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Are there any pretty women left in Letcher County who are under the age of 30? If one is out there I sure haven’t been able to find her.

. In response to last week’s Speak Your Piece: You wanted to know what Trump is going to do for us. Well tell me what Hillary is going to do for us? Is she going to send more top-secret e-mails on a private server so other countries can hack them and see what is going on? Is she going to ignore another American ambassador and let them and other Americans die, or is she going to continue accepting millions of dollars from other countries for her so-called foundation, or is she going to give us four more years of Obama’s last eight years? I would prefer not to have any of this. Trump did say things he should not have involving Mr. Khan; I agree this should not have been done. But what about the mother of the man killed in Benghazi? She is being treated very badly, so why is no one saying anything about the way she is being done? She also lost a son. Is her son not as important? Obama was the very one that shut our coal mines down. My husband is a coal miner, and let me say that funds in this household are very tight. No one is breaking their back to help us. Both the state and federal governments could care less about the poor. If the churches cared they would stop sending shoeboxes full of things overseas and help their own neighbors. Are the other countries more important than their fellow neighbors? It has been this way for as far back as I can remember. There are children right here in this county who need help because their mom or dad is laid off and has exhausted their unemployment funds. Why do you not want to help your own country and your own counties first? I will vote for Trump because I don’t want anymore of Obama. He has destroyed the country enough.

. It amazes me how some of these bums out here go to EMT schools and lawenforcement schools just

to get jobs in this county or another county, but then break the law and get caught for drinking and driving. Do you want your loved one taken to the hospital by an ambulance driver who is a known drunk? I don’t. A certain person who likes to drink always finds his way to get someone to buy him a free case of beer. Everybody up and down the road knows what goes on here on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s nothing but aggravation caused by a certain wino. Why doesn’t he just go away and leave everybody alone? He can take his skanky girlfriend with him. (Are you sure you’re not calling more out of jealousy than out of true concern?)

. Someone should report County Judge/Executive Jim Ward and the five magistrates of Letcher County to the Humane Society or ASPCA for putting a $2 tax on all dogs. How stupid is that? Come next election we are going to put a new judge in there along with some new magistrates. We’re sick of this stuff. They are trying to do the same thing with the dogs as Obama did to health care.

. I am a resident of Letcher County, born and raised. I have worked here all my life after attending Whitesburg High School. I saw the sign they had in the window of the old WIFX building. That is a shame. It will cause trouble for our community that we’ve never had and don’t need. Thank you.

. If you want an ugly woman that is a drug user, come to Turkey Creek. There are many to choose from.

. I didn’t know how would feel about the ladyto lady, man-to-man thing. It’s their own providence. But I saw two ladies the other day, young girls, one who works in a restaurant, the other at a gas station. They are together, and I actually think it’s pretty neat. I didn’t know how I would feel about it, but I’m OK with it. One I spoke to them I realized they are just normal people like everybody else. They are in love, and as long as they are happy, together and in love, that is

fine. I don’t know how long it’s been since they came out in the open, but that’s their own providence.

. When will we in eastern Kentucky rise up and demand that Senator Mitch McConnell do at least one thing to help us? Can anyone tell me one thing that McConnell, who as Senate Majority Leader is one of the five most powerful men in the free world, has done to help the people here? The last time this man even mentioned eastern Kentucky is when he was here campaigning a couple of years ago and promised to immediately stop the war on coal and put our men and women back to work. How has that worked out for us? McConnell doesn’t give one care about you or me or this region we love and call home. So why do we keep letting him and people like his buddy Senator Rand Paul by with doing nothing? Surely we are not that stupid, are we?

. To a certain lady teacher: don’t know if you are still working as a teacher or not, but many people remember what happened during an out-of-town trip with a fellow faculty member who is no longer with us. I have a child who knows what happened inside that motel room. Yes, we all know. Are you ever going to be enough of a person to tell what actually took place after all of these years?

. I thought the Bible says Love thy neighbor.’ Well, we live in Jenkins and we’ve got neighbors who were trying to help us just a little bit. All of a sudden they turned their backs on us. They say they are Christians, but how can they be true Christians and turn their backs on people who need help? We don’t have food; we don’t have water. We are packing our water out of the creek. It is so sad that people can be so cruel to other people.

. To see how far Jenkins has sunk you need only to look at the people elected to office.

. I was listening to the president here talking about Donald Trump. Well thank goodness we have President Obama taking care of us. Lord help us. I don’t what we’re going to do if he goes out of office. I hope somebody can step in and help us. We may have to re-elect him again. Lord knows we aren’t going to make it here without him. But those are his words, not mine.

. Did anyone see Obama talking about Donald Trump on television last Tuesday? How ignorant can one man be?

. The best programs they ever had on WXKQ were the ‘Paul Morris Bluegrass Weekly Show’ and ‘Hymns From The Hills.’ Why don’t they talk about these two shows on their ‘Roundtable’?

. I am forming a committee to support Paul Morris. We are getting together to figure out a way to at least get WXKQ to apologize to Paul Morris and maybe give him some of his lost income back. I’ll be contacting some of you people who are loyal to Paul. We are going to take some action.

. Finally, it looks like Americans have awakened to the grave threat to humankind that Russia-loving Comrade Donald Trump would represent were he to be elected president and be given the code to our nuclear weapons. I am ashamed of the media elites who run our nation’s major newspapers, magazines and television networks. For the sake of ratings and online hits, these people helped this czar-loving madman Trump to capture the votes of about a third of the country’s registered Republicans and become our once-great party’s nominee for president. Trump makes Barry Goldwater look like Abraham Lincoln.

. To a lady in Linefork who lives between Taulbee and Turkey Creek: That’s a lot of hours and a lot of houses.

. To a lady whose husband cheating on her up at Fishpond Lake: I am going to take pictures of him with the big blonde and put them in your mailbox. The reason I am doing this is because you are a very nice person. He knows better and he needs to stop. Thank you.

. To all the coal miners who vote for the Democrat Party: Now do you see what your vote got you with Mr. Barack Obama. If you’ve got any sense in this country, you better go to the poll and vote for someone besides another Republican, I mean Democrat, especially Hillary Clinton. Our country is in bad enough shape as it is. Trump is a loose canon, I agree. But as for Clinton, I believe she is for these gender items. There will be more of the things we have seen this year about girls going in boys’ bathrooms and boys going in girls’ bathroom. I’ll tell you what is fixing to happen upon this nation: We are fixing to fall like Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed it then; He is going to destroy it again. It is Bible; it is written in the Bible. They cannot make it right, I don’t care how they try. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. How can you multiply with the same sex? Thank you.

. I’m the one who has been complaining about the red light at the Whitesburg Bypass. First of all, I want the person who called in to Speak Your Piece to reply to me to know that it is a red light, a stoplight, not a streetlight. And another thing, you have no idea that I’m a ‘fellow’? I could be a girl for all you know.

. I have nothing against the Taco Bell restaurant coming to our area, but I don’t plan to spend one penny of my money there. Why do I feel that way? Because I will continue to support the Las Penas Mexican Restaurant in Whitesburg and Jenkins because I appreciate all of the support they have given to our county and its communities. From what I have seen, few do more than Mr. Colwell and his two restaurants when it comes to helping to support our schools’ sports programs and other school-related activities. I wish Taco Bell no ill will, but I believe that we should all continue to support those who work hard to make our region a better place in which to live and work. If we have any chance of surviving these hard times of today, it is going to be up to us local people who still live in and love eastern Kentucky. We all must think local, shop local, and support local. If we don’t we are not going to have a ‘local’ and we, too, will have to move out — even though we don’t want to leave — or be stuck here with nothing.

. I called a certain business the other day to check on the price of aluminum cans and scrap metal, but the phone rung and rung without anyone offering to pick it up. I am going to report this to the owner.

. Speak Your Piece, you all are good people — fair and balanced — and I am so proud of everything that I put in your people. Sometimes it might miss a little bit this way or that way, but you all are good people, and I thank you. We need more people like you.

. It’s a rare week in Speak Your Piece that somebody isn’t calling for the fiscal court or some other government agency to ‘bring’ jobs to Letcher County. But with the exception of the federal government, none of the governments in Kentucky can do that. You can’t force businesses to locate in a particular place, and when that place if rife with drugs and trash — human and otherwise — and full of straight pipes

pouring untreated human waste into the streams, it’s a hard sell. Letcher County and many other counties in eastern Kentucky lack basic infrastructure, and if a company really cares about its employees, that company will want to locate a new site in a place with a clean environment, good schools and modern infrastructure. We lack all those things in one degree or another. Since consolidation, the schools have gotten a little better, but at the same time we keep seeing efforts by the county school board to take the system back to the dark ages. We’ve seen a dramatic gain in the number of homes in Letcher County with access to treated water, but there are no sewer treatment facilities outside Jenkins, Fleming-Neon and Whitesburg, and no lines to carry sewage to them. You can thank the fiscal court for the water, but even more thanks should go to a group of dedicated people who would not take no for an answer. Other than that, the county government has no power to create jobs in any significant number. And when President Obama tried to institute a program to spend billions of dollars to improve the coalfield economy — after the market and other factors damaged it — the Republicans that now dominate the state legislature obstructed him at every turn. So by all means unemployed miners, vote Republican again — and then bend over and say, ‘Thank you, sir. May I have it again.’

. I would like to know when the Letcher County court system is truly going to do something about a certain guy who is now under arrest and in jail. He allegedly has killed wild turkeys illegally; he allegedly has stolen coolers; and now he has beaten an older man nearly to death. Are you court officials going to do something about him before he kills someone? Doing nothing in situations like this is what’s wrong with the court system today. Thank you.

. I would like to ask my fellow Letcher Countians and my eastern Kentucky friends one question: Since President Nixon was thrown out of office because of Watergate, how is Hillary Clinton still able to run for president of the United States? She has been caught up in the same thing he was, but he was thrown out and she has not been. Ask yourself this: If it was your husband, if it was your son, if it was your grandchild, she knew months earlier those guys were in trouble, yet she neglected our diplomats. Her job was to protect the United States of America, yet she let them die. Is that the person you want inside the White House with nuclear bombs in her hands to fire? Ask yourself that. I know one thing; I don’t want her in there. Anybody in their right mind who works for a living in the state of Kentucky, in the coalfields — or gas, or timber, or anything else, even the Food Stamp program — does not want her in there. So you better show up and cast your vote and do away with this heifer.

. A new romance — Jenny and Hank.

. I know one minute isn’t a long time, but some people get longer than that to speak their piece. How can an old lady and her son not let her mother see or have anything to do with her children? She’s a good woman, and they have taken all of her rights away and are trying to put her out on the street. I would like to have an answer on this. If someone would please comment, I would appreciate it very much. Please reply in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thank you very much.

. I think I’ll pack it up and x my pickup and head on

down to Whitesburg. The woman I’m thinking of, she kind of went crazy. I couldn’t find a rhyme for Burg, but you get the picture. See you soon. (Hmmm. Sounds as if you’ve been listening to Neil Young’s ‘Out on the Weekend’ from way back in 1972. Are we right?)

. Can you believe that criminal Obama giving fourhundred million dollars to our enemies in Iran when we needed that money here in America? We need that money here for our roads. He’s a criminal; he’s a traitor. He needs to be taken out of the White House, one way or the other.

. To my friend Doug Stewart and Beth, Sharon, and the others: My heart and prayers went out to you guys during the death of your mother. I met Doug in 1993. He was a very good friend to me. I just thank God I got acquainted with him and his family. Just remember that your mother is not suffering from pain anymore and would want you to stay close to each other as family, because family is all we’ve got until we leave this life. God bless your family.

. Hey, this might be the star from Red Star if you could give me a hint.

. To all the beer drinkers in Letcher County: You better check the bottom of the can for the date on it. All of mine was over a year old, and I bought it from three different places. (Since your complaint is one Speak Your Piece has never dealt with before, we did some checking and learned through Beer Advocate magazine and a number of other beerrelated websites that your experience has become way too common in retail stores across the nation. Those experts also say that it is the duty of the beer distributorships (wholesalers) to rotate the out-of-date products off the shelves.)

. It was really good to hear from Stanley Pack in Speak Your Piece this past week. Stanley, we are so proud of you. Keep it up. This is from one of your old neighbors who used to live by you. How are you and Edra doing?

. Could somebody please tell me what playing football has to do with running for state representative?ß Miss Hatton, I don’t think you’ve got any problem whatsoever in the fall, because if that’s all they’ve got to run on … well, good luck.

I’m calling in response to a comment in the August 3 edition of Speak Your Piece about Mr. Trump: You know, the Democrat Party has at least 25 people — or, should I say, hatchet people — listening to every word Mr. Trump says. They sit like a bunch of vultures waiting on anything they can piecemeal or misconstrue what he has said. Most of these people are lawyers. How does Crooked Hillary sit there during an interview by Chris Wallace and refute or just lie about what Mr. Comey, the FBI director, said. Again, another perjury. They misquoted what Mr. Trump said about Mr. Khan. … Mr. Trump said he appreciated the Khans’ son and that he was a hero and thanked them for their sacrifice for our country. They seem to be real nice people, Trump said, but didn’t understand why the spouse didn’t comment. It didn’t take but about three minutes for the DNC to start crying and criticizing Trump. In fact, I expected at any moment to see him in shackles headed for a lifetime prison sentence. Just another one of the Pied Piper effects of misconstruing one word he says and taking it for the truth. Everyone follows just like they can’t see or think for

themselves. Hillary wants to increase the number of foreigners in this country. What about all the unemployment among our already-displaced and destitute U.S. people? What about the criminals Obama is now releasing — all those gun-toting, dope-selling convicts? How sad it will be. I want you to remember when they start selling dope to your children again and shooting citizens. Remember, you should just lie down and raise your rear-end and kick your own behind. You deserve a stiff one.

. To the caller who talked about Melania Trump being trash: At least she’s not a pervert. And Trump doesn’t have to have a box of cigars like Bill Clinton did. Nor does Melania attend witch rituals. If you want to be enlightened about the Clinton Cartel, just read about them in books that people who have known them for years have written about them. I’ve been reading about their corruption for about 25 years. For someone who is an extremist for women’s rights and rights for gays and lesbians, why would she take all this money from these countries whose men beat their wives and throw gays from the rooftops?

. I am thinking about doing some health seminars again since there are so many people so sick, especially with sinus problems. I am a certified natural health consultant with a B.A. in health. I taught health for years, but most of my information comes from working with people every day and asking them questions about their health and finding out certain diet patterns. If you make a few changes in your diet and take some good vitamins you can get well from a lot of things. I’ll let you know, maybe next week, where a seminar will be held.

. Have any of you out there tried to call the Whitesburg hospital recently? This is

ridiculous. They have one operator trying to take care of everything. Come on, folks, let’s get it together. There are emergencies, you know. (We certainly don’t mean to disparage your comment, but your experience in trying to get through to the hospital is what experts might use in telling you to dial 9-1-1 in the case of a true emergency.)

. It looks like Mr. Adams has destroyed his life, but others have played a big role in this. Destroying people’s lives is what Letcher County has become. All I can say for Mr. Adams is this: Don’t be picking on fifty-something year old men, especially when you’re a chicken and you jump on their back. You won’t hit them in their face. When you do get out — and if you do get out — I’ll meet you. I’m your age. I’ll be your last huckleberry you ever jump.

. I would like to see if a certain chain store in Whitesburg could give one of their lady employees — no names mentioned — some soap and a razor to shave that buckwheat from under her arms. And she has body odors that would stop a bull elephant in its tracks. They need to do something with her. Tell her to bathe or get rid of her. Enough is enough. Nasty is nasty. Women — and men — need to take care of themselves. Take a bath.

. A week or so ago, Mike Havens and a group of bluegrass singers were at the Appalshop for an interview. He was there along with the West Liberty Mountain Boys. Mike Havens is supposed to perform at the Appalshop later on. He is stressing a CD he has got out, but the CD isn’t worth a dime. The West Liberty Mountain Boys are high school boys and do a wonderful job. But as far as Mike Havens, you can forget that. You would just be wasting your $15 on that CD.

. To District Judge Kevin

Mullins: You have a case coming before you involving a certain young man who has anger problems, family problems, and drug problems. He needs to be stopped before he kills someone, which many people feel will be his next step. He has been experimenting with things, and it shows by his attitude. I know of one case in which he sucker punched one man and broke all of the teeth in his mouth. He went off on him ‘just like that’ over nothing. Again, this young man has anger problems and is going to kill someone if something isn’t done. Please do the right thing. Save this young man’s life so that he hopefully can get help and straighten up and have some kind of decent life before his life is taken. Eventually, this man will jump someone who will end his life.

. Providence provided the plan for Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States of America millenniums ago. You should read all the verses in the third chapter of the book of Isaiah, especially and particularly Isaiah Chapter 3, verse 12. Look at what is evolving in the governments of the world today. Germany is under the rule of a woman at the present time. England is under the rule of a woman at the present time. Within a matter of a few months the USA will be under the rule of Hillary Clinton. It all has already been planned out. There is nothing new under the sun. It has happened before in older times, according to the Bible. U.S. citizens should be very skeptical of who the candidates are. Donald Trump believes that people should stand up and fight for their own money with which they could use to maintain the American lifestyle and standard of living. Hillary Clinton is a shadow of Bill Clinton and President Obama and is determined to keep the country in a downward trend toward worldwide mediocre lifestyle. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, as the Bible predicts she will, then Satan’s political policy of damnation will be carried out as planned long ago before Obama was ever born, and the middle class of people will cease to exist. What will really happen if she gets in there is that the whole North American continent will be divided up among a whole lot of smart, elite people into what might as well be called plantations, and anybody who is not of their bloodline will become slaves. I am going to vote for Donald Trump. I don’t care if he is the devil, he is better than what’s in there.

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