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Would a certain law enforcement official be kind enough to stop blocking an entrance and exit at Green Acre Cemetery to sit and watch traffic violators?

. When God created humans He created male and female to produce children together. He didn’t make two males or two females to produce children. He means for us to love each and every one, but to have a male and female produce children. God created us in His own image.

. It is beyond sad to see the United States move from being a democracy to an ‘idiocracy.’ You know things are nearly beyond repair when low IQ and uneducated idiot rubes are willing to let a demagogue like Donald Trump take our great nation over a deadly cliff.

. I wonder if the City of Jenkins will ever enforce the blighted and deteriorated and nuisance ordinance in front of the old Beth- Elkhorn Coal Corp. shops owned by someone who lives out of town. There’s garbage and old equipment that is rusting. The area needs to be mowed and trees and bushes need to be removed. This is one of the few areas of land in downtown Jenkins. The City should condemn this property and force the owner to sell.

. Eighteen people shot and killed in Chicago. That’s 1,800 shot so far this year.

. The family who lives in the house at Johnson Fork, next to the cemetery, should be ashamed to have that trashy yard and property seen by all the folks who came to this year’s June Meeting. Letcher County has mandatory garbage pickup and a recycling center for all the metal in that half-burned trash pile in your yard. While there are several places along Johnson Fork that have trashy yards, yours wins this year’s nomination for worst view for visiting families. Clean it up.

. This is a call on behalf of

Paul Morris. WXKQ kicked a good man off the station without giving him notice. I wouldn’t fire the worst worker I ever had without giving him a warning, much less a man who worked for me for 40 years. He worked with a lot of different groups in Letcher County and sang at the Jeremiah Baptist Church. They need to apologize and give his tapes back. I ask everyone who reads this to call Speak Your Piece and support Paul Morris and knock WXKQ off your list for anything.

. To the prison planning commission: I’m not with any group, but am just a person from Letcher County advising you to get off your pity party. No one is attacking you personally. When information is in black and white then we will voice our opinion, and black and white information is out there. Maybe you need to question the one on your left and the one on your right about start-up businesses. Seems we know more about your people than you do. Not all Letcher County people take your word for everything. We do our research and we do know what’s going on. Now when you say a small group of people are protesting, let me inform you there are thousands behind them. Or has Mr. Rogers not told you of the thousands of signatures on many petitions against the prison and sent to Mr. Gaston at the Bureau of Prisons at the last of May? The signatures against the prison outnumbered your 2,000 signatures for the prison by many thousands. You people need to be more aware of what the people really think and what is actually being done about this issue before you start spouting off about a small group. Again, we are many thousands and the almost 25,000 people are not too happy about being overlooked by 2,000 people. If anyone wants to know the truth contact the BOP. It is public information.

. Dump Despicable Donald, who is ducking the truth and quacking his lies.

. Shame on the Gordon Fire Department. Why was the rescue vehicle away from the department this past weekend when it was desperately needed at Gordon?

. Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward is going to train us stupid people in Letcher County so we can work for the federal government. Let’s give him a big hand.

. This is to the new Isom pharmacy at KY 1148: Be very careful with your words

because we know who you are and what you are. I have information leading up to when and where you are bringing your big loads of pills in from South Carolina, Omaha, Georgia and Florida. I have people on the inside. Be very careful.

. There needs to be a petition for the county to go wet, because Letcher County needs the taxes from liquor sales.

. The Dempster Dumpster company would appreciate it if there were an end to comparing their products to a certain presidential candidate. It’s not fair, because Dumptsers are much cleaner and actually perform a necessary service.

. To the person who called into Speak Your Piece about worshipping Muhammad Ali: First of all, you don’t know something about nothing. I’m a white man, but back in the day I had a bit of an attitude but I got over it. When the old man died I sat there and cried for 30 minutes. Get your act together. Ali was a good man. He was a very good man, and shame on you.

. Does anyone ever watch the real news? Matt Bevin’s approval rating is 30 percent. It’s among the lowest in the nation. Republicans’ approval rating is 30 percent — the lowest since George Bush was still in office. Obama’s approval rating is 54 percent — the highest it has ever been. Republicans want to take back the country? They own the House, the Senate and 37 governorships. Take it back from whom? They already own it.

. According to God’s word there will be no gays in heaven. Anyone who thinks there will be is a sick individual.

. The police need to check out Pistol City. I hear meth is being made and sold in Pistol City.

. I want to speak my peace about Jenkins. I’m a longtime citizen here. I looked up slumlords in the dictionary and there was a portrait of a family there that lives in Burdine. Everyone in Jenkins knows who they are. Mayor Depriest, if you are serious about cleaning up the houses in Jenkins, you need to consider the source. This family in Burdine buys these houses and rents them out to less favorable people who are on drugs and aren’t the best kind of people to live next door to. The houses are deteriorating and they don’t fix them up. That is exactly what I would call a slumlord. Mayor Depriest, please consider the source and please take care of these people. I think if the slumlords had to live in their own houses for a little while they would change their tune really quick. This mess needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

. I’m calling in response to some criticism of Elwood Cornett. If you’d look up integrity and character in the dictionary, you will see that Mr. Cornett has both. I’ve heard Elwood say that he just wants to help his community. He is a fine man. You’ll find out that a lot of people will stand in his corner when the game is one the line.

. I know The Mountain Eagle doesn’t like to reveal names in Speak Your Piece so I won’t. To a certain man: You had a wonderful woman who worked in Whitesburg in the jewelry department and then you took up with a friend she was raised with. You are doing her the same way. I guess she will be replaced with number three.

. What a zany guy. The Donald tells us the Brexit is a great thing, after which the British Pound Sterling, the Euro, and the British, European, Asian, and American stock markets

all crash. Hopefully this business genius will explain why the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars is a good thing. What would a disaster have looked like?

. This is to the man who is drawing total disability and isn’t supposed to be able to do anything, yet he is driving a truck every day to Hazard: You are being paid in cash to drive another man’s truck. This is not right. You could be in real trouble.

. Trump says make America great again. Hitler said make Germany great again. Hitler killed millions. Trump will probably start World War III and let people kill themselves.

. Is it legal to have an outside toilet? My neighbor is complaining about it. I don’t have any other choice but to have one because we don’t have water to flush commodes over here on Cumberland River.

. The senior citizens program in Letcher County is a joke. There are people from out of state and people who aren’t yet 60 being fed. Come on, judge. You need to get some rules for the senior citizens program because there sure aren’t any.

. I would like the people of Letcher County to come together and do something about this drug epidemic.

. My wife and I would like to compliment the woman who lives in Jenkins when you turn to go up Number Three Hill. The bushes she has put in front of her house really helps the neighborhood. A lot of people in the area are trying to improve their houses and neighborhoods. It makes my wife and I feel good to know that other people are trying to improve their properties too.

. How can people out of state be eligible to eat at the Letcher County Senior Citizens program at the Letcher County Recreation Center?

. If the left wing nuts from hell get into office this fall, our nation will be lost forever. The wrath of God will become greater and greater. We will see homosexuals on our Supreme Court if Hillary Clinton wins this November. Obama is a sick man. He is the worst president in our nation’s history. Hillary will be just like Obama. Signed, Harlan County Man.

. People, please. If you’ve got 15 orders and are paying from 15 different envelopes, just carry your sorry self inside the fast food restaurant and place those orders. It’s not going to hurt you to walk that far. The drive-thru is for short orders — got that? Short orders. You’re holding up the line for 15 to 20 minutes because your precious self is too sorry to get your butt out of the car. Please stop.

. I have to admit our zany fiscal court is crazy like a fox in the panic to cut costs to make up for its fiscal mismanagement. If the court members get their way they would no longer have to provide janitorial services for the county’s bathrooms because who carries their birth certificate around with them? This would cover the cost of the officers who would have to stand guard at each bathroom checking those birth certificates and comparing them to the person’s, uh, body.

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