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I called TVS Cable a few days ago to have CNN and MSNBC removed from my cable TV lineup. Since then I have recruited 23 more subscribers that feel the same way I do. If they don’t remove them we are having service disconnected in the near future. They are forcing us to pay for something that is vulgar and that we don’t want or need coming into our living rooms. Thank you.

. I would like to ask all voters to pray with me and ask God to help us elect Trump as our president. I believe God is the only One who can help us elect Trump. God knows, as I do, that there is not a woman alive who has not had an off-the-cuff remark made to her sometime or somewhere. Just as the Bible says, only God is perfect. Your vote counts. Please elect Trump. I am a Democrat who is voting Republican. I am praying to God that Trump wins. Think about it, folks. The Supreme Court is so very important and this illegal immigration needs to stop now.

. All you people going against Trump are on the wrong side of God. Do you think for one moment that

Trump would be where he is today if not for God? They would have killed him if they could. This man is protected by God. Can’t you see? He will go in by a landslide. Thank you.

. Donald Trump says there’s a double standard in the U.S. government. Well, he ought to live in Jenkins. We have a double standard also. Our mayor doesn’t think so, but we voters do.

. I was calling about our county agriculture agent, Shad Baker. I wonder how he can be president of the Pine Mountain Trail and still hold the job of ag agent. Also, why doesn’t he do home visits as part of his ag agent job? Occasionally, his secretary will return a call to the Letcher County Extension Service, but I have been unable to get Mr. Baker to return a call. Thank you.

. I live in Letcher County, I have watched all these candidates tell their story and tell stories on each other. This country, state and county is in a terrible mess. We have career politicians continue their promises of helping our area. We must help ourselves before

we can get help from them. We can help ourselves by beginning to switch our voting habits. The real sense in this election is we have an area that the national Democrat Party has left us by attacking coal and leaving us without a means to provide for ourselves. We now must use our common sense and take advantage of what little we have left. Living in Letcher County and being a Democrat, one would think the best person would be a Democrat from Letcher, but again common sense tells me that with a president that hates coal and a Democrat nominee that has taken his positions on coal we must support people that will help and that understands coal. With our current governor being a Republican, we must support Frankie Justice. He is a coal operator, an elected official, and he has the connections with the powers at this time. Common sense will prevail if we are smart.

. A certain education offi cial in the Letcher County School System needs to be replaced.

. I would like to know why the Letcher County school superintendent only showed up to one volleyball game — the regional championship. He never showed up to any of the girls’ soccer games or any of the men’s soccer games. He never showed up to any of those

games, yet he can attend all of the football games. To my knowledge, volleyball is the most winning program at Letcher County Central, yet nobody supports them. The principal didn’t even show up at the district or region tournaments. No school offi cial representing Letcher County Central High School showed up at the district or region, boys’ or girls’, soccer. That is pitiful when you cannot support your kids.

. A vote for Donald Trump for president is a vote against the Second Commandment that tells us, ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.’ Those of you who support Devil Donald, the top comrade of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, are guilty of worshipping a false idol, which the Bible and the Second Commandment tell you not to do. As the world’s biggest liar likes to say when he’s out on the campaign trail, ‘So sad. Believe me.’

. I can’t wait to vote against Hillary Clinton. She is the devil.

. I live in Letcher County, and I am concerned that Angie Hatton has no experience in government. I think careful consideration should be given to Mr. Justice, as he has proven leadership. I don’t know him personally but the City of Pikeville has continued to grow during his term as mayor and city commissioner.

I think at least we should give him a try under the current administration and see if he will work for us in Letcher County. After all, we know Angie cannot get us anywhere with this governor.

. It looks like Pine Creek has claimed another life. Someone needs to go up there and test the water or something. There are too many cases there of cancer, liver failure, and kidney failure. Condolences to the Webb family. I am so sorry. The water is this hollow needs to be tested, because something is not right.

. This is the old cat killer. don’t like my next-door neighbor and all of his cats.

. I don’t think we will have an election; we will have an auction. People should wonder why all this money is being put into an election unless they plan to get some benefit from it.

. I’m sick and tired of people of hearing people in Letcher County yell coal, coal, coal. They know coal is not coming back, especially since our federal, state and local officials, including our county judge, have supported the natural gas industry while it has taken over coal.

. The Obama administration reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan’s administration — take the working class people and do away with all the jobs.

. I would like to speak my piece about our taxes, especially our school taxes. We pay more for school tax than we pay for any other tax. Why and what do we get out of it? We have kids who aren’t even in school and don’t do anything. For those in school, they can’t be corrected. Can someone please tell me why we have to pay so much in school tax? And while I’m on taxes, you all better get ready to pay for that rec center with a raise in taxes. It is coming. There is no more coal severance tax. If Donald Trump doesn’t get in there our nation is ruined. And to The Mountain Eagle, you all have a good day.

. To the people who timber other people’s property under contract: I think you ought to live up to the contract you signed. If you don’t, you should be taken to court. Stop giving the people the runaround. And what kind of forestry division do we have in Kentucky? They were called and were supposed to be here a week ago, but they still haven’t showed up. They haven’t even bothered to call. So what are we paying them for — to sit on their behinds? I think so.

. I would like to say my piece to The Mountain Eagle. Whether it does any good or not I am going to say it. These people that block the side of the road so that people can’t get off the road when somebody is coming up or out of the hollow, you either have to back all the way up to where you live

or all the way to the main hardtop. The high sheriff has been contacted and Judge Ward has been contacted.

. If the rec center is losing money it is easy to see why. They let these new people come upstairs who just pay $1 and they get on all the machines in the mornings while all of us old customers have to pay full price. I’m going to quit paying full price, too. They need somebody upstairs watching these people. They have one rule for some people and another rule for other people.

. I called in to Speak Your Piece the other day and when I got my paper somebody had deleted most of it out and changed the bottom of it. I don’t appreciate that.

. To the deadbeat people who were at the Jenkins girls’ softball field on Saturday at 1 o’clock: While our girls have the field to play ball on, you all have got a bunch of stupid dogs out there letting them dig and poop where our children have to play ball. You sorry people, get your dogs on leashes and walk them so they can poop somewhere other than places like that. This is what makes me hate animals.

. Do all Letcher residents believe that they are being represented by their county attorney and assistant county attorney, Angie Hattie? The coal company that she worked for was supposed to give folks jobs, but it was run into the ground on government money. The miners were left without a job and no money.

. To the guy in the blue truck wearing the white sunglasses: Do you understand how gay those things make you look? Take those off and be a man.

. To the person who wrote in about John C.C. Mayo and the mineral deeds: It has a lot to do with past courthouse officials finding the 10,000 deeds and mortgages that were mentioned in the paper a while back. You need to check in on that. I would like to meet you. Thank you.

. What is a hotdog without chili? (A waste?)

. Maybe the cat killer should be elected as the catnapper. He needs to go down to the courthouse and see about getting elected.

. Does anyone know who won the Mountain Heritage Festival poetry contest? I would certainly like to know? Do you know the name of the winning poem?

. When I read Speak Your Piece these days I have a hard time believing the comments that are being called in from people who are still lucky enough to live in the place I call home. As for me, I had to move away to one of the big blue states to make a living, but I have

always planned on returning home to spend my retirement years. Based on the comments I am reading, however, I’m not so sure I want to surround myself with the ignorance that seems to have taken

over Letcher County. I am about ready to agree with the people here in California who are sick of sending our tax dollars to help prop up the deadbeats in eastern Kentucky and other places in the mountains who just got Frankie Justice’s new

talking card. If Justice has so much money to spend on political advertisement, why hasn’t he done more for Pike County and Letcher County? He couldn’t even show up for Mountain Heritage. What a pitiful Republican.

. Is there any way Letcher County Central High School can step down from Class 5A to Class 4A? It just doesn’t seem that we’re being very competitive in 5A. Since many parents held their kids back in middle school to play football, I just think we would be more competitive if we would step down to 4A. Most of our kids are older, but it doesn’t seem like we’re competitive.

. To the nursing home robber: Saw you again out with

that guy. What is the deal with that? Here you are in your early 30s, and I know you’ve been married, because you’ve got kids. Why are you with an 80-year-old man?

. Of the two candidates running for state representative, only one is helping children to be raised by their parents on an equal basis and working to get grandparents’ rights restored. The only candidate who is openly for getting the visitation and custody laws changed is Frankie Justice. He has pledged to get laws changed. He is helping to see that families are not destroyed. It’s not fair and it’s not constitutional when one side of the family gets only four days a month with a child. Things need to change and we finally have people stepping up to the plate to get the laws changed.

. This is the old cat killer thanking the people who called in last week to take up for me. No, I have not taken on water. What I have got is a conscience. I am sick and tired of killing these cats, and I want you cat lovers to do a better job. Take your cats and have them spayed.

. Who is Donald Trump? Here is some information you might want to know. Donald Trump is a serial sex abuser. He is a man who has broken his marriage vows several times and cheated his employees out of their wages. He praises Vladimir Putin and said he is a great leader. Donald Trump is using threats, lies, and scare tactics to get elected, just like a man in Germany did many years ago before World War II. This is who Donald Trump is.

. If Hillary Clinton is elected president on November 8, 2016, we can say today this nation has elected a president of questionable honor and truthfulness and with morals flawed with deception. In doing so we have brought dishonor to this great nation and weakened its place on the world stage. Like it or not, as a nation we will soon realize that we are in part now and in the future will be ruled by executive authority. Security and democracy as we now know it will only be a dream. Our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their children will curse this generation. God forgive us for as a nation we have sinned. Thank you.

. First of all I would like to say praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Second I would like to say there is no honor among thieves anymore. You people who are voting early better check when you’re voting Republican and make sure Hillary is not at the top of the ticket. It’s happening in Texas. I don’t think she can beat Trump even if she is cheating, because the American people are fed up with what’s going on and what’s happening to our America. God bless America. This is my country. You can call me a number one infidel heterosexual homophobic racist bigot, but I’m an American and I have the right to be. Put that in your crack pipes and smoke it.

. It really is a scary time when you are forced to realize that a man of such low morals as Donald Trump is able to get 45 percent of the people of our nation to blindly support his effort to become the next Adolf Hitler. It has been sad to watch as just a little less than half of the American people have thrown away their dignity and self-respect and given it to a proven sexual pervert like Trump, who will go down in history as the biggest liar and crook to ever attempt to take the Oval Offi ce. God help us if this evil devil wins office on November 8. As Trump has already caused more damage to our country than we will ever be able to overcome, we better hope and pray this son of Satan does not get elected.

. If you get an air conditioner or heat pump from a certain local installer and need work done to it, I feel sorry for you when you call and try to get it fixed. They say, ‘Oh, the service man will be out tomorrow.’ Yeah, right. I waited all day the next day and he didn’t even show. I called back and they gave me the same story over

and over. All they do is make up excuses and lie instead of coming out to fix it.

. When did it become legal to drive unlicensed ATV’s on the highways in Letcher County? Why should the rest of us have to pay for tags for our vehicles when these dangerous and slowmoving ATV’s are using the roads for free?

. You say you’re a Christian. Well, I am a Christian. It does not matter about what beliefs you have, but what does matter is the presidential race. If we do not stand up and make things right with this country the Christian vote is going to be in bad trouble. I cannot find myself able to vote for the Democratic Party, the reason being that she is for abortion. The Bible speaks very highly against abortion. How can you consider yourself a Christian and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. And if you do vote for her, you will pay the ultimate price before you die.

. I am a woman who has been subjected to my share of lewd remarks and whistles from men, but never once did any of those men walk up to me and grab me between my legs and started kissing on me with his mouth full of Tic-Tac’s. Donald Trump is the most disgusting candidate for president this country has ever known. He is a sick, twisted and perverted man.

. On a recent trip to Letcher County, the place I dearly love and call home, I have never been so disappointed and disgusted as I was to see all the people using and selling drugs. I had decided to move back home, but the place I once thought was a safe place with honest people has more criminal activity than the big city I now live in. I am ashamed to say one can’t trust his own family not to steal from them. My beautiful mountain home as I knew it has gone to the drug dealers, so Letcher County people, wise up and make changes before it is too late.

. All reports on prisons from the 1980’s to present day show federal prisons are only built in rural uneducated low-income areas. All reports show they do not help the economy; actually they cause more poverty. If the planning committee would do the research as others in the county are doing now they would see this is a mistake. But they refuse to acknowledge this information, and I for one would like to know why they refuse to research it. When the prison is built and the poverty continues to get worse, what are you going to say to the people then — ‘Oh, I made a mistake’?

. This comment is about ending the ‘Whitesburg way.’ I am referring to the way the less qualified people always get the jobs over and over just because they have a family connection in the county. Letcher County will never prosper until this changes. We will never stop this continuous cycle of poverty until we begin hire the most qualified and best person for each and every job. We must change together for the better for all of us. Let’s end the Whitesburg way where the less qualified people are hired over more qualified people.

. We want to wish Maggie Hurley of Whitesburg a big happy birthday. It was on October 26. From all of the family.

. I want to wish my brother, James Coomer of Williamstown, a happy birthday on November 4. Love, Sis.

. I want to wish Sonny James Blair a big happy birthday on November 3. From Jackie and the family with love.

. Has anybody seen the Goth girls streaking at Fishpond Lake?

. This is in response to the person who said no true Christian will vote for Donald Trump. I am a Christian and I am hoping to God that you will not vote for Hillary Clinton, who supports abortion. Please say you are not going to vote for Hillary the killer.

This is why I don’t trust Hillary Clinton: The woman says she is an advocate for children, but yet she advocates for abortion. She is not fit to be in office. She should never have run. She is a liar and a cheat. She is doing nothing but advocating murder, and someone like that should never be there.

. As I look at the group that Frankie Justice calls ‘Team Hillary’ I see diversity — men, women, black, white, young, and old. When I think of Team Frankie — Frankie, Mitch, Matt Bevin, and Donald of Orange, I see rich fat-cat geezers who want to keep themselves and their buddies in power when they haven’t done a darn thing for the rest of us. The Constitution says ‘We the people …’ not ‘We, the rich old power grabbers.’

. A certain candidate for circuit judge is interested only in helping is his friends. When I needed help I hired him to represent me and he wouldn’t even let me take the stand to testify. I saw him outside the courthouse on two occasions talking to someone who was very much involved in the case for which I had hired him to help me. I would like very much to file a complaint against him, but I don’t know where to file it. If anyone knows, please put it in the paper next week and I will file.

. How does a guy get by with riding around in a Jeep Cherokee with no doors on it like it’s the Baja 100? What if he isn’t wearing a seatbelt and gets thrown out of the vehicle in a wreck and gets hurt badly or killed? Whose fault would that be?

. To a certain person: You know what you can do with your opinions about me?

. From a secret admirer: You are a very sexy and good-looking man.

. Wonder why Kentucky River Area Development District money is used to feed people at the senior citizens center who aren’t even 60 years old? I think someone needs to tell KRADD about this. The rules aren’t being followed. No wonder the county is broke.

. Why do the Letcher County School System administrators not take employee concerns seriously? Several of us employees have gone to central office with concerns regarding a certain program director and we are not being taken seriously. We have shown time and time again things that are being done, but our concerns are just swept under the rug. We are tired of this as employees of the school district.

. In the coming circuit judge’s election, I would like to say I think that both men are great and outstanding. However, if you want an honest, sincere, dependable man who is there across the board regardless whether you have money or you don’t, then I think we need Darrell Hall. Please, I beg everyone to vote, and I ask that you give a lot of consideration to and vote for Darrell Hall. Thank you and God bless.

. Ladies, you were the last group to be given the right to vote. The 19th Amendment passed Congress in 1919 and was ratified by the states in 1920. So your gender has been able to vote in federal elections for less than 100 years. When the United States was formed, only rich white men could vote. Most major world powers have already had a woman leader, but not the United States. Your time has come. Whether you like her personally or not, Hillary Clinton has more experience and knowledge at the national level than Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and many others had when we elected them. If you elect Trump, you are saying that being a rich male is more important than being an intelligent, experienced, and competent female. Stand up and be counted.

. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ John F. Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what can I do for my country.’ Richard Nixon said, ‘I am not a crook.’ Bill Clinton said, ‘I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.’ Donald Trump said (paraphrased), ‘I want to play with your poodle.’

. I just read Speak Your Piece and the comments from the cat killer. What a filthy monster. Why doesn’t he take these animals to a shelter somewhere instead of killing them? Serial killers start out killing animals. If you abuse or kill an animal you would do the same thing to a human. He needs to be arrested. And why would you even print this?

. Is there enough land available in Letcher County to build a mosque for the prison inmates’ families when they move here or come to visit? I’ve heard there are over 200 families already estimated to move to Letcher County, and this is just the Muslim religion. (Seriously — and I ask this with all due respect — how did you come up with a claim as ridiculous as this? Did someone you consider credible actually tell you this?)

. Hey you girls who are out here talking about your family members and everybody else. Your daddy is a preacher; don’t you realize it looks bad on your daddy? And your mommy is the one who stole, not your daddy.

. Who do you report it to when somebody reports her rings were stolen and goes and collects insurance on them even though she still has them in a safe deposit box? Who do you report something like this to? This is awful.

. If you vote for Hillary Clinton you will be killing babies. She doesn’t care. She will also be bringing people into the United States to kill people who are already here. So go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton if that’s what you want to do.

. I would like to respond to a letter in last week’s issue of The Mountain Eagle about Donald Trump abusing women and being mean to crippled people and making fun of P.O.W.’s. The writer said that people who vote for him would go to hell. Well, after examining this carefully I found out that Hillary Clinton supports (abortion rights) and same-sex marriage. I believe people who support these issues will probably be sent

40 miles on the other side of hell.

. Just wondering how a woman can fool around with drug dealers, have her kids taken away from her, and still be allowed to work in a hospital? Just wondering how that happens.

. The scenario which has developed in the coalfields has a simple though painful solution. We can learn from history. In the 1940’s and ‘50’s, coal miners lost their jobs because of mechanization. One loading machine could load more coal than 10 hand loaders. Many pulled up roots and migrated to Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere to find jobs in other industries. They saw the writing on the wall

and very wisely decided to change their occupation and in many cases upgrade their education. Coal miners today should follow the examples of their fathers and grandfathers instead of waiting for their jobs to come back. You don’t make coal mining jobs (or make automobiles) just because people need jobs. You produce a product because there is a demand for that product. The solutions are simple, change your occupation and upgrade your education. The days are gone when you could get a job doing manual labor with little education or training. The days are gone when you could just show up at the workplace with a warm body and a bologna sandwich and expect to go home with a hundred dollars.

. The reports are that 275,000 babies were born in 2014 to illegal immigrants. You paid their hospital bill and you will pay for their housing, their food stamps, their medical bills and other


. Ben Gish caught a fish/ Jim Jones ate the bones/Joe Moore cried for more/Dr. Wright said it wasn’t nothing but right. Andy Ferrell. (An old Seco saying about residents and South East Coal Company from way back in the day comes to light again.)

. In regards to the comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece that Knott County got a Pig in a Poke Restaurant while Letcher County only got a Taco Bell: We’re mighty lucky to get Taco Bell or any other new restaurant because of our prominent businessman who tries to buy every available piece of land to avoid any competition to his enterprises. Not good for Letcher County growth. Thank you.

. Good old boy justice in Whitesburg, still running wide open. It’s a shame when a young man can have five narcotics in his system, sideswipe an innocent

couple who are sober, killing one and crippling the other, yet he only gets 90 days in jail. In Clay County, a lady did the same crime and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

. I am going to vote for Donald Trump — the last chance for the United States to remain a free and independent country. If the present lineup of the Democratic Party’s candidates for the U.S. President’s office is elected, then the people (American citizens) are going to wake up one morning — about two years from now — and be very surprised to learn how quickly a government can be overthrown by socialism. Socialism is a bad thing.

. We the American people are sick of the stupidity of the lying Democrats. We the American people are not afraid of the Muslims. We do not want our families put in danger by a heathen religion that wants to destroy our

nation as the Democrats do. All the Democrats have done in the past eight years is destroy jobs and lie to the American people and say jobs are being created. They are liars. We have American people who are that are starving here in America and the Democrats want to cater to the Muslims. The Democrats have rejected the laws of God. We the American people are also sick of the Republican Party’s yellow-backed cowardly attitude. If you can’t stand for what is right for the American people, then change your party and be a lying Democrat. The American people are sick of both parties. We the American people want our nation back. We want our nation’s leaders to live right, not as the adulterous Bill Clintons or Trumps or the Congress or Senate. We don’t want to hear your ungodly language. We the American people need to stand up and take our nation back from the ungodly politicians. We want God’s laws back in our society, not adulterers and fornicators. Get right with God. The nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell.


Donald Trump is the best thing that happened in modern history for the Democratic Party. Now, all of his Republican cronies who supported him through blind loyalty and party unity will also be voted out of office and a Democratic majority in Congress can move our nation forward. Donald Trump will go down in history alongside the likes of the racist George Wallace who ran for president in the 1960s. The paradox of Donald Trump’s presence on the national stage is that he has been the beneficiary of realizing the American Dream yet he at the same time is trying to prevent millions of others (the poor and downtrodden) from realizing even a modicum of that same dream.


Happy late birthday to Kendall Boggs, Gypsie Brashears, and anniversary to Charlie Webb and Amanda, all the same day, October 26, last Wednesday. I thought it was against the law to have biting dogs loose. Our neighbor’s dog came and killed my sister’s Redbone Hound, and it’s on a chain in her backyard. This just doesn’t sit well with us. Also, a certain woman is talking like women should have long hair, but hers is cut short. That’s all. Please print this, okay? Thank You, Stanley Pack.

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