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When it’s over it is over. At least be woman enough to pick up the phone instead of ignoring my calls. Who does the silent treatment to break up? Adults are supposed to be able to talk things out. If I’m not worth an explanation, then you aren’t worth my time or love. Life goes on without you.

. What in the world has happened to the American Legion and the VFW?

. If you watch the stock market and understand anything about it, watch gold and silver. It’s going up and up every day. It has been doing this for the last six to eight months. If it shoots straight up, remember who the president was when it happened. You’ll be starving. When this happens the president will be the cause of it. I’d say there will be no more elections after that, just a serious depression.

. I think they should take inmates to cut weeds at Little Shepherd Trail.

. Why would anybody want to listen to WXKQ? The music stinks. The radio stinks. They did a dirty trick

to Paul Morris. Anyone else on the radio dial would be better.

. Someone needs to clean up where they left a mess on Dunham Hill where they shot fireworks. They also left two old chairs.

. I thought people had freedom of the press. I called in a comment last week about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and you all didn’t put it in Speak Your Piece. You’ll put anything in there against Trump. I think conservatives need to realize that you all are absolutely one-sided. (If your comment was left out it is because we couldn’t understand what you were saying, your comment didn’t record, or it was in such poor taste that it could not be printed — not because it was pro-Trump.)

. Trump has nothing to worry about. God has His hand on him. The whole world is coming against him. All the hounds of hell are after him. All corruption will be exposed when he becomes president. That’s why they know and fight him so hard.

. I’d like to reply to all

negative remarks about Magistrate Terry Adams in Speak Your Piece. I live in Isom and Terry Adams is a good, honest man. He stands up for what is right. Would you please lay off of him? Thank you.

. So the two teachers who were reported drinking alcohol on the last day of school get a slap on the wrist for their punishment? That is real good. Way to go, Letcher County school system.

. Trump/McConnell/NRA 5, Dallas police 1.

. You are going to live forever. God made that perfectly clear. You don’t have to spend forever in heaven, but you can’t spend forever here. Remember there is no tomorrow. There is no promise of finishing today. So stop whatever you are doing and just take time out and pray. Jesus promised He’d never leave or forsake you. As you finish your earthly stay, don’t take your eyes off of Jesus. Your way to heaven is clear. You’ll spend forever somewhere and you can’t stay here.

. This goes out to one of the Letcher County school teachers: When you came to Hazard Saturday at 3:30 a.m. and were put in the back of a police car at your ex-husband’s house, did you not realize that you were being filmed? Or were you just trying to borrow your

big, black smoker? Get a grip, honey. He is your exhusband.

. Hillary Clinton is not for the coal industry nor the coal miners. She said that herself.

. I believe we are on the verge of a civil war. I think this country is maxed out. There is controversy everywhere you look. It feels like it is ready to explode. I hope I’m wrong.

. If Sunday is the only day have to mow my yard, it would never get mowed. I don’t understand why people lay around all week and wait until Sunday to start up a lawn mower. That doesn’t make sense to me. You are supposed to keep the Sabbath day holy. Instead, people disobey it.

. I said for three years that I’m not settling this time. Once I got what I thought what I wanted and deserved, I turned around and he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

. Although the United States broke the color barrier when it elected a black man, Barack Obama, as President, I don’t believe we are quite ready for an orange man with small hands and weird hair. Sorry, Deranged Donald Trump, our country just will not at this time vote to put an Oompa-Loompa in the White House.

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