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We, the Letcher County Central Cougars football team, would like to wish Coach Hillard Howard a happy birthday today, April 2. Happy birthday, Coach Howard.

To a certain coal miner: You used to give me the best wakeup call every morning around 5:30 or 6:00. I hope you still read The Mountain Eagle every week. I just wanted you to know I have been thinking a lot about the time we used to spend together, and I would love to see you again. Call me at the same number at the same time as before. By the way, if your first initial was ‘E’ this message is for you. From the blonde in uniform.

Day before yesterday I was a boy. Yesterday I was a young man. Today I’m an old man. Tomorrow I will belong to the ages. Time, something to think about. Eternity with Jesus Christ, something to look forward to.

You all bring a lot of attention to yourselves. And in your line of business that’s not good. Shouldn’t have done it.

I was just reading in The Eagle where the county is going to crack down on the people who litter. In my community, I would be glad if they would enforce the litter laws on people’s lawns. On the Cumberland River side of Pine Mountain, some of the lawns are worse than the garbage dumps. Sorry to say, but I wish they would enforce it.

To my good hunting buddy who lives in Blair Branch: Even though I may have said something bad about you, I am sorry and I mean to apologize to you right now. Friends are forever and so are me and you.

It is time to get politically correct. As of this date, we the people in the hills of Kentucky will no longer permit others to call us hillbillies. We are Appalachian Americans.

I would just like to say a woman whose first name begins with the letter ‘C’ is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Well, the good ol’ Southeastern Conference has decided to refund money to the ticket holders for sessions four, five and six of the SEC Tournament, which were moved from the Georgia Dome to Georgia Tech because of the tornado. The maximum refund is $125 for all three sessions or $45 for each game. This is a great moment. I didn’t believe the SEC would do this. One quick note about all of this: Where do the Atlanta Hawks play? Wouldn’t it have made sense to have gone to where the Hawks play in Atlanta so everybody could have gotten to watch the tournament?

(The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks play in Phillips Arena, which is located pretty much next door to the Georgia Dome on International Boulevard.)

Sixty years of coal left to mine in southeastern Kentucky? If, as a previous caller said, there is 60 years’ worth of coal left to mine in this region, I would like to know where it is. And could you give me some of what you’ve been smoking lately? In fifteen to twenty years, all of the coal that can be mined by the surface mining method will be exhausted. We’re already re-mining pockets that were mined in the 1970s. All mining will be done by the deep mining method in 20 years. And it will be a mess in those deep seams, given the problems with the water table, etc.

I would just like to say I think Letcher County has the best fiscal court it has had in eighty years. And I appreciate all that they do for this county, especially if they would quit worrying about the old Jenkins High School. If they do, everybody in the county will be much better for it.

I would just like to comment and say I’ve been watching that reunion show about all of the high school people getting together. I was thinking about how good it would be if we could go back twenty years and start all over and do things differently. Then I got to thinking I wouldn’t go out with anyone from my class, even if you gave me dinner and drinks in Hawaii every night. I would never want to go back around that bunch I graduated with. That was a horrifying experience for me. Most of them were stuck up and struck on themselves.

To a certain woman in Whitesburg: I know you read Speak Your Piece every week. I’ve got something I’ve just got to say. I really like you, but I really love someone else. I couldn’t stand to have my heart broken again. It was broken so much this last time that I just can’t get involved with another woman. I like you, but I love my wife. I want you to know I am sorry.

Like the song says, I’ve talked to God and I’ve talked to friends and I still miss you.

To the single woman in Coon Hollow: I knew you wouldn’t reply, because that is just not you. I know you are hung up on the guy you are with. I just wanted to take care of you. You are such a hard worker. Let me wine and dine you. Let me give you a little piece of heaven. Signed, very interested.

I’m just a Letcher County citizen with no relationship to the woman who is seeing a boy who, by the way, is nineteen. This is no one’s business other than the parties involved. Don’t blame her or the boy or her parents or his parents. Sometimes things don’t work out for people and they do make mistakes. That is part of life. No one is to judge others, except for the Lord. And you should learn how to not talk about others, because this is their business only and should leave it alone.

A certain dopehead is taking advantage of a certain man who had a stroke recently.

No, the woman drives a white car. The old man keeps her trashy hind-end up. They expect him to keep up the whole family. Wonder what he gets in return?

To the two punks who jumped my friend and her boyfriend: You put her in the hospital and messed him up. Everyone is out talking about who it was that did this. You had better watch your behinds. I know where you live and who you are staying with. You and your whole family are fixing to go down. You have messed with the wrong one this time. See you in hell, you sons of bitches.

To a girl on UZ who is a rip: You need to be at home taking care of your child. That is more important than being out partying.

I hear all the time about certain officials being corrupt. I just wanted to let everyone know that you can report it to the federal building in downtown Pikeville. They keep the complaints until they get enough. They have taken out several corrupt officials. If you don’t trust who you are speaking to, go to another federal building in another county.

I think it is stupid for a woman to allow her boyfriend to beat up her son and cause him to have sixteen stitches in his face and say nothing to the man and still be with him.

I would like to wish my granddaughter, Ashley Faith McClain, a happy birthday on April 6. She will be two years old. I love you. Your grandmother, Angel Coomer.

Boone Fork Community Center made a wise decision not to let a local festival committee chair and local bluegrass band hold a benefit there. Keep up the good work.

I am speaking for all the parents who paid money for AAU wrestling. We would like a refund of our money since there is no AAU wrestling going on. Thank you.

One single woman in Coon Hollow is not so single. She’s been with a guy for about 30 years now and has a child by him. She’s not as single as she pretends to be.

To all the people on Cram Creek and Pine Creek who are getting their drugs from West Virginia: Believe you me, it will come to an end soon. People at all levels of law enforcement know what you are doing. There will be no more drugs from West Virginia within six months, guaranteed.

To the deadbeat mother at Mayking: I do not see what makes you a good mother. Anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a mommy. You walked away almost six years ago. Your baby is seven years old and doesn’t even know you. They do know you are their mother. After all, you did give birth to them. As for us calling you names in front of them, no we don’t. They have already been hurt enough by you. You would leave for this man, then come back and stay a week or two before leaving for another man. You did this time and time again. What makes this so bad is the scum-of-the-earth child molesters and thieving and rouging pillheads. So who is the mommy? Sure as hell isn’t you. You should have loved your babies more than all of the men in Letcher County. You have already done enough to them. Why do you continue to rub it in their nose? Unlike you, I could not walk off and leave my babies no matter what. As for him paying you child support, there is no court in the world that would give you custody after all you have done. I mean, you had visitations and your children were left wondering why their mother never showed up. You should have been showing them you loved them and cared instead of waiting until they were halfway grown to act like you give a damn.

Mary Blair, you have a kind heart and a good nature. You never hesitate to care for and help in any way a friend in need. The world could use more gentle souls such as yours.

Many thanks to Barbara and Frankie Craft for their kindness and generosity. I enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you both better. Jessie.

I can’t think straight. Distractions are failing me. My friends are, too. It would take a train to knock me straight. I want you back on the phone, or email, or something. Space and time are cruel variables. I can’t stand waiting for reason.

To a certain woman in Whitesburg: You know we are all really hoping that since you’re a ‘Christian’ that we won’t have to see you half naked at the pool this year. That is not setting a good example for your children. You go on and on and want to know why your girls act like hoochies and dress the way they do, but as it says in the Bible, ‘raise your children up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.’ That means good or bad. You need to be on your knees asking God for help. Don’t ask why your children are the way they are. Look in the mirror. You really need to wake up. Oh, and another thing, your man is cheating on you.

Letcher County is a lot like a South American country, very wealthy people, people in great poverty – not many in between. The working people are repressed by big business, by their employers, and by a judicial system which keeps them in line for the other two. There is a twolevel system of justice, and constitutional rights are overlooked. There are few complaints, because of fear of economic and other consequences. Everyone should pray for deliverance from this intolerable situation.

To David: I know you probably think I have forgotten you, but I haven’t. I still think of you constantly. I still feel the same about you and always will. You hold a special place in my heart. I hope you are doing good. I remember all those summer days, and I really enjoyed having you around. It’s odd how things can happen, but guess they happen for a reason. Call me sometime. Love you always. Punk Face.

To TB: I just want you to know that I miss you very much and I am sorry that you got hurt. I thought that maybe R was going to be the one for you. Well, little did we know that he’s not a man. No man would have done you that way. So chalk it up to having some fun while it lasted. You can do so much better than him. You need a real man, not a boy. I know you are going to be happy one day, because someone as special as you are deserves it. I wish I was there to make his life miserable, but people that are as callused as him always end up unhappy and it serves him right. Take care of yourself and just have fun. Always remember that your big family in Texas loves and misses you.

Oh to be on Little Cowan when all the spring flowers are starting to bloom.

Dixie, as always you remain in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I hope you will feel better and grow stronger with each passing day. Jessie.

Charles and Sandy, welcome back. You were greatly missed.

To a certain woman: I don’t think you should be talking about people while you are on the clock where you work. I don’t think that is part of your job description. I was in the lane next to yours and could hear you talking to an employee’s son. He was complaining about a list of things he was going to have to buy while he had him for visitation. And you said you were just glad that the mother was finally being a ‘woman’ about it and letting him see his son. First, why should he be complaining about buying something for his child? And second, he has had visitation rights from August. That’s seven months he never bothered to see his son, and the only reason that he is now is because he took her back to court to get his child support lowered (after paying only one month as of March) because he said he was ‘laid off.’ But guess what? He got fired because of a failed drug test (public record), and while he was at court the state had him arrested because he is $3,000 behind in child support (public record). All he does is run his mouth about her and our family, but little does he know it all makes its way back to us. He talks at work with no idea that a member of our family works right there. So it all makes its way back. He is such a ‘father’ that he was supposed to be too sick to attend his son’s first birthday party. But when me and my spouse were on our way out of town and stopped in Pizza Hut, guess who was sitting at a table with about five other guys drinking beer and having a great time? He needs to know this is a big family with strong ties, and that one of these days he’s going to be out without all these friends and will have to answer for all he has said and done. So before you talk about other people you need to know both sides to the story. Thank you.

Norma Jean, I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello. Love always, your Aunt Jessie.

It is obvious that the same people got together to write all of the five or six comments in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the coal severance money. They focused only on the three or four projects that they deemed ‘unworthy’ of any money being spent on, which were the World War II memorial, the amphitheater, the Old Jenkins High School, and the animal shelter. First, let me say that I think all the projects are very worthy. Apparently you never served in the armed forces or had a loved one serve, because why in the world would any patriotic American be complaining about a memorial for our fallen soldiers? The amphitheater is wonderful. Have you even been up there to see it? It can bring in tourist monies if used correctly. The Old Jenkins High School could have so many uses, but it needs to be finished before we can expect any good to come from it. People like you are why projects are started but never finished. And why in the world would anybody complain about an animal shelter? We need one, people. Geez, you all complain about all the animals running around and getting in your garbage but then you don’t want a place to be built to take care of the problem. Also, you focused on these projects alone but never once did you mention all the other projects that will lose their funding. Losing funding also would be hospitals, schools, libraries, senior citizens, parks and recreation and many others! Look at the list. There are forty or fifty projects on there, not just the four or five you focused on. Do your homework. Some of those water projects can be paid for through other means during the next few years. The judge and fiscal court needs to use their brains on this one.

The number four has turned out to be a big one for conservatives. They have now destroyed 4,000 of our precious children’s lives to capture and destroy their President George W. Bush’s imaginary weapons of mass destruction that were going to generate mushroom clouds all across our country any minute. But on the plus side we may well have $4 gasoline soon, an apparent effort to get people to quit wasting so much.

There is a letter circulating in the Letcher County School System that is befuddling me. The letter says we will not get a check during our usual pay period in the middle of August. It seems there is some grand explanation for this, but I noticed it wasn’t even brought up in the board minutes that go public. They did this two years ago and got away with it, when they made us wait three weeks for our checks. Thus, they took one week’s pay. That year, we got a 3.5 percent raise and they took it before we ever got it. The 3.5 percent added up to about one week’s pay. They went around the mountain and confused everyone, saying something about leap year, and no one asked questions because even the union reps were behind them. Now, it’s happening again, and I want this to be made public. I want them to convince the public that what they’re doing is right. Perhaps, if they would answer this question: What is so difficult about taking our contracts and dividing them into 26 equal paydays? This seems elementary to me. This is only the beginning.

Roland, you need to hurry and bring Ellen to see us. Her goodie bag is full and running over. We love having you both visit us. We miss you and love you.

Oma, we hope you had a wonderful anniversary. We love you.

Despite poems, publicity, and threats from the law, the timber thieves have held us to a draw. They’re said to pick victims very carefully, mostly old and disabled, some can’t see. Because thieves don’t believe in a level field, and they look for people most likely to yield. But they must be brazen and nervy boys, because their equipment makes lots of noise. And the thing that still annoys and puzzles me, is how they can steal anything big as a tree.

To R: I want to know who do you think you are. How dare you mess with my sister’s feelings and her heart. I thought you were a man, but obviously you are neither a man or a decent human being. How can you end a relationship with someone with no explanation or a I’m sorry? I told you from the beginning, do not hurt her. Since you promised you wouldn’t, I guess that puts you in the category with all the rest of the people who lie. I am so glad that I am a thousand miles away. If you didn’t want to be with her you should have been a man and said so. But no, you acted like a child and left a note on her car while she was at work. You let her get attached to your kids and them to her and then you hurt everyone in the process. If you wanted your wife back then that’s what you should have said.

Well, mail lady, someone is scattering the mail again. Maude Pack’s mail doesn’t go in Edra Mae’s box. She’s an elderly lady. It’s not like she could run to and fro, looking for it. I’m her second cousin. I’ve been taking it to her. It’s past time to get it together. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

Well, I am tired of the thoughts of what you did, causing me to hurt inside for little T.J. and his dad. You see, you’re dealing with a man who loves children, and God has put this on my heart to remind you that I am not going to go away. You can fool the men in prison who don’t know you, but I’ve been there, my friend. I was there at LaGrange for several years and also at Eddyville a few years in the ’70s and ’80s. I don’t know how things are there now and could care less, but back when I was there, men would not allow scum like you to walk around in the main population, not someone who had done something to a child. Like I said, it says in the Bible that if you harm one of my little ones, you just as well tie a millstone around your neck and jump off into the deepest sea. And if we ever cross paths, I believe we can probably help you find a millstone and get it tied around your neck. I’d love to be on the bottom of the ocean when you landed, just so I could watch you squirm and pant for your last breath. You are the manure on the bottom of my shoes. So every time I walk through a cow pasture full of cow patties I will think about you, you slug. A slug is something that crawls on its stomach and leaves a slime behind it. You left that slime mark all over Letcher County and all the way to your prison cell. So curl up like the scumball that you are, son, and turn to dust and rot in hell. Don’t do like all the child molesters do when they get to prison. Don’t run up to the prison chapel and use it for a safe haven, thinking that no one will bother you when they find out what you are in there for. Well, your code of silence in prison just ain’t gonna work, pal. I know too many people and we don’t like your kind at all. Life in prison just might get a little bit more uncomfortable for you soon. What, don’t like what I said? Family members don’t like what I said? So what, who cares? If you stand behind a scumbag like that, then you’re scum, too. I wouldn’t care if it was my brother or whoever. If he did something like that I would hope that he rotted in hell. I can hear all the hypocrites who go to church for the chicken and activities instead of the word. ‘Well, he can be forgiven, too.’ I’ve got one thing to say to all you people. God forgives and Outlaws don’t. I’ll handle the scumbag. You just go to church and mind your own business. The Kentucky Ridgerunner.

This goes out to the man that answered a comment in Speak Your Piece: Call me Aries. It’s my horoscope sign. Use your horoscope name. You said you were debt free and financially set. If you’re not married, I’m interested. You sound very wise and interesting. I’d like to meet you. Reply if you’re not married or taken. Signed, Aries.

To the person that wrote about the parties on Little Colley: Could you give more details about the place so I will know to stay away?

To a certain church on Little Colley: You have no right to turn the light off in church and dismiss church. They’re not there to worship you. They are there to worship God.

Heartless people. I want to tell what happened to my family four months ago. It was a cold, rainy day when we found my dad had passed away at his home. Someone called 911 and Letcher Ambulance Service came to pick my dad up. They were the two most heartless people that I have known. I know that my dad had passed away, but they had no right to make bruises on my dad’s hands, no right to pull and drag him around like they did. They treated him like a piece of trash that they had to move. They did not care what they did to him as long as they did their job. But I want to tell those two heartless people, that was my dad, not a piece of trash. It has taken me this long to sit and write about what happened that day. I still can’t remember everything that happened. I feel if I ever come face to face with that man and woman again I will know them. Me, my mom and daughter were sitting outside on a small hillside when they came by us pushing my dad’s body. It was a cold, rainy day. Not one word did they say to us. I want to say to those two heartless people, that body you acted like was a piece of trash was my best friend, my heart and most of all he was my dad that I loved with all of my heart. All that I’ve got to say, if you lose a loved one don’t call Letcher Ambulance Service to come. You may get the two heartless ones that came and got my dad.

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