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All the people in Jenkins and Hemphill should help that little boy in Burdine who has leukemia. The family needs money to travel back and forth to doctor’s appointments. God will bless you if you help the family. Thank you.

. With all the coal severance tax money now gone the county government still needs money. I think they ought to start taxing churches on their property.

. Watching Donald Trump self-destruct is one of the funnier things I have ever seen in all my years of keeping up with politics. This man will go down in history as the worst Republican Party candidate ever, and will win only those states that went for Barry Goldwater back in 1964. He is the least intelligent and most despicable candidate ever to seek the office of President of the United States. His final undoing will be the total lack of class and selfishness he has displayed since this terror attack in Orlando. Only someone like Deranged Donald could put himself above 53 dead people. He is a national embarrassment. All we can hope for now is that Awful Hillary doesn’t punish eastern Kentucky because will end up being one of the few regions that vote for Trump. The Republicans could have nominated a dirty mangy dog and beaten Clinton, but instead they choose to lose with something even worse — Trump.

. The speed limit in Jenkins of 35 miles per hour should be removed since no one is abiding by it. Where are the police when so many people are speeding? The parents of children or anyone else should contact the city council and mayor before it is too late.

. Let us not forget how Paul Morris has been treated by radio station WXKQ.

. Is Jimmy Craft a member of the Kentucky Bar Association? If not, he can’t be circuit judge. ( James Wiley Craft II, also known as “Jimmy,” is a member in good standing of the Kentucky Bar Association. So is Darrell Hall, who is Mr. Craft’s opponent for the office of Letcher Circuit Judge in the coming November election. Information on both attorneys is available on the Internet at www.kybar.org.)

. It looks like we are going to have to get together and get our own money and fix the roads. Our government won’t do it. They want to spend it on a four-lane highway between Whitesburg and Jenkins. Things were reappropriated in the wrong place. We need to get them all out of office.

. I wonder why the radio station lets people advertise

dogs for sale on the ‘Swap Shop’? That is a business.

. The stench of the underbelly of politics in both Letcher and Pike counties is as strong as ever. A man formerly given the privilege to serve and protect, gets a slick way out of what should have been a very strong signal to both law enforcement and to the public that there has been damage done to one of our most important institutions that should be strongly and decisively defended and protected for the people. His time served will be much less than many he helped convict of much lesser crimes. We must demand our political leaders and citizens seeking office this fall stand and condemn this casual treatment and unacceptable disregard for service above reproach. Law enforcement should stand for the integrity of their honored institution. My guess is no one from a constable, a city policeman, a mayor, a magistrate, a county judge or, God forbid, an attorney will speak out against this injustice. It will simply be business as usual with a smirk, a wink and barely a hiccup. God save us from ourselves. But we have nobody but ourselves to blame for allowing our own demise. Talk about taking back America?

. How much corruption in the Letcher County Courthouse? Donald Trump needs to come here and clean it all up.

. I believe the government needs to do something about all those check drawers on Bee Tree Fork who work every day for cash.

. After a certain gentleman from Letcher County ended up going to the pen, a certain house burned down and has been replaced with a brand new 32×80 doublewide trailer. I think I will write Congressman Hal Rogers and tell him that I think some of the missing money has been recovered.

. A County who is HIV positive lives with his dad and is a thief. He knows he is infected with HIV and he is spreading it to every girl he can. He has destroyed our child and we’re going to try to press charges against this man because he knows he is HIV positive. He has been HIV positive for more than 15 years. He loves to be with married women.

. To the caller who commented in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the new pharmacy on Highway 1148 at Isom: We’re giving out free suckers. Come up and get yourself a free sucker.

. Given Donald Trump’s recent performances, it has gotten to the point where those who still support him for president must be considered anti-American.

Those of you who won’t be happy until you are governed by narcissist dictator should move overseas and leave those of us who love freedom alone. Trump is now behaving so badly there is a good chance the Republicans will have to take the nomination away from him if they have any hope of saving the GOP.

. Everybody is worshipping Muhammad Ali, calling him the greatest. Jesus is the greatest; Muhammad Ali is a Muslim and a draft dodger. What are we teaching our children and our grandchildren by worshipping a man like him? He might have been a good boxer but he certainly wasn’t the greatest.

. Some of the people who are eating at the senior citizens center are younger than 60.

. I was in business for 35 years and I had seven employees. Due to regulations of our fine government, I was shut down and all my help had to be laid off thanks to our fine government. I think we need to elect Donald Trump.

. Now all those people the ex-deputy smarted off to have time to let him know what you think while he is on parole for four years. He is nothing but a jerk.

. To all military veterans: Please note and be careful on how you store, keep and who you let have access to your military records such as your DDT 14, DDT 56, dog tags or anything that can change personal information. I originally applied for medical benefits through a VA only to find out that someone else in another state is using my name and military service information and is receiving medical benefits and other benefits through the VA. The only person or organization that can legally demand or obtain a copy of your DDT 14 without a court order is the Veterans Administration. If anyone demands or steals, they are in violation of the privacy act and can be held liable. Thank you and be careful.

. So the men accused of murdering Mike Hogg say they can’t get a fair trial in Letcher County? Were the circumstances surrounding the death of Mike Hogg fair? No. The ones that lived through the ordeal will have haunting memories for the rest of their lives.

. I have never seen so many people sick in my life. I am a certified natural health consultant, so let me tell you a few things to do. Eat a good breakfast. Eat meat every day for protein. Stay away from processed, microwaved food. Eat at home as much as you can. Eat fresh vegetables every day. Cabbage is one of the main things that keep me healthy. Get you some good vitamins. Go organic as much as you can. I used to do health seminars. I’m thinking about doing them again.

. Someone commented in last week’s edition of Speak Your Piece that Trump will be the next president, that people are wising up and God has His hand on Trump. Donald Trump is the most hated man in the universe. Do you believe that God has chosen the most hated man in the universe to be His choice for president of the United States?

. To the Letcher County Governance Project: Where have you been for the last decade? Why wait until now to be so vocal? If you really wanted Congressman Hal Rogers to listen to you, why didn’t you write a letter or call or appear at one of the public forums that were held to give people like you the chance to voice your opposition to the prison? Do you think he is really going to take you seriously if you stand in front of him with a large sign while he is making

a speech at a SOAR summit?

. No more parties allowed whatsoever at a certain address at 82 Little Colley Road, Isom. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

. Nobody is accusing the Letcher County Planning Commission of not caring about our county. They are civic-minded, and our county needs more people like that. But Hal Rogers sold them on the idea of a prison 10 years ago, and the world is a much different place than it was 10 years ago. Hal Rogers sold the entire region on prisons during the 1990s and early 2000s, and we’ve since learned that they haven’t done anything to help us. The planning commission should work with the youth in Letcher County to come up with fresh ideas for a new century.

. Trump/McConnell/NRA 50, gay bars 0.

. Well folks, looks like Obama has come up with another one of his crazy ideas to help shrink what’s left of the American dollar. It’s sad that he and his cronies have come up with costly and stupid idea for these weirdoes out there that are trying to change their birth rank (if you know what I mean). The best way to solve this problem in my mind is to just set some portable commodes near the courthouse and have, let’s say, put a 10-cent usage fee, or even just have someone pass out five-gallon buckets. Very sickening. Well, when you go vote in December, remember that if you vote for Hillary you got four to eight more years of Obama. This country can’t stand even six months of him. Trump, at least, is talking positive about the importance of coal. Bernie, ha, ha. Well, I’m 62 years old. I might go to Harvard since it will be free. Get your hearts right in December.

. Letcher County does not care for its men. When the coal mines shut down there was nothing really done for our men, and they had to hit the hills and get out of here. There is really nothing going on any more. But I still think Letcher not really doing there men right. I see a lot girls liking each other here nowadays. I need to move away, but any time I mention it all I have seen are eyes rolling.

. To all the drug dealers in Letcher County: You need to move to Perry County, where they won’t catch you. Perry County is the drug capital in the state of Kentucky. You can be reported but you never see any law enforcement out anywhere. This is the most corrupt county in the state. All the officials can be bought off, including the judges.

. I was reading The Mountain Eagle last week and saw where Enterprise Mining was bragging about their safety record at the Roxana Preparation Plant. I think that is great and I am a true supporter of coal mining. However, Enterprise wants to talk about safety, but they really do not practice what they preach. Currently, Enterprise is allowing coal trucks to haul illegal weight into their preparation plant. This illegal weight being hauled by the coal trucks is a danger to our citizens and our county’s infrastructure. The Kentucky State Police, Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department and local law enforcement will not do anything to stop this illegal activity from occurring. Again, I am not against coal mining or coal hauling, but these business activities must be done in a legal and responsible manner. I hope it does not take a tragic accident to put the spotlight on this issue. So with that said, I call on Enterprise Mining and the various coal truck haulers to abide by Kentucky weight laws. I also call on law enforcement personnel to do their job and enforce our weight laws

that are being flagrantly violated.

. The establishment of which Bernie Sanders is a major part of has already accomplished its primary objective — that is to put Hillary Clinton’s name in control of the United States of America’s federal government. The subverters will begin immediately after this fall’s election to completely dismantle and obliterate the American and Mexican border. Therefore, there will be no border designating where the United States is located at. If a country called the United States of America cannot be located on the map, then there must not be any such country. How can a country that does not exist defend itself and its people against marauding bands of belligerent and criminally minded people who are looking for unarmed and undefended people which they can conquer and enslave? If the considerable smaller group of Socialist people who control both the Democrat and Republican parties here in the United States are allowed to pull off the above described scheme, then in that case they will merge the

Democrat and Republican parties into one, big Socialist party and that way (or in that form) they, the elite of the newly formed USA government, will become an autocracy. Then, for awhile (about two or three years) you will have peace and fair security — but you will not have the right to travel, or to escape. All you have to do to prove this statement is to look at North Korea or Cuba. And finally, you will end up with a plantation form of government where the elite are the owners and you, the majority, are the slaves. All you have to do to prove that is to look at any country in the world or any country in the history of the world which has been overthrown by the Antichrist. All races are subject to slavery. Current events in the world today reveal slavery taking place everywhere. Considering the shape the world is in right now, you, the American citizen, have one choice to keep from becoming a slave during your lifetime. Only a plain personality as Donald Trump could have a chance at restoring and saving the USA and preserving your freedom and lifestyle.

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