birthday on April 13. I love you, brother. Love, your sister Debbie.

To the person talking about doing something about someone on Back Street: No one knows who you are talking about.

. I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t understand something. If you die a sinning man, you are a dead sinning man. A lot of people think that just because you die, you are going to heaven. That is not it. There are a lot more people you’ve got to do besides dying to get to heaven.

. Mary Sue, it has been 11 years since you have been gone. I love you more. I’ll see you in my dreams. Love, Ed.

. I’d like to speak my mind on the doctors in Letcher County. They aren’t allowed to write any pain medicines to any patients. I can’t get any doctor to give me any medicine. People who are on Suboxone and Subutex have to go out of Letcher County to get a doctor to write a prescription for them. Now they are trying to stop people from taking them. That has saved people’s lives. They can get up and go to work. Addicts can function on Suboxone and Subutex. They aren’t robbing and stealing. They are going to try to take that away, and all that is going to do is bring heroin and more meth in here. If they would let doctors write prescriptions for pain pills they won’t be bringing all this meth and heroin in here.

. Letcher County is a drug dealer’s paradise. Everybody knows there is a drug ring in Letcher County, especially in the Isom and Jeremiah area.

. Why doesn’t somebody put four wheels on that certain house in Whitco, take it across the bridge and dump

it in the river? Police know it is a meth house and won’t do a thing about it. I think it is time that the police stop there and do something.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: This is concerning the woman who talks about the boy shooting up Suboxone and meth and says he needs to be in Narcotics Anonymous. I think she needs to mind her own business. If she does she would get along pretty good in life.

. I want to know why people who live in Virginia can come to the food pantry in Kentucky and then also get food in Virginia.

. Well, the EPA and politicians have finally shut down all the coal mines. I saw the EPA shut down a coal mine over one dirty quart jar of water yet they let them pump that sewer water in on those people in Michigan. Everybody in the EPA ought to have to spend the next 20 years in jail. This is the old cat killer saying have a great big old meow day.

. To a certain person: You are a lying hypocrite. You just keep up with your lies and your big imagination. If you think you’re causing trouble, you’d better think again. You’re nothing but a joke. Ha, ha. Dream on hypocrite. Go to church with your man and pretend to be a good woman. Ha, ha, ha.

. To a certain person: You’re such a mean person. You’re sending yourself to hell and you’re so full of jealousy and hate. You taught your children to hate as well, and you’re taking them with you. He is right; you are a lowlife piece of garbage. Always have been and still are.

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