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I think they got some of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name wrong. It should be Hillary Rotten Clinton.

. I hope and pray that every idiot in this county who voted for Donald Trump for president loses every food stamp, SSI and welfare check to their name. Whether Trump wins or not you ought to be punished for being so stupid.

. Why don’t the garbage people do something about that garbage dump on Burton Hill? It’s an eyesore and it’s at the bottom of Burton Hill.

. Well, I’m going to get another great big raise on my Social Security check from Obama — four dollars a month.

. I would like to know what people think about a preacher’s wife stealing from the church. What should we do? Should we prosecute? I’m stunned by this whole situation.

. Why doesn’t HRC blame it on W?

. This is the old cat killer. It is an early November day and the temperature is almost 80 degrees. If this is global warming, I’ll take it year-round. You people have a great big ole meow day.

. What about Hillary Clinton selling 20 percent of our uranium to the Russians? All of us — Republican and Democrat — are in danger of dying because of her.

. People who watch CNN News shouldn’t, because CNN only thinks about Hillary Clinton. People should quit watching CNN and start watching Fox News. Fox will tell you the truth about both candidates. Thank you.

. A preacher ’ s wi f e shouldn’t be paying her electric bill out of the church’s money. The preacher should not stand behind her, but should tell the people what she is doing. She is stealing from the church.

. I would like to know who the stinking woman is with the old guy on a walker who lives down toward Blackey. Sister, there is too much soap and water in this county. That man deserves three checks just for having to smell you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I heard it was open season on meth heads over on Camp Branch. I sure would like to get my tag so I could get over there and open up on a bunch of them.

. Fleming-Neon will use the first part of its funding for cosmetic work on the water plant while we have no water at all? Anyone with any intelligence at all would have replacement pumps available. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that pumps will fail. It is said the blame for this problem is low water levels, which should have been monitored and damage from a power outage, which should have been handled by a surge protector that should have been in place. If either of these is true, then the responsibility lies on the management of the water company. Until favoritism is done away with and people with experience are hired we will never have a public works in this town. For the past few years we have had continuous water and sewer problems that have been the result of poor management and lack of maintenance, yet the mayor and water commission let these workers play follow the leader up and down the roads all day talking on a cell phones or gathered up at one of the plants. If the city does not have the funds to keep spare parts on hand for emergencies, then the state or federal needs to take over the public works and bid out its service to a private management company. Then maybe they would bring in some people that know how to plan for the future breakdowns. There is no need whatsoever for a water and sewer commission if those involved have no knowledge or intentions to do anything other than say I’m on the board. Let’s just buy a board and put it outside City Hall for the commission and city council to sit on. They can really be sitting on a board then.

. I just saw Obama on the news. Can you believe he said Donald Trump was unfit to be president?

. It’s amazing how a person can get his mother to lie for him so that he can get a job. It just goes to show you that if you get drunk you can get whatever you want. This person and his mommy are going to get exactly what

they deserve. What goes around comes around.

. You know what you can do with your opinion? Take it and put it up where the sun doesn’t shine, because I couldn’t care less.

. Reading through Speak Your Piece in The Mountain Eagle, you see a lot of people putting in comments about the people running for president. You know, we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions on either one, because we only know what the media gives us. We haven’t been directly in contact with either candidate person-to-person with them. I think we should just pray for our nation and let God take hold of it. This could be the beginning of the end of time and the rapture might soon be taking place. So why don’t you talk to the Good Lord Above and get yourselves right with Him and do the right thing and serve the Lord just in case the end of time is coming? According to the way things are happening nowadays, the end of time is near as the Bible says in Revelations. That’s the last book of the New Testament. So let’s all let God take hold of the one we need for president and everybody hope and pray for a better America.

. I saw where Alpha’s old operations and some other coal jobs are opening up around here. Let’s just pray that things get better for our miners so they don’t have to wait until the new president gets in there. Let’s pray that they get to work before all that has to take place, especially with the holidays coming up.

. According to my librarian, there is no such thing as a famous poet. Jim Webb has books in the New York library, but not in the Whitesburg library. Isn’t it funny that he isn’t famous in his hometown but people away from here will buy his books? I recommend you all buy ‘Get in Jesus.’ It’s a


. By the time you read this, the election will be over, but I was just wondering about the Donald Trump e-mails that were erased.

. In reference to last week’s question asking if I had gotten reliable information of inmates’ families moving to Letcher County: I do not say or parse anything not from a reliable source. Myself and many local residents have stopped listening to local planning committees and instead go to the source at hand. Anyone wanting information can do the same. Do your own research. Ask the people in charge of the project. They are happy to answer any questions.

. What are you going to do when the snow starts flying and you can’t sit on the porch?

. To a certain person: Just wanted you to know that I don’t appreciate the comment you made about me. I don’t like it and just wanted you to know how I feel.

. The first thing I do is turn on the TV and there he is, some Dakota Indian chief. Well I have this to say: American taxpayers and the government have been supporting the Indians forever. All I can say is that if they want to lay a pipeline across their land let them lay it across it. They whine and cry and go on. Hell, I was born in the mountains, so I guess I’m indigenous too. Anyway, I could care less. It’s not like they’re going to shove two sticks of dynamite up the rear of the horse Tonto is sitting on and blast it. They just want to run a pipeline across their land. So if they want to dance and shout and holler, let them dance, shout and holler, but get out of the damn way and let them lay the pipeline. God bless America, from a fed-up taxpayer.

. It’s a shame the mountains have to catch on fire and burn up before you

can get a burn ban here in Letcher County. I would like to know why we couldn’t have a burn ban year around. They should stop all this garbage burning. But no, they’ve got to let all of the hills burn down first.

. I’m an evangelist and have been one for quite some time. I preach in a lot of different denominations, but lately I have been going to a few churches that are dark and gloomy with just a little bit of light on the stage. Could some of you pastors out there with these dark and gloomy churches explain to me why you don’t have lights on in the church? Could somebody answer that question for me? The Bible says Jesus is the light of the world.

. My name is Master Frank Sexton. I teach the Ng Family System under Great Grandmaster John Ng. That’s my teacher. I have taught all of the instructors who came out of Letcher County from Adams Mason, Larry Adams, and Dale Brown. I have had several people ask me if I am under these people, because that is what they were told. I am not under these other instructors; I taught them years ago in a different system. If anybody has any questions, contact me personally. I would appreciate it if people would quit associating the Ng Family System and Four Seasons Kung Fu and Tai Chi with these other systems that are not real. They are all made up.

. I saw the advertisement about that book, ‘Up At The House,’ by Pete Martin. He has no right to write such a book. The good people of Letcher County should be offended. This book ought to be burned at the stake.

. People, just go home. Stay at home. Stay away from me. Stay away from my kids. Stay away from everybody. Take care of your own problems. Go on. Please, go on.

. How does that girl get by with paying only one dollar at the rec center while using every machine in there during the morning? We’re going to quit paying full price, too.

. Be very careful if you interact with someone who is a gossiper. They will invent

things that you say that you actually didn’t say, because they are trying to lower you to their standards. A gossiper is not a good person regardless of how they act. So be wary of that.

. Concerning all of the criticism of Donald Trump, shame, shame on you. Wouldn’t it change your mind just a little if there were tapes or recordings of some of the locker room talk in local facilities by some of the so-called local rich and famous people? I don’t like to hear nor do I talk such talk as I’ve heard. As for Hillary Clinton, I guess all you supporters have read the books that have been written about the Clintons, especially the book written by the Secret Service person, Gary Burns, entitled ‘Crisis of Character.’ The language he heard coming from Hillary’s mouth was beyond belief, especially in our country’s most respected place, the White House. The Clintons have always been connected with dishonesty. Perhaps some of you might remember the days of Slick Willie when he was brought up for impeachment. I have been a Democrat all of my life, but this was one time I voted Republican for Donald J. Trump. I always vote for the person who seems to really be interested in helping our country, not destroying it. God bless our country.

. Concerning the comment about the rec center and the one-dollar charge: Quit being jealous and grow up.

. This is just an educated opinion about the guy in the blue truck wearing the white sunglasses: He’s probably making a new statement. I’d say he’s also got a new pair of Rock Hudson jeans.

. To the young lady complimenting the good-looking man: Thank you. I get that all of the time. I’ve got an Obama phone, a food stamp card, and an SSI check.

. OK, boys and girls, here is this week’s nursery rhyme based on the presidential election: Humpty Trumpty promised a wall, but Humpty Trumpty had a great fall. Now all of Trump’s horses and all of Trump’s men can’t keep the illegals from running on in.

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