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A certain so-called fugitive must be an informant for the police because she has been seen all around Whitesburg and hasn’t been arrested.

. Neon and Detroit are sister cities because of the fact they die more with each passing day. Neither has anything to offer. No trust in the police in Detroit because of so much corruption on the inside. No police in Neon because he spends more time in Jenkins where he is on the city council riding a Neon vehicle, using Neon gas while his insurance is paid by Neon while serving the citizens of Jenkins. Neither mayor in either city will stand up for the citizens or make any moves to get their city back under the control of the people — all of the people — not just a few. In Neon, just like in Detroit, the public services are nothing but a joke. Waterworks are failing because no one has the knowledge to do the job and employees that can sit by and hope it runs itself. Sewer systems in both cities are bad because of poor maintenance and less than poor employees not caring that sewer is contaminating the ground water. The foul odor has become the norm. Federal grants to extend services in both cities is money thrown up a wild bull’s rear. Who is going to keep up extended services when there are not enough brains trying to run both cities to cover the pointed end of a needle. Phones? Why do all these people need cell phones? Cell phones should only be assigned to those employees capable of knowing what to do when a call comes in. Oops! That would leave no cell phones whatsoever in the city of Neon.

. We have a president that has about as much intelligence as a Billy goat’s back end. Maybe Social Services should investigate him if he is putting his little girls in danger by letting them go to the bathroom with ungodly, perverted men. Our society is sickening. Read this, Deuteronomy 22:5, ‘The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.’ If you were born a male, then that is what you are. You need to grow up and be a man, or have the effeminate spirit of the devil cast out of you. And if you were born a female, then you need to grow up and act like a lady. God is angry with the wicked every day. Sinners had better be repenting of their sins, for God will soon rain fire out of heaven on this ungodly generation, and if you think God will let this nation get by, you

had better look at Sodom and Gomorrah. America is in trouble. America cannot be blessed until America repents, and if America does not repent soon, then America will be no more, for judgment will soon come to this nation.

. I think that when Jamie Hatton does his research, he will come back to the fiscal court and tell them that county and state governments can’t overturn a federal law (Title VII, 1964 Civil Rights Act) just because they don’t like it.

. Congratulations, Scott Helle. You deserve it.

. I’m calling about the person who keeps referring to himself as the cat killer. I’m not sure where the humor is in that and what they think is so funny about it. I do know that Jeffrey Dahmer started out as a cat killer. Maybe that is the direction you are going.

. Is Bobby Howard saying that all transgender people are pedophiles?

. I made some comments couple of weeks ago in Speak Your Piece about someone who had killed a dog for no reason and they weren’t going to be punished at all. What happened to the little state trooper from the Letcher County area that shot his neighbor’s dog just because it was barking? What kind of punishment did he receive?

. ISIS is an ever present danger, the Zika virus is encroaching from the south, the state is in terrible financial condition, the county is corrupt and broke, and genius Bobby Howard insists on a law regulating transsexuals. The other five idiots on the court go along with him. Some sense of priorities they have. What utter foolishness. Have they not seen what is happening to North Carolina? Do they even care? There can be no hope for this county with people like that in positions of leadership.

. Congratulations to the writer of the article in The Mountain Eagle on Bobby Howard and the rest of the Letcher County Fiscal Court’s absurd action on transsexuals, and how such foolishness was affecting other areas. Letcher County is hardly in shape to turn away anyone who has a dollar to spend locally. What danger does the court think there is in transgender people? How does their danger compare to that of living in a drug-riddled county, one in which every community has open drug sales, in a region pinpointed by the FBI as one of the most politically corrupt in the whole country? After watching them

in this, and in their other activities, one has to wonder if they can think at all.

. I would like to thank Mack Fultz for taking down all of his son Colin’s campaign signs the day after the election. I think that is so nice.

. You need to stop walking on eggshells and you need to stop wishing people to go to hell just because they don’t like you and don’t want to be a part of your life. Perhaps you need to be yourself instead of the fake person that you pretend to be. Then you might be able to find someone who actually wants to be a part of your life.

. I hope whoever stole my water pressure tank at Pine Creek is putting it to good use and I hope whoever stole my gas heater from Allen Branch in Craft’s Colly is keeping a family warm, you sorry scum.

. I am disappointed that Angie Hatton resorted to negative campaigning. She would have easily won Letcher County without doing so.

. To all thieves out there: All you’ve got to do is go to Tennessee. My trailer was robbed February 22. Guns and chainsaws were taken. The thieves are from Tennessee and state police won’t do anything. So for all you thieves out there, rob and then go to Tennessee.

. Is Bobby Howard going to check everyone’s birth certificate when they use the restroom at the courthouse?

. The Letcher County Fiscal Court’s support of what appears to be a blatantly illegal non-competitive contract to provide metal for a scrap yard is abominable. The Whitesburg city government is making an admirable attempt to salvage the very important recycling center. The court’s action to hinder them should be opposed by any responsible citizen.

. So Magistrate Bobby Howard wants the Letcher County Fiscal Court to pass a law banning transgendered people from using the bathroom. Why? First, I want to know how much of the taxpayer’s money he’s going to waste trying to enforce this law. Does this mean the sheriff is going to have deputies guard every restroom in the county? Are Whitesburg police going to patrol urinals? Are they going to inspect someone’s genitals to make sure they’re going into the right bathroom? How much money is going to be spent training police to do this? I’m curious of how much of a waste of time and effort this is going to cause.

. Letcher County is one of the poorest regions of America. Our income, unemployment rates, and graduation rates are some of the lowest in the state, if not the country. Why are we wasting time on this issue of where transgendered people are allowed to go to the bathroom? What if the school system loses federal funds for schools because of court’s passing this is the magistrates do end up voting in favor of this law proposed by Bobby Howard?

. I want to know what will be achieved by the Letcher Fiscal Court proposing this ‘bathroom law.’ I want to know who gains from this nonsense law. The argument that you’re going to protect kids from sexual predators isn’t a good one. If you want to pass a county ordinance for that, then ban sexual predators from bathrooms. This is a wedge issue meant to get votes, not to improve society. Look at North Carolina. The federal government is suing that state for civil rights violations. Businesses have pulled jobs from the state. Other states have banned work-related travel to North Carolina. I think it’s amazing that there are so many

small businesses thriving in Whitesburg. We need to invest in our local economy and support these ventures. We need to support local tourism. Passing a law like this is makes Letcher County look backwards, ugly, unfriendly, and unwelcoming.

. Angie Hatton promised Joel Thornbury that she wouldn’t run a dirty campaign. As you can see, she is not a person of her word. She is not to be trusted and I wouldn’t vote for her. She can’t stand up for this county. She doesn’t know what she is doing. She needs to get along and find something else.

. Does the Letcher Fiscal Court realize what has happened in North Carolina by passing such a resolution? North Carolina has lost jobs and top entertainment figures from even appearing there. I think Letcher County cannot afford to lose anything.

. How bad is the drug problem at Letcher County Central High School? It seems to be swept under the rug.

. I don’t know who did the ads for Angie Hatton, but all they seem to know is negativity. Have we let our elections come to that? I think it’s sad.

. I want to tell a woman from Sandlick that I love you very much. Give me a chance to show you what a good man I will be to you. I will be good to your kids. Give me a chance, baby, and I’ll show you a different life. I love you, sweetheart. You know who I am.

. Let ’s not forget struggles of transgendered people when we’re talking about the Letcher County Fiscal Court’s attempt to regulate where people can go to the bathroom. I cannot imagine living in a body that doesn’t feel right to me. Even among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer communities they are minorities within a minority. Although there have been great strides in the protection of gays and lesbians, the same cannot be said of the transgendered. Taking away their right to use the restroom is dehumanizing. It’s comparable to segregated restrooms. This ordinance is a violation against civil rights, humanity dignity, and privacy. This is sad, disgusting, and discriminatory. I grew up in Letcher County and I feel embarrassed and ashamed that such a lovely place can manufacture such blind hate.

. Every person who plans to shoot up a school with an automatic weapon breathed a sigh of relief when the NRA endorsed Donald Trump for president.

. ‘Trumpism has become associated with racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence.’ — former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

. Imagine how Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. would feel about the discrimination Letcher County is showing transgender people. I think they wouldn’t be very happy.

. You can’t praise the Lord on one side and practice lust

on the other. That’s being a hypocrite.

. Congratulations to all seniors. It’s sad you all are leaving high school. I wish you all good luck in the future.

. Once again we had a chance to help our economy here in Letcher County, but the people of Pike and Letcher counties voted it down. People in California, Colorado and twenty other states are having to build houses to put their money in. Medical marijuana is nothing but some money for growers and that money would go to help other people in Letcher County if medical marijuana is legalized. Way to go, voters of Letcher and Pike counties.

. I can’t believe that Rand Paul keeps putting down Hillary Clinton about coal. What has Paul done to help coal miners? He has done absolutely nothing.

. To a certain person in Pine Creek: If you don’t stop doing drugs your next destination is going to be a graveyard or a penitentiary.

. Whenever our county’s Fiscal Court does something really stupid, you can be sure Bobby Howard has

a hand in it. Last week, Howard decided to address a problem that doesn’t exist in Letcher County by asking the court to pass a discriminatory ordinance against LGBT people. Here’s a clue Bobby: We’ve all been going to the bathroom with all kinds of people for a long time, and the people your kids face the biggest threat from are ministers, family members, school personnel, and other adults they know. People don’t go through the ‘change’ just so they can see some kid’s genitals.

. Why is it that so many Republicans associate public toilets with places to have a sexual encounter? Is it because so many of them are in the water closet?

. Magistrate Bobby Howard should stop trying to find a way to ram his narrow-minded Christian fundamentalism down our throats. Think about this Bobby, not everybody believes the way you do. So while you are pandering to the right wing Christian homophobes in your flock, a lot of other people don’t want to hear it. ‘Congress shall make no law affecting the establishment of a religion,’ and all that stuff that you find it so convenient to ignore.

. I have noticed that Summit City is opening back up. I like StreetSide a lot better than Summit City. People are nice and StreetSide is a better bar. The police cannot watch both sides of Main Street, so be careful driving through Whitesburg on a Saturday night. Our city cannot afford to hire more police.

. Between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and their respective supporters, I fear for the future of our country. Whenever and however these two jerks fade into history — which may be four more years the way things are starting to look — we really will have to get to work making America great again. I’m no Hillary Clinton fan, but Lord, please have mercy on our souls if the self-serving blue-hairs or self-absorbed millennials are able to elect Trump or Sanders as our next president. How did we reach this point in the 239-year-old history of our great country?

. The party of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower is now the party of Donald Trump? The party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy is now the party of Bernie Sanders? Would someone please wake me up from this nightmare about Pennsylvania Avenue.

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