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Concerning the idea for a drug rehab center in Whitesburg, I am 100 percent in. Our county needs help to save our loved ones. My nephew is an addict. It has affected all our families. I can cook, clean, donate time, witness, and buy necessary items needed. I am in. I am praying for this to come to our county.

. Ol’ Trump doesn’t pay taxes on a billion dollars, so if he loses he’s a billionaire. Yet I get singled out by the IRS for $195. I wasn’t decided how I’d vote in the election, but still I think it’s a crock when a billionaire doesn’t pay taxes, but a guy that owes $195 in taxes gets dogged.

. I worked for a coal company a few years ago and the owner told me privately he didn’t pay any taxes and explained that’s why he kept a CPA and a lawyer. I didn’t have the CPA and a lawyer, and I paid through the nose. Why should working people pay more taxes then business people?

. Mitt Romney said the government should be run by the people that pay taxes. According to Mitt Romney’s theory of taxpayers only, that would disqualify Donald Trump, because Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes.

. Given what we know now about sleazy slimeball Donald Trump, there is no way for any of us to be Christian and vote for such a vile, perverted man. Hearing the recording of him sucking on those Tic-Tac’s before getting ready to force a kiss on that soap opera actress is the most disgusting sound I have ever heard in my life.

. I think it’s a shame that 38-year-old man, not a teenager, uses a cemetery to sleep with men and women. I think something needs to be done about this. And this one fellow better watch out, because if his missus catches him up there, they’ll be digging a hole and putting him in it.

. I want to wish Jimmy Lee Blair, Bobo, a happy birthday October 3. Love, Sis.

. I think it’s a shame that when you turn on the radio all you can hear is Frankie Justice praising Donald Trump and Matt Bevin, two of the worst politicians of all time. Did Frankie not hear what Trump said about grabbing women by the crotch? Trump’s campaign is going

down the toilet, and so is any politician that gets on the radio and the TV and endorses him. Vote for Angie Hatton. We need a Letcher County native and resident representing our county in Frankfort. Justice will take the money Letcher County needs and give it to his rich friends who help him run Pikeville.

. President Obama offered $3 billion plan to clean up abandoned mine sites in Appalachia. So who opposed it? Mitch McConnell and the other rich white guys who knew it would make the president’s image better, while signaling that we may be ready to diversify our economy where we don’t have to be slaves to the coal companies who have controlled our economy for over a hundred years. Mr. Justice and McConnell want to return to the days when coal said jump, and we jumped. Sorry guys, we can do better.

. I can’t believe any politician wouldn’t run away from Donald Trump like a scalded dog. Instead of that, there’s a Republican candidate for state representative cuddling up to him like a cat. I know who I’m voting for, and it’s not somebody who wants to grab me by my private parts, and it’s not a man that endorses Trump.

. This is the old Cat Killer answering you back. Sorry you’re having cat problems, but when you get infested with them, you’ve got to do something. And no, I wouldn’t kill the people that’s setting them out, because you can go to jail for that, but I tell you what, those guys that killed Acker’s daughter, remember them in the paper last week? I’d love to take care of those three if it ever comes open. You go on and take care of those cats yourself. You know what to do, and you have a great big ol’ meow day.

. I wonder if the truth will ever come out about a girl who lost her life. There’s one gentleman that swears he was not out with her, but that’s a bald-faced lie. If you want names mentioned, that can happen.

. To Chief Tyrone Fields: Please go over to where the battered women live. There is a certain man that is trying to prostitute with women over there, and tries to give some of them drugs hoping they will sleep with them. Our city’s got enough trouble

as it is. This man has been in trouble multiple places. He’s a pervert and he’s going to fool around and hurt somebody’s little child. Please lock this man up.

. Since the president has handed over the Internet to a foreign country, it could be hacked at any time by a foreign country. I warned you people, but you never listened. Now Hillary is running her mouth about how she’s caring for all the children and how she’s always cared for the children, and how she’s fought for women and all that. Tell me, Hillary, I heard you say yourself that an unborn child is not an American citizen. Is that fighting for the children? I don’t think so. And what about the women your husband molested? Were you fighting for them? You accused them, not your husband. But anyway, we know you’re a compulsive liar. Your record speaks for itself. The world is going around and around and the liars are sinking right to the bottom, and you’re going to be on the bottom lady. I think we a businessman like Trump in office. I think he’s a decent businessman. You see what he got by with on his taxes, don’t you? God bless America.

. This is a word of caution to The Mountain Eagle. If you publicize that book by (a certain man) entitled (??????), I will sue you for everything you’ve got. I don’t give a care that this might be a paid advertisement. You are not to give any indication as to this publication. He’s a fraud. He disparages the people who live in Letcher County and he gives no credit to the good people who live in this area, so I dare you to publicize this book in anyway whatsoever. He makes me sick. I want to puke. Do not, I warn you, do not have anything whatsoever to do with this story. It is a disgrace and it is a felony, so watch your step Mountain Eagle. You may find yourself in deep trouble, you understand me? Do not, do not have anything to do with this. It is my understanding that soon he will be coming to you with a picture of the book, and that he will force you to go along with his determination. Do not, I repeat, do not publicize the book. I will go all the way to The Supreme Court. Now you understand me. Bye-bye. (Wouldn’t buying an ad to promote your book be a lot simpler than trying to use bad reverse psychology?)

. I want to wish my granddaughter Cheyene Renee Roberts a happy Sweet 16 birthday October 5. Grandma Jackie.

. I hope my daughter Renee Coomer of Harrison Branch a big birthday October 9. Happy birthday. I love you, Mom.

. I want to wish my brother Ray Coomer of Hazard a belated happy birthday. It was on October 5.

. I am not, never was, and never will be a certain man’s girlfriend.

. Most of the shelf prices are lower than what’s in the computer at a certain grocery store. The lower price is what they’re supposed to give you. Everyone should pay attention to this.

. Don’t go to an ACC ballgame, any ballgame.

. Whether you’re watching the 57 Mountain News, WLEX in Lexington, or a station in Tennessee or Virginia, one is talking about clowns. You come into Letcher County scaring these little children, and your nose won’t be the only thing red. You’ll wish you never came in with your clown outfit.

. You can’t listen to the radio without lies being told by this one running for this and this one running for that, and the biggest lie being told is about coal. We’ll stand up, we’ll do this, and we’ll do that. Coal is a thing in the past. It’s like a dinosaur; it’s gone. It’s in the past. Coal keeps the lights on? I hope

people like it dark, because they’re ain’t gonna be no lights turned on.

. Rand Paul’s businessman friends say the Bible has no reference to retirement. You should keep working till you drop, they say. Not every coal miner can work until age 70. That’s the reason they want to cut Social Security and want to cut Medicare. They want to be people off the draw and put them back to work for lower wage.

. I was watching the debate Sunday and abortion came up. I always thought it was a woman’s right, and it probably is. But look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘What if my mother had aborted me?’ There’s one thing about it, if she had you wouldn’t be looking in the mirror.

. Donald Trump says he’s going to cut taxes. I hope he doesn’t cut his taxes when he pays none.

. In all of my years of reading Speak Your Piece, I have to say the most ignorant comments in this column’s history come from the person who always ends by saying, ‘God bless America.’ After reading the ill-informed garbage this man or woman keeps coming up with on a regular basis, I also hope God blesses our great nation to keep us safe from such hateful ignorance and buffoonery this person utters out of his or her ignorant mouth.

. At least 92 percent of the world’s population breathes polluted air. So, naturally, the Donald Trump wants to destroy the EPA, the Paris climate agreement, and everything else designed to help with this situation. I don’t understand it; it seems to me that even Republicans should want their kids to have clean air.

. I just want to say hey to that silver fox that that works at a certain park. Honey, you could take me on a guided tour any day of the week.

. This is the old Cat Killer. am going to vote, and I’m taking me a garbage bag with me. As soon as I vote, I’m going to run outside with that garbage bag and I’m going to puke my guts out. Have a great big ol’ meow day.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: This is to the people of California. If you all vote in Hillary Clinton, guarantee in two years you’ll be eating out of a Dumpster.

. This is to a lady that works at a hardware store. I’ve got my boots, I’ve got my spurs. I’m ready to ride.

. All coal miners should know that President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not destroy the coal industry. The EPA guidelines that required cleaner air emissions from coal-fired generating plants were passed in 1990, during the administration of George H.W. Bush. The coal companies had plenty of time to conform to these standards, but they chose to charge ahead, mining all the easily accessible coal, then declaring bankruptcy while taking the miners’ pensions and healthcare plans! They forced a market glut at the time when gas and oil were producing cleaner energy for less. Bad judgment? Or misplaced priorities? All the time, they were telling the public there was a war on coal. But who profited? Not President Obama. Not Hillary Clinton. It was the rich white men who still draw their multi-million dollar pay as CEOs and board members of the parent coal companies. Men cut from the same cloth as Donald Trump, who has repeatedly declared bankruptcy and even refused to pay the lawyers who handled some of his bankruptcy cases! If there is a local candidate who also fits this mold it would be Mr. Justice, who also spews the same speeches as these rich CEOs. And why not? He’s a rich white guy who made his fortune at the expense of the local miners and environment.

I’d like to ask all the citizens of Letcher County why they would consider voting for Rand Paul. He’s not done anything for Kentucky, let alone eastern Kentucky since he’s been elected. He has run around all over the country and has not been there to vote to pass a bill to help the working people of Kentucky. And it’s sad he’s against the miners’ pension. He said it only helps the miners and he voted against the bill. I urge everybody to vote him out of office. We’ve got a good man running who’s done a lot for Lexington. You can check the record and see that he has. So I would urge everyone to vote against Rand Paul. He hasn’t done anything, and he’s not even from Kentucky. I would urge everybody to consider voting for Jim Gray.

. This goes out to the stupidest man in Letcher County: Your woman is sleeping with every man between here and Tennessee, and you sit back and don’t care. You did the same thing with your first wife, and you here you are doing it with your second.

. I don’t get it. When Bill Clinton was running, Republicans asserted that character matters. Now they claim character doesn’t matter. What a massive flip flop.

. Donald Trump won that debate between him and Hillary Clinton on Sunday night. He was simply brilliant in his discourse concerning all the subjects they discussed. In my opinion as part of the general public, you could not find anybody more presidential-looking than Donald Trump. He has all the attributes of a natural born president. Now, with Hillary Clinton, it is completely vice-versa. She does not have any of the natural attributes it takes to be a president. First of all, she lost ‘royally’ her attacks on Trump’s personality and character. In other words, Trump came out of the debate smelling like a rose, and with a great more prestige than what he had before the debate. She is supposed to be a seasoned political debater, able to take on and tear a simpleminded amateur like Trump into pieces, but she didn’t. The same Trump that went into the debate came out the same old Trump that went in. Hillary lost the debate. Donald Trump won the debate, big time. My evaluation is as good as yours.

Some advice for the Orange Jackass: In America the Presidential winner can’t throw his political opponents in jail. This is one of the noble ideals our country was founded upon. Please read that U. S. Constitution Mr. Khan tried to give you.

. The Mountain Heritage Festival was a lot of fun for a lot of people. A couple of schools brought busloads of kids. Especially prevalent was girls ages 11-12-13. They walked around and around the crafts tent at least 15 times, with the boys following along behind. I have never seen so many unsupervised, undisciplined, foul-mouthed pre-teens in my life. Their language was terrible, with the ‘F’ word used frequently. One girl said, ‘I think I’ll go home and get pregnant.’ The drug dealers were rampant for this age group. You can always spot them. One boy will have three or more of his friends around him, looking every way for the cops. He’s selling his grandpa’s nitroglycerin tablets to the kids. Where were the cops? I saw only one during the three days of the festival.

. I am so glad to have the opportunity to vote. The gloves came off in this debate held Sunday night. Donald Trump could have done better, but he did address the ‘locker room talk.’ That was a long time ago and he seems to have learned to behave better. I don’t like that kind of talk. However, there is a First Amendment to the Constitution that protects freedom of speech, and that includes the locker room. Hillary is a lawyer; does she want to repeal the First Amendment? Remember her great defense of Bill in the Monica Lewinsky scandal after her husband lied and said, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’? Hillary, ever the victim, blamed it on ‘the far right conspiracy’? Remember how she liked to commune with Eleanor Roosevelt at séances in the White House? They both had cheating husbands, but if she truly was speaking with ghosts in the White House, perhaps she has more wrong with her than pneumonia. The Clinton family looked shell-shocked at the debate. Hillary needs to put up or shut up. I only have one vote, but I will vote. I urge my fellow Letcher County people to do the same no matter who you vote for. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain.

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