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The renovation of the old Daniel Boone Motel it a great idea. I was just wondering where all the customers that stay there will park. I think Whitesburg needs some sort of parking garage before it will be a success.

. To the person who continues to call in about Paul Morris losing his radio show: I have a few suggestions for the name of your committee in case the two or three of you don’t have any ideas. 1. The Committee for Lousy Music. 2. The Whine and Cry Committee. 3. The Need a Pacifier and a Nap Committee. I don’t know why the station elected to remove Paul Morris from the air, but I for one am grateful. Every Thursday and Sunday I switched them off to avoid that stuff. What was a bluegrass show doing on a rock and roll station, anyway? My recommendation to you is turn the knob to another station. There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

. God Almighty, with all Your powerfulness, I can’t come up to Your world and explain things to You, but I am a sinner at birth. Have mercy on me and all the rest of the people on the rest of this earth. Have a nice day, Sir.

. Here it is August 11 at 7 m. and we don’t have any quality of air where we live because of the humidity. Still, our neighbors are up there burning plastic and anything else they can get their fingers on. It’s the worst smell you’ve ever smelled in your life and I can’t find anybody willing to help me with this problem. I need to get in touch with the EPA. If anyone knows who I need to call, please let me know through Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

. If Jenkins wants to enforce the dress code at school they would start with the employees. One woman wears here little short skirts and spaghettistrapped shirts, and that’s on a good day.

. When Donald Trump gets to be president he can say he bought it. He also bought the right to rewrite the tax code that will give himself a $100 million tax break. That’s what we get when we get Donald Trump. That’s what the people who vote for him deserve. They deserve to lose their black lung; they deserve to lose their workers’ compensation, they deserve to lose their Social Security, and they deserve to lose their Medicare so that Donald Trump can have a $100 million tax break.

. God bless America. Now let’s think about what’s going on in politics. So they want to talk about infrastructure.

Eight hundred billion dollars spent on infrastructure? Who got that money? And they’re wanting to spend more on it? They talk about the middle class. Well, why don’t we just try to get the poor so that they are middle class? That would be an accomplishment. I hear Hillary talking all the time wanting Trump to put his tax report out. Hillary, you have a right to talk with all the papers you have hid. Kennedy put a man on the moon, and Obama put a man in a ladies’ restroom. And all the walls need to be put up so we can see who the immigrants are. Aren’t they killing people? Aren’t they taking our young children and polluting their minds, even in our colleges and in our schools? Yeah, I’m a pissed off American. And screw the Democrat Party.

. This is the new Paul Morris support group. We are getting together now to visit all the folks who usually sponsored his radio programs and ask that they not advertise anymore until Mr. Morris receives an apology.

. So, when Hillary Clinton clearly flubbed saying what she really meant in her comments about coal mining, the low-information crowd had to take her words for what they wanted them to mean. But when their vulgarian with tiny hands asked for a Second Amendment solution for Clinton, or when he openly incited violence by calling for “election monitors” in Pennsylvania, he is just being sarcastic or was misunderstood. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t have it both ways.

. I have a son who has been staying after school every evening from about 3:30 until 8:30 or 9 practicing football at Jenkins. Now on Thursday night they have a big pizza night and sit and play video games with the coaches. So from now on my son will not be staying late on Thursdays. He has too much schoolwork to do to sit there for four hours with the coaches.

. I see they are keeping our police department tied up stopping traffic so all the hangdog daddies and the dingdong mommies with their own personal little mini school buses can get their little heathens home. If they would stop and pick up an extra one or two on their way coming and going we could save a whole lot of money and get rid of all the school buses. Nobody rides them anyway. I don’t see the point in having buses anymore. Enough is enough.

. Why is it that the known drug dealers and convicted drug felons on Turkey Creek have a certain campaign sign in their yard?

. Unfortunately, there is person who needs to go to jail right here in Letcher County. There’s a beautiful girl from Isom, but certain low-life pounds her like Rocky and the Meat Locker. He needs a good hillbilly butt-kicking before he goes to jail. No man should be allowed to pound and pound on a person. The police should find this man. They know who he is. He won’t stop and she doesn’t know how to get away. She needs help. Do we have help here?

. My aunt was involved in a mishap in the Food City parking lot a couple of weeks ago where she had mistakenly left her car in gear and it rolled into another vehicle. The vehicle that was hit was parked in a no parking zone. I know some people park in the fire lane, but it is still illegal. A lady said she was injured while putting groceries in the white Tahoe, yet she had already put them in and had went back in the store a second time while the vehicle still sat parked illegally, according to witnesses. My aunt said she was taking photos on her phone when she was ordered to stop by a man later identified as not only a deputy sheriff, but the other party’s son. Why would she be told to stop taking pictures? Did it have something to do with showing that the Tahoe was illegally parked? Any person has the right to take pictures of an accident. Who does this officer think he is? Police officers should not be involved in these types of situations that involve family. It’s not right for my aunt to be talked to in the way this officer was doing. Even some bystanders said he should be fired because of his conduct. How can anyone have confidence in the accident report that will be filed?

. It’s amazing how some people can claim to have guardian angels watching over them every day of the week, but I know that certain people can lie and get people to do anything they want to anytime they need it.

. They should change the name of the show ‘Reno 911’ to ‘Letcher 911.’

. Donald Trump has been married three times. He’s an adulterer, just like Bill Clinton. When Bill Clinton committed adultery it was terrible, but when Donald Trump commits adultery it makes him righteous. Trump doesn’t know the difference between the New Testament and the Old Testament in the Bible, but evangelicals say he is God’s man. He may be, but I have trouble believing that.

. Donald Trump was for abortion until he was told he could never get elected as a Republican if he supported abortion rights. So then he turned against abortion, but he’s still for Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump will do anything, say anything, and spend any of amount of money it takes to be elected president.

. Donald Trump won’t let the country see his income tax returns. What does he have to hide?

. It amazes me how these lazy check drawers get out here and cut weeds for people, but when they need their weeds cut they find some way to get somebody else to cut them for them. It just goes to show that these check-drawing bums know how to get what they want.

. I think the Letcher County people need to be aware that we do have a problem with our water. This is Wednesday morning, around 7:40, and I am listening to NPR news. A lady who is an expert on the world’s water said that Kentucky and West Virginia had different high levels of pollutants that are not good for people to be drinking. They cause cancer and other illnesses. Well, gee-o, that is

exactly what the paper the county water department was made to mail out says. I think someone needs to answer some questions. I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I said I would call the EPA; I will call Washington, D.C., if I have to. I will drive to Washington if I have to. The truth will come out. What is the county water department hiding? Are we paying them to poison us?

. I’m not a religious person, so the foolishness of Bible thumpers is mostly amusing to me, and sometimes disgusting. But the idea that a racist misogynist like Donald Trump, who has cheated on every woman he was ever married to, and who has robbed every business partner he ever had, and who incites hatred and violence against others simply because of their race or ethnicity, is ‘God’s chosen,’ or ‘has God’s hand on him’, which is ridiculous in its own right, then we are clearly hearing from people who are mentally ill. Whatever higher power exists, no religious teaching on earth points toward one that would choose Trump, although a certain narrowminded strain of Judeo Christian doctrine such as Christian and Islamic fundamentalism could embrace him.

. I turned onto ‘The Swap Shop’ this morning. It was good listening to it until that old man got on there. If the announcer wants to talk with him it should be done after The Swap Shop so that everybody else can get through. I would really appreciate that, and so would everyone else who listens to The Swap Shop and wants to put things on there for sale. If you want to talk about your dog, please call after The Swap Shop is over with.

. To a fellow who lives in the Mayking-Ermine area: You are never going to keep a wife until you get rid of your sister. She keeps taking your women away from you. That is sad. If it isn’t your sister it could be someone else in your family. You better go to checking. I’d say your last lady — the big tall skinny black-haired woman — was so glad to get away from you. It’s sad that you have destroyed two girls’ lives. They didn’t destroy yours; you destroyed theirs with your family.

. I’m glad to see the one boy was caught driving erratically up and down the road like a fool. That’s just the beginning. They should have caught him running in that old truck up and down the road like something foolish. Thank God someone finally got him. Now do something with him. Everybody watch and see if he gets out of this one through the court system.

. People say there is nothing wrong with the traffic light on the bypass near the old school? If you believe that, just turn up on the bypass from Rite-Aid. When you get to the top of the hill where you can see that red light, just stop and watch. That light will change even if there’s a car near the light or not. All you have to do is just sit and watch.

. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, ‘Monica Lewinsky’s ex-lover’s wife for president.’ Isn’t that something?

. I read in The Mountain Eagle where the Fleming- Neon City Council had its monthly meeting and said Chief of Police Mike Dingus had no activities report to deliver. I’d say he didn’t; there’s never anyone on duty here. Why should the citizens of Neon pay their taxes if there’s no police protection? The officers are always in Jenkins or Whitesburg policing.

. To a certain man: After all those years of faithful marriage you left her high and dry after raising all those children and also having grandchildren. She worked

every day to help you as you worked in the mines, then you turned around and left her for someone she knew. That was the sad part; she was raised with that girl. Listen very carefully: Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And oh my God, what treasure she has.

. I see the old Durango, multi-colored and half-put together, is back in Jenkins again. But apparently somebody reads The Mountain Eagle. He wasn’t driving. Now they are hiring someone to drive. Law enforcement should still stop them. I’d say they don’t have a sign of insurance. .

. Someone called in and said that if you want an ugly woman that is a drug user, come to Turkey Creek. Well, if you want an ugly woman who sells drugs come to Marshall’s Branch.

To my star from Red Star: Please write or call so I will know you are OK. I worry about you, and still love you until the grass grows over me.

. I have a question for anybody out there who can answer: What’s the true meaning of the Christian? Is it the one that follows the Lord or is it the one that’s half following while the other half likes to lie to other people and beat up people? If anybody has answers to this, please let it be known through Speak Your Piece.

. I was thinking about Mr. Khan going on TV and telling everybody how he lost a son in the war. I sympathize with the man and his wife for losing their son, but think about how many Americans get to get on television and talk about their sons and daughters they have lost in wars. Anybody ever thought about that? Just is just talking about one man, Mr. Khan. Think about all the sons and daughters that American people have lost. Their moms and dads cry about them but they didn’t go on TV and tell about it.

. I can’t help but wonder about these guys who are accused of killing that Hogg boy up there in Whitesburg. Are they never going to try them? (Trials for the two men accused of murdering Michael Hogg are set for October and November.)

. I went to the Farmer’s Market last year and participated in buying things from the farmers up there and really enjoyed myself. What I liked about last year was that everything seemed to be grown locally. This year I went — I went today — and was sad to see that some of the farmers are buying things that grown out of state and not locally in Letcher County. I thought it was supposed to be grow local/ buy local. I am not going to the local farmer’s market to buy Granger County tomatoes or cabbage or anything else that’s grown outside of Letcher County. Put it back in Letcher County, guys. Maybe you’ll get more participants from Letcher County who want to buy things there with cash.

. A certain pastor has his hands full in his church. But there’s another member there who stands up and constantly criticizes the congregation because he feels that church should support children whose sorry parents will lie around and not even feed them, which is horrible. Those parents are the ones who need to be criticized. Someone needs to step in and stop this man from doing this before the church loses members.

. Concerning ’loving thy neighbor as thyself’ found in Mark 12:31, too many people use this scripture the wrong way. To the comment from last week: I do speak up and will defend Christians. I believe more people need to do this. It sounds like of a lot of others in that situation that are not working and don’t have anything. These kind of people that are on drugs and not working have an addiction and a problem. It’s not the Christians that have the problem. This goes on everywhere and it needs to stop. People need to get jobs and work and stop depending on others

to care for them instead of taking care of themselves. People can do better. There are ways out there to help those who really need help. So don’t ridicule your neighbor over something that you can help your own self with. There are government places to live, food stamps, LKLP — so there is no excuse. Just because people go to church and are Christians doesn’t mean they can be used every day. Be careful of judging. There is only one who can do that, and that is God. It sounds like you need to be talking to Him instead of a newspaper about your problems. Go to church this Sunday and ask God to help you. There are so many churches all over Letcher County. God’s the One that will supply all of your needs, not others.

. I would like for you to print five things the Republican Party has done for the middle class people in the last twenty years. I’m a diehard Republican and I have voted Democrat the last two elections, because I am ashamed to say I am a Republican. Thank you.

. It’s Thursday, a little after 12. I was listening to WMMT and enjoying the program until some guy starts rattling on for 30 minutes about baby chicks his wife has ordered. He said he likes to be lazy and lie around and watch Donald Trump, and she had called to tell him to get a little bit of feed, a water jar and some pine shavings. I hope and pray this man forgets some of those items. That way she can stick her foot up his rear and get him back on track. You’re supposed to play music; we don’t need to know about your love life or your life. Thank you.

. While driving through Bach Court about a week ago we observed an elderly lady in a wheelchair shoveling mud and debris from the parking lot. A few days later there were a couple of elderly ladies sweeping grass off the sidewalks and raking leaves, even though it appeared that one of them could barely walk. What we would like to know is why the Housing Authority doesn’t have groundskeepers to do these things. It is beyond shameful that disabled, elderly women are forced to do this kind of work. We were also wondering if H.U.D. is aware of this. If not, they will certainly be made aware when one of these women is injured, which is most certain inevitable and sadly avoidable if only the Housing Authority were properly maintaining the property.

. I would like to ask Magistrate Wayne Fleming one question: Why are we paying a man to drive around in an SUV with 9-1-1 on the side of it when he can’t even patrol Fishpond Lake? Are our tax dollars paying for this? Why don’t we have anyone up there helping the guy at Fishpond? I thought we patrolled Fishpond. I stayed up there nine straight days. Never once was there a law-enforcement officer there. However, people were logging right next to road — cutting down trees to burn in campfires. That is pitiful — sycamore trees cut right down from the Boy Scout area. Instead of us making it better, it’s becoming worse. Thank you.

. I am inquiring about the Speak Your Piece comment about the man who sucks on a toothpick all the time. Could the caller tell us a little more about that? I think I know someone who fits the description. And exactly what is he doing to upset you?

. This is Saturday, about 12:40 p.m., and someone just called me asking if I had ‘that stuff.’ They didn’t even know who they were talking to, yet they wanted to talk about buying some stuff. I do know your number, and three of the digits are 335. The other digits are going to be given to the Kentucky State Police. I am so glad that you called me, because every one of you dumb pill-popping, cheeseeating fools will be turned in. Do the county a favor and die — rid yourselves of your bloodlines.

. I was clicking through the channels on the TV and

came upon a show called ‘Ancient Aliens.’ They were talking about Satan, Lucifer, and said he wasn’t such a bad guy. You wait until they get there; wait until you get there if you don’t think Satan is such a bad buy. Every thing on this earth that is wicked was brought on by Satan.

. I thought I’d seen everything in the world until I walked into the VFW the other day and saw who was bartending there. What a crock.

. I just think it’s sick for certain lesbians to be working together and going outside a certain store together.

. A certain store has a certain woman working there whose husband basically lives there while she’s at work. I don’t know if he doesn’t trust her or what, but if she’s that untrustworthy just dump her.

. A certain auto shop will not only fix your car, but they’ll fix you up with a big ol’ bag of meth. They make a fresh batch every night in the back.

. I’m glad to see the Kentucky State Police and the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office have finally taken heed and come to the top of Colley Gap.

. I’ve got a small bucket of gravels here at my house. If they want me to I can bring them to the West Whitesburg branch and dump them into that hole at the ATM.

. What makes me sick is this: We are drinking sewer water and having contaminate problems and people are raising more Cain over a two-dollar a year fee on a dog.

. Just how stupid does the water and sewer company of Letcher County think people are? We called today to get our name put on the ‘Please call us when you poison us again with your water’ list and they told us, ‘We don’t take your names here.’ We said, ‘But it’s in the newspaper that we are to call this number.’ They answered, ‘Well, you call this number so we can give you the number that you can get on the Internet and talk to them so they will put your name on it.’ I for one don’t have an Internet connection and don’t want one. But you can bet one thing: I won’t drink your water.

I just want to call and brag on the Long John Silver’s restaurant in Whitesburg. It’s way better than the one in Hazard. They’re fix your order the way you ask in Whitesburg, unlike in Hazard. Thank you.

. Remember there are always two sides to a story. If a relationship goes astray, it usually is not totally one person’s fault. Maybe we need to take a closer look at ourselves and realize we are not as perfect as we think. It can be easy to minimize the terrible sin of pride in our hearts. The more we learn and the more success we enjoy, the more likely we are to think we’re ‘really something.’ Pride is the core of our nature.

. If Donald Trump is not elected and Hillary Clinton takes over the U.S. government after Obama is gone, then sooner or later the U.S.A. military will have to take over control of the entire government and declare marshal law in order that the U.S.A. as a nation may survive. That is because a Hillary Clinton administration will not have ‘guts’ enough to defend America against a nuclear power class nation or a combination of nuclear power nations. She and her administration would surrender the U.S.A. before they would use a nuclear bomb against any enemy nation or power — even in defense of certain annihilation of the U.S.A. What is the point of having nuclear power if the enemy knows that you will not use it, even in defense of an attack or in retaliation of an attack? If Hillary Clinton wins the election, then the U.S.A. will have lost its independence as a nation and citizenship of the individual will mean loss of freedom to choose their way of life and standard of living. The population of the former U.S.A. will retrogress back to a stage of socialism called ‘the caste system’ (slave and slave owners). The U.S.A. will have been taken over and conquered by a foreign power without ever firing a shot, because American citizens will have been disarmed by the ‘gun controllers’ by then. Most of the American population will eventually become slaves again under a foreign power and the nation will be changed into something alien to what is here now, just like the Bible says it will. (Ecclesiastes 1:9, 10, and 11). The one thing that could happen which would alter world history for the better is for Donald Trump to be elected as President of the U.S.A. He is a powerful man — like Samson was.

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