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Why hasn’t the court system had the trial for the two men accused of killing Mike Hogg? What are they waiting on?

. Are we going to lay down and let the government or the Republican Party tell us who the Republican nominee is? I say let’s go to the convention and if they don’t give us what we want, they can pay.

. This is to a woman who drives a Nissan and lives in Bill Moore Branch: You need to slow down. Hit one of our kids and it is doing to be big trouble for you.

. Get some chairs with arms in her office.

. You little fellows can drive fast all you want to. You are being watched. You just don’t know it.

. I’ve noticed that ‘Harlan County Man’ and most of the other right-wing nuts who love to spout off their hatred of gays, blacks, Latinos and all other minorities through Speak Your Piece have been silent the last few weeks. Why is that? Would it have anything to do with the fact that yet another one of their right-wing Republican heroes, this time former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, has been sentenced to prison as a result of the ungodly perversions to which he subjected the little boys on his high school wrestling team? Yes, this is the same Mr. Hastert that led the Republican efforts to impeach Bill Clinton after the former president lied about having oral sex with a young woman. The hypocrisy of gay or bisexual Republicans who fight against the rights of others to hide their own lifestyles is sickening. To Harlan County Man: In case you’ve forgotten some of the other anti-gay Republican leaders and supporters associated with gay-related scandals, here are some names to jolt your memory: Family Research Council official George Rekers; Alabama Attorney General Troy King; Washington State Rep. Richard Curtis; Glenn Murphy Jr., former president of the Young Republican National Federation; California Congressman David Dreier; U.S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho; Florida State Rep. Bob Allen, who co-chaired John McCain’s presidential committee; Indiana State Rep. Phillip Hinkle; Michigan pastor Matthew Makela; the Rev. Ted Haggard of Colorado; U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, and North Carolina State Senate candidate and former drag queen Steve Wiles. The list of other GOP members and supporters caught up in gay and bi-sexual scandals goes on and on, but I don’t have

time here to list them all.

. I want to know why Jessica Moberly isn’t in jail. Why can’t the cops find her? She is supposedly a fugitive on the run. There is a warrant out for her arrest. She has been all over Letcher County. She has been in Jenkins. She has been in Blair Branch, Isom and other places within the last week. Why can’t the police find her? I just don’t get it.

. I’m calling about people who sit back and draw S.S.I. but are able to get out and go everywhere they want and run around. I think it is against the law for people to do stuff like that.

. To a certain person who pruned my trees: You think you can get away with whatever you want to. You think you won your brother’s sideby side. You think you can ride it anytime you want. You aren’t any better than anybody else ‘cause you just sit on your rear end. You don’t do anything. You don’t even work. You are so sorry.

. We must not have a game warden in Letcher County or he would come to Rabbit Road in Woodrock every now and then. They are killing turkeys and deer and leaving them lying by the road. It’s a shame that no one will come check on this.

. Just curious, if you have tattoo and you weigh 400 pounds, wouldn’t it be cheaper to get a billboard?

. I wish every member on the Jenkins school board would resign, except the Tackett girl. They are old as the hills. None of them have any children enrolled in Jenkins schools. It’s a shame they are the ones who make decisions for those who have kids that go there. Resign. You are too old. Let some younger people who have ties to the schools get on the board. (Seats on the Jenkins Board of Education are filled every four years by election. If you want younger members, recruit them to run. Or, better yet, file to run yourself.)

. Mr. Sexton, you have been caught three times cheating on your food stamps by lying about working.

. A certain garage is supposed to be able to fix anything, but people in Letcher County better listen. If you don’t want your car ruined, don’t take it there for an oil change. You’ll come back with something you don’t want. It’ll about destroy your motor.

. If Facebook is giving you such a headache, stay off of

it. I don’t think it is giving you a headache. Maybe you are getting a backache from patting yourself on the back and complimenting yourself so much.

. Drinking and driving don’t mix. It will lead to horrible things.

. Don’t complain about problem unless you can offer a solution.

. A certain former sheriff ’s deputy needs to spend time in a prison, not jail in Harlan County. He stole guns and he did wrong. He needs to be in prison. He did wrong to the people of Letcher County.

. To a certain woman who used to live at Flat Gap in the Cumberland River area: We see that you managed to live through your overdose this time. Next time you may not be so lucky. I’m sure you probably didn’t want everyone to know about it, but that’s pretty much impossible when your husband takes pictures of you and posts them on Facebook. That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Sounds like he’s almost as smart as you are. Where were your children when this happened? Who called 911 for you? Everyone talks about how fast you drive with the music full blast. Thank God the children weren’t in the car with you when it happened. That’s not all they say you are doing, but we’ll not get into that. The paper wouldn’t print it anyway. No wonder your husband can’t trust you out of his sight. Is this really the kind of person that he wants watching his child? I’ve never seen the day that I would choose a man over my children. You should be ashamed of yourself. But of course you’re not ashamed of anything, are you? Their father told someone that you had blocked him from calling his children. Although he’s in prison I’m sure he loves his children very much. That’s a mean thing to do. Were you ever blocked from calling them when you were in jail? Think about it.

. I’m tired of going to a certain fast-food restaurant in Whitesburg and having that man come up to us and try to tell us racist and dirty jokes. I want to have a nice lunch, but it’s time spent either dodging that man or trying to get him to go away. I don’t want to be mean to him, and I’m not antisocial, but the foulness that comes out of his mouth is more than I want to have to deal with when I’m trying to have lunch. I’ve complained to

workers and all they say is that he’s harmless. I can easily find another place to have lunch with my friends. Management should make sure that their customers are not harassed — and with what comes out of that man’s mouth that’s what it is — I don’t care how old he is, he’s a man trying to tell women dirty jokes.

. Unfortunately for the future wellbeing of America, the King James Version of the Bible highly indicates that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America. Isaiah 3:12: ‘As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.’ We will have brought it on ourselves by allowing the education system of our nation to dictate to us how we must bring up our children in accordance to their (the socialist influenced education system of America) way – according to their rules. You people of the younger generation have already lost your primary obligations, rights, and ‘sacred’ duty to carry out the order of God: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ Also, ‘Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child: but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.’ Proverbs 22:6,15. Our only hope left is Donald Trump. God wants to see what you younger Americans will do.

. How sad it is to realize that customer service representatives for Kentucky Power Company — also known as AEP — in Ohio and West Virginia get their kicks by cutting off power to senior citizens and the poor in eastern Kentucky who already are having to do without medicine and food to help pay the high salaries of these service reps who talk down to us like we are trash. It is sad when those of us who can least afford it are stuck with paying the highest power bills in the state of Kentucky.

. Let’s see; Matt ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin slashes the budgets of schools to show his disdain for real education and then gives an $18,000,000 tax break to the Ark Park so they can fleece their ‘sheeple’ like the Creation ‘Museum’ does — by teaching fairy tales as truth. And yet we don’t understand why people in the other 49 states and around the world laugh at us? Why do we bring this on ourselves?

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