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This is a warning for people who live on Carcassone and Elk Creek: People’s houses are being burglarized. They know who did one of them. It was a couple who live in Perry County. They will do it again.

A certain woman and her son have done nothing but cause trouble for me and my family for the last ten years. You can’t even get out in your yard to hunt nightcrawlers without them coming out to run their mouth. You think you’re going to bully me around forever? You are going to answer for all you have done. Just keep on laughing and keep on celebrating. Your days are numbered.

If I was a certain woman I would be ashamed to show my face in public. She can’t go to a restaurant or anywhere else without people talking about her.

Everyone has a story, and here’s mine: What brought us all together is what tore us all apart. I personally feel like I lost a lot of myself, and it really took the best of me. Sometimes I sit around a campfire and smell the smoke and can almost hear us sitting around talking and laughing and having a big time with the music blasting. We were all young and innocent and wild and free. We had no idea what life had in store for us, but we would soon find out. We all laughed and cried, lied to each other, lived together, loved and died. We all got wild and crazy at times. Actually, it was too much and it all got out of hand. I was looking for something, but I don’t know what. But there are some good things to remember. And that’s for sure. Huey Lewis is still looking good. And the heart of rock and roll must really be in Cleveland. Tom Petty is still around, and I’m glad to see he’s still ‘Free Falling.’ The Town House is no longer there either. You can only see a slight imprint where it stood. You can’t get a good steak and green beans around there anymore. I sure liked the people although I didn’t know them that well. All I know is the few times I went there she was really nice to me. The old picnic table is gone. I’m sure glad about that. Talk about memories. If that baby could talk we’d all be in trouble. I used to run around singing ‘Jack and Diane.’ Some of us are still here now and some of us are gone. I made a lot of mistakes, but they were my mistakes. The bridges have all been burned. I don’t ever see myself crossing any of them again. I’m a little bit older now, but I still love men in black. As we all know, everybody’s got a ‘Hungry Heart.’ Some of us just feed it more.

Girls, let me tell you something. I jumped off the train. It was quite a ride. Do whatever you want to do. Snort all of the white and pink powder you can hold. You’re not going to find peace of mind there. You can drink Budweiser until you drown in it, but it’s not going to help you. You’re not big, you’re not wild, you’re not cute. Men will take whatever they can find, and you’re not going to be the one in the white dress carrying a bouquet of flowers. And you’re not going to be the one they want to take home to see their mother. Every man you sleep with will take a little tiny chunk out of your heart. Life sure has offered me a lot of lessons to learn. To beat it all, I haven’t learned any of them yet.

Just for the record, the renovation of the Old Jenkins High School has not been a drain on the county. On the contrary, it has provided many jobs and has put most of its special $1.5 million grant into the local economy through the companies that have done the work so far. Hundreds of people have donated money, valuable items, time, and days of labor to save the building and further its renovation. The elevator and Mary Jo Botto lobby, which is handicap-accessible, are now finished. Now that some of the fiscal court members are working to end the county ownership, surely the logical owner should be the City of Jenkins since that is where the building is located and greatly needed. I hope Jenkins residents will encourage Mayor Dixon and the council to accept the building back into its heritage. Those of us who love it will make sure it is not a liability.

There are some smartmouthed boys working at a certain convenience store. They need to be fired.

I think that twenty-year reunion on TV is just a total waste of time. You can just see the pain in that one girl’s eyes. They were divorced. Get over it. Move on. Life doesn’t stop. It has to keep going. You can’t go back twenty years and start digging stuff back up.

My dear biblically illiterate nephews, you have done wrong so long it is hard for you to tell right from wrong. One category: Lie, cheat and steal. Another category: Sex, drugs and alcohol. One more: Hate and murder. I don’t know if you’ve gone that far yet, but you keep running with Satan and it will come to pass. Here’s something: Anytime a man wants to reject Satan and humble himself to believe and confirm to God, he is free to do so. If he will, then he can see right, hear right, understand right, and become converted. He will have peace, love, happiness and joy. Remember, He is just a prayer away. Do something for humanity and stop the madness.

Hey, buddy. Since your wife left you’ve really got yourself a nice looking woman now. She looks twice as good as the one you were with. Hope you’re happy.

Married ladies should not sleep with high school boys. It is disgraceful and shameful.

I feel like I live in a communist country when a cop without a warrant can reach into your house, grab you out of your house, jerk you around, curse you and call you names even though you have never been in trouble before in your life. I am going to find out if something can be done with this cop.

Was anyone who reads Speak Your Piece in a certain store on Saturday, March 15, when an assistant manager threw a young man out of the store? The police weren’t called because the young man didn’t do anything. They told him he couldn’t come back for three years, and he didn’t do anything. Please reply if you know anything about this incident or if you have been treated in this manner.

To the person in Texas: I won’t stoop to your level. Get your facts straight. I am a decent human being. I thought you were level-headed, but your comments show that you jump the gun and pass rash judgment like a very immature person does. I wish you all the best. It seems you would know my phone number and would call me instead of putting something in Speak Your Piece.

I hear you can indict a ham sandwich in Letcher County, but I would like to think the grand jury wouldn’t waste the court’s time without evidence.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors on Brickyard Hill. We are so happy to see that deteriorated eyesore of a house torn down – 99 percent of us, anyway. Thanks also for the nice landscaping job. A level lot on Brickyard Hill? Unheard of.

After reading the public notices section in the back of The Mountain Eagle, I am really teed off that someone can tell us how to live our life on our own property. I don’t see how the fiscal court can get away with bullying us people and telling us how to live our life. They think Letcher County is a tourist attraction? All it is drug dealers and bootleggers. Why don’t they just learn to leave us people alone?

To a man on Craft’s Colly: Guess what? I’m back in town. And I hear that a woman who used to be mine finally kicked you to the curb. Your loss is going to be my gain. You are such a fool to let go of what you had.

I’ve been selling set-ups for the cornhole game in Letcher County. To the people who say I’m charging too much: It is what it is.

If I was you I would bury that money before someone asks for some of it.

Go ahead and make my day, baby.

Some people are blessed and some people are cursed.

Before you point your fingers at me, you better stop and think about what you’ve done. You don’t have it hidden like you think you do. So the next time you get ready to judge me, think about some of the skeletons that are in your closet.

I thought the senior citizens buildings were for the senior citizens. Many of the seniors have health problems, yet people are still smoking in the buildings. What’s the point?

‘School shooting’ By CLH: No one never did realize/How he felt inside/He was so alone at school/He just wanted to be cool/ He needed a friend/But no one knew how it would end/On that day/He was so tired of being pushed away/Tired of getting picked on/Tired of being called a moron/Tired of getting beat up/ He screams ‘I’ve had about enough I’m about to blow up’/ He was stuck alone in this world/ What a lonely world/He would cry but no one would see/No one would believe/He would scream but no one would hear/He never thought he would do something so severe/ But that day he was pushed too far/He was tired of every day fighting a war/You know you can only take so much/ And you lose your touch/Everyone knew what they did but kept silent/Even though they knew it was violent/That day at school he had brought a gun/He knew he had to finish what they had begun/ He was tired of them getting pleasure/He knew death was the only measure/To fix his pain/He cried out in vain/You were filled with hate/And used me as bait/ But now I’m filled with rage/I’m busting out of my cage/I’m going on a rampage/Something I anticipate/ He shot and killed some classmates/When they were younger they were playmates/ But later turned into bullies/ No longer buddies/Now he knew what’s done is done/He had finished what they had begun/ Now he has one last wish/Not just to vanish/But to decide/To try suicide/As the sirens wails got closer/His life would come to a closure/So he had figured/He would pull the trigger/To end his life/He never thought he would lead a good life/Everyone told him he was a mistake/Such a fake/One last time he cries/As he lies/Bleeding on the floor/Dying for sure/Still the question remains why/Why he wanted to die/And take the other’s lives?/ But he had a motive/They pushed him around/Kicked him to the ground/He cried out for help/ With a loud yelp/That was heard but ignored/And each time it felt like a sharp stab from a sword/ He begged the bullies to stop/But still went on nonstop/Since there was no help he felt like he was trapped in a cage/The pain filled him with outrage/The bullies wouldn’t quit/Killing and suicide it lead him to commit/No one would listen, no one would help, so he felt this was the only way/ For them to end their mean ways.

Shout out to the birthday girls: Happy birthday, Lexi Pooh. Happy birthday, Hannah Pooh. Also want a shout out to my little niece Jazzy Pooh. Love ya lil Pooh Pooh’s. From Cridal Bug.

I own some land and a house in Haymond with a camper and some automobiles that are not running. I need to sell them because I’ve been at war for years and just read the newspaper and saw the article about the new county nuisance law being passed. I think the whole county should vote on this issue, not just a few officials. I fight for all your freedoms as well as mine. I am proud to be a Letcher County resident and hope that while I am away fighting a war my property will not be stolen from me.

J. and F., have a great spring. I’ll see you in the summer. M.

I was sitting here thinking how this world is turning out – we are going downhill more and more every day. You know what we need – more unconditional love and trust. The best and truest love you will ever find is the love of a pet. They love you no matter what – all they want is some attention and to be fed. They will always greet you like you have been gone forever even if it was only five minutes. They are never hateful to you, they will always love you no matter what you look like and they will always trust you. If you are sick they will not leave your side. They will be content with you as long as you are with them. They do not pass judgment on you for any reason. So always remember that if you want something that you can always count on, get a pet. If the world was more like animals we would be a lot better off; we need to be less judgmental and more loving.

Check out You Tube . . . juggling . . . Chris Bliss. Great video.

I hope I am not the only one who thinks this new campaign by the Jenkins Police Department is a joke. Pulling people over for obeying the law? As the parent of a small child, are you kidding me? There have been a few times that I’ve been driving a fussy baby around and I sure don’t want the police pulling me over to tell me that my child is in its car seat. If they want to raise awareness about car seats and boosters, perhaps they could try holding a car seat safety check at the police or fire department. I know a lot of people have a hard time figuring those boogers out and I had to drive to Whitesburg to have the fire department there check ours. From what I read, I’m assuming that all of these ‘treats’ have been donated and this isn’t a huge waste of our tax dollars. I would be ashamed to be wasting the time of the citizens of Jenkins. Are they going to be stopping people on their way to work? I know I’m not the only one who has zero extra time in the morning. I realize they are trying to show people that all police interactions aren’t negative, but this is not the way to do it.

It’s always been fun to waller/ in litter and in filth and in squalor./ But if Hubbard has his way,/ and gets the last say,/we may have to clean up the holler.

Don’t understand the fuss on timber theft,/or being sullen, frustrated and bereft./But I think it’s a crime,/the law took so much time,/that hardly any timber is left.

I found out who my true friends were. I’ve helped many people out, especially those I considered my friends. But when my times got tough there was no one there to help. Well, I’m done helping people out, a lot of people have lost a honest friend. It is sad to say but I can guarantee that if I had drugs I would have more friends. It is a shame what the world has come to.

To the hot guy in Rocky Hollow: If the offer is still good, you know where I live. Let’s make the rumors true.

The Gibson family reunion will be the last Saturday in June. Please make plans to attend.

Kathy: Have a wonderful month. Marty.

Letcher County’s greatest problem is drug abuse, and I think the efforts to relieve it have been ineffective, irresponsible, and largely counterproductive. The usual treatment is arrest, and sometimes jail. There’s talk of other things, but that’s about all it is. It’s about as effective as having misbehaving school kids stand in a corner for punishment, and about as up to date. UNITE only offers more of the same. Their education, training, and rehabilitation, are no more than token efforts – designed more for the media than for addiction. What is needed is obvious – legitimate rehabilitation facilities. County leaders have powerful pulpits for promoting these facilities. The circuit judge, the judge/executive, the prosecutors, the magistrates, and others are remiss in avoiding this leadership. Funding for anything is pretty much of a question mark now, but if there is another chance to make choices, this should rank right up with water and sewers. People affected by this, and that’s about everybody, should be screaming their heads off.

Court delays do more for criminals than a crooked lawyer could. Witnesses move away or die, and some of them are forgetful, and the people harmed are eventually ground down, and some of them quit. The whole thing is so discouraging that most people think there’s no use to even try.

I do appreciate the work going into trying to get timber theft legislation. These people are trying their best, but no legislation or anything else is going to work until the law gets interested. They need to see people, and show some understanding, and answer or return calls, and do their jobs.

I haven’t heard but I’d make a bet, that the Potters haven’t gone to the grand jury yet./They must be starting to wonder if they’ll ever prevail./And they must be beginning to start to see, a few more delays and the thief’s home free,/And the odds are getting less that he’ll go to jail.

This is for a certain ‘girl’: Where do you get off calling me a bad mother? You got yourself involved in an argument that had nothing to do with you. Throwing your husband’s money in my face and saying that I wish I had your life? Well, I hate to tell you but there no way he makes $100,000 a year just from working in the coal mines. Unless you’re figuring your drug money into that amount. Then telling me you’re going to come into my home and kill me, with my seven-month-old son present, all over a cat. Be happy that I spoke to your mother and was reminded that you are two months pregnant, because I would have felt horrible if I had caused you to lose that baby. Even though I wanted to make you regret what you said, had I known about the little one in your belly I wouldn’t have done anything. That innocent child didn’t ask for you to be its mother. I just hope you can give up your drug habit long enough for it to survive inside you. You act like you are above your family when you are one of the most pathetic low-lifes I have ever met. You should be focusing on being a better mommy yourself instead up playing kiss up with the bigwigs. Darling, you forget what family I married into. So, back to the cat. When I get an apology from you and the woman whose pity party you fell for, then I will return the cat. Given that I have had possession of the cat for over four months and I really don’t have to, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

What is going on in Jenkins? The new mayor has been in office for 16 months, and now he’s out recruiting people ‘he’ wants to run for the city council. All he’s interested in is the old JHS building and getting city hall moved down there. That’s not going to happen, Mayor. How silly to leave a building the city owns and pay another one rent. There is nothing fair and equitable with what’s going on when it comes to holding all citizens to the same standard. Several people living in Joe’s Branch get city water and sewage and don’t pay their bills. This is no secret to the mayor or anyone else. Everybody in Joe’s Branch knows this is the truth and many are furious. Think this isn’t true? The city books are public record for anyone to view. The mayor has been obsessed with eliminating insurance for the employees and has been opposed to giving them the slightest of raises from the minute he came into office. Thank goodness the council has more sense. He doesn’t hesitate to take his own salary. Mayor, you must be fair to all the citizens. You can’t let this one get a free ride on one thing and the next a free ride on another and then hold the third person that comes along accountable to the letter of the law. Your minions are out spreading false statements about the former administration. That administration left the city in good shape financially. Actually, there was a surplus. Mayor, that good old boy public face you put out there is going to turn many shades of red as the people begin to get the truth. There will be more to come, straight from the open books of city records. Jenkins is a small town. It’s impossible to have very many secrets.

To Jimmy: We want you to know that your family loves and misses you very much. I think it’s a shame that we don’t get to talk that much anymore. No matter what has happened in the past you still have family here that loves you and would love to see you and to hug you. We are and always will be your family, the ones that you can always depend on. We don’t ask for anything in return except your love. Please stop shutting us out like this. We want you to be happy, but I don’t know how you can be happy without your family. This is not what Mamaw wanted to happen to her family. We are supposed to stick together, not separate as soon as she passed away. We want our Jimmy back, the one that makes us laugh when all we feel like doing is crying, the one that loves us unconditionally. Please think about us when you read this. We love and miss you so very much. Your niece forever and always, Star.

Greetings from Frog Doctor: I have something important to say to the nosy people that have nothing better to do with their time but tell everyone else’s business. Keep your big mouth shut. Don’t you realize the consequences of the things that you are telling? You know who you are. You called and told your brother that lives in Ohio a bunch of things that do not concern you, and your brother called a certain man and told him what he had heard about his wife. Well, that information can get the wife into a very dangerous position. Do you not care what can happen to her? What is your problem? Is your life so dull that you have to start a bunch of crap? Do you not think that our family has been through enough the past six months? Give this certain woman a break. She has never done anything to you or your brother. She has always been good to you. You come over and act like you are her best friend then you stab her in the back. Well, with friends and a cousin like you who needs enemies? You are doing a good job at putting her life in harm’s way. Everyone is always telling you that you have a big mouth. Well, it’s time to mind your own business. Why don’t you clean up your own back yard before you try to clean up someone else’s?

To L.: I just wanted to let you know that I love you very much and I will always be there for you like you were for me. You tell me all the time how much you love me and miss me and how happy you are when we are together. Anytime you need me I’m just a phone call away. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Love you forever and always, your sweetie M.

That was good advice that someone called in about going to the Federal Building in Pikeville if you want to report something on corruption. God knows, there’s plenty of it, if it can just be rooted out. The officials there are easier to see and are more helpful than the locals. They can explain what constitutes an organized crime syndicate, and how racketeering is defined.

To the people questioning the patriotism of others: I am a veteran and I appreciate monuments, and I think there are plenty of them – Vietnam, Iwo Jima, Pound Gap and the others. I am patriotic too, but quietly so. I, like most veterans, don’t wear it on my sleeve. Most of the loudest patriots have never been in the military, just as the most militant hawks have never gone beyond ROTC. What veterans want is what the country promised them, and a lot aren’t getting – dignity and good medical treatment.

So the budget committee zapped your earmarks! More power to them, and too bad. Earmarks are patronage, pure and simple, and they cheat most of the people and mess up the budget. Now you’re back at square one. Why don’t you try doing it right this time?

It sure was nice of that guy to pay for his son’s girlfriend’s mistake. After all, she is so sweet and innocent he didn’t want her to lose her job. And he is right, she shouldn’t lose her job because she didn’t do anything wrong. She had no idea that the boy, which is her neighbor who had purchased over $519 of merchandise, had stolen those checks. Just because his name wasn’t on the checks and because he had used drugs in the past and had been in jail before didn’t mean she should suspect anything wrong with him using the checks. If you see this guy out in the community you should pat him on the back for being such a nice guy. How many people do you know would do this for their son’s girlfriend? What a guy. I think this guy is single, too. You single ladies out there better check into this one. He’s a winner. Just see how generous he is.

It’s about time that some people called out the low-life dope dealer for what he really is. I personally know this man and know exactly what a piece of trash he really is. His wife stood by him when he went to jail for selling drugs. Now that she is in trouble he runs out and shacks up with the first skank he can find. She looks like something off of the movie ‘Wrong Turn.’ He isn’t even man enough to take the blame for his own mistakes. He’d rather let his wife do it. He can’t even send his wife some money to buy a pop. What a pathetic loser. That’s okay. It’ll catch up with him sooner or later. By the way, I’m not scared to let him know who I am. He knows exactly who I am. And if he’s got a problem, he can let me know. I can drive to Whitesburg if need be. Thanks for printing my comments, so this loser can be exposed for what he really is – a big fat coward.

I love the timber theft poems and hope they continue, although the poet seemed doubtful in last week’s message. I don’t quite understand the issue, and wish it was more clear. Just curious.

If the report on education is anywhere near right, we may be so far over the top we should just move out and dam the place up. Another report said that one out of seven in Letcher County gets food stamps. This is not happy news. It does show that maybe we should twist our priorities and spending to another direction, though.

I feel for the parent whose son was taken to the detention center, but I don’t think she’s going to get much sympathy from her congressman. UNITE and drug court are sacred around that office. The people that I think know the most about the drug problem are calling for one solution and that is rehabilitation. The courts and congressmen have stubbornly wasted money and lives on things that are proven not to work. They’re mostly only interested in politics, anyway. The projects the fiscal court is wrangling over add up to a lot of money. Couldn’t some of that be spent for a facility, even if it’s not allowed to be used for administration? There was an article years ago that mentioned good results with a medication called Suboxone, or something like that. Was there ever any followup?

We do need water and sewer. Nobody who is without them will disagree with that. We also have a great need for recreation for our young people, and drug rehabilitation treatment. We also need a court system that gives everybody a level playing field. We don’t have that. We have a twolevel system and those on the lower level are out of luck. Why isn’t some of our money being spent on helping those who can’t help themselves?

I’ve heard it all now. The people in Adams Branch, Doty Creek, Carbon Glow, Elk Creek, and Bull Creek have bigger problems than coyotes. If someone wants to get out at night and look for things, why don’t they look for drug deals and report them?

The Mountain Eagle and TV often have stories about what bad shape we’re in. We have a lot of pollution and smoke more than people anywhere. We have more missing teeth and a higher poverty rate than anywhere. One out of seven gets food stamps. We have a big problem. My question is, how are we helping with the way we spend our money? I want to get in my vote for water and sewer.

It’s really frustrating to be hassled by drugheads day and night. It’s terrible to be in danger of break-ins all the time, and to have anything you don’t watch all the time stolen. The worst thing about it, though, is knowing you’re being taken advantage of by the rogues and by the law. That’s the most aggravating feeling of all. Calling and being told that the official you need is in conference or in court, and never getting a return call. Being told you have called the wrong office, and to go somewhere else.

Contractors who dodge payments and paperwork by calling employees contractors, are cheating those employees and should be reported to the state labor and workman’s compensation offices. The things they are holding back on may be very needed, someday.

The sun may be shining on my old Kentucky home, but not too brightly, according to the statistics in The Mountain Eagle, which did shoot a lot of myths to hell. One is that natural resource jobs – coal, gas, and timber – are supporting us. A total of 1,300 jobs for 25,000 people doesn’t seem like enough to justify tearing up our mountains and poisoning our environment, but people have apparently been convinced by these industries that without them we would be even more impoverished. Mining communities have been shown to be some of the most unhealthy in the world. Emphysema, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases peg the meter, and they aren’t confined just to miners. Everyone is vulnerable. Just look at the color of your car after you’ve been driving in the rain. It isn’t just rain-spattered, but has been turned to a dark gray, or a dull yellow, from the dust left by coal trucks. That’s what you’re breathing. Our only real hope for a healthy place to live and a decent economy is tourism, and that possibility is being jeopardized daily by those wrecking the area.

Last week the veteran wrote of the neglect for American flags at Jenkins. It is someone’s responsibility to care for the maintenance of these flags, but where are they? This man recognizes what the flag stands for and is stepping forth when it counts. Thank you, sir. And while we are on the topic of American flags, has anyone noticed the condition of the American flags at the cemetery at Ermine lately? Have you ever seen so much trash in a cemetery in your life? And the pieces of American flags flying there will absolutely make you sick. Apparently there is no one in charge of maintenance here either and has not been for a long time.

To Punk Face: I did care about you and I’m sorry if I misled you, but it could never work out for us. I wish you the best life has to offer.

To all men who cheat on their wives: For every single tear she’s shed/May you wake up with scorpions/In your bed./ And for every single tear she’s cried/May wild crows come/To pluck out your eyes./For every single mean word you’ve said/ May your ears turn black/And rot off your head./For every single lie you’ve told/May your teeth fall out/And your tongue turn to mold./For the lives of your children/That you threw away/May they complete shun you/And have nothing to say./ May you lose everything you own/Your car, your job/Your bank account and home./May you never be happy again./ Your family turns against you/ And you never have friends./ What goes around comes around/So they say./May you pay for what you did/’Til your dying day.

A couple of years ago there was a newspaper article written about the new Letcher County Jail. Hey, Letcher Countians, let me tell you about the real Letcher County Jail, which is located where the old Letcher County Library was. The women in cell 115 in the Letcher County Jail have trash bags hung up for shower curtains. It is a well known fact. The ladies in cell 115 also have a garbage bag hung up with tape to provide privacy for the ladies in cell 115.

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