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The conservatives are running their smear campaign, trying to tie every Democrat to President Obama and Secretary Clinton. They hope to find a voting public that is as bigoted and racist as they are. They cannot use the ‘n’ word and the ‘b’ word in their ads, but they know that there is a large group of uneducated adults out there who use these words on a daily basis because their vocabulary is as limited as their intellect. Are these the kind of people you want to be associated with?

. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton for one simple reason: Of the more than twenty original candidates who filed to run for president, she has more experience and qualifications than most of the others added together.

. All of the people in Letcher County with any age on them know there’s a double standard of justice in Letcher County. There’s just a different group of people now that’s operating our county as prosecutors and attorneys and judges and people of that nature. If Letcher County elects Angie Hatton as state representative, what you’re saying is that you agree with all these double standards that the office of the county attorney does. One person can commit a crime in Letcher County and get by with it, while another person can do the same thing and get put in jail. My family has been a part of this county for years and years, and I encourage people to not vote for this woman, because you’re putting corruption to a higher level.

. For a Southerner to support Donald Trump, it would be like a Confederate veteran supporting an opportunistic Yankee carpetbagger. If you still support him after reading this, ask someone with some learning to explain it to you.

. How could citizens elect school board member that didn’t even raise his own kid? I thought that’s what school board members are elected for — to look out for our children and their welfare. A guy you’ve elected before didn’t even look after his own kid. His mother raised him until he turned 18. I just don’t understand sometimes.

. You may call yourself

Papa Wheelie, but the rest of us call you obnoxious little smart-aleck clothes-liner.

. My name is Master Frank Sexton, under John Ng’s Four Seasons Kung-Fu and Thai-Chi. I would like to invite all instructors, students and all martial artists from Letcher, Pike, Floyd and all surrounding counties to the Fall Classic in Somerset. It’s on Oct. 22. I want to invite them all out to fellowship, have a good time and show their skills and what they have learned, and compete against the best in Kentucky. Thank you.

. I have been a Democrat for a long time. I can remember Happy Chandler and his grapefruit fiasco. I believe it was in 1957. Those were times when one could be proud to be a Democrat. The Democrat Party in the last 30 years has developed into a party that is like and akin to the Communist Party of Germany that began in 1938. People beware, we must protect our homeland, our borders, our Constitution and our way of life. Our freedom, our religious beliefs and our pursuit of happiness and way of life is under attack by greedy, power hungry and uncaring people. Also, the political morals of both the Democrat and Republican parties should file for bankruptcy.

. I hope that every Trump supporter is watching ‘60 Minutes’ tonight. Oh, that’s right, Fox doesn’t carry ‘60 Minutes’ — or anything that opposes racist hatred.

. I live in a little town called Jenkins, Kentucky. Our new mayor has been taught well by our ex-mayor. He is using a double standard. He only won by 10 votes, and the next election he won’t be that lucky, because his uncle will be elected.

. To the caller who called in last week about Frankie Justice: Your family hasn’t known Frankie Justice for six months. You need to check out what Frankie Justice did while he was in office. The development of Pikeville and the development of jobs in Pikeville has nothing to do with Frankie Justice. It does, however, have to do with Pikeville being a university town, thanks to Paul Patton. Paul Patton put the focus on Pikeville, not Frankie Justice. Angela Hatton, on the other hand, can definitely be found on the job. She is not looking

for a job. She has had a job since she got out of school. Ms. Hatton will be all about creating jobs and opportunities for Letcher County citizens if she possibly can. She will try to send some things our way, not just toward Pike County. These state representatives are not all about job creation. We need someone who is not afraid of hard work. Ms. Hatton has proved that she is a worker in this county in the years preceding her bid for office. She will do us proud in Frankfort. She will not forget us. Can you say that for Frankie Justice? Are you sure you’re not a registered Republican? You sound like a Republican.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: People need to watch Fox Network, because all of the other networks — NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC — are not saying anything about Hillary Clinton. The WikiLeaks things that are coming out prove clearly what kind of person Hillary Clinton is. She’s dangerous and she’ll get us all killed. I’m telling you, people need to not vote for her. I hope this paper goes everywhere. I hope it goes to California, because this is a fact.

. Adolf Hitler burned down the German Parliament and blamed it on his enemies. Now somebody set fire to a Republican Party building in North Carolina and Donald Trump is trying to blame it on Hillary Clinton. I wonder who really started that fire. It looks awful suspicious to me.

. As someone wrote, Pikeville is successful. But it was successful before Frankie Justice, and will be successful after he is gone, because it has an economic base of several millionaires. So if you want to see Pikeville get access to even more money and power, then Mr. Justice may be your choice. However, I am from Letcher County, I am for Letcher County, and I want to see Letcher County be successful, so I am voting for Angie Hatton.

. I’m glad to see one certain business is gone. They sold more dope there than anything else. So sad. I don’t know how they got away with it. I’m glad this business is gone for our sake and for our children’s sake.

. It’s amazing how a certain persom can get away with driving an emergency vehicle after they’ve been in jail a couple of times for DUI or drinking in public.

. People can’t remember when Bill Clinton was president. They were going to put Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in jail, but nothing ever happened. Hillary Clinton is the most investigated person in the United States. If they investigated every politician as much as they investigated her, a lot of them would swing, but no, no. They talk about Hillary, but emails are one thing; grabbing people is something else. It’s like it’s OK to be a pervert, just don’t do it by email.

. I hear all these people in Letcher County saying they’re Democrats but are voting for Donald Trump. Honey, if you never vote for a Democrat for any office higher than county judge, you’re a pretend Democrat. You only register Democrat so you can get gravel for your driveway from the other pretend Democrats in the courthouse.

. Hillary: You can mock the Christians; you can mock the Catholic. It’s kind of ironic you’re not mocking ISIS. That’s sad. The polls say you’re winning, but how can a man fill up a stadium with people who are going to vote for him when you can’t even fill a locker room up with people that come to your speeches. It’s sad the way the polls are going when everything that’s said about you is being proven every day. From your e-mails that are being sent, and the ones that were deleted are

magically appearing. I think a woman like you needs to be tied to the whipping post. Jesus is coming back and you will stand before God almighty. You hear me, woman? God bless America.

. People of Letcher County were appalled this morning to receive a brochure from the Family Values Center in Louisville, trying to get people to vote for Angie Hatton. It seems funny that she can’t speak for her own self. Maybe it’s because of the way she’s treated people in Letcher County. Her actions as assistant county attorney been devastating to some families, grandparents, fathers, and mothers. She’s taken people’s homes from them, she’s put people out on the street, she’s taken fathers’ children away from them, she’s taken visitation time away from them because they’re unable to pay child support because there are no jobs in Letcher County. How in the world can she be tied up in this family values thing? She’s not family-friendly. I can tell you that personally.

. I’m disgusted by all of you who claim to be Christians and justify voting for a man who grabs women by the private parts by saying let him who is without sin cast the first stone. If you remember, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and turned Lot’s wife to a pillar of salt when she looked back. If Trump is elected, we’re going to have plenty of table salt in this county.

. Before, I’ve called about people being in need of pain medicine and you have not printed it. Why is there not a place in Letcher County that people can go for help like a Suboxone clinic? Have the politicians got them shut out? Have the doctors got them shut out? Why isn’t there something out there? Even the President was talking that the people in rural areas need help. (The only reason(s) why we wouldn’t have printed your earlier comments if they were along the same lines as this one is because we couldn’t understand what you were saying or you didn’t wait until the tape started rolling to start talking.)

. I have some good news and I have some bad news for people here in Sergent. It seems like one of the drug dealers is out of business, but I guess the other drug dealers will get more business now. Their ace in the hole is no longer in the hole. Let’s say goodbye to him. Goodbye, ol’ drug dealer, goodbye.

. I think these bullies in school that bully other kids and belittle other kids should have five points taken off their grades, and if necessary fail them and make them take that grade over the next year. That would put a stop to bullying in a hurry. Nobody’s got a right to bully anybody.

. How do you tell when Hillary is not lying? That’s easy — her mouth is closed.

. Why are people making minimum wage complaining what they make when they make more than 20 bucks an hour by the time they add their welfare, their food stamps, free housing and all that stuff in. Why are they whining? Get over it.

. I wish we had an agriculture agent in Letcher County like Paul Morris was when he was here.

. This is to the Letcher County law enforcement, state police, and drug enforcement agencies: When are you ever going to care enough to do something about the horrible drug epidemic in Letcher County? How many more of our loved ones have to suffer and die because of the drug dealers? You need to do something, plan something and enforce it now before any more die from overdose. This is a horrible epidemic and it needs to be stopped and stopped now.

(The problem is not a lack of caring. Our police do care. The problem is the lack of available resources and the failed policies mandated by officials in Frankfort and Washington, both Democrat and Republican.)

. To a certain person with a smart mouth: You like making fun of my cousin because he walks different and has to use a walking cane. Keep on making fun of him. What comes around goes around.

. I am calling in reference to a certain education offi cial in the Letcher County School System. She is very rude and very opinionated about children’s lives in a way she shouldn’t be. I’m just wondering when the superintendent is going to speak up for these kids she’s been rude to and labeled under false pretenses. When is she going to be put her in her place?

. I am 70 years old. I go back to Eisenhower. I’ve seen Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Ford. I know all about the Nixon tapes and the blank spots in the tape. I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I think the people holding high office now would make the people in Watergate and Nixon look like a bunch of trainees. These are veteran predators. I’ve heard of super delegates, but these people are super predators. They’ll stop at nothing to run it into the ground. I can’t find anything that shows where the last three attorney generals we’ve had have done anything. In fact, it looks like they’ve made a point not to do anything, but that’s Chicago politics. I don’t think the people of this country realized that when they elected the president we’ve got. It’s Mafia-style politics, and it’s dangerous. I’m an old man, I’m not going to last much longer, but I see danger down the road. I’m scared for my family and my grandkids. I can’t see their future being real bright. I’m afraid these terrorists are going to get in here and take over and kill everybody around here. Instead of trying to stop them, we’re inviting more in. Ninety-nine percent of people don’t keep up with anything, so it’s not their fault they’re in office, it’s our fault. This choice we now have for president is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen in my 70 years. Martin Luther King said one time, you judge by the content of your character. Well, I don’t see any character on either side here. I’m sorry to say that, but I don’t see any character or any integrity. I hope it gets better, but I’m fearing for the worst.

. They call me the backdoor man, sneaking in from Tennessee to Kentucky, to sneak in the back door and see a beautiful lady.

. None of the politicians running in eastern Kentucky talk about the need for pain medication by older people. There are a lot of people that need their pain medication, but you never hear it mentioned by the politicians. They’re afraid to touch it. What are they going to do about the people that need their pain medication?

. I have been around the Pentecostal people throughout my life. They have preached and griped and growled about this and about this. They’re a very strict believing bunch — the long dresses, the long hair. The problem I have with it is I saw in the Mountain Heritage eight or 10 of the Pentecostal churches roaming through the festival out of about four churches in their long sleeve shirts, and well groomed. What has happened? Have they found a new way to make it to heaven in their eyes? Do their preachers in churches know they were there? Don’t preach on me anymore when they’re doing wrong themselves, and one of them is a preacher. I don’t think so. You need to back up, go back to the water and come back and see a church house.

. I was raised a Democrat, but does anyone out there think anything about Hillary’s only concern about the hurricane was to get the deadline extension for voter registration? How selfserving can you get?

. I’m going to vote for Donald Trump no matter what anyone else says. The Bible says, for all have sinned and come short though the glory of God. That’s found in Romans 3-23. And in Isaiah 64-6, it says, but we are all as unclean things and all righteousness filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, and over our iniquities like the wind have taken us away. In John 8, verse 7, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. Donald Trump did not cast the first stone, Hillary Clinton cast the first stone. I am going to vote my conscience, which dictates that Donald Trump represents the only safety for the United States.

. This goes out to a Millstone man: Strike 1, Strike 2. You have had two good women, and you have cheated repeatedly on both.

. If you vote Hillary, you are against God’s plan. God has chosen Trump to be president. Hillary and everybody who is for her is direct in the way of God’s plan. May God have mercy on you. God said not to touch his anointed one.

. Well, I’ve heard of a cradle robber, and now I’ve seen the nursing home robber again. What is the deal with an 80-year-old man and a 30-something-yearold woman?

. I’m a 75-year-old woman. I’ve voted Democrat since I was 18 years old, but this time I’m changing my vote to Republican. She is the devil.

. School bus number 613 travels out Sandlick and down Camp Branch mountain has a right hand signal light out. It’s been out for more than a month. You’d think they would have found that before now.

. Why does Letcher County continue to complain about poverty, no jobs, no businesses, and no future? The county loses federal grants if they go below a certain level of poverty, so stop complaining.

. The librarian at Northern Kentucky University told me Jim Webb was a famous poet. They have his poems at Northern Kentucky University, and at Elkhorn City, but they don’t have them many other places except places far away. If he’s famous other places besides home, does that mean he’s notorious? God bless you.

. Frankie Justice talks like he’s a Tea Party person. A Tea Party person don’t believe in paying taxes himself, but he believes in taxing the poor people. Frankie Justice raised taxes when he was mayor of Pikeville. If you want taxes, vote for Frankie. He’ll tax you, but he won’t tell you he’s taxing you.

. The Cat Killer’s taking backwater. He’s not really for killing cats. I don’t know about killing cats, but what do we do about all these stupid cats people are putting out on us? Maybe they should euthanize cat owners that dump cats out on their neighbors.

. The Cat Killer has raised a real issue. What do we do with all these stray cats? We have a dogcatcher, but we don’t have a cat catcher. Who wants to grab a stray cat to take to the pound, and risk getting scratched up and eaten up? Somebody needs to do something, and if the Cat Killer will do it, more power to him.

. I heard just recently that Hindman is getting a restaurant called Pig In A Poke. My God, what has Hindman got that Whitesburg doesn’t have? All we got is a worthless Taco Bell.

. I want to wish my mother, Lisa Adams, a happy birthday on October 20. I hope you have a great day and many more. Love, your son, Robert. Hope I get to come home soon.

. To the beautiful schoolteacher who walks her dogs: I could watch you walk your dog all day long. You are so beautiful.

. The scenario which has developed in the coalfields has a simple though painful solution. We can learn from

history. In the 1940s and ‘50s coal miners lost their jobs because of mechanization. One loading machine could load more coal than 10 hand loaders. Many pulled up roots and migrated to Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere to find jobs in other industries. They saw the writing on the wall and very wisely decided to change their occupation and in many cases upgrade their education. Coal miners today should follow the examples of their fathers and grandfathers instead of waiting for their jobs to come back. You don’t make coalmining jobs (or making automobiles) just because people need jobs. You produce a product because there is a demand for that product. The solutions are simple, change your occupation and upgrade your education. The days are gone when you could get a job doing manual labor with little education or training. The days are gone when you could just show up at

the workplace with a warm body and a bologna sandwich and expect to go home with a hundred dollars.

. I received a piece of campaign literature in the mail recently. In bold letters it said, ‘Frankie Justice creating jobs in Letcher County.’ Can someone tell me how many jobs he has created? The literature went on to express his disdain for President Obama and Hillary Clinton and promised to bring back coal jobs. Doesn’t that sound like Mitch McConnell’s campaign rhetoric? How many coal miners did McConnell put back to work? Do these politicians think we are stupid?

. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ John Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what can I do for my country.’ Richard Nixon said, ‘I am not a crook.’ Bill Clinton

said, ‘I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.’ Donald Trump said, (paraphrased) ‘I want to play with your poodle.’

. Someone wrote that Clinton and Obama want to change the constitution, but it is the bigots who want to ‘take government back.’ The constitution says that ‘all men are created equal.’ The racists want to take us back to when that meant ‘all white men with money.’ If you look at the money Trump is raising, it is coming from folks like the Koch brothers and other multi-billionaires in the top one percent, who know that he will try to slash their taxes and remove regulations that protect the public from their control. If you are a white man in Appalachia, the only thing you have in common with these men is your skin color and your male anatomy. And you didn’t cause either of them.

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