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Editor’s Note: Kevin Day, station manager for WXKQFM in Whitesburg, has responded to a comment made in the September 7 edition by Paul Morris, a former Letcher County Extension O ffice agent who also provided bluegrass music and gospel radio programming for the station until his show was ended earlier this year. Here is what Day says about the issue: ‘Recently the decision was made to discontinue programming featuring Paul Morris from our radio station WXKQ-FM. We had to do this because the music played did not fit our current format and hasn’t for some time, but also due to other reasons that Mr. Morris has been made aware of. I have tried to refrain from speaking negatively of Mr. Morris or sharing the reasons for discontinuance of his show out of respect and appreciation for his years of service. This station wishes him well.’

. Attention Letcher County School Board: The year is 2016. There should never be smoking on school grounds. It’s time to have an employee outside monitoring the situation in mornings and evenings and at school events.

. I’m an elderly lady on a xed income, and I’m calling to see if anyone out there

can tell me if they know any church or groups that could help me fix my mobile home and get it ready for winter. Please reply in Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

. There she is again, out picking up aluminum cans so she can support her drug habit.

. I just saw where they have passed the 500 number mark in murders in Chicago so far this year. They only killed 90 in August. There is no way on God’s green earth that you can allow this to happen and not be held accountable for it. It’s the most dangerous place in the world — the south side of Chicago. For whatever reason, the president, the mayor, the police chief or whoever, won’t allow the National Guard to come in there. What do you have to lose? You’re killing 90 people a month. I can’t wrap my mind around it. I wish it would stop. God help the people on the south side of Chicago. I am praying for them. Thank you.

. If you work for low wages you still have to pay big wages to go to the doctor. You still have to pay big wages for medicine and you still have to pay big taxes. What’s the point in working if you don’t make any

money except to pay taxes with it and help the rich people get richer?

. This is to the guy coming up to Whitesburg in his fancy burgundy truck and picking up the big-chested blonde: You’re a married man. What are you doing coming up there and going to Fishpond? I’m not going to say your name or exactly where you live, but if you do not stop doing what you are doing, I am going to drop a hint to one of your children. You know better than this. Thank you.

. If you are a veteran or have a family member in the military, you should be outraged — as I am — because Barack Obama has been all over the world trashing our military, this time in Mosul. People like him should not be allowed to live in this country.

. I came upon the sex offender list for Letcher County the other night. Lo and behold there was a guy I went to school with. He’s from Turkey Creek, and it sounds to me like he’s been charged several different times. A female told me years ago that you raped her, but I didn’t much believe her then. I do believe her now. I’ll say this about you, Mr. Turkey Creek, you get around one of mine you will be tried, found guilty and sentenced to hanging until your head falls off.

. The manager of the Burdine apartments likes to say that residents need to leave

a message on the answering machine. The problem is we can never get the messages to the manager.

. I see we had 15 more heroin overdoses in Kentucky over the Labor Day weekend. That’s what happens when you stop doctors from writing prescriptions for people who actually need pain medicine. They propped up pain clinics and then a bunch of crooked doctors got in there and ruined that and got them closed down. So where they expect people who need medicine to get their medicine? I know where they’re getting it now — from the Mexican drug cartel. You just as well let them set up their clinics here, because that’s where it comes from. And when is Clinton or Trump ever going to do something about the drug issue? Call people in Phoenix, Arizona and its suburbs. They have a terrible heroin problem there, and so does the rest of the United States. And it’s nothing but the proposals and legislation by the government that caused it. So it’s time for someone to fix it. Thank you very much.

. I was saddened to read that people died for a song or a piece of cloth. That seems like a silly thing to do. Better if they died to uphold the noble ideals of our country, one of which is free speech.

. The Social Security board needs to come to a certain location and watch men who are supposedly disabled carry 50 and 60 pounds in one hand while they load up to go work the festivals.

. I see Perry County won’t have Sunday alcohol sales. Hazard Police Chief Joe Engle said they honor God on Sunday. What do they do the other six days of the week? They sell it and drink it. Do they think God cares if they do it on Sunday? Do they believe the can party six days a week and get forgiveness every Sunday morning, then go back Monday and start over? What a joke.

. All they talked about was Bill Clinton and his women when Bill Clinton was running for president. Now they don’t even talk about Donald Trump and his women, because it’s accepted that a guy can have five kids by three wives, at least one of who has posed naked. Are they going to have pinup posters of Donald Trump’s current wife?

. The Mountain Eagle should look into what’s going on with the prison in Martin County and report it to the people here. The Martin County Water District is losing money by

supplying the Big Sandy Federal Penitentiary with water. The Mountain Citizen in Inez has reported that the cost to produce and supply water to the prison has not been adjusted since the early 2000s, and the prison is refusing to negotiate a new rate. Martin County is therefore losing money by supplying water to the prison. This happens all the time in counties that have prisons, and it will most certainly happen here in Letcher County if the prison comes here. The people here need to know this.

. You talk about a waste of money, that’s what the Senior Citizens program is.

. Obama said, ‘I’m going to squeeze everything I can out of this country before I leave office.’ Isn’t that exactly what he’s been doing the whole time with all his parties and his vacations? (You can criticize elected officials, including President Obama, all you wish, but please do not make up quotes when doing so. You only used part of Mr. Obama’s quote from a news conference from June 28. The full quote, made after Obama was asked how he would spend any ‘political capital’ he left in the final months of his second term: ‘You know, the list is long, and my instructions to my team and my instructions to myself have always been that we are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when I have the privilege of — as long as I have the privilege of holding this office.’)

. I will always love you, too.

. I was wondering why there is never anything said by either presidential candidate about the drug problems in the United States. They talk about the violence in the inner cities; if you want to kill a snake you have to cut its head off. Drugs are the problem. That’s where the money comes from. That’s what they use to buy their weapons with which to kill each other. It’s obvious what needs to be done. We’re going to have to stop the drugs to stop the problem. I wish someone would ask them what they are going to do about the drug problem in the United States. It’s destroying our country. Thank you very much.

. On the back of my water bill it says you’re not supposed to drink it if you’re old. My wife says if I drink it while I’m old I won’t get much older. What’s the use of buying water from a utility if the stupid water can’t be consumed by us old people?

. Oh my God. I started to Whitesburg today to go to the post office and came up on the crowd at Taco Bell. Hasn’t anyone in Letcher County ever seen a taco before? About 50 cars were lined up at the drive-thru, people were lined up beside the road trying to get into Taco Bell. Oh good Lord.

Well, I guess that after this Whitesburg isn’t Whitesburg anymore. I guess it is Taco Letcher County-o.

. Sometimes you know things and sometimes you have a revelation about it. People I know with health issues do not eat breakfast. If you start eating breakfast — a good organic cereal and eggs to start your day — it will be your first step toward getting healthy. And go organic with brands like Full Circle at Food City as much as you can.

. I agree with the person who called Speak Your Piece about the cemetery. No one is taking care of the graves. They are pathetic, and we should get together — everybody who has loved ones — and get something done about this. Call Frankfort or somebody.

. My question is why is it that all of the older people do not want sirens or air horns in the festival parade? That takes all the fun out of everybody’s looking, listening and watching. Can someone explain to me why?

. The law won’t do anything about the biggest dealer of Suboxone, nerve pills, and Neurontin in Letcher County because he has a preacher riding with him. He doesn’t sell too much meth. Only his boy is the big dealer of meth.

. Letcher County has been controlled by a well-defined establishment for more than one-hundred years. It has been an ever-changing unit, because of attrition and divisions, but has always consisted of politicians of every party, county government officials, business people, lawyers, religious leaders, doctors, and others. It has been involved in every aspect of county activity, but its unmistakable goal and mission has been to benefit the members of its establishment, financially and otherwise. There have been disagreements and dissension around elections, etc., but any danger to the establishment causes a circling of the wagons and the formation of a solid front against outsiders. There are two levels of law in the county, one for the establishment and the other for outsiders, which has resulted in the establishment being pretty much immune to the law. In recent years county magistrates and other offi- cials have gotten away with well-known felony violations. There have been, and still are, a few officials who have tried to combat this corruption, and they are viewed about as favorably as lepers and are generally suppressed. The local paper and on occasion big city papers, have been a hindrance to their nefarious actions, and the federal government, once, almost wiped them out, but like kudzu and other noxious elements, they always bounce back. The FBI and other outof state forces have been regularly knocking down

similar groups in adjacent counties; so there may be some hope in that. We’ll see.

. I am a young girl. While riding with my mother and father in Whitco to the trailer park I saw a young boy who was blondheaded, wearing coal miner pants with strops and Weed-eating grass where they keep those campers. Does anyone know this boy’s name? He was so handsome. I hope to see him again.

. Because of their personality, If you do not like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump either as a candidate for president of the United States, then you should think about each individual’s personal concept of what they believe is the correct and best destiny of the nation and its people. The character of the nation will reflect the

character of whichever candidate is elected as the next President of the United States. You know the character of Hillary Clinton from her years in service in public office. You know therefore, that if she is elected it will just be a continuation of the Obama administration, which most people don’t like — especially ‘open borders’ and amnesty for ‘criminalminded’ illegal aliens. If Hillary Clinton is put in control of the federal government of the United States, her administration policy will weaken the country’s ability to defend its various institutions and the results of that will be that the United States of America will become a third world country. However, the country will at the present time still have a choice to save itself by not voting for Clinton. You know that Donald Trump is for ‘erasing’ as much of the Obama Administration as

can be done if he is elected, and restoring some of what has been lost due to the blunders of Obama and Clinton. Donald Trump is for restoring the independence and freedom of the United States. That is the idea for building a wall to separate the Mexican invasion of the United States. Most American people do not want to lose their culture of freedom and independence. The ‘wall’ if built in time would keep Hillary Clinton’s ‘silent invasion’ and ‘intentional conquest’ of the illegal aliens out of the United States and provide security for United States citizens to remain free and independent people. If the ‘wall’ is not built then Donald Trump will have lost the battle he is currently fighting and all American citizens, no matter what race you are, will become prisoners and eventually slaves. That is, ‘What in the hell have you got to lose?’

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