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One last phone call. If one day I call you and try to tell you something, and you say, ‘uh huh, sure, sure, sure,’ a few days later you will remember the call and wonder what I was trying to say. Then you will get on the phone and try to call me, but you will get no answer when you dial my number. By then I’ll be long gone from this earthly body, and you will forever wish up on wish that you could turn back time and really listen to what I said to you in that one, last phone call to you. From an elderly person who called one last time.

. Since you are required to have a license to fish at Fishpond Lake, why does the state Fish and Wildlife Department not stock the lake with crappie and other fish besides trout? Why do the game wardens not patrol the lake? We have lost six or eight huge bass out of the lake because of snaring. When is it going to stop? Thank you.

. Hey, spaghetti legs. Why don’t you trade some of those cigarettes, Neurontin, and hydrocodone in on some Boost and vitamins? You look like a character out of the TV series ‘The Walking Dead.’ And why don’t you borrow some fat from your red-haired sisterin law? She’s got plenty to spare.

. I thought Christianity was supposed to be about Christians. I hear all of these people talking about living right and getting with the Lord. When they are in church they are, but when they’re outside working through the week it’s rock and roll music and everything else. That is not godly.

. How nice that the White House is sending over thirty eight million dollars to the coalfields to help laid off miners and how funny that Mitch ‘The Abominable No Man’ McConnell is trying to take credit for it. And I thought he was going go bring all those jobs back, so when is he going to start?

. Cleanliness is next to godliness. That phrase has been with us since 1778 and it is still true today. People, please clean yourselves and your property up.

. Hey, Mr. 49ers who won’t stand up for the national anthem: See it’s people like you who give people the difference of opinion about races. The national anthem — a proud American would have stood up, but you sit there making all your money sitting on your hind-end too proud to stand up for America. That’s the

reason there is a race problem — people like you. If I had been standing beside you I would have slapped the hell out of you. Anyway, those who burn flags fit right into your category. Any man who won’t stand up — if he’s able to stand up — for the national anthem needs slapped. I’m proud to be an American.

. In the Masonic Home Journal, someone got up in 2014 and read off names who were behind on their dues and said my sorry son-in-law was two years behind. Why didn’t they put that in the Masonic Home Journal? He filed for bankruptcy two or three times and he’s not been in that lodge five times in 15 years. Why wasn’t that put in the Masonic Home Journal? Thank you.

. Can someone come to Elk Creek and make those three nasty places clean up? Two have trailers that need burned to the ground. Nobody lives in them. The third is just plain nasty around it. Everyone is tired of driving by and seeing the filth. Can’t our county do something to clean these messes up? Elk Creek used to be such a pretty place.

. I am calling about that shooting in Chicago of Dwyane Wade’s cousin. I was watching CNN and it said that since noon Saturday — this is Sunday evening — there have been four more killings and 12 more people shot in a 24-hour-period since the killing of Dwyane Wade’s cousin. I know we are on the outside looking in and we don’t understand the situation, but why not bring the National Guard in there. Everything else they have tried has failed, even though these two guys they caught were career criminals who shouldn’t even have been out of prison. Our president is on a thing now where it’s release them from prison early. Well, right here’s a prime example of what releasing people gets you. Why not try the National Guard? You’re going for broke anyway. I’m on the outside looking in; I just wish it would stop. I hope there is some kind of solution to it. I hate to see innocent people being shot and killed up there. It is so unnecessary.

. Well, Hillary Clinton’s idea of getting rid of the Second Amendment would be great for all of the black people in Chicago — just Chicago.

. The media should be ashamed of itself for creating Donald Trump in the first place, and even more

ashamed for still trying to make this biggest liar in the history of politics appear to be a normal candidate all in the name of high ratings. As untrustworthy as Hillary Clinton is, she is still more believable than Donald Trump. How sad that we are left with these two as our presidential candidates.

. If Hillary Clinton gets to be president I am going to be living on an island far away from the United States.

. It looks like the Letcher County law has gotten another meth lab taken care of. Thank you, guys, very seriously. Now I hope the court system can do something with these deadbeats. People like these are what are going to destroy our county. But I’d like to give the law another little tip, because I know where another one of those labs is. I am not giving any names or direction for sure where it is, but it is between Maggard’s Grocery and Allen K. Hollow. Now it’s up to you guys to go find this location. Please do something about this before our children are destroyed.

. I would like to let a girl who used to live in Cram Creek know the guy she is with definitely has hepatitis. She needs to be tested. Thank you.

. I have a real serious question, and I’m not asking it to be sarcastic. Why is it at Jenkins, if you are an average ballplayer in the sixth grade you get to play on the middle school football team, but if you’re really good you get to play with the younger kids — the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders? I can’t understand why that is. The only reason I’m concerned is because you have really good athletes playing with much smaller kids, then you’ve got kind of mediocre kids getting beat to death by older kids. Why is that?

. If Hillary Clinton loses this election it will because it was stolen by Russia on behalf of Putin’s good friend, Comrade Donald Trump. Putin knows that he can take over the world in no time if he can only get his own czar, Deranged Donald Trump, in the White House.

. This is to the disgusting idiot who wrote the stupid three-point rant against the Paul Morris Committee and bluegrass music: I as a member of the committee will reply to he or she or it as the case may be. Here is the reply: Number one, the music this person refers to as lousy is bluegrass, the official music of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Number two, what he, she or it calls a whining committee is a legitimate group of people concerned about how WXKQ treated an 80-yearold Letcher County icon. Number three, a mouth and a pacifier would be more appropriate for he, she or it who can only use baby terminology to express themselves. Finally, just as folks can simply turn the knob to get away from WXKQ, this mentally retarded being can simply turn the page from Speak Your Piece if he, she or it does not like what Paul Morris supporters call in. That is if he, she or it can get its thumb out of its mouth long enough. There. That was easy, wasn’t it?

. It seems to me like Chief Gary Rogers and the Letcher Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad has gone to the dogs. Why are they giving jobs to people who have been arrested four or five times?

. To my neighbor who lives up on the hill in a little brown trailer: Honey, I would really appreciate it if you would slow down going down the hill by my house. I have grandchildren who ride bicycles and you go down this hill at 40 miles per hour every day. I hope and wish that you slow that car down. You’re not in that big of a hurry. Don’t get mad; just slow your car down. There’s no sense in driving

like that.

. Does anyone know who the most admired man in the world — seven years in a row — is? Give up? It’s that old black president — you know, the one the white Republican evangelist preachers hate so much. Does anyone know the only president in history who won the Nobel Peace Prize and gave the whole milliondollar reward to charity? You guessed it, it’s that same old black president.

. Does anybody know if they caught the robbers? When did we start allowing gambling that pays out thousands and thousands of dollars? I thought that was illegal in the state of Kentucky. Someone should check in on this. I don’t feel sorry for the old man. He brought exactly upon himself what he deserves. You handle big money and gambling possessions and you make somebody mad, they are going to tell someone and you are going to get robbed — every time. Thank you.

. To a certain person: You came to my house and everything was nice. Now that you are gone I find out I am missing an air rifle, what you probably thought was a .22. You know who you are; I know who you are, and if you ever come back don’t come back to my house. I hope your buddy didn’t have anything to do with it.

. The Democrat people of Letcher County are really not too bright. They will not blame Obama and Hillary Clinton for their wrongs. It’s time to wake up, Letcher County.

. Bill O’Reilly was right about his comment about Letcher County. People are too sorry to get off the couch and help themselves. It’s time to get a job. Wake up, America.

. How stupid has our country become when people are actually considering a joke like Trump for the offi ce of president? Who could have imagined that so many people would be willing to bow down to such a fool?

. I took my autistic child to a library program. Things were going good. The young girl running the program seemed to be really dedicated. Then another woman came in and started trying to control my special needs child to the point she had him in tears. I will never go back to that library again.

. I saw on the news on TV the other night about five Louisville police offi cers being refused service by employees who were overheard saying they were going to ‘mess with them.’ I’ll tell you what should have been done. If those boys were 18 years old the officers should have pulled their guns, badges and everything else off and turned around and messed with them. They should have given them a good oldfashioned whipping and made young men out of them instead of vagrants.

. To the citizens of Letcher County: I was just calling to see if you were aware that the county government is loaning its equipment out to the Gordon Volunteer Fire Department. Taxpayer dollars are being used on private property. The Mountain Eagle should look into what the county is letting the fire department do. It’s a shame that this county has gotten to the point where it has. The dozer has been at Gordon for three weeks.

. I would like to make a correction on something I put in Speak Your Piece last week: The boys’ fourwheeler didn’t hit the metal Dumpster. They wrecked trying to dodge it. I’ve almost wrecked trying to dodge that thing. So they did need to move the Dumpster. Thank you.

. Thank you to Speak Your Piece for letting the people

of this area air our grievances and issues. It makes a lot more difference than you would ever think.

. They are cooking a fresh batch of meth on Pert Creek. You can tell when they do it, because they always burn rubber or plastic to hide the smell.

. A question for all Donald Trump supporters: Could you please tell me one thing Trump has put in his platform, if he even has a platform, that you believe will help our coal industry here in eastern Kentucky? Trump has also promised to help the natural gas industry. How can he help both at the same time since natural gas has greatly helped to put the coal business under? I am a lifelong conservative who has voted Republican my entire life, but I will not be voting for Trump. He is a sociopathic narcissist who will destroy our party if he is elected and put us even further under the control of the liberals for many years to come.

. When you look at this Dr. Bornstein character, something awful is going on about Donald Trump’s health report. Why would Trump choose this character of a gastroenterologist to attest for the overall condition of his health? How many people go to a stomach doctor for their

regular checkups? Even the good doctor, who looks like he’d be fun to hang out with, said the letter he wrote for Trump was mostly a joke.

. Everything that is going on in this world is so devastating and upsetting. Everyone: keep your heads up, stay aware, make a change, and be a positive influence in the world. Thank you.

. My best friend would be 42 if only his mother had allowed him to live a normal life.

. As a former Letcher County resident, I love you people. This year we have a very important presidential election. While I agree the choice is not the greatest, I ask you this: Are you better off with Obamacare? Many of you depend on coal mining; do you really believe that Hillary cares about you? Some of you have suffered from the infidelity of husbands or fathers. Is there any woman in Letcher County that would have put up with Bill? Remember Bill’s females and Hillary’s e-mails. Many of you have relatives in Indiana. Governor Pence has been a good representative of the people and now he is running for vice president. No matter how you vote, please vote. If you do not vote you have nothing to complain about in the next four years.

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