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Here it is again with hands up, don’t shoot. Now they’re saying this thing that happened in Charlotte was to a man who was reading a book in his car. That’s a different story than what the officers saw when they busted a cap in him. And what about the little lady cop who busted a cap in the dude? He was disobeying their orders; don’t these people understand? They can’t comprehend what’s going on. And then they destroy taxpayers’ property and act like a bunch of animals before they know they truth. I’ve never seen so many people jump to conclusions without knowing what’s going on. If they would do what the officers told them to do they wouldn’t be shot in the first place. Hands up, don’t shoot — I say put a target on them and bust a cap in all their stupid hind-ends. God bless America.

. I would like to know how one of Letcher County’s public officials has teamed with a man from Jenkins to block a walking trail in a national forest that leads from Jenkins toward Elkhorn City. It’s actually in Virginia. How are they doing this? What are they doing behind people’s backs? From what I can understand, one of the two men got mad over something to do with one of the trail organizers who works in Whitesburg. Would someone clarify this? If not, we need to go to the Letcher Fiscal Court and ask if these two men have the right to do this. I believe that Judge/Executive Jim Ward adopted this trailhead to be something to stay open, and it’s not.


I’ve voted Democrat all my life, but this election I am not. Democrats have set our country back decades; just look at the shape we’re in. My family knows Frankie Justice personally. He’s a good man. He’s honest and he’s experienced in building up counties. Look at Pikeville; they’re booming over there. He knows how and what it takes to create jobs. Do we want someone in office that doesn’t have a clue how to do this? Not me. My family is voting for Frankie Justice. We need someone who can create jobs, not someone that’s looking for a job. Thank you.

. The Mountain Eagle usually screams, but for the last two weeks mine has barely said a word. I haven’t gotten my paper until Thursday. What’s going on with that?

. The Letcher County Fiscal Court would have some money if they would do something about these people not paying their garbage bill. Instead, they let people get out here and burn garbage until the smoke kills you.


How can you call yourself a Christian and vote for a man like Donald Trump for president? Do you think God would approve of you voting for a man who tells lies 71 percent of the time, buys expensive portraits of himself through his charitable foundation instead of donating money to charity, has cheated on multiple wives, and defrauded people out of their money through his fake university and his bankrupt casinos? Worst of all, the sleaze is lying to people less fortunate that he is when he tells them they will get their job back if only he is elected president. There is nothing godly about Donald Trump or anything that he stands for.

. I’m voting for Trump because Trump, I believe, will stand for the people of America. Hillary is standing for Obama. Is that what you all want? Do you want more Obama? I don’t.

. To Judge/Executive Jim Ward or Shad Baker, who works with the Pine Mountain Trail park, the Jenkins City Council or whoever is controlling this: I’ve lived in the Elkhorn City community, around Ashcamp, for almost 60 years. The other day I went to the top of Virginia Gap to walk the beautiful walking trail. All of the sudden I ran into where all the dozer work is being done to block the trail off. I thought that trail was on record as being open to the public. What is up with that? I am going to contact Frankfort.

. The shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a terrible tragedy. The shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina was a terrible tragedy. That’s two people killed in two weeks. What I can’t get a grip on is the fact there were 60 people killed last month in Chicago. Do they not have any value? If you did in Chicago what they did in Charlotte, Chicago would be burned to the ground. Yet you can kill 60 in Chicago and it doesn’t even make the news. If you can get a grip on that let me know, because it’s above my pay grade.

. People of eastern Kentucky, here is what you stand to lose if the Republicans get their way — your Social Security, your Medicare, your affordable health care, and any chance of an increase in your minimum wage job. What do you think is going to happen to the businesses in your area if those things are cut? Maybe you are waiting for Lying Mitch McConnell to bring back coal mining jobs and to bring new industry in to the area. Too bad he’s against retired coal miners receiving funding and pensions. If you think things are bad in eastern Kentucky now, you ain’t seen nothing yet if the Republicans get their way.

. I am completely amazed at how some people believe that Donald Trump, who has no political experience but does have failed marriages and bankrupt businesses along with being a compulsive liar and an egotistical maniac, can help make America great.

. This is a message to the Cat Killer: We have a stray cat that somebody put out. It has been de-clawed and it is finally tamed. I am glad that you didn’t kill it, but if you’d kill the dogs that are setting these cats out, that would be appreciated. In others words, shoot the people who are putting the animals out; don’t shoot the cats and

dogs. God bless you. Bye.

. I see once again Letcher County has been promised jobs, but there are no jobs and there never will be any jobs coming to our county. All we got was a Taco Bell, and I was told they hired a bunch of Mexicans to build that instead of anyone from inside the county. We need some jobs in our county.

. Wednesday came again this week and no Mountain Eagle. Are you all being hostage? Where’s my Mountain Eagle? Just worried about you.

. I won’t patronize any of the sponsors of the San Francisco 49ers games, but I’m just one person, so probably no big deal there.

. What in the world was that horrible smell in Letcher County on the morning of Thursday, September 15? It smelled like a truckload of diesel fuel had blown up or something. I was traveling to Hazard and smelled it all the way to the Knott-Letcher county line. And half the time Whitesburg smells like sewer. What in the world is going on?

. This is about the woman who was picking up the aluminum cans: Some people are picking them up so they can have gas money, unlike the people on drugs or the people who are too lazy to get out and get a job when they are able to work. I know all kinds of family like that. They go around begging for money while they get their food stamps and checks for their kids. They are young, but they are too lazy to get out and get a job.

. Here in Letcher County we need judges who are impartial. You have to watch it at our courthouse. Certain judges make comments that none of the cops need to worry about anything when they go in front of the judge during their divorces. If that’s the way they feel they should not be the judge in such a case and should disqualify. They are not supposed to show favoritism to anybody, no matter who they are.

. I hear people talking bad about the way they have to live here in this country. They harp on the wars and gripe about the way things ought to be. I don’t mind them standing up for what they believe in, but when you’re running down this country you are walking on the fighting side of me.

. It’s so funny if you just look on Facebook at how many people you see on there that really love a certain store now. Wonder why that is? Reckon they think the owner is going to give them something? I’ll bet that’s what it is.

. To a certain girl that works at a certain store: You sure have some pretty cowboy boots on. I’d like to see what else you have pretty besides cowboy boots, and I like to ride horses, too. That way I can bring my spurs, darling.

. If you have people logging your trees or asking you to allow them to log, don’t take them at their word. Make them bring back a copy of the check they cashed for that day showing what they got paid. I think you’ll come out with more money.

. A certain Whitesburg city employee needs to stop throwing gravel at the workplace and riding on people’s bumper while he’s on his motorcycle. I’ve come within a hair of getting out on him myself.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Wake up, Kentucky. If you were in pain management and your pain clinic has shut down, tells Mitch Mc- Connell and Hal Rogers you will vote against them if they don’t let your regular doctor write pain medicine for you.

. I would like to try this one more time on Speak Your Piece. Why is it that no

one is allowed to run lights or sirens before or during the festival? That is part of the festival. If the older people do not like to hear that, well, that’s just part of it. Let them s-t-a-y home.

. It took an hour to get something to eat at the new Taco Bell in Whitesburg. They don’t know what they are doing. So sad. (Few are the restaurants where everything goes right in the first couple of weeks of operation.)

. I think the good Muslims ought to turn their own family members in if they know they have family that threatens and sets out bombs for the people of the United States. The Baptists would do it, the Catholics would it, Pentecostals would do it, Jehovah’s Witnesses would do it, and on and on. The good Muslims know their families. If they are good Muslims and love America they ought to turn them in. Later.

. What do you think of a man who tells another woman that when his wife of 47 years is dying and taking her last breath of life that all he can think about is you?

. My ex-fiancé put a hole in me so big that when the wind blows it still burns.

. Don’t watch CNN. They are so fake. Watch Fox News.

. To a certain lady in Letcher County who acts like she’s a pure saint who has never done anything wrong: Well, when you were married to your first husband you cheated over and over and over. Fishpond Lake was a hotspot for you. Then while you were married you began to have an affair with a guy that worked for a truck company. Now you are remarried to another guy and you act like you’ve never done anything wrong. You’ve never stopped doing what you were doing and you never will because it’s in your blood. You cannot find the right man, because he cannot put up with you. God help the one you are with now. He seems to be a nice person.

. To a special lady who was sleeping with her boss: Proof is out there, sister. I have videotape. Remember, I used to stop and talk a lot with you. And yes, the kneecap deal, I know all about that.

. I want to complain about our welfare system. Why don’t they investigate people who fraudulently get assistance? I know a family where mom, dad and son all get a check for disability for mental reasons. The son married and signed his wife up on a check. They work every day doing car repairs, carpentry work, and work in the logwoods. They go in one week and buy two brand-new side-by-sides. It looks like the welfare system would check into people like this. If the local office can’t do it, let Frankfort take care of it. I am sick of it.

. I always thought a boy who now has a job at Taco Bell is a good man, but he needs to take care of his obligations. Children need their daddy to protect them. You need to take care of your children, and I’m not talking about money or what you

can spend. You need to protect your children. Get your sister and your girlfriend to help you.

. Hey, President Obama, am sitting here watching TV and you come on and you start running your mouth about how good the world is, and how good the economy is. To hell with the global economy, let’s think about America’s economy for a change. I don’t know where you get your information from, but I look around. I just get angry when I listen to you as stupid as you really are — you and the Democrat Party. What the hell have you did? Look at the last eight years, you SOB. What the hell have you did? I can’t see nothing but destroy America as America was meant to be. Yeah, we’re going to build a wall and we’re going to fence them out and we’re going to make them come through a gate where they belong to come through, not murderers and butchers and bomb makers and slaughterers walking amongst us right now. We’re going to thin ’em out, Mr. Obama. God bless America from a pissed off American.

. I just got through watching the Letcher Fiscal Court meeting on Channel 98. Looks like to me the sheriff’s department is going broke.

. I think the City of Jenkins needs to make people pay for permits for four-wheelers and those mopeds running up and down the road. Make them pay about $100 a year. They’d make more money on the four-wheelers and the mopeds than alcohol sales. The Jenkins have enough problems with the thieves and the dope heads. They don’t need a bunch of drunks running up and down the road, too. That’s just my opinion. Thanks.

. If you sink your part of the boat then you sink my part of the boat. You sink your part of the boat; you sink everybody’s part of the boat. People from Louisville complain about the water and people around here say it’s none of their business. Well, the people from Louisville get the dirty water from Pikeville and Whitesburg and everyplace else that sends it to the Ohio River, which is where Louisville gets its water. In other words, if we pollute our water, we pollute their water. God bless you. Bye.

. Watching these riots in Charlotte is a sad thing. A police officer is not going to shoot you unless you need shot, and that’s the way it is.

. I am sick of the Letcher Fiscal Court and this stupid school system around here raising taxes. I pay enough taxes as it is. If they can’t manage their money down there then they need to hire somebody that knows how to manage it. Let them call Washington and ask Obama for some money that he’s putting up to house and feed all these illegal immigrants. The American people are sick — we’re sick of everything that’s going on. And if you magistrates don’t stand up for us you’re pie jobs are in jeopardy, and that you can bank on.

. I would like to get ahold of the fearless Cat Killer. I was feeding a stupid cat that

someone put out here and it bit me. Can you help me, Cat Killer? The cat bit me and all I was doing was playing with it.

. I saw in Speak Your Piece where someone was complaining about all the cars driving around Letcher County with Ohio plates. Well, you ought to be glad they’ve at least got tags; there’s a black Tahoe in East Jenkins that’s been riding around for 11 months with a temporary tag. You know it’s had to have been seen by some cop by now. They still won’t do anything about it, though.

. I don’t understand how someone could think it was okay to go into a place that someone else rented for a birthday party and use the place like you paid for it. It’s pretty bad when you bust in on a kid’s party you aren’t invited to. Geez, get some class.

. Hey folks, see those ads on TV about talcum powder users with ovarian cancer suing Johnson & Johnson for keeping the danger secret by not posting warnings on containers? Let me tell you another secret. The statute of limitations for this action is only one year. The Johnson & Johnson lobbyists in Frankfort are doing a fantastic job of buying our lawmakers we send there to look out for us. This is grossly unfair to the common man, because he has no chance. We need to admonish our representatives in Frankfort to change this and not allow this. Even Social Security will give 5 years for a disability claim.

. A Letcher County magistrate is pursuing a personal vendetta against the sheriff ’s office and causing vital funding to be withheld from law enforcement, which directly endangers the community. This is irresponsible and disgusting. He should be impeached, and those who support him should also be held accountable.

The county has an abundance of outstanding, impressive people. They can be seen in the Rotary club, the school board, and other groups. There are notable individuals, as well. These people are honest, talented, generous, selfless, and hardworking. Most of them get no pay for their efforts. Then there is the county government. They are paid very well, especially for this area. They are, with a very few exceptions, selfish, self-centered, unethical, incompetent, lazy, and unconcerned and indifferent to the public. How did this strange, contradictory situation occur, with the government settling into the lowest common denominator, when there are so many good people available? I believe it is the fault of the voting populace, who apparently had rather have free gravel and other illegal favors from their representatives than good government. Well, the citizens had better wake up to reality and change this soon, because every day this is allowed to continue will make it harder to recover.

. Jimmy Craft has been given a tremendous advantage in the circuit judge race by being appointed interim judge. This move, by an already discredited political and judicial system, gives him the power of the incumbency, a public forum, and lots of free publicity he not only doesn’t have to pay for, he gets paid for getting it. This is another blatant example of a corrupt system that wants the right to select officials themselves rather than have them named by the vote of citizens. (Jimmy Craft was one of three Whitesburg attorneys whose names were submitted by the local Judicial Nominating Commission to the office of the Kentucky governor. Former Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling and Darrell Hall, Craft’s opponent in the coming election for circuit judge, also had

their names submitted for consideration Governor Matt Bevin. The governor eventually chose Craft. The entire process was well publicized.)

. When you have your Internet service through TVS Cable you need to be like those settlers on the DTV commercial. You have to learn to settle for slow service, when you have it at all, as it’s a good deal slower than what you pay for. When a service man is supposed to come around, good luck. The sad thing is that in most rural areas in the county they are all there is. Please Hal Rogers, light a fire under this broadband initiative.

. I would like to know what happened the man we voted into the courthouse in the tax department. All we see now is his assistant working. We never see the man we voted in. I think we need to all get together and go to Frankfort and ask why the man we put in office is never there. (Letcher County Property Valuation Administrator Randy Hall has been kept away from work because of illness.)

. The city-owned River Park below the hospital has a sign that says absolutely no ATV’s or motorcycles. Well, there’s a burgundy Kawasaki mule that rides around the track as a couple lets their dog run behind it to get exercise. If you’re going to step on some people’s toes and make them obey the law Chief Tyrone Fields, then get your hind-end up there and get this illegal vehicle off this track. If we’re going to pay taxes on it, give us the chance to walk. Thank you.

. I went into a certain store, but my cowboy boot-wearing, romping, hopping and stomping beauty queen was not there. I went out and bought me some new boots and a pair of spurs and just cannot wait to go riding. Where did you go, darling?

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