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Here we go playing this stupid game here at the traffic light near the old Whitesburg High School. Traffic is stopped both ways and nothing is coming either way. That is so aggravating. We don’t need that traffic light.

. To a certain woman in Jenkins: I love you and I don’t care what anybody thinks about it.

. To those of you who keep complaining about the new prison we are getting that will bring working people and their families to our county: What, if anything, have any of you done toward bringing jobs to our county? What expertise do any of you have in job creation? What jobs in particular to you propose for our county, which is so badly in need of work? Inquiring minds await your expert answers and analysis.

. Neon Water and Sewer Department has been billing an elderly lady in Haymond for two years for sewer service that she has never had. This lady began having sewer problems a few months ago and checked her sewer barrel for the cause and found she had never been hooked up to city sewer. She contacted them and they sent over a sewer employee that told her she never had city sewer and it was not his problem. This lady finally got hooked up and ask for a refund of her money she had paid for two years and was told she could not get a refund, and that even if they wanted to give her money back they didn’t have it. We are contacting the public service commission and asking for a complete investigation into the operation of the water and sewer department.

. Why would a gay guy propose to a girl and post it on social media? Is he trying to fool his family or himself?

. To the person who called in criticizing people for wanting to bring jobs to our county with a prison: Your entire comment was full of bull. There are only about 22,000 people in Letcher County, yet you say more than 20,000 are against the prison. How dumb do you think we are?

. How come people don’t mind for you and me to do the lugging and the tugging, pulling and the pushing, and this way and that way as long as you do it and all they can just sit there?

. This is the old cat killer. We are going to get rid of these dead cats around here. I get tired of all of these cat lovers setting cats out by the roadside. I have come up with a good idea.

. How can senior citizens

bring their grandchildren to the Letcher County Recreation Center? They are upstairs on all the machines and they don’t pay. There is no supervision of these children while they are upstairs.

. To the big guy who is selling his pills: Your day is coming.

. To all you drug dealers who are too sorry and too lazy to work: Why get your pills from the doctors? People in real pain need them. You sell them, destroy families and take away from their children. You ought to be so ashamed of yourself that you can’t raise your head up.

. Who would have ever thought that Magistrate Terry Adams would like to be the bathroom police at the courthouse? What’s the matter, Terry? Didn’t you get to be hall monitor in grade school?

. I listen to 103.9 FM every morning. All they talk about is food. Does anyone feed these people?

. Wow, conservative icon George Will leaving the Republican Party shows that he really understands what a disaster area Donald Trump would be for the country and the world. I say that because he didn’t leave when almost all the party’s members, nearly all of them Christians, enthusiastically supported President George W. Bush’s bombing of tens of thousands of Iraqi women and children during his War for Imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction. They re-elected Shrub so he could continue to double the national debt to pay for all this death and destruction and leave us with the Great Recession that still plagues us today. That didn’t bother Will, but Trump does. What does that tell you?

. Anyone who is thinking about voting for Trump needs to get on the Internet and check out the sex-crime related discussions surrounding him. And no, these discussions aren’t the work of left-wing nuts; it’s being talked about on legitimate websites and will soon be all over the national news just as soon as they are forced to have to do their jobs.

. A certain woman needs to mind her own business.

. Let’s close all the coal mines and tipples so we can get that federal prison in here.

. How can gas be more expensive in the Whitesburg area than in Jenkins? (Because of location and competition. Jenkins borders Virginia, which has the 10th lowest gas prices among the 50 states in the U.S. Kentucky has the nation’s 19th lowest

average gas price, according to GasBuddy.com. Likewise, gas prices in most of Letcher County are about 10 cents per gallon lower than they are in neighboring Perry County.)

. What happened to the good Christian people who listened to Paul Morris’s radio show for 30 years? What are you doing about the radio station kicking him off the radio?

. I’d love to express my thoughts to the public about the Letcher County Jail. I know when people make mistakes they have to be punished at some point, but in there it is living hell. You get nothing to drink except at breakfast, lunch and supper. It’s just a little glass of Kool-Aid. That’s it. They won’t give you ice water any time. Ice water is free. God gives that to all humans. They treat inmates worse than animals. When you ask for meds from a psychiatrist that you have been on for 40 years, they drag you off the concrete floor and out the door and slam you in a chair. Your ankles and shoulders are strapped back and your wrists are tied so tight it cuts the circulation off. They laugh at you and say ‘Now take that.’ They think they are God up there but I have news for them. They will stand before the Almighty God themselves and maybe they will flashbacks of how evil they were to humans.

. Kentucky River Coal Company needed the land for the prison that may not be built. Alpha Natural Resources/ Enterprise Coal has to close and lay off workers. (The coal leases in question lie at Redfox in Knott County, not at Roxana in Letcher County.)

. I’m calling about the Premier Subdivision entrance road. It looks like the City of Jenkins would come in here and blacktop it. This road is torn all to pieces on both sides. I guess they think the people up here don’t pay taxes anymore. Either that or they have forgotten about us.

. Most people celebrate the Fourth of July as just another holiday, without any regard for the people who

fought to make this a free and great country. Now, we are turning it back into what they were fighting against.

. I think it is shame that the military is going to start paying for transgender sex changes. There are other people who can’t legitimately have surgeries, life or death. If they are going to do that, why not pay for cosmetic surgery? Hell, I could use a facelift.

. This is a family reminder to people who jog, exercise and are afraid to eat certain foods: You are going to die, too.

. What’s your beef about the senior citizens center? Are you just mad because you can’t be there or is it that it isn’t run like you want it to be run? Instead of putting a comment in Speak Your Piece, why don’t you talk to the site manager and tell her your beef. Please lay off the senior citizens.

. I read in Speak Your Piece where somebody complained about someone on total disability driving a truck to Hazard every day. If you are on total disability, you don’t draw much. You’d be broke in about a week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a little side cash. If you were on disability you would do the same thing.

. Four hundred people were shot in the city of Chicago in June. That included a one-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. Way to go, Mr. President, and your little sidekick mayor.

. It is my opinion that although the Orlando terrorist was a United States citizen born in New York 29 years ago, he nevertheless is, in death, a traitor guilty of treason (he did swear an allegiance to ISIS, according to the news people, so he gave up his fidelity to American citizenship right there). Remember Benedict Arnold, 1741-1801. Traitors are not heroes; they should not be acclaimed as citizens. You cannot claim that all American citizens are American patriots, only the God-fearing majority are. Anonymous.

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