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I was just driving up the road here behind this pickup truck and I just saw him swerve all the way across the yellow line onto the other side of the road just to run over a blacksnake that was crossing the road. People, killing blacksnakes is a nono. You are just inviting copperheads to eat you up when you kill a blacksnake.

. <b>This is in response to the person who, in last week’s Speak Your Piece, wrote that ‘white people are about to take our nation back over, and it’s about time. I can’t wait until Donald Trump is our president.’ It is my opinion that you are the product of a failed educational system and bad parenting. And, unfortunately, your brand of ignorant racism is not unique in this area. I know the last eight years have been almost unbearable for you and your kind, having to constantly see a black man in the Oval Office. And now you have a bona fide lunatic in Trump taking up your cause and giving a national voice to your imbecilic, backward thoughts. I guess in a perfect world there would be some sort of IQ test that would prohibit morons like you from voting. Honestly, our country doesn’t need input from the likes of you. But, alas, your vote will count the same as everyone else’s because, after all, this is America and everyone has that right regardless of how stupid or misguided they may be. So go ahead and vote for Trump and try to further your white supremacist agenda. We can only hope that the rest of this nation has the good sense and decency to keep that from happening.

. I would just like to say that farmers market in town has been wonderful this year. It provides a great atmosphere with the live music and the kind farmers and staff that make it possible. I have been every week for the past month and have not been disappointed yet. There is always a wide variety of locally grown foods to choose from. My family does a lot of canning and the market has made it so much easier. The smoothie bicycle is a lot of fun; my niece and nephew loved it. The farmers market is just an all around great experience

for the entire family.

. I see where they are throwing a spark back to the people of Letcher County, and the county is going to charge $2 per dog. Isn’t that pathetic? I guess you could say we have gone to the dogs. Don’t you politicians that ran it down the drain wish that the coal severance tax was back? Why don’t you tax people on their cats? This is the cat killer saying have a great big old meow day.

. I would like to say I was going to vote for Donald Trump before I saw and heard what he said about a true American hero like Captain Khan. No way I can support Trump after he got low enough to say what he said about a man who gave all. Seeing as how I can’t stand Clinton either because of what she said about coal, I guess I just won’t vote. But only the lowest of the low, and that now includes Trump, would bully a Gold Star mother.

. Are the Whitesburg city limits right around Caudilltown and the school bus garage area? There’s a roadway straight up on the hill near the school bus garage where gravel keeps washing off and onto the main road. Who pays for that? When we hit the gravel with our car and flip upside down, is the city responsible for that? The problem should be corrected.

. If the fiscal court really wanted to do something about stray animals in the county, couldn’t the magistrates and judge have done more than put a $2 tax on each dog owned? It should have been at least $5 or $10. Whatever happened to the $300,000 in coal severance tax money set aside for an animal shelter? There are people in this county who give up time and money to take care of abandoned dogs and cats. We need a place in this county for volunteers to take care of these animals so they can be given to loving homes.

. It looks like we are in some sort of permanent full moon stage, and the conservatives are all out barking at it. The stupid is strong on the right.

. I’m calling about the

man who has a 9-1-1 sign in his window? Why doesn’t anyone do anything about this?

. Why doesn’t The Mountain Eagle reprint the photographs from the New York Post that show what a disgusting, immoral woman Melania Trump is? Good Lord, how could any Christian vote for trash like this? The girl-on-girl lesbian photo from Max Magazine says it all. Do we really want a porn star as our First Lady? Don’t take my word for it; look it up on the Internet. And by the way, the New York Post is owned by the big Fox News man, Rupert Murdoch. Be sure to check out the cover with the headline, ‘Menage A Trump.’ It will really make you proud. And make sure you see the one of Melania showing all except her most private part, which is barely covered by her hand. ‘The Ogle Offi ce’ is the headline on that cover. It’s all at www.nyp.com, including the one of Melania getting spanked by her female partner. Classy.

. Maybe one of these days everybody will get tired of stopping at that old red light at the high school. Maybe they’ll do something about that one of these days.

. I believe that Brokeback Mountain is located on Turkey Creek.

. I stopped at the food pantry last Tuesday. My mother received commodities and I thought that was where she had picked them up. They had a box of big cantaloupes there so I stopped and picked up two. No harm intended. I wanted you guys to know and make it right with you all. One of these days I’ll have to find whether I go to heaven or hell and I’d like to make it right, because I wouldn’t want to get knocked out of going to heaven over getting a cantaloupe. Thank you, guys. You all have a wonderful day. I’m thankful for the program and the support you give to the county.

. Michelle Obama’s speech was so wonderful I look forward to hearing it again when Melania Trump gives it in four years.

. Letcher County Fiscal Court, tell me how you are going to get jobs in here so that we don’t have to leave and go off and work in other counties and other states. Stop talking about how you want us to pay $2 to feed stray animals and help these animal lovers out. I love animals. Don’t get me wrong. I have animals and I take excellent care of them. Money is getting tight in Letcher County and I am tired paying all of these taxes and fees. How about you get us a factory at the industrial park? How about the politicians get off their hind-ends and get us something in Letcher County so families won’t have to move off hundreds of miles away to live somewhere they don’t want to live? Tell me how you are going to get us some money in our pockets instead of taking money out of our pockets.

. I know that most Trump supporters aren’t very bright, so I’m probably wasting my time trying to talk sense to them, but really, after watching the two conventions, anybody that still supports Donald ‘Baby Hands’ Trump is definitely short bus material. Not only was almost everything he said a lie, but he got so upset about people at the Democratic Convention telling the truth about him and said he wanted to hit a ‘little guy.’ Why not hit somebody his own size, except for one of his many wives? Trump is a bully, and in true bully style, he won’t confront anybody except the weak and defenseless. He is the worst candidate I have seen in almost 50 years of voting and a lifetime of following politics.

. Drug dealers are like vampires. They suck the lives out of the victims and their families and don’t give a damn.

. <b>Who is going to be in charge of collecting the $2 fee for owning a dog? Will it be the dog warden, the

magistrates, or the county judge himself?

. The people of Letcher County are nothing but whiners. We need to get off our sorry butts, get a job, and go to work.

. Did you hear that Donald Trump is turning cartwheels and setting off fireworks? He’s got the election locked up. He just got endorsed by Frankie Justice.

. This is to Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: What are you trying to do by collecting money from people who own dogs? People won’t even pay their garbage bills. They sure aren’t going to pay fees for owning dogs.

. I didn’t know you could draw S.S.I and workers comp and still work as a logger.

. When a great mind and financial genius like Warren Buffet tells us to be scared of Donald Trump we better listen. How could any decent human being vote for a man who won’t agree to release his income tax returns? Think about that.

. To the new superintendent of Jenkins Independent School System: You said there were no revisions in the dress code policy. Really? There should be a dress code for the teachers. You have some at both the high school and elementary school that dress like hookers. My son and daughter came home every day last year to let me know how they dressed. Please take care of this problem or I will address it at the next school board meeting. I’m watching and waiting. Thank you.

. To the Donald Trump supporters in Letcher County: As you know, Central Appalachia has always been in dire straits for more than 100 years. Even when coal was doing great, we have always been dependent on government programs to stay alive. Assuming you are supporting Mr. Trump for more reasons other than his braggadocio and his reality TV presence, please tell me what you think Mr. Trump can and will do for our region to make things better than they are now. Is he going to do away with fracking for natural gas in order to save the coal industry? What is he going to do to make life better for all of our neighbors who are on public assistance? What is he going to do to improve our educational opportunities? How Trump going to bring jobs to us? I ask these questions with all due respect and hope that some of you will give an honest answer.

. Since all those people got hit and killed by that truck in France, I’m wondering if politicians are now going to want to take trucks off of the highway. They are nothing but a time bomb. If they don’t want to do that, then they should fix places up along the highways where they can stop them and check them and see what they are hauling and put a federal seal on them. When they get to their next place, same way. I hate saying this in light of what happened over there, but now this fellow took that truck and killed a slew of people.

. How far this country has come. We’ve had a (half ) black president and nominated a woman to succeed him. Less than a hundred years ago women couldn’t even vote or own property; in fact they were, legally, property themselves. So, like the other 33 nations who’ve had women leaders, we’re finally that open minded. Or, to be more accurate, we have a major political party whose members are.

. Wishing a very late happy birthday to Diann Pack, married name Smith, who turned 50 on June 23. Moving right along to those who had birthdays in July: Tracie Boggs Howard on July 3, Emily Barton on July 6, Kevin Honeycutt July 8, Raymond Miles our cousin on July 9, Daisy Pendleton Potter on July 11, Brother Andy Wright on July 16. That’s all, folks. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. I want to tell you that I’m so glad that they have the streetlight by the old high school working correctly. I don’t know who it is that keeps complaining about it, but I am glad it works now. When you’re coming up from Whitesburg to get on 119 the light changes more quickly and you don’t have to wait five minutes to get on the highway. Oh, and if that fellow decides to run right through that red light and isn’t going too fast, I guess he can go ahead and hit my piece of junk I’m driving. I can use his insurance money.

. It was way too low in air density last Friday when some marijuana police pilot was flying a Robinson helicopter that does not have enough power to get low in such weather. I watched them struggle to get it back up in the air after flying it way too low over a cornfield hunting for the lowly marijuana, the killer weed. But it is all about the money and government funding, so the pilot got himself in trouble by trying to do more than the helicopter was capable of in such weather. It was a struggle for the pilot to get back airborne enough and miss all the power wires to get back to an airport. However, after this stunt a bigger helicopter came back into the area on Monday. Oh yeah, there are Federal Aviation flight rules they ignore when they fly through your yards and knock the shingles off your house in this useless work they do. I do think it would be much more of use of tax money to take them off of pot collecting and put them on terrorist eradication.

. Seventy-six walkers, huh? Who wouldn’t walk to the Farmer’s Market when you get paid $10 a person? That’s in tokens, but who cares, it’s still $10. Probably have a lot more after people hear this. Oh yeah, I see you lowered your prices a ‘smidge.’ Keep going. By the way, facts are not rumors.

. To a woman who used to work at Walmart: Why are you telling people you are having war with another woman? I just found out that you’ve never even had a face-to-face confrontation with her. I’m just curious why you’d say you are having war with her.

. Have you ever heard this one? A Christian comedian was telling us about two Republican Baptist preachers and one Republican Baptist deacon who he overheard planning to go to the Ted Nugent concert in Pikeville and save his soul, just like Dr. Dobson saved Donald Trump’s soul. They said if they were successful in saving his soul they would get him to play ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ on his guitar. However, if they are unsuccessful they will lay hands on him and get the Lord to regulate his bowels in case he got caught up in another draft to serve the military. Anyone else hear this guy? He is funny.

. Thank God that little blue crazy-looking sports car over on the other side of Sandlick finally crashed out before the driver killed someone. We live over on the Little Colley side and saw that car being driven like it was some kind of racecar. Thank God that something finally went wrong to shake the driver up and make him or her realize just how fast his or her life can be gone. Other people’s lives and other people’s children should matter. Please slow down. Use your brain if you’ve got one.

. I can’t believe the stupidity of some people in Letcher County going on Facebook and putting down Hillary Clinton like they are. They are hurting all of us. She will be the next president, like it or not. You are stupid people.

. I agree with whoever called in and said Paul Morris should take legal action against the radio station that fired him.

. Whatever happened to you, my star from Red Star? You didn’t write, you didn’t call. Did you get over me? I won’t be over you until the grass grows over me.

. These people who walk around with a toothpick in their mouth look stupid. Why would you go out in public with a toothpick in your mouth? You look silly. Go home and take a bath, throw that thing over the hill and be a gentleman or

a lady.

. God bless America. I watched some of the Democrat convention. Sadly to say, when they asked for a moment of silence for our fallen officers some idiots started yelling ‘black lives matter.’ It’s sad that people do the things they do and say the things they say for attention. Obey what the law says and you won’t have any problems. Quit teaching your kids to hate the man — the man in blue. They are there to protect us from people like you. We need to tighten our borders or we’re going to run out of taxpayers. We’re going to have to get our jobs back, people. I’ve never heard so many lies in all my life, and I used to run around with a liar. I just get so mad thinking about how the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have destroyed the country the way they’ve done and turned it over to whatever wants to come in to it. Trump will do something about it. Signed, a pissed off American.

. I thought we had a law that says your vehicle has to be all put together and safe to drive up and down the road. Has anyone seen this vehicle — I’m going to call it a Durango — that has different colors on it and is half put together? I know what these people are doing. The sad part is that if they hit you or hit your family you are not going to get your vehicle paid for or fixed because they have no insurance. And the boy driving it apparently doesn’t have any driver’s license. I usually see this vehicle waiting near the Kentucky- Virginia line and then heading back to Cowan. If you see this vehicle coming out of Cowan, please call the law. Get these people picked up and taught that if we have to have insurance and a license so do they. We pay taxes and they need to pay taxes instead of living off us.

. To the Seco community: You have a certain lady living there who has HIV. Gentlemen, you may be buying more than you bargained for. You’re shaking hands with the devil when you go out with this girl. She needs help.

. To a certain married man with little children: If your family finds out what you have secretly done there will be war. If you don’t stop acting the way you are I am going to bring it all out and leave all the information with her man and let him read it. You are a piece of work. You are going to die and be judged, but if your woman finds out what has been happening you will definitely die and be crucifi ed.

. I have never in my life seen so many people signing up on Social Security and SSI. They are lying like dogs and going to the hospital and acting like their condition is so critical. I’ll tell you what their problem is; they are lazy and sorry. Get out. Get a job. You cannot get Social Security or SSI just because you’ve got a hemorrhoid. Does your preacher know what you’re down there doing? You know who you are and you’re nothing but trash.

. Employers hire Mexicans and then blame Mexicans for working for them. If Republican employers didn’t hire Mexicans they wouldn’t be working for them. The employers make the choice of whom they hire.

. Did you ever hear of anyone turning down a pay raise because they didn’t want to pay income tax on it? Did you ever hear that the people who are ‘patriotic’ want someone else to pay for the war besides them? The reason we have to pay so much is because we are paying for our wars while big companies like Walmart get a $50 billion tax break from the Republicans.

. To a certain older lady in the Mayking area who lost her husband: Anytime you would like to have a date that can happen. I may have a little weather on the roof, but there is plenty of fire in my furnace.

Did anybody take time enough to read the back of your water bill last month, where it talks about how the city’s water wasn’t in compliance? I’ll give you a little heads-up in case you didn’t read it. It said it could cause cancer and could cause renal failure. Oh boy. What are we drinking? What are we bathing in? Is Letcher

County, Kentucky going to be another Flint, Michigan where all of our children are who pay the price? Do you wonder why Letcher County is loaded up with cancer? It’s in our water table. If I can get hold of the EPA or get the EPA in here I am going to do just that and have them test and see what is being hidden.

. It’s Friday night and it looks like our egg-sucking neighbor is across the road in a certain person’s garage running his mouth. Brag, brag, brag. Just because your uncle was a preacher doesn’t make you a Christian. You are a yellow-bellied dog. You’re nothing but a smart mouth and a drunk to go along with it. Drunks like you pay in the end and your butt is mine.

. I see where Komatsu, the biggest heavy equipment manufacturer in Japan, bought out Joy Manufacturing, the biggest underground mining equipment company in the United States. Without a doubt those jobs will be moved to Japan in order to service China, your biggest coal mining country in the world. Those jobs that have been here for 120 years will be moved out. There was no fanfare or no publicity about it, but we will feel this down the road. It amazes me that our country takes taxpayers’ money and spends it on windmills that can’t even pay their own way, but don’t want anything to do with companies that could make it on their own. If Joy was in trouble the government should have asked, ‘Can we do anything for you? You’ve been here for 120 years and supplied real good jobs.’ But no, not a finger was raised. Komatsu will make money on that deal hand over fist.

. Do black lives matter? Absolutely. I am white and I am not racist in any way. The problem I have is this: Slavery was finished years and years ago. I never did anything to the blacks and the blacks never did anything to me. I have very good black friends. People yell discrimination, but how many athletes on a football field or a basketball court are white? Ninety percent are black. Two, if people would pull up their pants and dress like somebody they could get a job. Three, quit this gang activity and selling drugs and you won’t be judged. I am sorry that jobs are hard to get, but I’ll say this: I have nothing against blacks whatsoever, because God made them the same as He made me, and we’ll all end up in Heaven if we belong to Him. There is no difference in God’s eyes. But I do thank the Lord I was raised in a home that taught me not to be racist in any way. I also don’t want blacks to have racial bias against me, but that’s the way I feel when they say our ancestors did this and that to them. I am sorry if my ancestors did anything to them, but I would not do that. God bless you, and thank you very much.

. Trump, I salute you, for you are a redneck, infidel, heterosexual, homophobic, racist bigot — number one in America — and that’s what we need in the White House to get this immigration stopped here in America. Let’s do it legally. Look at the killings that are going on. As for the Muslim that was speaking with his wife, I don’t know what he thought about people going into the service, but people go to those countries to fight and they get killed. The Democrat Party publicized this. So Trump, stand tall. I take my hat off to you, as do

a lot other redneck, infidel, heterosexual, homophobic, racist bigots like me. We’re going to be that way until we get America clean again. God bless America.

. Inmates are sleeping on the floor at the Letcher County Jail. They have to buy toilet paper and don’t receive medical care when they truly need it. That canteen is nothing but a moneymaking machine. The prices are double and triple what they are on the outside. The reason that inmate was able to escape was due to the fact that no one was supervising the recreation area.

. It has come to my attention that money from prisoners canteen accounts in the Letcher County Jail is being taken away from them and used to pay fines. This is illegal, and a stop must be put to it. Do you understand?

. I wonder what they are going to do about the two men that killed the Hogg boy. Are they going to set them free? Are they going to give Brian Damron a gun so he can start his craziness again? He was a pure smartaleck and a jerk, too. I just don’t know what they’re waiting on when it comes to trying those two that killed the Hogg boy.

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