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Why did they even bother to have a jury? In the Acker case, they killed the doctor’s daughter after those same people killed the old man and woman in Clay County. Yet, some judge can come in after they give them the death penalty and change it to life in prison. Why waste those jurors’ time? Just let the judges make the decisions to start with.

. All right, you men who sit at Hardee’s every morning. No more buying breakfast for you guys. You’re the guys who recommended that guy at Norton doing a front-end alignment on my vehicle. I hada9o’clockappointment and had to wait 30 minutes for him to show up. Then after he did show up, I had to wait another 30 minutes for him to return calls to people. Then I had to sit there another hour while he talked about his car, which I could have cared less about. So no more buying breakfast for you guys.

. Here’s a nursery rhyme for you based on this year’s presidential election and the assumption that Hillary is going to win: Hillary dillary dock, old Hill ran out the clock. Nobody cared, now we’re all running scared from Isis and that bunch in Iraq.

. When the devil got ahold of John CC Mayo, I hope he lit his fire with a broad form deed. If he had let the people share in the mineral wealth, Appalachia would be as rich as the Poconos.

. I have been a Democrat longer than most people reading this have lived. By reason of age, I will die soon or at least in a few years. As a Democrat I will not cast a vote for any Democrat candidate this year. Reason: I am ashamed of the tabloid gutter politics of Hillary Clinton. She and her army are trying to turn the government into a government of the Clintons, for the Clintons, and by the Clintons. Her actions and policies remind me of Vladimir Lenin, a communist ruler of the USSR in the 1920s and his policies of Leninism, including control of the poor and working class for the purpose and having children for the service and upkeep of the ruling upper class. Compare Leninism and Clintonism. Thank you.

. I would like to know what happened to the Snake Man of Appalachia. He must have

fallen off the face of the earth. That TV career must have paid good.

. These ice cream trucks are crooking these little kids for two-dollars and threedollars for an ice cream. You could buy a box for what they charge for one. I hope they can lie down at night knowing they have taken these little children’s money. And how many little children don’t have money but have to stand there and watch others get ice cream. That’s what burdens me. If I’m around and I see a child with no money I pull it out of my pocket. I hope their parents don’t get mad at me, but I don’t believe in one child eating in front or another child who can’t afford it.

. No true Christian will vote for Donald Trump. Jesus gave us the one great commandment, ‘You shall love one another as I have loved you.’ Donald Trump is the greatest spewer of hate since Adolf Hitler. He ridicules the handicapped. He abuses women, both verbally and physically. He has contempt for every race and ethnic group except his own, and many of his own race are objects of scorn. He is the most divisive candidate since George Wallace. So, if you feel you are a Christian you must ask, ‘Is this the type of man Jesus would side with?’ (And I’m not addressing that poor little man that thinks God sent the Donald to us. I pray that he can get his medication straightened out.)

. I’m calling concerning the Martha Jane Potter School at Kona. It was brought to my attention that the special education director sent law enforcement up there to handle a child for bullying. If that’s true, then law enforcement needs to question her about bullying.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Well, we found out that Hillary Clinton is paying $1,500 to everybody who will go in and try to stop a rally of Donald Trump’s. We know that. Oh yeah, Obama has been trying to start World War III behind our back and not letting the American people know what he’s doing. He’s been pushing Putin’s buttons hard and heavy trying to start World War III. Nobody else is talking about it, but I’m talking about it. And boy will I be glad to see Obama get on that helicopter and get the

hell out of Washington, D.C.

. You cat lovers have caused me to have to killed four more cats. That’s a shame. Quit setting them out in front of my house, thinking I’m going to feed them. If there’s such a place as cat hell I am going to go there, but you cat lovers are going to be beneath me. Have a great big old’ meow day.

. As a parent at Letcher Elementary School, I am wondering why school officials did not alert parents about the professional teachers who were caught on school property with alcoholic beverages. I am highly upset that us as parents were not even alerted to this fact when this happened on school property during school hours.

. I would like to commend Bernard Watts for standing up to the Letcher County Water and Sewer District and making them print out the sheets. On my sheet it says ‘could cause cancer.’ It seems like it’s being swept under the rug.

. You guys are making the game of corn hole no fun at all. You’ve got two guys sitting there every night arguing over vehicles. One guy drives a Mustang and that’s all he wants to brag on. Then you’ve got the guy with the red Camaro and that’s all he talks about. The corn hole game is just no fun with you guys anymore.

. They need to come up to Thornton and see all these kids running up and down the road with no supervision.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I would like to know what happened to the three pain clinics — Kentucky Pain Physicians in Hazard, Pikeville and Prestonsburg. They were very conservative pain doctors and they were trying to keep people on low-milligram narcotic pain medicines. We never heard anything in the news that said why they were shut down. It is inhumane to do patients like that. These people went into withdrawal and it made them sicker they were before they went to the pain center. Our government is out of control. It’s inflicting pain on its citizens. People like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, socialism — that’s the cost.

. Abortion came up again in the debate last week. A young lady here with us of childbearing age just informed us that with all the ways for both men and women to prevent pregnancy there is virtually no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy, except for rape, and no need for government sponsored abortion. I agree with her. Thank you.

. This is a tribute: We were both born in the same room in Hindman and delivered by the same doctor. Later on she moved into that same room as her apartment. Later in life we crossed paths at King’s Island in the Eighties after my father was killed. Then we crossed paths again in the Nineties at a church in Pinetop. Later we met again as I was going through a divorce and became somewhat of friends. But the main part of the story is this: I would like to wish my wife a happy birthday. She is my best friend in life. We have crossed many paths and walked many miles, and I hope God truly blesses us to walk many more. Happy birthday, Evelyn, I love you. Your man.

. Where’s Waldo … rather, where’s Frankie Justice? Has anybody seen him? Has he been to any festivals or debates? The answer is no. Sure, he sent representatives but did not show up himself. What if he is elected? Will he be like No Show George Jones? Remember, he can’t send a representative to stand in for him at Frankfort. Sure, you’ve heard commercials on TV and radio and received slick mailers. Have you had a

chance to meet and ask him local questions? Can you trust someone who has spent thousands of dollars to represent you, but you have never heard him speak publicly? Is he a Republican? Does he truly represent Republican values or Democratic values? Just whom does he represent? Think about it before you vote. Again, where’s Waldo? Thank you.

. Beware of certain people out selling buildings. Be sure to read your contract, because they will rob you.

. For those who don’t trust Hillary Clinton, let me ask you why not? Is it because you have been told not to trust her by the man who is the least trusted candidate in history? Or is it because the radical right has been spreading lies about her for the last 25 years? It was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, who said, ‘A lie, repeated often enough, becomes the truth.’ For those who believe Mr. Trump, I’ll explain what that really means. It means that if you hear something long enough, you start to accept it, whether it is true or not, just because you keep hearing it. Vladimir Lenin used the same tactic when he overthrew the Russian government and made it Communist. Don’t fall for it.

. People want to complain about the jobs in Letcher County, but the problem with a lot of the jobs here, for instance with the school system, when you get in trouble or you get caught having an affair with another school employee you get promoted and get a pay raise. Or if you get caught with alcohol on school premises you get just written up and that’s it — you get to continue to work. No wonder people are so dead set against our school system.

. I’m a parent of a student at Letcher Central High School who is concerned about all the talk of threatened school shootings. It just concerns me that the school officials seem to not pay it much attention and just let it fly by without anything being done. We may need to rethink how parents are notified, because we are not being notified about any of this; we are finding out on social media.

. I can’t believe that we have so many weird-o’s in eastern Kentucky supporting Donald Trump. He is a weird-o. Where in this world do the people who support him get their education? You Trump supporters all are nothing but chickens. If you stand on a picket line you can’t find a Republican standing there, but you want the union’s check whenever you can get one. Not a one of you will stand and fight for it.

. They’re going to get someone killed by holding a haunted house in that old water plant if they’re not careful. That building is in bad shape. I’m going to call the proper officials all the way up the chain before someone gets killed there.

. Angie Hatton has taken up with this family values thing out of Louisville, Kentucky. They are sending out brochures and trashing Frankie Justice and promoting her. I am a person who has been many things in this community — father, grandfather, and pastor of a church. I see in this little brochure where it says Frankie raised the water and sewer rates while he was mayor in Pikeville. Frankie can’t do these things on his own, just like James Wiley Craft can’t do things on his own in Whitesburg. It takes a vote of the city council or city commission. It’s unreal the stuff that’s coming down the road against this man. It also talks about him voting himself a $1,000 raise without giving you the information of how little he actually made a year as mayor. Mayors don’t make any money; they basically donate their time. It also

says Frankie has wasted more than $200,000 in coal severance tax. Have the people of Letcher County been dead the last few years since Jim Ward has been office? He lost thousands on the recycling center. I got over $500 worth of school taxes on my property tax this year. That is totally ridiculous, as I basically don’t have much property in Letcher County. If you look at things Angie Hatton has stood for as assistant county attorney and in family court you will find that she is a very prominent advocate for child social services and helping them take people’s children from them and things of that nature. Angie Hatton is not telling the people of Letcher County the truth, but that’s politics here in Letcher County.

. Eastern Kentucky will do the same thing they did eight years ago when Obama was running for president. It has really hurt us the past eight years but they have learned nothing. You can’t do anything for the stupidity.

. They don’t even have to cook at the senior citizens center and they have four people up there working just to serve meals. I would like to be hired for that job.

. Just remember this: When some multi-billionaire gets away with paying zero taxes, that doesn’t mean they’re smart – it means they’re heartless. Those tax dollars will still be collected, it’s just your bill and mine that goes up. Think of it this way: What if Donald Trump was your rich, blowhard uncle who kept meeting you for lunch, but every time the bill comes he claims his wallet is in his ‘other pants.’ How long would you put up with that? But that’s exactly what is happening here. The rich one percent gets the free ride while we pay the bills. If you’re a laid-off miner, did the CEO of the mining company you worked for lose his pay? Wake up.

. Wake up, fellow voters in the 94th District. Do we want to put someone who doesn’t live in Letcher or Pike counties into office? I don’t feel like he could do the job. He is spreading false statements that she is against coal or is another Hillary Clinton. A vote for Angie Hatton would be the best choice.

. It’s amazing how a certain preacher has turned on his congregation.

. To a certain person: I know about the thousands of dollars you borrowed from my dying aunt. Until you repay her estate the thousands you owe, in Jesus Christ’s name you are going to be living under a curse.

. To the psycho in Mudtown:

You are one sick person and I hope I get to dance on your grave.

. This is in response to a comment in Speak Your Piece three weeks ago regarding the book entitled ‘Up There At The House’ by Pete A. Martin: I understand why you got so upset. This historical novel is set in Letcher County. It is severe and provocative.

. I just got the latest flyer from Frankie Justice attempting to smear Angie Hatton. It shows several jerseys below a sign for ‘Team Hillary.’ On the first impression, the jerseys are blue and white. Go Cats! One of the jersey labels is E. Warren. At first I thought he meant Earl Warren, a Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice who turned out to lead one of the most progressive courts in history. But he must mean Elizabeth Warren. If Hillary is not our first female president, this intelligent, caring New Englander will be unless the Republican smear machine targets her like they have Hillary the past 25 years. Next we have B. Sanders. That’s Bernie, a Vermont senator who inspired the loyalty of many young people and had many ideas to help the poor and middle class. Then we have Angie Hatton, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton – three educated women who support common folks and want the rich to pay their share instead of passing the tax burden onto the rest of us. Frankie also targets Greg Stumbo, the first Kentucky Speaker of the House from eastern Kentucky. He has introduced legislation in the Kentucky legislature to solve the current public pension crisis that threatens to leave retired teachers, police, firemen and other public employees without a retirement plan. Sadly, Frankie’s Republican buddies have shot down the best solutions, while fully funding their own retirement plan. Who else does Frankie attack? Why, President Obama of course. The Republicans have spread so many lies and half-truths about this man, and what has he done? Provided a health care plan that allows everyone to receive affordable health insurance. Won the Nobel Peace prize and donated the cash award to charity. Pulled most of our troops out of danger in Afghanistan and Iraq, while managing operations that have not only killed Osama Bin Laden, but also many terrorist leaders who sought to take Bin Ladin’s place. He saved the American automobile industry, and took the Bush administration’s 2008 ‘Great Recession’ and now has us almost back to pre-recession employment levels. For me, the choice between Angie Hatton and Frankie Justice is like choosing between UK and the snobby Dukies.

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