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Turkey Creek has so many ugly women drug users that all the men have to do is sit on the front porch and drink beer and cry on each other’s shoulders.

. KRADD needs to be checking on the senior citizens program. It’s funny that some have to sign in and some don’t. I don’t know what the difference is.

. I personally am glad Paul Morris is off the air.

. Female paramour wanted. Must be between 45 and 66, employed, able to travel for liaisons. No strings attached. Please reply to campobosso@hotmail.com

. To the person who wrote in that President Obama gave 400 million dollars to Iran, you should switch over from Fox News to a real news channel so you can stop showing your ignorance. No one gave that money to them; it was money they had paid us when President Reagan sold arms to Iran, then we reneged on the deal. We gave their money back. There are enough real problems to complain about these days without making them up.

. In response to someone talking about a man getting up in church and talking about helping kids at schools. It really isn’t the people’s responsibility. The people are supposed to tithe to the church and the church is supposed to take care of things like that instead of hoarding up money. The poor and kids of this county shouldn’t have to worry about food because these big churches should be more sharing with God’s money. The preachers and deacons are the ones to answer for such matters. That man may have had good intentions but he needs to go to the pastor and deacons instead of the people of the church. The church I used to go to had a deacon that had a committee that handled such matters of taking care of the poor and feeding kids and even paying electric bills for the needy of the church. A church can’t help everyone, but they can pick out the poorest of the poor and give a helping hand.

. To the woman driving the VW Bug the wrong way on the one-way street from the Food City/MCHC plaza to the sawmill road: If it wasn’t bad enough that you broke the law Tuesday afternoon about 4:50 by driving the wrong way on a one-way one-lane street, you added insult to injury by stopping in the middle of that bridge until I — the driver who was obeying the law — backed up so you

could move on. Lucky for you I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to be bothered with the likes of a sorry scofflaw like you. Next time I’ll sit there all evening until Chief Tyrone Fields comes and makes your law breaking behind move your little car out of the way.

. Am I understanding this correctly? An Xbox is purchased for the field house but athletic tape can’t be bought for the players. After a 55-8 loss it appears that there should be less Xbox playing and more coaching.

. When it comes to Donald J. Trump and his love for Russia and Putin, it’s hard to tell if Trump is a true James Bond villain like Dr. No in need of a visit from Agent OO7 or whether he’s just Dr. Evil from ‘Austin Powers.’ Either way, it is not good for ’Merica.

. God bless America. Milwaukee. Rioting is a criminal offense. Whatever kind of people are out there destroying properties become criminals and they should be charged as criminals. This is America and they do have a right to protest, but when a protest becomes a riot you become a criminal. And Trump is right — there needs to be stronger accountability for what they do. This is America, and these people are destroying everything that America stands for. What is wrong with you idiots — a race of people that are so backwards in their thinking? If it had been a white man that killed this black man it’s un-telling what would happened. But this was black on black, just like in Chicago. This officer had a right to kill this man, according to the laws of the United States. Burn your stores down, burn your banks down, burn your food stamp offices down. What’s wrong with you people? Every one of you are probably on food stamps. You are taxpayer burdens. I’m a pissed off American. It’s a shame I wasn’t up there. I would have opened up on you …

. Look who’s running back and forth to the county attorney’s office again. You’re going to keep on lying until you get what you deserve.

. What’s with all those big black skid marks there at the traffic light on the bypass since the light has supposedly been fixed?

. Like ol’ Jimmy Swaggart used to say, it’s gone to hell in a hand basket. Well, the VFW has gone to hell in a hand basket now. I never thought I would see what is up there right now. Hello?

. Dear Speak Your Piece:

It looks like our government not only is in our bathrooms doing drug testing on us to make sure we have drugs in or out of us, now they are telling our TV cable people how good of a picture we can have. And they’ve decided we’re not to have a very good picture. Governments like these need to be gotten rid of. (You’re confusing us on this one just a bit. Are you saying the Federal Communications Commission shouldn’t have signal quality standards like the ones now in place or are you saying the government is keeping your cable provider from giving you a better picture?)

. This is the old cat killer. First of all I would like to thank Speak Your Piece for being the good people you are. Anyway, I see where some of you cat lovers have been setting cats out again and letting them get ran over. I don’t appreciate that, yet you all get on my case. If you can’t take care of them have the spayed or neutered. Don’t sit them out beside the road and let the little fellows get ran over. You all have a great big meow day.

. First of all, you need to extend them time for people to speak on here. Anyway, I’ll make it quick. The police need to know they are on notice now through YouTube and the spreading of the word. It has come to everybody’s attention that there are probably 95 percent bad cops and five percent good cops, probably worldwide. All police are on notice. They set people up and they ruin lives. They have slandered people and done all kinds of unconstitutional things. This has become a police state and it is over. Through cameras, YouTube and word of mouth, the days of all this bull are over. You all are on notice and you better watch what you do to people. Your days of running over people have ended. Power to the people.

. To the new ‘Paul Morris Support Group’: Before you start asking for an apology you should know the radio station deserves one too. Paul was making derogatory remarks about the station that was giving him a platform for his show. When asked to stop or actions would be taken he did not, he was then pulled off the air. I’m not associated with the station, but I am well aware of what happened and you have been unfair to some nice people. Know the whole story before you start support groups. Thank you.

. Anyone who appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Anyone who cannot take care of himself without that law is both. So a wounded man shall say to his assailant, ‘If I live I will kill you. If I die you are forgiven.’ Such is the rule of honor.

. I would like to know what’s up with our Letcher County Public Library system. The flowerbeds at the one in Neon look like the building’s been bombed out and abandoned.

. That’s right, Donald Trump won’t show his income taxes. Hillary won’t show those 32,000 e-mails that are missing, either. Yes, if Trump gets in there he will have bought it. But if Hillary gets in there she stole it.

. I just love driving with the air conditioner on and the windows down. It feels so good. You ought to try that.

. Our great state government lied to me and told me they were going to pave part of U.S. 119 and KY 15 in Letcher County. The governor sent me to the people in the highway department. They are the liars. We need Trump bad. He would never let our roads and

infrastructure get like this.

. Hello, WXKQ. This is the Paul Morris Support Committee. We have not forgotten you. We are using this message right now to get out to all the folks who used to sponsor the Paul Morris Show and urging them to support Paul Morris. We are not forgetting.

. This is a hint to my lost star at Redstar: I’m older than you. I’m a man and I haven’t heard from you in a long time.

. An all points bulletin to all Whitesburg law, all county law, all Kentucky State Police. Please come in to the Whitesburg city limits and do something with a certain silver SUV with a pervert in it that has been run off from multiple restaurants and multiple shopping plazas. He is dealing drugs. We watch him everyday. He is also prostituting out women. I have witnessed this myself. He is a sick piece of work who needs locked up before he destroys someone’s child. Then what is the Letcher County law or the Kentucky State Police going to do? Somebody will put a bullet in his head.

. Normal people across these United States are scared to death of Donald Trump voters. Imagine how afraid they would be if they came to Letcher County and spoke with some of our ignorant Hill Jacks who would lick the soles of Trump’s shoes if he told them they should. Even some of the stuff I read in Speak Your Piece from the Trump supporters is enough to scare me and I’m a bona fide hillbilly who has never even voted for a Democrat before.

. I think it is entrapment when a jailbird can call from the Letcher County Jail and it costs you $25 just for talking to him or her. I think there ought to be stop put to it.

. To the people who moved in at Lakeside and have a big metal garbage Dumpster right in the road: A four-wheeler carrying three boys hit it the other night. One of them had to go to the hospital. You can’t see it, because it’s not lit up like a car. Please remove this thing before you get somebody killed.

. If Hillary Clinton is indicted before the election, than that means Barack Obama will be able to stay in office until she freed. Should she escape the indictment, she will be sworn in as the president of the United States on January 20, and that day is the day that the wrath of God will start being poured out on this nation as it was on Sodom and Gomorrah.

. I am happy to pay taxes to help keep the women’s shelter in Whitesburg open as a place to put women and their children. The problem I have is I thought the whole idea was to keep the women away from their abusive men. If people would watch behind the building or the big parking lot behind the old unemployment office, that lot is full of their current men or new men coming in and out of that building. This is not right. If they are battered and abused and need help that is fine, but they don’t need to be bringing their husbands or new men in there. Who is in charge of this? Just sit back and watch every day.

. I drive a truck for a living and I have programs I listen to on the radio. I listen to gospel music on 88.7 and then listen to 103.9 The Bulldog and The Swap Shop, which I dearly love. The problem I have with the program is this: They say three items can be advertised for sale, no more or less, and that no one can advertise for profit. Now we have to listen to people who traffic and trade to make money and

profit and nothing is said, but people are jumped on for trying to sell coal or wood. You know, they are out to make a living just like these guys are who are trading, especially on in the 785 calling area who always has the best dog that ever drew breath. I was enjoying my program Thursday morning, but all of a sudden Jingle Bells calls and the stories started. What’s the deal here? Let people call in and sell what they have to sell. Thank you.

. I would like to make a complaint about our Letcher County Health Department. Three weeks ago I went into the Whitesburg library and found books full of mold. I called the health department to come check it out and they never have shown up. When I opened that book and a mold cloud came out I started sneezing and got sick. I think it’s a public health concern and the health department needs to address it. Thank you.

. A friend asked me if I’d ever heard Frankie Justice tell a joke. I thought a minute and said no. He said well you probably haven’t because he wouldn’t be funny if he did tell a joke.

. I just hate to see all that flooding down there in Louisiana. I hate to see those people put out of their homes and businesses. It’s so bad. I hope they are helping them more than what I can see on TV. It will take years and years for them to recover from that. I’m praying and hoping things will get better down there. Same thing for California. That place is burning to the ground and people’s lives are destroyed in a split second and they lose what took their whole life to accumulate. They can’t get it back and I hate to see it. I’m hoping and praying things will get better for them.

. I would like to thank whoever is responsible for the two horn dogs who were at the walking track and couldn’t get up off the stage without making out every time someone walked by. Whoever is responsible for that, I tip my hat to you. Thank you for doing your job. And whoever’s daughter that is, if you don’t do something with her you are going to have another one in your family because all that lying around is going to get her swollen up.

. Do you ever notice how Jenkins has some sixthgraders on their peewee team and other sixth-graders on the middle school team. It seems like if you’re real good the smaller grades grab you for some reason. I wonder what’s up with that.

The wrath of God has come down on Louisiana it seems like with all that flooding and death happening. It’s a catastrophe. And where’s the president? He’s playing golf. Where’s Hillary? She’s a Martha’s Vinyard helping her old man celebrate his 70th birthday. Where’s Donald Trump? He’s in Louisiana. What does he have in his hand? It’s not a golf club; it’s a package to help them. Now who would you rather have for president — a man who has more money than a horse has hair or a man who has a golf club and says we know what’s going on? America is going to be right again, because God backs our nation.

. The court system in Letcher County is a failure again. I thought we would have something done with the Jenny Lea Academy bandits. Instead, I see them running up and down the road all the time. It is pitiful that we have this type of judicial system in this county.

. To a certain girl in Doty Creek: You were warned to keep that white boxer bulldog up but I see you have not. Instead you bring the stupid thing back and let it run around loose again. If it comes in my yard after my chickens again I’ve got a Remington 270 with a high-powered scope on it. And I will shoot it.

. If you do not like Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump either one as a candidate for president of the United States, then you should vote for the one whose political party is more in favor of keeping democracy and conservatism of citizens’ rights and freedoms intact; that would be Donald Trump. If you want subversion to take place in the United States and a new form of government other than democracy established, then vote for Hillary Clinton; her administration will bring about the most wonderful form of communism based upon pure socialism, ever was. Why not tell it like it is? Right now American citizens have the only chance left to rescue the United States from the elite core of subverters who, in turn, control the Washington, D.C. (the federal government), and the ‘political establishment’ that runs it. Right now, it is up to the United States citizens how they will be living five or ten years from now — you should vote for Trump. You can always impeach Trump and replace him by moving the acting vice president into the president’s office. That is how they handled the Nixon problem years ago. But, if Hillary gets in there, the establishment will not allow any impeachment of Hillary to take place — and then you will have lost the election after all.

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