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To a certain person: You won’t last forever at your new job. Sooner or later you will have to take a drug test.

. I just finished reading Speak Your Piece and the bathroom use debate. I know Magistrate Bobby Howard and like him. On the other hand, I feel he is fighting a losing battle. Those who brought this ‘problem’ to light did so to steer our attention away from other more serious issues — e-mails, funding/ budgetary concerns, election candidates, foreign funds (bribes), etc. The bathroom debate is a done issue. I feel this to be true because it is unenforceable, a waste of taxes, and silly to even contemplate. How do you police this? Who is going to verify the original birth sex? Do I worry about children being raped in public restrooms? Honestly no. Does it happen? I’m sure if someone looks hard enough, it has. It also happens in homes and by relatives and neighbors. We have real problems in America. Restroom usage isn’t a big one in my humble opinion. We have one of the most important events coming up in our nation. We should be concentrating on who we want to run our country. Do we put it in the hands of a ‘socialist,’ an ‘untrustworthy liar,’ an independent ‘pothead,’ or a ‘media blowhard billionaire’? I’m a Christian. I was taught to know them by their fruits. I know who I’m voting for.

. Fix the !@#$ing red light at the old Whitesburg High School.

. To a certain person: Will you give me your recipe for brownies with macaroni in it that you sent to the bake sale in Jenkins?

. Well of course The Donald refused to debate Senator Sanders. He knows he can’t compete with someone intelligent and honest.

. People should not be killing all the black snakes. Leave those black snakes alone. If you kill all the black snakes out, the copperheads are going to eat us all up. The black snakes kill the copperheads. Leave those black snakes alone. (You are correct. Blacksnakes do eat copperheads —headfirst — and rats and mice and other pests.)

. This is the old cat killer. saw where someone set an old dog and a couple of pups out on the Payne Gap stretch the other day. Shame on you dog lovers and cat lovers. Have a great big meow day.

. I just wanted to give a reply to the ‘abominations man.’ You whine about President Obama doing his job, which is to enforce the law. He is the chief executive, which means he is the chief

law enforcement officer in the land. Like most of the Obama haters, your arguments come apart in the face of reality, particularly the reality of the U.S. Constitution. You quote the mumbo jumbo fairy tales of the Old Testament, but nowhere in the Constitution is any so-called holy book mentioned. What the Constitution does say is that Congress shall make no laws in regard to the establishment of religion. That is part of the First Amendment. The president is enforcing the Civil Rights Act when he refuses to allow the right wing fundamentalists in North Carolina from enforcing their religion on transsexuals. George Bush didn’t care for the Constitution, and he chose not to do his job. He didn’t believe in science either. Bush was the worst president in U.S. history, and the most ignorant, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan. So, get over it. The Constitution is the law of the land, not religious mythology.

. I’d like to give a shout out to a girl who works at Walmart. You were married to a deadbeat. We all know that. He had an affair 20 years ago. He is with a woman right now. I’m just letting you know that any time you want to get something to eat or talk, I’m ready.

. Let me get this straight; there have been 3,400 rapes in churches since 2004 and we’re obsessing over who uses which bathroom?

. To When are you going to get off your deadbeat hind end and get a job? Quit worrying about everyone else paying your bills. People know what you are doing and we’re not going to quit turning you in until you learn your lesson.

. This goes out to a certain heating and cooling business that takes charging accounts: They are lying, holy Christians.

. This is to 103.9, the socalled Bulldog: You need to be like 103.1 or 101.5. Then you would be a real radio station. We have enough junk on 94.3.

. Looks like Jim Ward has let Pine Mountain Park go to hell. The grass is nearly 10 inches high. Wait until election time. Your behind is out of there.

. The Whitesburg City Police are a joke. They think they can control the whole county. Let them try.

. There is a woman who works at a certain restaurant in Whitesburg in the evening. She needs to learn to keep her hands and mouth off of other employees. She better quit flirting with my man. If she doesn’t stop, her day will come. She knows who she is.

. What happened to the Snake Man of Appalachia? Has he vanished off the face of the earth? His reality television show didn’t last long. That movie they did must have paid pretty good because he and his wife have Harley Davidson motorcycles. I forgot that they have to draw and pack water. They do nothing of the sort. The Appalachian snake man and the turtle man have something in common. Both are phonies.

. How come some employees in local law enforcement are allowed to have criminal backgrounds? They need to do background checks before hiring.

Looks like they are going to let that sheriff ’s deputy out of jail after all. He is big buddies with some of these drug dealers in Letcher County. I for one am going to sign a petition to make sure he doesn’t get his job back as a deputy. If he does, the drug dealers in Jeremiah, Blackey and Isom would only get what they want.

. It’s amazing that someone would tie a dog to a tree. That dog doesn’t have any shelter. He can’t get any water. That is cruelty to animals. What are you going to do when the dog warden shows up?

. Thanks to Letcher County’s Fiscal Court for illuminating one of the worst

tragedies of religion: the way they are so hateful to and dishonest about LBGT people. And for making sure the world knows how backward we are.

. This is the cat killer. I just read your comment about me in Speak Your Piece. No, I’m not like Jeffery Dahmer. Am I any worse than these people who take their dogs and cats, set them out by the road and let them get run over? Maybe they are like Jeffrey Dahmer. I think I am a lot better person than the ones who set them out beside the road. Have a great big meow day.

. They need to come up Thornton and see all these kids up and down the road with no supervision. No parents are watching them.

. How can the American people be so gullible to elect people that don’t have mind enough to know how to go to the bathroom? I have never seen such stupidity as the President of the United States has become.

The American people need to pull their children out of public schools. Our children are not dogs. All this Democrat president has done is destroy our nation with his twisted mind. He is for anything that is ungodly. It is a sad time in America. This world will soon burn with fervent heat. God is angry with the wicked every day. I could never vote for a lying Democrat. I do not want to be a partaker in their ungodliness. Men lying with men is still an abomination. Abortion is cold-blooded murder. It is a shame and disgrace that our nation’s leaders have become so wicked, and we know this world cannot stand. If we don’t want to die and go to an eternal hell then we had better be repenting of our sins and being born again, for Jesus will soon return.

. I wish the county attorney had explained to the bathroom obsessed fiscal court that all the things they are paranoid about are already illegal. Discrimination is not necessary or moral.

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