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How do you allow certain people to camp out, make out and get drunk on that cemetery in Doty Creek? I found beer cans, beer bottles and rolling papers up there. We know what goes on up there. I think it is time that the community does something about it.

. Can the elected officials of Letcher County possibly do anything about people burning garbage?

. If you ever want to see ‘true’ democratic politician you don’t have to look any farther than Jenkins. The mayor, Todd Depriest, is the definition of a true politician. You better enjoy your new truck and your company that you are so proud to keep, because you won’t get another chance to lie to us to get another 4 years. The only reason you don’t do anything about the prior administration is because you and the bunch you have at city hall were a part of it. You lied and you know you did.

. We need a circuit judge in Letcher County who knows what KRS 56 is. That is the reason for poverty in Kentucky because former County Clerk Charlie Wright found 10,000 deeds and mortgages in 1954 and didn’t put them back in. You can’t do an abstract of your title in Letcher County. We need a good judge in there.

. We should be very proud of Bobby Howard for speaking up.

. I’m hearing more on the news about the gorilla being euthanized at the Cincinnati Zoo than I am hearing about the six men who were slaughtered in Chicago and the 56 who were wounded. That is sad.

. I just found out that a probate lawyer takes about three quarters of what is left. I guess that means $10.95 for each of us. Have a good day.

. What a hoot. Michigan’s governor doesn’t mind poisoning his own constituents, but he won’t support Trump. Who knew he had standards?

. I think the magistrates need to stand up and do something about people burning all of this garbage in Letcher County. Why can’t we make Letcher County a burn free county?

. Would you rather have a Rite Aid or a Walgreen’s in Whitesburg?

. Two certain people are

back at their old tricks in Cumberland, so you better be careful. Don’t sell them anything. <s>l <b>If you are handicapped and would like to use the handicapped spaces at the Jenkins Double Kwik, you will probably be out of luck. Every morning someone without a handicapped tag is parked in that space. On many mornings it’s a guy in an old white work truck. I’m at least not so lazy that I feel the need to park as close to the front door as possible. Maybe the Jenkins City Police could make the town a few extra bucks by citing those who park there without a permit. I wouldn’t mind seeing more tickets handed out throughout Letcher County to those who park in handicapped spots without tags, and I’d be tickled to death to see the fines doubled.

. I wish that whoever is over the camp at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School would be nicer to the kids. She yelled at the kids on the first day and my kids were absolutely scared to death. My kids are scared to go back because they are afraid that old, grouchy woman with the wrinkled up face is going to be there. Somebody needs to talk to that lady and if she can’t be better than that then she needs to give the job to somebody who is interested in children.

. The same old cats in Pine Creek are back to selling drugs again. After about the 14th time of being caught and turned loose, they are back at it again. They are destroying children’s lives.

. There is a man at a garage in the Mayking area who draws S.S.I and is totally blind and he works every day.

. Trump will be the next president. People are wising up. God has His hand on Trump. He will be your next president.

. I guess Letcher County is broke, but we can still build bridges on private property on Kingscreek to one house and put a gate on it.

. If doesn’t keep her hands off of other women’s boyfriends, she is going to get a butt kicking.

. I’ll tell you what helps my sneezing. I wash my hands in cold water and keep splashing that water up and into my nose about seven or eight times. It works good for me. Try it.

. How can you sell snakes and it be legal?

. Has anyone been to the new pharmacy on 1148 at Isom? They have a nice pharmacy set up. Just pull up and tell them what you want and they’ll bring it right out to you. Where are the police? This man is going to Ohio, South Carolina and different states and getting pills from everywhere. It’s like a mini Fort Knox. You go in there, you better have back up with you or you won’t come out. Police, please do something before this gets worse.

. When County Judge/Executive Jim Ward’s term end?

. State Rep. Leslie Combs sponsored House Bill 385 to try to get equality in our court system for fathers and mothers to visit their children on an equal basis and also restore rights for grandparents. She made no mention of that in her list of accomplishments. It may be because it never got out of the session. In the coming election, I encourage people to vote for someone who has our children in mind. It is devastating when you don’t have quality time with you children. Thank you, Leslie Combs, for all of your accomplishments, especially in Letcher County. But I wish you would have mentioned that you had actually tried to do something to improve the lives of families in Letcher County.

. Why have people decided to all of a sudden vocally object to $444 million in federal funding to build a penitentiary in Letcher County? The Letcher County Planning Commission has been working diligently on this project for at least a dozen years. That money is earmarked for the prison and not for others to wither away. Where have these protesters been for the last 12 years? If they don’t watch, we’ll lose that money and the prison like we lost the money allocated for a roundabout and the beautification of downtown Whitesburg.

When are the restaurants in Whitesburg going to stop charging an alcohol tax on food? I thought the second reading of the ordinance had been published in The Mountain Eagle.

. Why does the City of Pikeville get a grant from the Kentucky Power Company and the City of Whitesburg does not?

. If I was Donald Trump one of the first things I would do would be to take Mexico and make it a state. Make the president down there a governor. I think that would straighten up a lot of things.

. To Chief Swindall of the Neon Metropolitan Police Department: I would like to see you get smart with me when I come in to pick up my property.

. I am looking for a good man who is easy going, has a good personality and doesn’t do drugs.

. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

. Isn’t it wonderful here in America that the unemployment rate is down to four percent? It must be that new math they got considering that 94.7 million are out of work. It’s sad that we have a government that doesn’t know what is really going on and doesn’t care.

. The idea that 95 percent of Letcher County is in favor of half a billion dollars being spent on one thing, a prison, is completely untrue. I am one Letcher County citizen along with many who disagree with this solution. We know from other counties around us that these prisons don’t make positive impacts on our communities. There has been a wave of positive, creative messages about what it could mean if people had their own choice with that money. And before an eye roll and patronizing comment, I know this money is allocated for the prison, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Hal Rogers has the power to reallocate this money to put his constituents’ innovative ideas to work.

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