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Please pay attention to the road when you are driving. Don’t text, talk on the phone, etc. It is too dangerous and it goes on every day in Letcher County.

. I have notice that the morning crew at a certain fast-food restaurant near Whitesburg are very rude. The crew really does not help you or answer any question. I also think they talk about everybody behind there backs. Plus I notice the girl with the black hair flirts with everybody. The food is good but the people who wait on you are very rude.

. I’d like to make a comment about the Florida shooting. People need to read the Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah. … This is not the last of this shooting that you are going to see. Calamities are going to come upon this nation and destroy it if people don’t stand up for what is right. (A monster who hates gay people kills 49 and wounds more than 50 in a terrorist attack and you blame it on God? Have you no shame?)

. To a certain woman and her son: You have destroyed a Pine Creek boy’s life. From what I can understand, he can’t even wake up. I hope and pray that you are satisfi ed with running up there and giving him drugs. I do know who you are. I’ve been watching you.

. I know who killed the turkeys on the Gish property at Thornton and I also know who stole the big cooler at the party on Pine Mountain. If he isn’t careful I will tell his name.

. I just want to say thank you, Lord, in trying to help us stop the killings not in Afghanistan, not in Syria, not in Iraq, but the killings on the south side of Chicago. There’s no sense in it. I hear about these young kids getting killed up there and I wish I could bring them to Kentucky. I know they wouldn’t be harmed here. No one would lay a hand on them. I don’t know anything worse than having to bury a 17 or 18 year old. I don’t know what mean people there are in this world and that people would allow it to go on. We’re not that mean spirited in Kentucky. If there is any way You can stop it, please do. If you can help us, Lord, help us save those teenagers. It’s just terrible.

. You know Donald Trump has crazy ideas when even the National Rifle Association tells him that he’s gone too far. Only a fool would call for bar and nightclub customers to be armed.

. What? The Southern Baptists, the church that broke away from the moral wing of their religion because they loved slavery, now condemns the Confederate

flag? Isn’t it way too soon? I mean, the war was only over 151 years ago.

. I’m calling about the water on Little Colley. There is too much mud in it. I don’t see that the water has ever been tested.

. I don’t think it is fair for the school camps to go on trips and tell the kids they have to pay out of their pockets for Slushies. Some parents have more than one child and may not be able to come up with that kind of money. I hope if they have the program next year that everything will be paid for the children and that they will all be treated fairly.

. Some people think Obamacare is great. It doesn’t compare to what illegal immigrants cost. They come here and get papers to go to the doctor anytime they want to and it doesn’t cost them a dime.

. People talk about a new pharmacy opening up around Isom. There is one in Doty Creek. The sheriff ’s office knows about it, but won’t do anything about it.

. I’d like to know if anybody has seen a blue and silver Dodge truck with a rebel flag in the front window. The driver drives erratically on the road and is a bully. He is often seen coming out of Sandlick. Police, please set up checkpoints and find out what this man’s problem is.

. A certain couple have been living in Whitesburg for the past three years and they still have out-of-state license plates. How do they get away with this?

. Who is the idiot that designed the campground at Fishpond Lake? The bathrooms aren’t fit for a dog to use, let alone a human being. Are we paying someone to take care of this lake? If we are, get some more help. Who designed this? We need privacy. Who wants to be within an arm’s length of the next camper?

. Thanks to the person who outed Enterprise for enabling illegal trucks. Maybe this will help Whitesburg’s lawyers to realize Enterprise needs to be among the defendants next time one of these trucks kills someone. That is, unless the folks at Enterprise decide they don’t want to be sued or even that, Heaven forbid, they’ll start caring about the fact that they are putting their own families at risk.

. My heart goes out to the folks who live in the Jenkins and Burdine communities and the people who have worked here and lived there all their lives in order to buy their properties, only to see how landlords with subpar homes rent to drug dealers and trash. It runs property values down throughout

the city. My heart goes out to you all. I feel your pain.

. I’d like to thank the City of Jenkins and the Jenkins City Council for not having a barking dog ordinance. I really do enjoy sitting on my back porch listening to the drug dealer’s dog bark six, seven and eight hours a day. I’ll remember that at election time.

. I would like to beg the Jenkins City Council and the mayor to repeal the four-wheeler law that allows people to ride fourwheelers and mopeds in the City of Jenkins. The only people who benefit from this law are the drug traffickers, people with DUIs and people who are looking for something to steal. I guarantee you won’t find a tour going through Jenkins on a moped or a four-wheel. Please repeal that law.

. I want to thank the Jenkins Police Department for coming so quickly to respond to a little problem we had at Burdine. They were very professional and did a great job. I just want to thank all the officers of the Jenkins Police Department.

. To the editor of The Mountain Eagle: Why do you keep publishing pictures from Whitesburg High School? Why don’t you put pictures from Letcher High School? For some reason you have been putting pictures from Jenkins High School and Fleming-Neon High School in the newspaper. Why don’t you ever put in pictures from Letcher High School? (We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, if anyone has knowledge of Letcher High School history and would like to volunteer their time and effort to write a column about it, we would love to publish their work. The same holds true for all the other old high schools, ranging from Jenkins to Kingdom Come to Stuart Robinson.)

. Can you believe the danger the Obama administration has put us in? And then they want to take our guns. Can you imagine what Hillary Clinton would do? She’d do the same thing.

. So what’s wrong with calling someone ‘Mexican’? Who remembers when John Calipari was fined $25,000 by the NBA in 1997 after referring to a reporter as a ‘Mexican idiot’?

If deranged Donald Trump wants people to be able to carry guns into bars and everywhere else in public, why doesn’t he show what a man he really is and open up his rallies to people carrying guns? I can’t believe such a lying maniac is able to fool so many people.

. We have a huge drug epidemic in Little Colley. Please check these people out.

. This is the old cat killer. I want to apologize to you people because June is kill thy neighbor’s cat month. I only killed about four. I did the best I could. I hope you did better than I did. Have a great big meow day.

. I think America is falling away from God about as far as she can go. Why do you think Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed? Read your Bible.

. I wish we had a president that would keep the Muslims out of our nation instead of inviting them here to murder our citizens. Listen, we need more guns. Obama wants to take your guns. If our nation’s leaders knew the real God that created the heavens and Earth then they wouldn’t be catering to pagan religions. America has rejected the true and living God and America is reaping what it has sown. The Muslim religion cannot get you to God’s heaven; only Jesus can save sinners. If you hate someone in your heart then you are a murderer. People that know God have God’s spirit. People that don’t know God will believe anything but the truth. Jesus is the truth. If the Muslims will repent of their sins and be born again then they will know the true and living God. Jesus died for sinners, but if sinners don’t repent then sinners will go to an eternal hell. Religions cannot save you, only Jesus can. Jesus is God. (The Orlando terrorist was a United States citizen born in New York 29 years ago — when Ronald Reagan was in his second term as the 40th President of the United States. Feel free to criticize President Obama in this column all you want, but please use facts while doing so. If you’ll check the facts, you will find that 14.2 million U.S. citizens underwent criminal background checks required of potential gun buyers — an increase of 58 percent during 2008, when Obama took office.)

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