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If anyone wants to run with a meth mouth, just come to Turkey Creek.

. What happened to the piano labs for all third graders in the Letcher County school district?

. I think it is a shame that the county and city run vehicles up and down the road with no tags on them.

. To the owners of a certain fast-food restaurant: How many of your employees are going to have to be arrested for drugs in order for you all to start drug testing employees?

. I saw a rumor on the news a couple of time reporting 900 shootings in the first 100 days of 2016 in Chicago. I know the mainstream media won’t report it, but I want to know if there is any truth to it. It seems like an awful lot of shootings. (There were 677 shootings — 141 of them murders and most all of the shootings gang-related — in Chicago during the first 100 days of 2016. That fact has been covered in depth by USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN-TV, Time magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, the New York Times and hundreds of other daily newspapers across the U.S. — all members of the ‘mainstream media.’)

. Do we even have a game warden in Letcher County? I can’t find the telephone number to one. On Rabbit Road, they are shooting turkeys with deer rifles. They killed about 12 deer this past season and two were tagged. They left two lying beside the road, one was a buck and one was a doe. I never see a game warden, but I see plenty of hunters.

. I see they are fixing to turn that piece of trash cop loose who was stealing guns in Whitesburg and mistreating everybody he ran into. What is going on with this county when it is even considered to turn a piece of shit like that back loose?

. I just read in The Mountain Eagle where they were talking about people needing jobs. We have such a sorry low class of people that if they don’t get a pill or pot, they do not want to work. I don’t understand this. If there were good jobs in this county just like anywhere else they wouldn’t work. They’d still stand there with their hands out. I see it every day of the week. People want food stamps and welfare. I see them hauling off scrap. I see them doing all of this other stuff, instead of finding a decent job. They could leave Letcher County, but they are too sorry. They want to stay here and have the elderly people keep them up.

To certain people who have moved here from other states: We did not ask you to move here, so when you live here and you are from other states please do not act like you are better then other people here. If it is so much better there why did you move here? You take the local people’s jobs and think you are better then they are, but you are just doing the same job they were doing and taking jobs away from the people who need them. If you are so much better, why don’t you go back to where you come from? No one is holding a gun to your head. You seem like a big loser by moving here to live, if you think about it. All it means is that you were not good enough to make it where you come from.

. My resolution for the rest of this year is to stay off Facebook. This way I will no longer have to feel so disappointed when I am forced to face the fact that yet another ‘friend’ is a racist, homophobic bigot who most often knows little about that of which they speak. It appears that many of my Facebook friends need to dust off their old book of quotes and re-read this one from Abraham Lincoln: ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.’

. Kentucky has very beautiful terrain. Eastern Kentucky has some of the sorriest people on the face of the planet. What possesses someone to live in their own filth? Drive around Perk Creek, Blackey and Payne Gap. The government builds these people homes, clothes them and feeds them. I guess they are going to wait for the government to come wipe their rump for them. They need to turn this place into a toxic waste dump. Wait a minute, the people already have. They can’t dam it up to make a lake out of it, because the fish can’t survive.

. Interestingly, The Donald has followed the exact opposite ethic of his former nemesis. Jeb! (don’t think about his last name) said that a Republican candidate should be willing to lose the Republican primary in order to win the general election. Dutifully, Bush lost the primary. Trump has done the opposite — he is willing to lose the general election to win the primary. When will the Republicans run a reasonable candidate?

. Who would want to move to this corrupt and druginfested county? And by the way, the record of decision still hasn’t been signed. The federal prison isn’t here yet.

. I don’t know where a caller from last week has been for the last several years. Pills are a thing of the

past. We can only wish pills were still the problem.

. This message is to the Neon Metropolitan Police Department : Don’t you have anything better to do than to stop me every time I drive through Neon? You should be rescuing dogs and getting cats out of trees. I have contacted an attorney about your harassment and racial profiling. Do you know who Brian Damron is? You better think twice, boy.

. I watched a Jenkins City Council meeting that aired on Channel 98. I think it is so disrespectful that the mayor wore a ball cap during the meeting. At least G.C. Kincer had enough respect to not do such a thing. We are taught as young children to respect the position. The City made great progress under G.C. Kincer’s leadership.

. It looks like the Letcher Fiscal Court and the Kentucky Public Service Commission would do their jobs and do something about Letcher County people having to pay the highest price for Internet in the state of Kentucky while getting the worst service there is. When United Cable/TVS is working it is so slow you can’t use it. If this company has anything to do with this high speed Internet that is planned for eastern Kentucky we are in trouble. Why doesn’t the fiscal court revoke the United Cable/TVS franchise and let some other company move into Letcher County that will provide us with decent service? This past week we had an Internet outage that lasted more than hours because of an AEP power outage. Do they not know what a backup generator is?

. I can’t believe people are allowed to smoke in front of the Letcher County Courthouse. Isn’t there an ordinance against smoking that close to the entrance of a public building? People have gotten used to smoking in the handicapped spaces and near the front door of the courthouse. This smoke is rough on people who struggle with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

. I want to thank everyone who came out to the funeral home for my greatgrandmother, Wilma Jean Fields Boyd, also known as Minnie. I greatly appreciated each and every one of you for your support and hospitality. It really meant a lot to our family and I’m sure it did to Minnie as well.

. When someone reports something to the sheriff ’s department the person who is reported somehow finds out who called in about them. Is there a weasel somewhere?

. Why does the United States have more people locked up in jails and prisons than any other country in the world? Could it be that private prisons built and paid for with taxpayers’ money and the crime bill to fill them signed by Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994? Letcher County, enjoy your new prison. You will be on the map soon.

. In the upcoming election for state representative for Letcher County and part of Pike County, I ask people to vote for Joel Thornbury. He is a pharmacist, he is very friendly, and he is a child advocate. He helps children in any way he can. He is very family motivated, unlike some of the other ones who are running on the Democratic side who have done everything they can to take children from their parents.

. I’m sick and tired of these forest fire burners. They will not listen and burn crap all the time.

. This is the old cat killer. I’m just calling in about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I think both of them are good men, but I don’t think the Republican Party wants either one of them. I think they’d rather Hillary Clinton get it than Trump or Cruz. There’s a bad thing

going on. This is the old cat killer saying have a great big old meow day.

. If you are a drug dealer and a crook, come to Jenkins. It’s a haven for all of them. They’ll give you a big welcome and a pat on the back.

. I heard Jim Ward talking on ‘The Round Table’ radio show about the senior citizens center being located at the recreation center that we have. The judge says there is a lot to do there. Is this free for the seniors or are they having to pay for doing all of the stuff they want to do? Nothing has been made clear to me. I wish somebody could clear this up.

. This message is to the mayor of Neon: Why don’t you get rid of the police force you now have in the Neon Metropolitan Police Department?

. Because of my messages in Speak Your Piece, I have been threatened, harassed, intimidated and even taken to court. The courthouse, the county attorney, the judge/executive, the commonwealth’s attorney and state and federal authorities have not been able to shut me down. Stand up for what you believe.

. I want to be a millionaire. am asking the recipients of Letcher County of over $3 million in benefits to give me $1. Please send your donation in care of the Midnight Phantom. I thank you so very much and I will always be grateful.

. To the crazy neighbor putting six to eight kids on a four-wheeler and hauling them around: You are going to get one of them killed.

. We are having an election coming up shortly to elect a new state representative. We need someone who will help boost our economy in Letcher County. Pikeville has an excellent mayor, an excellent city council and city commissioner. They seem to be able to put money and grants together to get a lot done in Pikeville. Pikeville and Pike County are growing leaps and bounds. Then we look at Perry County. Hazard has the same agenda. It seems like they have people hired and put in the correct places of being able to boost the economy. Knott County is on the rise also. I want the

people of Letcher County to ask this question: Just what has Letcher County done lately? We’ve had a few roads blacktopped, bu not major expansions. We have some people running for state representative who have no experience in any kind. One candidate is a former mayor of Pikeville. He is an excellent person. He has the experience to be able to help Letcher County. We need to look at our economy and Letcher County needs to get away from this family-oriented line of business. Our government is family oriented. A few different families basically run Letcher County. They run our courthouse. It doesn’t matter whether they can do the job or not, just as long as they are kin to someone. Letcher County has always operated on the buddy system. Our current county judge is letting other people dominate his agenda. The magistrates aren’t for the people of Letcher County and have proven that by their actions. A lawyer came to a fiscal court meeting and made fools out of these magistrates. He took them to school on the tax issue. The county attorney doesn’t have a clue as to what goes on in Letcher County. I’m asking people to really consider who is running for state representative. We don’t need another attorney in Frankfort. We don’t need someone who is just trying to boost their own pocketbook. We need someone who will actually help people in Letcher County and do some good.

. The state police and sheriff ’s department need to do something about all of these four-wheelers and side-bysides that run up and down the road in Doty Creek. They hog the road. They speed up

this logging road. Something needs to be done about this before somebody gets hurt.

. To whoever has this big old dog in Whitco that runs around to people’s houses every night and gets into cat food on people’s porches: You better put it up or I will call the dogcatcher. If the dogcatcher doesn’t get it, it may disappear. I’m putting up with that big dog eating cat food and messing in my yard for me to clean up. I’m telling you this one time and that is it.

. To the person who wrote the comment about the illegals coming to eastern Kentucky to work the mines: You are right on it. It is amazing that someone else knows the Democratic Party and how they think. Hillary Clinton will probably be our next president simply because there are just more of them than anyone else. By ‘them’ I mean people who are uneducated, will not work, on welfare, unskilled for any job, and like free stuff. The same kind of election is coming as we had in 2012 when dead people voted, election workers voted five times, illegals voted, foreigners voted, and so. Most of the people with a work ethic have been laid off and already moved away looking for work. Hillary will ship thousands of illegals, mostly Mexicans, to eastern Kentucky, east Tennessee, east Ohio and Pennsylvania to work the mines at a fraction of the cost of U.S.A. citizens working. The coal is going to China and the profits will be used to help pay on the interest for the national debt. The national debt, of course, will never be paid back. Congratulations to someone who saw this coming way before anyone else.

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