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Just when you think the choices in this coming presidential election can’t keep getting worse, some rogue speechwriter steals Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech and writes it into Melania Trump’s speech nearly word for word. Crooked Hillary and Deranged Donald offer us a terrible choice that just keeps getting worse. It was insulting to hear Hillary and her people make light of her e-mails and it’s equally as insulting to hear the Trump team make light of stealing someone else’s words and claiming them as your own. But stay tuned — Lord knows what Hill and Bill will do next week to take the media’s short attention span away from Deranged Donald.

. I went to the Farmers Market Saturday with cash in hand. I was told they were not allowed to take cash until the tokens were all spent. The vendor said ‘sorry,’ it wasn’t up to him. What is going on with that? I won’t be back. Their prices are ‘sky high’ anyway for cash carrying people.

. To our county judge, Jim Ward: Jim, I’m not saying so much about the way you’ve run our county and what you’ve done — I really am not — but I am going to say we’ve got the wrong man in the road department running the show. You’ve got internal problems with your road crew. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I am. He treats his workers like crap.

. It looks like a certain handy man is at it again, sitting on his hind-end. What’s the matter? Can’t find a job anywhere? You can mooch off your girlfriend and her brother, but everybody knows how you are.

. I don’t know who is responsible for a certain garage shutting down, but whichever officer — city, state or whatever — I would love to shake your hand. One of the biggest pill mills is finally gone. Thank God that somebody finally woke up.

. I think it’s a shame how some people in the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office think they’re big and bad cops

when really they don’t want to do anything. They talk about wanting to get rid of the drugs, but they won’t come down to Doty Creek where we people have to sit and guard our stuff 24 hours a day. Our sheriff ’s office looks like ‘Sesame Street’ on TV.

. I hear where the band Queen is upset because Donald Trump used their song ‘We Are The Champions’ at the Republican National Convention without getting proper permission. Queen now joins The Rolling Stones and about every other major band in having to say no to Trump. Wonder when Steve Miller will jump on Indiana Governor Mike Pence for copying the rhyme to ‘The Joker’ when Pence voices his extreme man-love for Donald Trump?

. Two Sunday evenings ago was traveling from Payne Gap down to Food City in Whitesburg. A gentleman came out of the intersection at Kona and passed me on the shoulder before going on to zigzag in and out of traffic and almost hitting a car a Pine Mountain Junction after running through that red light. He had no caution lights on or horn blowing. I called 9-1-1 and I can’t believe that the operator told me that was OK for that man to drive like that — that he was going to the hospital for an emergency. They told me they gave him permission to drive on our highways like that. I think that 9-1-1 dispatcher needs to be examined on that. If he’d killed someone I sure would have been looking at 9-1-1 to tell me why they gave him permission to do that. I think that needs to be corrected. I believe someone at 9-1-1 lied to me, and they know who I am.

. A married woman who lives around the Colly area has been sleeping with her neighbor for a long time. Now that his son is hanging around she is sleeping with him, too. She will get what she deserves.

. Is it true that Caitlyn Jenner and Melanie Trump are twins separated at birth?

. To a man named R.A.:

Just because I’m a different skin color than you makes me no different than you. You’re old enough to be that little girl’s grandfather. At least I don’t have to take those little blue vitamins to give me strength.

. This in regards to a shooting between a man and a woman: I wish the woman was a better shot. She could have rid that son of a gun out of Letcher County. He’s been a pure deadbeat every since he’s been born. Next time, Sis, shoot him between the eyes.

. To the citizens of Letcher County: Did you guys get a letter from the Letcher County Water and Sewer District? Well I did, and it says there has been something wrong with the water since 2012. What is it doing to us? We need to do something about this. I am going to contact the EPA.

. Here we go again, for the next 30 to 40 years a Craft is back in the courthouse. They are just like the Clintons. If the people vote them in they deserve everything they will get.

. This is for these sorry thugs around here who won’t get in front of their house and cut their weeds down so people can drive up and down the road safely. If you live beside the road you need to get your weeds cut so people can see the road.

. I see they let Brian Damron, the former deputy sheriff , out of jail. He had to stay only a short time to get out of that trouble he was in after he admitted he did it. If I see them letting him hang out at the courthouse I will call ‘20/20’ and own the courthouse.

. This is Paul Morris speaking. It is with great sadness that I read in The Mountain Eagle about the passing of Dr. Dwayne Sizemore. My sincere condolences to Tina and the girls. Dr. Dwayne was a close personal friend and a longtime sponsor of my WXKQ radio program. He was the first of several sponsors and others to call and ask why I was kicked off the radio with no warning, a question that has still not been answered.

. Me and my wife and little girl just got back from visiting the Cave Run Lake area. We stopped in a restaurant — I won’t name any names — and were sitting there eating and finishing up and drinking our coffee. About the time we were getting ready to leave, here comes a store employee. This lady had defecated all over herself and was so blown away she could hardly stand up. She apparently had been out all night doing God knows

what. The question I have is this: Do restaurants have to post that their employees have hepatitis C or HIV? No wonder so many people are sick.

. I would like for all the students who attended the Letcher County School System over the last 40 years to speak up. I am one who was abused from the fourth grade until the eighth grade. I also know about the big wild parties for which the teachers provided all supplies for the freshmen through seniors. We went on top of the mountain for the parties, and then the teachers fooled with the little girls. I would like for people to speak up. How many are out there besides me? Let me know your opinion.

. In the Bible it says to take care of the widows and the children. Well, I’m a widow and nobody out there has come to help me. All they want is to reach their hand out for a dollar. I wonder what they’re going to say when they meet Somebody up yonder. You are supposed to help widowed people who are sick.

. I see Nasty and Nastier on Bates Fork are back together. Yuk.

. Does anybody know who the old gal is who takes her daughter to the swimming pool in Jenkins and then goes to meet some guy while her husband is out working his butt off? I guess she’s working her butt off too. Whoever you are, you need help.

. I would like to know if anybody knows who the girl is who is always at the walking track at Whitesburg below the hospital making out every day? You can’t even go to the park and walk without people there trying to make love over on the stage where they sing. This has gone on too long. To Chief Tyrone Fields and the Whitesburg Police Department: Please come up here and do something about this problem. Thank you.

. I want to advise Paul Morris to sue WXKQ-FM for the probably illegal way he was fired off the radio after 40 years of service. I think he has a good case. Any lawyer in Whitesburg would take it for free, and any jury would find for Paul Morris.

. A certain man is very interested in who finally ends up with the position of Letcher Circuit Judge. He will try to get the judge on his side while he is trying to take his sister-in-law’s home and her 401K that her husband left her. He has taken everything she has.

. If you’re keeping score, it’s Paul Morris 100 and WXKQ 0.

. To the lady who called about people cutting their grass on Sundays: I don’t know how you can talk about people like that because you do the same thing. He was Weed Eating and you were riding a lawnmower on Sunday. So why throw stones? I think people need to pull together in a community

instead of bickering against each other.

. I just want to say that David Narramore and Berma Matthews are head of the tourism commission in Letcher County. They need to take a trip around Little Shepherd Trail and look at the brush and weeds. It needs to be fixed. Grants come in every day for tourism in Letcher County. I’ve been watching it on the TV and I understand that they’ve got big money so let them clean it up.

. I saw on the news where there have been 2,100 shootings in Chicago so far this year. Some of them are small children. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bring them here to Kentucky. I think they would save those children. It floors me that they have all of those shootings. You could walk out on your front porch evidently in Chicago and hear gunfire. I can’t imagine living in that kind of atmosphere.

. It was just announced on Fox News, the Christian station, that Dr. Dobson has saved Donald Trump. What he said about hating women, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and everyone else who disagrees with him is forgiven. Now all the church people can support Trump without feeling guilt.

. I’d like to leave a comment about the Farmers Market in Letcher County. Everybody is raving that it is doing so good. How do you people lay down at night and sleep for charging the prices you are charging to your elders and little children who need to eat? Eighty dollars for a bushel of greasy beans? Fifty-five dollars for a bushel of half runners? You can buy half runners at the Perry County Park in Hazard for $25 a bushel. You guys are a joke. Bell peppers as big as your fist for $1? With MCHC’s program that hands out money in wooden coins, you all need to figure out who deserves it and who doesn’t. There are a lot of deadbeats running up and down the road in their SUVs that don’t have insurance. I don’t understand the program. It is like the food stamp program.

. Nine things Donald Trump has said or done that make him unfit to be President: 1. Proposed to create a database system to track Muslims in the U. S. 2. Made fun of a reporter’s physical disability. 3. Advocated shutting down mosques. 4. Falsely claimed he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks. 5. Called for a ban on Muslims entering the U. S. There is no religious test in our Constitution. 6. Questioned Ben Carson’s Seventh-day Adventism. 7. Questioned Ted Cruz’s evangelical faith. 8. Called Mexican immigrants rapists. 9. Said a U. S. born judge couldn’t be impartial because of his ‘Mexican heritage.’

. I wish people would quit riding my magistrate, Terry Adams. He is an honorable person. When my dad’s stones were stolen from the cemetery it burnt Terry up. He came and talked to me. He is honest. He talked to me while he was on vacation at the beach. He took time out of his life to talk to me. This is why I’ll vote for Terry Adams again. My magistrate is not a lying magistrate.

. My minister at my little Republican Baptist church put on Facebook stuff about Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t know anymore about that than I do. He is a preacher, and preachers should stay out of politics.

. I heard on the news where Whayne Supply Company laid off 87 people in Hazard, Corbin and Pikeville. That was a real good company. They had good employees and excellent service. It’s a real good company that you could depend on to help with equipment. I hate to hear that.

. I’d like to ask the manager at WXKQ how he sleeps at night after he did Paul Morris the way he did. He gave WTCW and WXKQ more than 40 years. That’s way more than you have worked there, bud.

. They say if it wasn’t for Democrats the Mexicans wouldn’t be here, but if it

wasn’t for Republicans giving them jobs they wouldn’t stay.

. Concerning a school employee who is wanting to get pregnant, her husband has been on drugs too long.

. I pray every day for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. What do I pray? I pray Psalm 109 and everybody else ought to be praying it, too.

. Please take down that red light near the old Whitesburg High School or fix it.

. So Hillary Clinton thinks that Mr. Trump is dangerous? That is laughable. That is like the pot calling the kettle black.

. I thought you were a better officer of the law than that. Mr. Wilder is running up and down Bull Creek on a four-wheeler. You all aren’t looking too hard for him.

. An individual told me a couple years ago that it is okay to steal from Walmart.

. The two candidates running for circuit judge here in Letcher County are both good men. However, Governor Matt Bevin has done Darrell Hall an injustice by appointing Jimmy Craft, who will get that judge experience the next few months before the election. There were other people to consider and Harold Bolling was one of them. He is a very prominent attorney in Letcher County and was certainly capable of serving the position. Darrell has always been a good attorney. I think he is very stern as a lawyer. He would make an excellent judge, as well as Jimmy Craft. It seems to be the case in Letcher County that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Vote for the right people.

. Way to go, state police, sheriff ’s department and drug task force in Harlan County, on the drug sweep you did recently. It couldn’t happen soon enough in Letcher County.

. You people who live here in eastern Kentucky, if you intend to try to create a tourist industry based upon the beauty of our beautiful forest covered landscape, then you should be asking the question, ‘What is our beautifully green landscape going to look like after the logging outfits have cut down all the trees,’ which constitutes the long-lasting attraction for a touring industry, which would have replaced the economy’s loss of jobs when coal mining became outlawed? (Bad composition, bad grammar, bad spelling, but in my opinion an excellent point.) The point being, you people are afraid of the ‘political class’ of people who run the government, therefore you, the voters and general public have become their (the politicians’) servants. They feel as if they own you, like cattle.

. We need Muslim control, not gun control. I would like to say that we have a president with a sick mind. We the people do not want ungodly men dressed like a woman going in bathrooms with our little girls. If you were born a male, then that is what you are and you need to act like a man and go in a man’s bathroom. God has not changed His laws.

. Republicans want to use Governor Pence to make it seem like Trump is prepared to govern. Pence was in Congress for 10 years, was the 4th highest-ranking member in House leadership, and has been the governor of Indiana since 2013. What Republicans don’t want people to know is that Governor Pence is one of the most extreme rightwing politicians in America. Pence signed the notorious ‘license to discriminate’ bill allowing businesses to deny service to LGBT people. He’s so extreme on abortion rights that he voted for legislation that would give personhood rights to embryos and defund Planned Parenthood. He even compared Obamacare to the 9/11 attacks and threatened to block Hurricane Katrina reconstruction unless it was offset by cuts to Medicare, the National School Lunch Program, and PBS. Given all this hatred of America, of course Drumpf would choose him for Veep.

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