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There is no way we are in the top 50 counties for HIV and hepatitis C. First, the drug trade not here; no one has any money. I don’t think this place is as bad as it seems. The spreading around of sexually transmitted diseases is not going to happen in Letcher County. I mean, the girls around here don’t like the men in case anyone hasn’t notice. The girls either move off or were told how they are better then we men are, or a lot of them just like each other. I don’t think hep C is on the rise. And no, I don’t think HIV is on the rise. I hear all these Letcher County people looking down their noses at same sex marriage, but behind close doors that goes on a lot more than what you think. And yes, married churchgoing women are a part of it.

. I drove through Cumberland last week and saw there are still ‘mom-and-pop’ businesses on Main Street, with no Walmart in sight. How cool is that? I know, Walmart provides jobs. I just wish they could pay their employees enough to not need public assistance to survive.

. State representative candidate Angie Hatton said she wants to make this place better for her children. Well, how come other people’s children aren’t as important as hers? We have lost our children, because Angie Hatton, the assistant county attorney and the court system, took them from us. We have lost our grandchildren. We have strangers raising our children; we have drug addicts raising our children. We did not vote for you, Angie. (Politics aside, are you trying to say that parents are losing custody of their children even though they have committed no crime, have no drug and alcohol addiction, and have done nothing else to deserve having their children removed?)

. Let’s see; Kim Davis, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh have been married 14 times between them, so they’re great people to preach at us about the sanctity of marriage. Seems to me it’s the heterosexuals who are trashing the institution.

. It looks like no one will fix the traffic light at the old high school in Whitesburg. That traffic light isn’t

needed anyway.

. This one doesn’t like that one and that one doesn’t like this one, but they all like me. I’ve got to walk on eggshells. I wish you all would just go to hell because I am sick and tired of walking on eggshells.

. My name is Master Frank Sexton of John Ng’s Four Seasons Martial Arts of Whitesburg, Hazard and Pikeville. I would like to commend those who participated in the inner school closed-door tournament Day of the Warrior in Jenkins. Congratulations. The first day of the warrior tournament originated in Johnson City, Tennessee under Master Gary Mullins more than 25 years ago. I would like to extend an invitation to the instructors, competitors and staff to come and expand your experience and prove your skill by competing in open door tournaments against all styles and systems of martial arts. As instructors it is our job to support and encourage our students to become the best they can be and experience all they can in the martial arts world. What better way to do that than by competing against the best and become part of Kentucky’s elite martial arts team to compete at the Wide World of Sports at Disney World in Orlando, Florida this year. For more information, contact Master Frank Sexton.

. This is the old cat killer. Don’t forget that June is killing our neighbors’ cat month. Have a great big old meow day.

. Do you want to be a millionaire? You can be if you’ll help me get the money we would need to invest in a printing company where we could make huge, oversize posters of Donald Trump like those the North Koreans are required to have of their supreme ruler, Kim Jong Un. Imagine how much money we could make when President Trump orders every home and business to display a Trump poster, minimum size 40-inches by 60-inches.

. There is not one man in the United States of America that could change this country from the way it is now. Nobody can. We need to ask the good Lord Jesus for help. He is the man I am voting for. Vote for the good Lord. He is the only man who can do the job. Think about that.

. I find it interesting how Derek Barto exhibited speed-reading during the Whitesburg City Council meeting. Meanwhile, Council Members Shelia Page Shortt sat there looking bored to death, Earlene Williams looked lost, Robin

Watko looked mad at the world, Jimmy Bates had his mouth dropped, and Larry Everidge was so happy he couldn’t sit still. And Mayor James Wiley Craft continues to smile the whole time trying to keep everyone happy.

. Somebody always wants something for nothing.

. For the good of our country, Bernie Sanders needs to drop his campaign for presidency before someone gets badly hurt or killed. From what I am seeing on my television, the young Bernie supporters make the worst of the Trumpsters look like angels. What kind of people are these who let their political beliefs turn into death threats against the poor woman who was just doing her job as the leader of Democrat Party in

Nevada? Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders apologized to this innocent woman and mother for the death threats his supporters have been sending to her? What kind of country do we have when these cults surrounding Bernie and Donald Trump resort to violence?

. Why do most motorists not stop for pedestrians waiting in the crosswalk to cross Main Street near the Letcher County Courthouse? Some motorists don’t even slow down. Pedestrians in the crosswalk have the right of way. I watched five cars go by the other day while I was waiting to cross the street. I was standing in the designated crosswalk area. I can understand it if they don’t stop for people not standing in the crosswalk. What is it going

to take for motorists to stop for pedestrians?

. Does anything look more ignorant than a man who is not a law-enforcement offi- cer going out to dinner with a gun holstered on his side? Imagine being married to some jerk like that.

. I’m calling from the Trump Train to let you know I think it is pure genius the way Donald Trump has changed the Republican Party into the Democrat Party II in less than one year. Who could imagine that one New York City businessman could make the Republicans throw away all they have stood for the past 50 years and start calling for the Democratic ideas of raising the minimum wage, calling for the rich to pay higher income taxes, fighting NAFTA and the other free trade agreements, and opposing wars in the Middle East? This Trump presidency may just be the wildest four years since the 1920s, when Calvin Coolidge started his morning by having the White House staff rub petroleum jelly on his head while he was eating breakfast in bed.

. This is the Harlan County man. Maybe the reason Letcher County is getting that new prison is to house all the Democrat governors and mayors. You may see Hillary Clinton there when the FBI gets done with her lying ass. There are so many Democrats in prison I wouldn’t be able to put it all on paper. Nancy Pelosi is a murderer of millions of unborn babies. This is what the Democrats stand for today — unisex bathrooms, the killing coal mining jobs, the abomination of samesex marriage, attacks on our religious rights, the murder of millions of babies, the attacks on our nation’s police, Communists, executive actions to take away our guns, turning their backs on Israel, giving Iran the nuclear bomb and so many other bad deals. Obama will be the worst president ever in the history of America, and Hillary Clinton is running on the Obama legacy. I believe Americans will wake up, just like Kentucky did when we voted for Matt Bevin. Trump will be our next president. I want to keep my freedoms, do you?

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