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In reply to a comment that I, Berma Matthews, was head of Tourism Commission with David Narramore: I am not on the Tourism Board, never have been. (Even though I’m flattered to be thought of as ‘head’ of something!) I have served on the County Parks and Recreation Council in the past, strictly a volunteer position, unrelated to the Tourism Board. Our county is in a position where we need to work together to improve our image to make us appealing to tourists as tourism is our industry now. There’s lots of ways we can volunteer to improve our county. Just ask around. Thanks.

. This is the old cat killer and I have been at it again, but that is not what I am talking about today. If they announce that Hillary Clinton gets to be president of United States, the first thing I’m going to do is go in my bathroom and flush my commode because America would have just gone down the drain. Have a great big old meow day.

. I thought that our school system is supposed to be a good school system, but apparently not. You’ve got teachers getting drunk, teachers doing other things and teachers even having affairs with students. I know when I was in school that a female teacher and a male teacher had a sexual affair on a school-affiliated trip. The teacher is gone so I’m not going to say much about it. We cannot trust our children with teachers today. A lot of stuff goes on and a lot of stuff is done wrong.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: People in this country and state are not being taken care of as far as pain management is concerned. Some people get help and some don’t. It’s just like the Hillary Clinton situation. Some people are above the law and some are not. I’m ashamed to be called an American.

. I watched the most recent fiscal court meeting on the government channel. There is a guy who sat on the front row with a beard

and a ponytail. He wears a hat. Would somebody please tell him not to wear a hat inside a building? Occasionally, one of the magistrates wears a hat. Please respect your court.

. It sure looks like they would do something with this red light at the old Whitesburg High School. Take it down. It doesn’t need to be there anyway. I have to stop there every time I drive on the bypass.

. I wish the governor or somebody would do something about these high power bills. People are on disability and have little children and are getting their electricity cut off. Instead of helping people, the power company keeps raising our power bills. They don’t care about poor people. It’s all in their hands. I think something should be done about these high power bills. People can’t pay these high power bills.

. I read where Rand Paul is going to have a town hall meeting in Kentucky, and I’d like to know why he would have a town hall meeting when he has never done anything for Kentucky since he has been elected. If anyone can tell me anything that he has ever brought to eastern Kentucky, I’d like to know what it is and where it was done. He’s just like Mitch McConnell. All they do is spread lies and rumors and never do anything with a bill that comes before the Senate. I don’t know why people in Letcher County would vote for a man like that. It’s hard for me to understand when we have a good man who has done a lot for Lexington in Gray that would make a good senator in my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of other people. I encourage the people of Letcher County to not vote for people who aren’t from Kentucky. The people of Kentucky are so gullible they’ll vote for anybody who promises a big tale that isn’t true. Just like Frank Justice from Pike County, why would we vote against a Hatton for state representative? We need someone from Letcher


. We have a dog warden here in Letcher County. We need someone to patrol these dogs in Chopping Branch and McRoberts. They tear up people’s garbage and let dogs run loose up and down the road. I hope the dog warden reads this and will please tell these people to put these dogs in a lot.

. I know this is a Democrat paper, but write this in for me. Benghazi proves Hillary Clinton under fire choked. We can’t have a president choking. We need a president who will use whatever is at his disposal to kill ISIS. We need to kill the president of Syria so that the Syrians can go back home. ISIS members are now killing people in Germany, France, wherever. ISIS members are now in America. We are going to get it just like Germany and France. Vote for Donald Trump. He loves America.

. How interesting it was to hear delegates at the Republican National Convention boo Mitch ‘The Abominable No Man’ Mc- Connell both times he was announced. No wonder fewer than one out of six people approve his job performance. McConnell got up there and, as part of the GOP’s War on Women, promised that Trump would defund Planned Parenthood because PP provides such important education and medical care to thousands of women, many of them disadvantaged. If they don’t get the birth control classes and materials they need there will be more abortions in the future. Why does Mitch want this?

. I would just like to say to the judges, Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department, the Kentucky State Police and all those in authority in law enforcement, it is past time to think about the drug situation in Letcher County. It has gotten out of hand. If you care anything about the people of this county you would try to do something about it to stop the drug dealers and stop where the drugs are coming in to Letcher County.

. If you want to know where the deadbeat capital of the world is, come to Turkey Creek.

. Paul Morris, who was red after 40 years on the air at WXKQ, was on the Letcher County Chamber of Commerce, the Kentucky Farm Bureau board, Mountain Heritage Festival Committee, Rotary president, LKLP board, and many more. He’s even a Kentucky Colonel. What have the people who fired him done during their lifetime?

. Why is the government so corrupt? Why is the Letcher County food stamp program so screwed up? I cannot even get a stamp when I get laid off? Other people can buy hamburgers and gas off cards. They have got it made. This is to the food stamp program workers: Why do you all not check in on who is working and who is not? I know several who are working for cash, have been caught two or three times and still get away with it. Letcher County workers, if you don’t step in and do something with what you’ve got going on, I’m going to call Frankfort and I’m reporting you all for not doing anything. These people should have to pay back every cockeyed cent that they have drawn.

. I have to admit that Donald Trump has proven me wrong again. I didn’t think he could do anything more despicable than he already has, but he succeeded in doing so. After all these years of Republican Big Lies about President Obama being soft on supporting our allies and only the morning after Mike Pence claimed Trump would never let them down, Trump comes

out and says he would renege on our decades long commitment to the North American Treaty Organization, something he apparently doesn’t realize a President can’t do unilaterally. NATO has done what it was founded to do: keep America in, Russia out, and Germany from starting another world war. Trump has notified his buddy Vladimir Putin that the Russians can keep chipping away at Eastern Europe and a Trump Administration would look the other way. What a tragedy. Even Mitch McConnell, who normally only says ‘no’ to the best ideas of the Democrats has spoken out about what a horrible idea Trump has.

. Does anybody out there have air conditioners to give to old people who can’t afford it on a fixed income? The old people out there have to live in these conditions right now as hot as it is. If they are sick, they can’t afford power bills either. Power bills are sky high.

. I can’t see why our county leaders — the judge and all the magistrates — keep taking a dollar here and a dollar there knowing that a lot of people in this county have lost their jobs. Now they are going to put a tax on owning a dog. They’ll put a tax on everything — power bill, phone bill, TV bill. They don’t realize that the people of this county are in bad shape. Come on, judge, you need to wake up and help the people instead of going against them.

. Keep your eyes on Donald Trump. God has His hands on him. He will be the 45th president of the United States. He knows all about the dirty works of all these foreign governments and how they have stolen from us. They know they are going to be exposed. I expect before the election, demons from hell will be after Donald Trump with pitchforks. Even the Pope is shook up. Only the move of God could bring on all this attention. All corruption will be exposed. This election won’t be stolen this time. It will be directed by God. He is taking over.

. We need the good old days? People have forgotten that under George Bush gas was $4 a gallon.

. My name is Master Frank Sexton. I’d like to invite everyone to the Bluegrass Games on July 30. All the martial artists come out and compete with the best in the state. Have fellowship with us and a lot of fun.

. I was listening to 88.7 on Thursday and all of a sudden this guy seemed to think he is Don Juan, some kind of singer instead of a broadcaster. He was saying so much about Alabama. If he cares that much about Alabama, I wish he would do the state of Kentucky a favor and move to Alabama. It was pitiful and we don’t want to hear that.

. Why hasn’t the county judge done anything with that certain man about putting a 9-1-1 sign of Pistol City in the window? Why hasn’t something been done?

. Now, we know the real truth about Hillary Clinton.

. Interesting; when Cruz said to vote your conscience, he was booed. Why do Republicans hate the idea of people voting their conscious? And when a singer asked who in the crowd believe in science, half of them booed. That’s just showing a dangerous ignorance.

. Oh my goodness. Did you see the real news channel this morning? Not Fox. The price of gas is the lowest in 11 years. Of course, fake news, which is Fox, loaded on that president who only has a 52 percent approval rating. In the meantime, Trump is the most hated man in the world. Oh my.

. I want to wish my son Dwayne Adams of Hazard a very happy birthday on July 28. He is a great son. Happy birthday, son. From your mom, Jackie.

. I want to wish my granddaughter Alexis Adams of Thornton a happy birthday on August 3. From grandma Jackie of Little Colley.

. Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward, please listen to what I am telling you. Fishpond Lake should be named something besides Fishpond, because our local pharmacies and our hospitals are making Fishpond Lake a pitiful place. The reason I am saying this is because a 20-year-old girl was with a 60-year-old man and she was laid out on a picnic table in a dress and the man was at the bottom of the picnic table doing his thing. He never even stopped. How am I supposed to tell my children what is going on? This is pitiful. What has happened to law enforcement? Does no one patrol Fishpond Lake?

. I’m getting tired of stopping at that old red light near the old Whitesburg High School. I have stopped for the last time. The next time I’m going to go right on through it.

. When the federal prison is opened, I think they should hire coal miners and not bring other people in. Coal miners should get first choice.

. Mr. President, with all due respect, get over it. You’ve had your time in the White House, almost eight years. You are on the downside of your term. Just get over it. History will record who you are and what you are and there is no denying that.

. Now that the convention is over we see that the Republican Party’s quadrennial strategy of fears, smears, and queers will be heavy on the fears and smears this year but lighter on the queers part. But not all us are paranoid about a terrorist, Mexican, or black person behind every tree. Nor do we think being hateful and dishonest about Hillary is a better plan than talking about the party’s positive goals — if there are any. At least there were a few glimmers of hope that a few in the GOP will finally think of LBGTQ people as equal citizens and maybe the discriminatory party platform will someday reflect this.

. To the person who said woman needs to mind her own business: If you’re talking me, of all the lies and crap you’ve said about me, you’re a joke. You’re a crazy and jealous woman. You got a problem with me, bring it. Some things I’ve been told will make your hair stand up. You better

mind your own business.

. I am a lifelong Republican, and it took a Democrat to enlighten me as to why my wife doesn’t cook. Is she afraid of the stove more than ISIS? Is the washer next? Thank you.

. Donald Trump had my vote until he allowed that gay billionaire to get up on stage and say it doesn’t mater where men or women go to the bathroom. Trump also went against the Bible and said he would protect the lesbians, bisexuals, gays, and transgender people. A man of God wouldn’t be this type of thing.

. White people are about to take our nation back over, and it’s about time. I can’t wait until Donald Trump is our president.

. A carpenter friend of mine had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills after his wife became very sick. There was no Obamacare to help them. Some of you may know who I’m talking about. Bankruptcy is for honest, unfortunate people like my friend. It shouldn’t be for billionaires who start separate companies to be legally separated from their personal wealth so that when they run a company into the ground they can stiff the people who provided them with goods and services. This is often financially devastating to the victims. That’s the difference between my carpenter friend and The Donald. When you brag about having ten billion dollars it means you could have done the honest thing and paid everyone what you owed then. But The Donald has no character.

. The Supermoon Music and Arts Festival at Wiley’s Last Resort was great. More than 500 people attended and it was two days of live music, good food and beautiful people camping on Pine Mountain. People came to Supermoon from as far away as Illinois and Connecticut. I hope that even more Letcher County folks can come out and support this great local music festival next year.

. So now we have Comrade Donald Trump as the Republican’s official candidate for president. It’s hard to believe people could even think of voting for a man now known as Putin’s Puppet for president of the United States. Trump’s association with Russia and Putin through his campaign manager Manafort, who worked for the Russian government for years, will end up being one of the biggest scandals in political history before it’s over. So now Trump is running to make Russia great again instead of his own country. It’s no wonder he won’t release his tax returns.

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