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I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the 11 o’clock news and listened as people said they couldn’t figure out why people are overdosing on all new drugs on the street. Well, when you take prescribing pain medicine away from the doctors and then open up a bunch of pain clinics with your new legislation and then you shut them down, where do you think people are going to get their opiates to which they slowly but surely became addicted? Think about it. I think the authorities knew it was coming and I don’t think they care. The way they see it, if you’re low enough to do drugs they don’t want you living on this earth with them anyway.

. To a certain person: You hadn’t been around for a long time, and when you did come you stole something before you left. It was black. You know who you are. If that’s the best you can do, don’t ever come around me again, because I will lay a

plan for you.

. The owner of the Green Acres Cemetery in Whitesburg should be ashamed. A member of my family was buried there recently. I was shocked by the condition of the cemetery. The grass and weeds are high. The barrels are overflowing with flowers and garbage. The roads are bad as well. What is so hard about patching the holes in the road with blacktop or even gravel? It used to be a pretty cemetery; now it is an eyesore and a disgrace. Please show a little respect for the dead and for their families who are grieving. Thank you.

. Warning to all corrupt people at all levels worldwide. You are about to be dealt with from God courtesy of Donald Trump. Why is everyone coming after Trump? They are scared to death. They have every right to be.

. This is Paul Morris. I first would like to thank The

Mountain Eagle for printing nice news items about me and my work in radio over the years, especially the feature article on the front page that ran back on July 2, 2014. Second, thank you to Speak Your Piece for printing the lengthy comments that were in the paper on February 2 and April 6 of 2016. I tried with these calls to explain the unjust treatment I received when my programs were cancelled without notice on January 1, 2016. I only learned about the drastic action when listeners wanting to know why I was not on the air called me. I had hoped some of the these calls I mentioned above would answer most people’s questions, but since then there have been several calls both for and against my programs in Speak Your Piece. This is OK; everyone has his or her own opinion about music. But after reading what someone called in on Page 8, column 3 of the August 24 edition of Speak Your Piece, I felt bound to call in a correction. The socalled derogatory remarks I was accused of making on the air were requests for sponsors for the program. Ever since the beginning of the bluegrass and gospel music program 40 years ago I always requested sponsors on the radio. As near as I can remember, the following is the kind of statement I made, and I quote: ‘If you’d like to sponsor a piece of the show please call me. No need to call the station. They have never sold a dime’s worth of time on my programs.’ These statements were 100 percent true. I always sold my own ads. The person who called in the message of August 24 went on to say that the station had asked me to stop making the remarks or I would be pulled off the air. If anyone at WXKQ told this person that I can only say it was a bald-face lie. In 40 years of radio I was never warned about or asked not to say anything on any subject. The person making this call admitted they were not well aware of what happened with this situation, and that is certainly true. As I have said before, I am trying to get on with my life. I’m 80 years old and living in a nursing home, but I still love the music. ‘Hymns From the Hills,’ my gospel music program, is still on the radio

each Sunday morning at 7 and each Sunday night at 8 on the Internet at WXLNRADIO. COM. I am not trying to discourage call-ins to Speak Your Piece either for or against my now-deceased radio programs. I’m just surprised and disappointed that WXKQ management would apparently add insult to injury by telling lies about the circumstances. I’m also told that WXKQ had been tracking my program since June of 2015 listening for these so-called derogatory remarks, but not once — not even once — did anyone pick up the telephone or a pencil to call or write to me after a 40-year relationship. Now how does that sound to you, dear friends? Please let me pose one more question: How would you feel, Mr. Station Manager, if someone in your family received an e-mail on Monday morning asking this family member to tell you that you were dismissed from the radio station and could not even have your items at the station returned to you?

. How many jobs will be guaranteed to Letcher County people if the new federal prison is built here? And here’s a question about tourism: Who wants to visit a prison town?

. Hey, Letcher County ladies. If you’re missing your husband in the evening time, most likely he is over at a certain cemetery with another woman in a little Toyota car.

. Look who has moved into Blair Branch. It’s my ex-best friend to whom I sold my Matchbox cars and NASCAR collection. You cheated me and traded me a bunch of junk for it. I have learned not to ever deal with people like you again. Your dad and I were good friends, but you cheated me.

. It would seem my suggestions to the so-called Paul Morris Committee for Naps and Pacifiers has struck a nerve. Have any of you folks considered taking yourselves to the radio station to speak to the management — or is that just too simple? Or is it that you just want to hide behind the newspaper to whine and cry? Have any of you actually spoken to the people at the station? Perhaps this socalled ‘Letcher County icon’

did something he shouldn’t have, but you wouldn’t want to hear about that, would you? I called them, and they told me what happened. They even played a few audio clips to clarify the situation. They had good reason to kick Paul Morris to the curb. Call me names if you’d like, but I’ll continue to let you know what I think about the situation.

. My ancestors have fought — and some of them died — for over 200 years for the Star Spangled Banner. If you don’t respect Old Glory then get your useless butt out of my country.

. The two teams that claim to be the big dogs in the Big Ten — I call it the Little Ten — football conference are Ohio State and Michigan. While the college football season started out with games such as LSU taking on Wisconsin at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Ohio State played Bowling Green and Michigan played Hawaii. Ooh, that really had us shaking in our boots. If you want to run with the big dogs, get up on the porch where the big dogs are. If you can’t run with the big dogs then get off the porch. The SEC opened full-throttle, not afraid of anybody, and here the Big Ten’s top two teams played what are basically community colleges.

. Dear editor: I would like to say to you and your people that I appreciate you for printing the truth. I would also like to say that I wish God in all of His mercy and love would reach down and touch each one of you and tell you that He’s still on the throne. I’m not even a church person, but I am calling to tell you that.

. Who do we contact if we know that a certain somebody is handing out more than the mail?

. In last week’s Mountain Eagle there was a story about five being arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Three of them were caught in a car and had two more charges. Their bonds were set at $5,000. The other two were charged with one offense, manufacturing meth, and their bond was $25,000. It doesn’t matter if the three had a blemish on their past record or not. That is not fair. Things are not done fairly in Letcher County. The bonds should be the same amount for all. I think that is so unfair. It’s not right. The Rayburns got their bonds set at $5,000 and bond for the Potters was set at $25,000. Is it the name in Letcher County? If not, tell me what

it is. Thank you from a concerned citizen.

. There is a lady in jail in Letcher County charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor. All of it pertains to manufacturing methamphetamine or something to do with meth. Her bond is $10,000. Then you’ve got three charged with meth whose bonds are $5,000. Then you have two boys being held under $25,000 for one charge each of manufacturing meth, first offense. What is going on here? The woman is even charged with endangering a minor. It’s not that I’m lashing out at the other people, it’s the charges and the bonds that I feel are wrong. In Letcher County it’s who you are and how much money you have that matters. Have a great day.

. I would like to share a little piece I caught on Facebook. It says, ‘Forcing your religious beliefs on others in the name of religious freedom makes people hate your religion, not join it. Most Christians hate other Christians because other Christians don’t hate the same people most Christians hate. It’s called politics from the pulpit.’

. I think it’s a shame how the good old boy system is working at the Whitesburg courthouse. I just saw on the 6 o’clock news where a boy in Clay County who was under the influence and crashed into a guy’s car and killed him received a 30- year sentence. In Whitesburg, someone on drugs — five different kinds of drugs — hit our family member and he gets three months in jail and probation. It’s a shame and it will never change.

. It looks like the Neon law, the county law, the state police or somebody would put a stop to the guy in Hemphill who runs up and down the road on the little crotch rocket. He’s on probation and doesn’t have a license, yet he is able to be out on his motorcycle. What else do you need?

. I have a couple of complaints. When I called the sheriff ’s office to report something they picked the phone up and then hung it back up. It’s just like when you go to the emergency room with a broken leg and they make you sit there two or three hours before sending you to Hazard for bone surgery. When you make a report to the sheriff ’s offi ce about somebody doing something illegal they act like it is hearsay and they can’t do anything about it.

We need some new law enforcement in Letcher County — somebody who will step up to the plate.

. I just recently went to renew my driver’s license. I was going to use a debit card and they said it was a $2 extra charge for the use of a debit card. What is this courthouse bunch coming to? Two-dollars here $2 there; this is ridiculous.

. It’s funny how the guy who installed all the computer cabinets in at Burdine Elementary did out of the goodness of his heart and didn’t want any thanks for his work. Then the revenue statement for the Jenkins school system comes out in the paper and shows where this same guy was paid $1,989.

. Albert Ray Wilder has once again avoided arrest. How many women does he have to be charged with battering, how many homes does he have to be accused of burning, how many people can he allegedly shoot, and how many times can he stay hidden? It is a shame that our law system cannot catch up with this one man. From what I can understand, he sold his four-wheeler and other stuff and has gotten out of the area. This man needs to be caught.

. To the Kentucky State Police and the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office and the chiefs of police: When are going to wake up and do something about the drug epidemic in Letcher County? How many more people are going to have to die before something is done? If it were your children or your grandchildren, what the heck would you do?

. Politicians don’t talk about cutting their big pensions. Coal company executives don’t talk about cutting their big pay, and the Friends of Coal executives make more money than any coal miner would, but then they talk about cutting black lung and Social Security benefits.

Instead of giving big bonuses to the executives of bankrupt coal companies, it looks like they would get rid of them and give the bonuses to new hires that could do something about making a company profitable. I never heard of rewarding somebody for bankrupting a company until recently. Of course, King Coal has always rewarded leaders, not workers.

. If you hardcore Democrats of Letcher County think Hillary Clinton is going to help you in any way, look at the last eight years and what it has gotten you. Look what the Democrats have done in this country. If you’re looking for welfare and handouts she is the person to vote for. If you want a job, vote for Donald Trump.

. I would like to tell you all about this cable company we have up here in Whitesburg. They play the same thing over and over. Everything is a rerun. I don’t know what the cable company has against us all, but nobody is getting anything but reruns and ballgames. It’s the same thing on every channel. I pay $80 a month for cable, then when I turn my TV on there is nothing on but what already showed back in the Sixties and Seventies. All there is ‘Andy Griffith’ and ‘Matlock’ and other shows we have seen one thousand and one times. Why don’t they put something on there we’ve never seen before? Don’t they make movies anymore?

. Look at yourself. Do you like what you see after what drugs and alcohol have done to you? It’s a shame you would let Satan drag you down this far. Ask God to come into your life. Ask Jesus Christ to forgive you. Tell Him you are sorry. Your life will get better right then. Anyway, how come the Democrats don’t want to build a wall? Could it be the drug running? Could it be the guns we give the cartels to shoot people with? When I saw Trump standing by the president of Mexico they were negotiating building the wall. They were talking about it. If that ain’t presidential I don’t know what is. Whose watch was it on when ISIS started their killing? They are not Boy Scouts anymore. The United States can be picked back up and become a great nation again. I will take time, but it can be ‘did’ within four years. And those four years can be ‘did’ with the help of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless America. And I feel sorry for the junkies and the alcoholics. Satan is taking them right on down. Repent, sinners.

. Did the Letcher County Planning Commission forget to tell the people why the

U.S. Bureau of Prisons has to redesign the entry road and property lines? I think they forgot. If they are going to tell people what is going on, tell them the whole truth.

. I live on Cowan and I just looked around and realized I’m surrounded by a bunch of stinking Democrats. Ain’t that what you all are at The Mountain Eagle there, a little bit biased? Anyway, you will censor this, which is antifree speech. Go ahead. A bunch of stinking Democrats. I’m glad I’m the only Republican around. To hell with all of you. (For the record, two words of your message were changed. We removed the curse word that begins with the letter ‘F’ and cut out the blasphemous ‘GD’ word, both of which you used to describe your neighbors on Cowan.)

. Obama had another one of his three-week vacations in Martha’s Vineyard with all those white billionaires he always complains about. Then he had only 40 minutes to spend in flood-ravaged Louisiana, and then it was off to another trip to Hawaii.

. I don’t know why the state or county police don’t do something with the mother-son duo with the drug ring going on in the Millstone area. They are sending 10 to 12 people a month to the Subutex clinics in Johnson City. I think the police need to check on this mother and son.

. Let me get this straight. The Whitesburg Police Department called the man who got robbed a ‘businessman’? I didn’t know that running a poker game qualifi ed you as a businessman. Weeks earlier the same bandits robbed a retired schoolteacher up here in Neon. You didn’t hear the state police call him a businessman; you didn’t even hear a report on it. I think it’s a disgrace that taxpayer dollars are paying police officers to investigate crimes against illegal poker games. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Thank you.

. If anybody needs doctoring

or a caretaker I would highly recommend Joseph Banks. He is very wonderful. I had to quit the place where I was being seen because every time I needed a refill someone would talk smart to me or say something ugly. So I finally changed doctors after all these years and found a good one. Again, I highly recommend Joseph Banks, whose office is in Ermine. He is a very wonderful and nice caregiver.

. Congratulations to the riders who participated in the annual Jenkins Annual Homecoming Days Riders’ Benefit for the little boy who has cancer. If you riders know who the rider was in the main back of the photo in The Mountain Eagle in the main back behind the redheaded lady with glasses, please let me know. I think I know the guy. Also, they should have had more carnival rides at Isom Days this year. A lot of people were disappointed.

. I thought families were supposed to be by each other’s side and be able to help them when they are in need, but, boy, was I fooled. Have a good day.

. There’s a man over here on Colson who rides a four-wheeler all the time but doesn’t wear a helmet. Someone needs to check it out before somebody hits him. He’s going to cause an accident.

. Every week I read about the continuing saga of the Paul Morris Story. I agree he is probably an icon of Letcher County, and I agree that bluegrass music is the roots of Kentucky. Wow. But, bluegrass does not belong on a rock and roll station. You know what I’m saying?

. Folks of eastern Kentucky, here is a dilemma. We in Letcher County have two good men running for circuit court judge. Both are good men; one is a great man. The other, if you have money, he is your friend. But I would rather have someone who doesn’t require wealth to be on your side. Think long, hard, and turn over all stones before you place your vote. It cannot be redeemed. Thank you

and God bless.

. Although we didn’t say ‘I do,’ there is no reason why I can’t keep on loving you. I will love you forever and I’m not ashamed to tell you. I thought we ‘went together like a horse and carriage,’ but ‘love and marriage’ didn’t follow. There is a reason why you didn’t love me as I loved you, but I’ll not dwell on that. I just think of you always with love, no hatred. Blessings to you.

. To Miss S: If you really want to meet me, come to the walking track Friday. Let the time of day be the miles away you are from me. You showed a picture of a blond with long hair, and you had a slim body. I would like to meet you.

. Illegal immigration into the U.S. is against the laws of the U.S. Besides, there is not enough room in the United States to take in the whole world’s population. There has to be a limit to the number of immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the United States each year. If you are going to allow large numbers of people to come into the United States and give them citizenship along with the right to vote in the United States elections, then naturally they are going to change or alter the U.S. Constitution into a completely different form of government and culture by using their ‘voting power.’ In other words the ‘newcomers’ will replace our political and religious institutions into a society that resembles the cultural environment from which they came or migrated from. Since the offspring of illegal aliens into the United States are natural born citizens of the United States, they have the right to stay in the U.S. However, the parents of ‘anchor children’ are still illegal aliens and must go back to their native homeland. Their children left in the U.S. can then contact their U.S. Congressman and request a visa for their parents to visit them in the U.S. Once the parents are back in the U.S. with their ‘legal visas’ they can renew it indefinitely and stay in the U.S. forever. I am going to vote for Donald Trump.

Once again it was the same old cowboys, same old bulls, same old horses, and the some old jokey clown at Isom Days. (The men and women who make up the Isom Days Committee would probably welcome your help if you think you can make things better. Why don’t you volunteer your time like they do?)

. For eight years the Republicans hollered Whitewater in hopes that Hillary Clinton would get indicted. Then when Bill Clinton went out, George W. Bush couldn’t find a thing on Hillary or Bill or he would

have had them indicted. So now they are hollering indict Hillary again. That’s just something they say because they can’t find any issues they want to run on. The Republicans don’t want to run on the fact they want to cut Social Security like they are talking about. They don’t want to run on cutting Medicare for old people, like they are talking about. They don’t want to run on cutting black lung benefi ts like they are talking about. They want to talk about what a bad person Hillary is instead of what they want to cut.

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