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Letcher County taxpayers beware. The Letcher Fiscal Court has gotten itself into a $1,300,000 shortfall and they’re planning to bail themselves out by raising payroll taxes and property taxes. They’re going to do this at a special-called meeting where there won’t be many people seeing it. The payroll tax won’t work because we don’t have enough jobs, and they could raise the taxes two or three times over and it wouldn’t work. The property tax won’t work either because way over fifty percent of property owners have a homestead exemption. Whether it works or not, though, you’re liable to have to pay a lot of taxes. Demand that your magistrate looks out for you. It’s your money. .

The Census Bureau recently reported that median household income is up over $2,000 from 2014, or 5.2%. Because of an improving job market, low inflation, and rising wages, this is the biggest increase since the ‘60’s. The poverty rate fell by 1.2% Incomes rose for black, white, Hispanic, and Asian-American families. It rose for young, middle aged, and senior people. This is important because next time you hear the Orange Jackass run down our country by telling us how horrible things are, you’ll be reminded what a pathological liar he is.

. Hey there Speak Your Piece, this is the old cat killer. I don’t really kill cats, I just like making these people mad. So what I’m saying is I am declaring October ‘Kill Thy Neighbor’s Cat Week’ just to make them mad because they take them out and set them out by the road and they call themselves cat lovers. Thank you. Have a great big old meowing day.

. To the boy that hit me: You might be legal to ride them but you’re not legal to deliver those drugs you’re delivering on it. You may have Probation and Parole fooled, but you don’t have us fooled. Oh yeah, those NA meetings? They consider alcohol a drug too. Thank you.

. To the in Neon: Get somebody to clean those nasty windows up there and clean up the street.

. I’ve been a Democrat all my life since I was 18 years old. I’m an old man now. I’m 60-some years old and this election is the first time that I and my family, lots of my friends, have decided that we no longer are going to be Democrats, especially in Letcher County. We’ve

seen a lot that goes on in our county. We’ve seen what goes on in Letcher County and if certain people get elected it’s going to be the same as it’s always been. But if we have a change in Letcher County, I believe we’ll have a change in policy. There’s a lot of good elected officials that have been elected over the country, but there are a lot of bad ones that have been elected in Letcher County. Other counties are growing leaps and bounds and we’re stuck right in the middle that we don’t seem to grow. Me and family of many are not voting Democratic this year and probably will never vote that way again because of two main reasons, and one is Hillary Clinton. The other one is our local Angie Hatton. This is the last say so as a Democrat for I am voting Republican this year. And not only me, but several people in this county have promised to vote for Frankie Justice and Darrell Hall, and a lot of different people in this county are voting Republican. I urge people to get out and vote their conscience. Thank you very much.

. In the race for president of the United States, they’re trying to say who’s the most spiritual, who’s the most religious, all this. Neither one of them are anything but politicians. Decide who will be the best for you. Coal is a religion, but it’s not saved anybody but a few people in New York banks.

This just in from Facebook. Poll numbers just came out for the African- American president. His approval ratings are almost at 60 percent. This is a new record, much to the disappointment of the Christian right wing who support the tangerine Nazi who loves Russian leader Putin. This statement from Facebook. Thank you.

. I’m getting tired of running through that big hole at one of the banks in Whitesburg. It’s going to tear my truck up going through the ATM. I can’t afford to get my truck fixed go I’ll guess I’ll get my money out of there.

. The times now are the worst ever. The economy’s shot, our children are in too much trouble, and now you can’t even go to Walmart without getting ripped off. I went to Walmart the other day and had two UK football tickets lying in my dashboard. I came back to my truck, the alarm was going off and someone had knocked the window out. I called the law, but when they got there they recognized that my tickets were

still there. I guess that says how good UK’s going to be this year.

. I’ve never seen so many in my life going to a certain doctor in Whitesburg trying to get disability when they aren’t even 30 or 35 years old. Nothing wrong with them besides being sorry hind ends. And that’s exactly what’s wrong. They’ve worked all this time, what little bit they have worked, and they ought to have to be paid what they’ve paid in. People, get off your dead hind end. There’s jobs out here, there are signs up. You’re used to your big $10 and $14 and $17 an hour jobs. If you want your children to have something, get off your dead hind end and quit lying.

. I thought the people who stole the out-buildingfrom Jenny Lea Academy were going to prosecuted to the fullest. Well, the building bandit, I notice, is out of jail. I would spend $10,000 if I had it to spend just to keep these low-life’s locked up. And that’s what they are.

. I saw where Ford Motor pulling out of Detroit, pulling the small car plant out of there to ship it to Mexico. They’re building a $1.6 billion plant down there in San Lucius. I also saw where Carrier pulled out of Indianapolis and went to Mexico, and I also saw where Nabisco in Chicago that makes Oreos and cookies, they pulled out of there and went to Mexico too. I was just wondering if you can spell Obamacare, because there’s one reason those companies left and if you could spell that you know the answer.

. I was just wondering what happened to the girl that worked at the package store in Whitesburg. She was really pretty and I saw her working a lot. She was really nice to the customers. Without her I’m taking my business elsewhere.

. I saw Junior Sample and Lulu sitting on the front porch. Lulu said, ‘Junior, hand me another plate of them fried ‘taters and a pone of that cornbread.’ HeeHaw, HeeHaw.

. When I was young, Republicans were against pornography. Do you not call it pornography when Mrs. Trump appears naked on the Internet? Is that not pornography? Of course she got paid for it.

. My neighbors on Pert Creek have another meth lab. It’s the worst stink you’ve ever smelled in your life.

. To the people at a certain church in Letcher County: Why did you all have to bother with our preacher over here from Cumberland? We had a good real church. The spirit was there

every meeting. You couldn’t stand it. You had to start begging our preacher to come over there. I just don’t understand. Why couldn’t you just leave us alone?

. Does nobody remember in the ‘80s when Ronald Reagan saved Social Security, made it sound forever by raising the retirement age? Isn’t this the same con the Republicans are trying pull again? Vote for Donald Trump and then retire at age 70. God bless you.

. To a certain woman who lives and works in Whitesburg: You really think I don’t know who you are and that you have been having an affair with my husband of 33 years. I also know your name, where you work, and where you live. Facebook does wonders. So if you think you know him better than I do, then have him serve me with divorce papers. You yourself weren’t hard to find with receipts with all your information in his pants pocket.

. I am so glad we have the rec center so we can work out. Us girls would be as big as a cow if we didn’t.

. The Letcher County law system and the Kentucky State Police system need to start watching very closely for all these Ohio vehicles in the State of Kentucky. We even have people in Kentucky, right here in Letcher County, have been here for years as a resident in

Letcher County, who work here every day and still drive around with Ohio plates and a Ohio license. I see one in particular all the time in Whitesburg, some kind of silver-blue looking truck with a Rebel flag. That guy’s been here I know three years. Why does he not have to change his plates and become a Kentucky taxpayer? I know he works and so does his wife? Someone needs to look into this.

. It’s the time for repentance so if I’ve offended anybody or hurt anybody’s feelings, I’m really sorry and I hope you’ll forgive me.

. I want Nana and Shawn to know I think all those people from Corbin, Ky., are jerks.

. Hillary’s problem is she in the way of God’s plan. She must be removed out of the way. Let Trump move on doing God’s plan. Salvation is in hands of God. Dirty tricks and money won’t count at all in this election. God’s will, get this man in office this time. Buckle your seatbelts, watch God work.

. Hillary, I’m one of the deplorables’ you were talking about, half of Trump’s voters. I think you should have said all of Trump’s voters the way you laid it out there. I’d rather be deplorable as despicable, and you’re about the most despicable woman I ever seen in my life. The things that you say, the things that you do, and then you want to run down a man like Trump. You remind me of the NFL. You all get it your way or no way. Monkey see, monkey do. I think we ought to just protest football all together. If they can’t stand up for America like Trump does, put their hands over their hearts and salute America, then they don’t need to be here, lady. What about saying the Pledge of Allegiance right now, Hillary? Why don’t you repent, woman? God bless America.

. The other night the candidate for state representative

on the Republican side had a fundraiser and a luncheon at the Pine Mountain Grill. He had several supporters showing up and things of that sort. They were very interested in his agenda and one of the things that speaks highly of the candidate is that the Governor showed up. The Governor had very high remarks for the candidate. He knew that he was a person who was a business owner. He had actually had people put to work and he had formed jobs and he promised many different areas he would address. It speaks very highly of a Republican candidate here in Letcher County and there was not any favoritism or any negative remarks toward the lady contestant running against him. It seems he is very well liked because of the job he has done as mayor of Pikeville, and now as city commissioner. He’s very qualified and we support him so much in so many areas. We appreciate the time to be able to speak for the Republican candidate running for state representative for Letcher and Pike County. I’ll not mention his name just in case it’s too personal, but everyone knows what his name is. Go out and vote for him. He’s a very prominent, very qualified person and he can do the job that needs to be done.

. If the Hillary Clinton administration is going to be a continuation of the Obama administration, then the Constitution of the United States will be ‘altered,’ morphed into a ‘slave-driving’ dictatorship whose executive staff will be allowed to issue decree after decree until the United State of America will exist in name only. You better be preparing for hard times under Hillary Clinton’s administration. If the U.S. has to defend itself against itself again, this time the entire world (planet) will get involved and there will be the most awful war that ever was. Better vote for Trump and be secure and a lot better off.

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