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I am a student at Letcher Elementary School in the eighth grade. I cannot believe that just because a certain teacher is so tight the rest of us have to suffer and are not being allowed to have formal dance this year.

(A formal dance for eighth-graders? What’s next, fourth-grade prom?)


If today is yesterday’s future then tomorrow is the good old days. Every knee shall bow. You better think about it.


I would like to wish Donna a happy birthday on April 17.


I think parents that let their children go on their eighth-grade trip should know what one school did. They let 14-year-old children go in the city of Charleston, S.C., without any supervision. They could have gotten lost or something terrible could have happened. Thank God they got back safe. A concerned parent.


I would like to thank the fiscal court for passing a nuisance law and the county attorney’s office for saying the litter laws would be enforced. With so many people being filthy around their homes and keeping so many old junk cars, I can’t wait until they start enforcing the laws. I’m going to report every neighbor I have. Thank you, fiscal court and county attorney’s office, you are good people.


The couple on Little Colley are back at it again, hollering and fussing at each other. Someone is going to get hurt. I just don’t know what to think about either of them. I wish they would just leave so we could all see some peace.


I just got The Mountain Eagle today and see where a certain person is up to his old games again. It looks like the citizens of Letcher County need to get together and make a report on how he has really been doing things over the years.


You all would just dearly love to kill me, wouldn’t you?


So you want me to get into a big empty room with you and a bunch of deadbeat dads and child molesters? Well I’m not going to do it, and that will stand when the world’s on fire.


I’m calling in about the state trooper allegedly shooting the coonhounds: If this trooper really did do what Arnold Coleman says he did then the trooper needs to be fired. Mr. Coleman, do not let this go. You make sure that whoever is responsible for killing your dogs pays for what was done. I think every coon hunter in Letcher, Pike, Leslie and every other county in the region should be at the courthouse to back up Mr. Coleman. I know I will. Mr. Coleman, keep us informed through the paper about what’s going on and we will back you up 100 percent. This kind of behavior must not be tolerated.


I know where you work. I know where all of you are working.


I live on Daniels Branch on Route 7 above Isom. We have a drug problem going on up here. We have one guy going to Perry County and one guy going to Pikeville to get pills to bring back and sell. We also have one guy who is selling pot. We need to get something done. The neighbors are getting together to see what they can do about the problem with drugs in Daniels Branch. Thank you.


By reading your comment in Speak Your Piece, I feel you are an older person who is in great pain. But I’m going to tell you something: You can’t control what other people do. You can wish him dead for going out on your daughter and destroying their family, but that is part of life. You have got to roll with the punches. You have got to rise above that. Wishing him dead is not going to change anything. She just has to learn that you get up and get over it. I’ve been through it several times. Now I make my own rules. If you are depending on one person for the rest of your life, it’s not going to happen.


To the one who stole my computer: I know you did it to keep up your pill habit. Please give it back. I had to pay for it, anyway, so give it back and quit saying stuff about me. Come to my face if you’re man- or womanenough. Thank you.


A couple of months ago a certain state trooper came into the store where I work and said he needed a throw-away camera. He said there was an accident and he needed to film it. He pulled out a credit card, which we are not able to take, and didn’t have any money. I felt sorry for him so I told him I would loan him the money to buy the camera if he would promise to come back and pay me. It was only six dollars and thirty-five cents. He said that was fine and that he would be back the next day to pay me. Well, I’ve never seen the trooper since then. I just hope all state troopers don’t tell lies like that. Thank you.


Are state troopers above the law or do they have to obey the law like everyone else?


I know it’s totally unbelievable. I can’t even believe it myself. I just crossed the bridge. You won’t know unless you know.


This goes out to my girlfriend Courtney: Oh yes. I love you, baby.


Hey Black Betty: Meow, meow.


To the person who types up Speak Your Piece: You do not apparently know what you just typed up in the paper. I mean, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I’m talking about the comment about the cornhole games in Letcher County costing too much. Don’t you know what that is? It’s horrifying. That shouldn’t be in the paper. I would tell you what it is, but it’s too bad. That’s really bad for kids to read.

(Even those of us who are a little naive know the slang definition of the word you’re getting such a laugh about. But you’re even more naive than we are if you don’t know the word is also used legitimately to describe a game similar to a bean bag toss.)


To the general public: You’re just like me. You’re spineless. You’re sorry. You’re lowdown. You will eventually pay $10 a gallon for gas just like we pay nearly $3.50 a gallon now. We don’t have a spine. And it starts with me.


Can the people in Joe’s Branch tell me when the City of Jenkins ran sewer up Joe’s Branch? I sure would like to know.


To a certain woman: You sounded so proud when I heard you speaking recently. How can you be so proud when your education was paid for with the price of young children like my son? Your mother sold drugs to all these kids for years to put you through school. My son, like a lot of others, is now a drug addict because of it. Your mother went to jail, but the little time she served was not enough to pay for the lives she helped destroy. Why don’t you give a little back and stop using an education that drugs paid for? When you were small you didn’t know, but you know now.

(Would you want someone holding your child responsible for something you may or may not have done?)


Well, it’s more than just being blessed and cursed. The Lord said to Abraham, ‘I will make you a great nation and I will bless you and I will make your name great. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.’ Now that’s the Lord God Almighty talking to Abraham, the first Hebrew – the first Jewish guy. So be careful what you do to the Jewish people. If you curse them God will most certainly step in to defend them.


To the Jenkins Police Department: Some people question your motive for doing your coming campaign to catch them doing something right. It is probably with good intentions, but it will be better if you just leave people alone when they are trying to obey the law. As you well know, law-enforcement officers in this part of the state are not very well liked – and not without good cause. To stop someone without reason is in violation of one’s civil liberties. You could be sued for impeding progress. Being stopped by police for any reason is not a good experience. Do your job and protect and serve. Think about it. Have a good day.


To District Four Magistrate Keith Adams: Have you been up behind the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church yet? Have you been in the hollow to the lefthand fork they call Chisom Road and seen that eyesore that blocks the road? Sooner or later someone is going to have an accident there, Keith, and suits will be filed. It’s time for you to come up and look at this eyesore.


I think the City of Jenkins should use coal severance tax money to clean up around this lake from which we get our drinking water. Junk and garbage is everywhere, along with duck doo. They need to clean it up.


I was not born in Letcher County, but only a few counties away. I moved up here about six years ago. It’s a shame that both counties are so much alike – the drugs, the stealing, the legal system, etc. But at least in Perry County I can take my kids to a movie, skating, to a swimming pool, and to a decent park. I read Speak Your Piece every week. It’s the same old same old. Well, it’s depressing. Since I have been here I have met the last good man around and we have a little girl. So I wanted to add something positive this week: I love my girls, M and M, and I love their dad who recently had surgery. I want to tell the Whitesburg nurses who helped to take care of the gutter man thank you. And my little girl has attended Jenkins Head Start since she was eight months old along with my other girl. We have never met such great people as the ones at LKLP’s Jenkins Head Start. They are very good people. There can be good in your life. Look for the good and love in this world, not just the bad. Thank you.


Well, I was watching the news this morning and saw where in Tennessee the fire department and police department rescued a dog from a cliff. What a nice thing. Then I read where a trooper in Kentucky was being accused of killing hunting dogs. What in the world is going on? If this guy did what he is being accused of he needs to be fired, period.


To the 28-year-old: Why don’t you just go back to your husband and leave that 19-year-old alone before you screw up his life? You are just playing with him, anyway.


I fully support the Kentucky State Police trooper who is accused of killing two hunting dogs for no reason. From what I know of state troopers, not one of them would lie about what they did or did not do. If this trooper says the dogs were trying to bite him and attack him, then I believe him. I also hope this serves as a warning to these coon hunters who believe it is their right to take their dogs onto anyone’s property they choose and to disturb anyone they choose. Hunters in this area have long been out of control.


We the Letcher County Central Cougars boys’ basketball team would like to congratulate one of our seniors, team manager Cliff Hall. Without his dedication and support we would never have made it as far as we have. Hope you had a happy birthday on April 9, Cliff. Cougarama, Cliff, Cougarama.


To a guy on Turkey Creek: You knew farewells matter not to us. The point is we saw you turn your back on your buddies and your old buddies who were there for you, good times and bad. Call the man in Lexington in the nursing home. He’s not doing well at all. Or at least call his family. A phone call isn’t that hard to make.


I’m calling about Tri-Star Communications, the company that owns the TV cable company down at Ulvah. I called the other night when the TV kept going in and out, and it seems like there was a tree the man who owns the company was waiting for the county to come and cut out up at Red Star. That was Sunday and now it’s Thursday and the TV is still going in and out. You know something? They’re demanding their payment for the TV cable bill or they will come and cut us off. Where’s the justice in that? Isn’t there a Better Business Bureau we can call to complain about these small-time cable operators who think they are God and can do whatever they want?


To all of the people who have been stealing from Cheyenne – taking his dogs, clothes, and his shoes: I am sorry there are people in Letcher County who so desperate they would go into someone’s home when they aren’t there and take their personal belongings. These people are too sorry to get out and work and buy their own things. Every one of you will be paying for what you have done. You can take that for what it’s worth. You know who you are, each and every one of you. You all have a good day.


Before any of us judge the actions of a state trooper we should try walking a mile in his or her shoes. I do not doubt for one minute that those dogs were trying to bite Trooper Hall, and I wish him good luck in trying to clear his good name against the wrongful accusations of a family from Pike County.


To all those who saw Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley (Hannah Montana) in Clay County, Kentucky where the poor people live: I hope the people who live there get the money and help they were promised to get, but unless the people step up and make sure the officials don’t get their pockets loaded it won’t do a bit of good. Charities have helped many places in eastern Kentucky before and the only people who benefited were the officials. They’re the only ones with the fat billfolds while the others kept on living in poverty. It’s absolutely a shame that people are that greedy and money hungry in eastern Kentucky. We all need to step up and help each other instead of everybody being greedy.


My mother always said it is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt.


Judge Ward, I can’t believe you sat there in that last fiscal court meeting and let one of your magistrates talk to an individual the way he talked to Mr. Polly. You have insulted the whole community of Jenkins.

To the gas people on Bill Moore Branch: You purchased the right of way to some property on Bill Moore Branch, but you don’t own that road down there. The people would appreciate it if you would start acting like the rest of us and quit trying to run over top of everybody. We are just about ready to get hold of some of you all. So get your damn ducks in a row.


This is concerning the killing of the dogs by a state police trooper: Where are the animal rights activists? Any other human being would be arrested for not feeding a dog, much less shooting a dog. If the investigators determine this man did what the dogs’ owner says he did, he should be charged with murder.


You people who travel the highway from Mayking to Sergent to Thornton and on to Millstone should be ashamed for throwing your garbage out onto the road. The ditches had been completely cleaned out. Those people worked hard to clean up your garbage. Do you feel good about littering where people have just cleaned up? Take your garbage home and put it in your garbage can, not in the road.

(The stretch of road you’re talking about would be the perfect place for the county government to pay for and install cameras that could be used to photograph and then prosecute scumbags who litter. Why anyone would want to foul their own nest is just beyond comprehension.)


I think the owner of the junkyard at Sergent should be made to clean it up. All of that junk beside the highway is going to get somebody killed.


To the woman who is going out with my husband who drives the blue truck: I’m tired now. I’m giving up. You can have him. From the lucky lady.


Edison Banks brought up some mighty good questions for the Attorney General. If he gets clear opinions on them they will help to even up the fight between the landowners and the thieves. As it stands now, the thieves have all the advantages, and what seems like a lot of sympathy from the courts. His number five question is one that I think is very important and I hope he gets a good answer to it. Anyway, I appreciate what he is doing.


Roland and Ellen, we love you. By the way, Roland, my computer still has laryngitis.


I’d like to invite any and all Blairs to our family chat room. We meet up most nights around 7:30 to 8 p.m. It’s a nice place to come and visit with forgotten family and keep in touch. Please contact us at blairchatroom@yahoo.com.


Kudos to the Commonwealth’s Attorney. He’s taken a lot of knocks over timber theft, and other things, and it’s time he gets a little praise. He’s getting out front in the fight to rid this area of a reprehensible crime – one in which most victims are unable to defend their property, or themselves. When landowners start selling timber they had planned to preserve, just to keep it from being stolen, things have reached a sorry state. I, for one, appreciate his leadership.


I would like to wish David a happy birthday on the 12th.


I guess when I go to the polls to vote this fall, I won’t be voting for Senator Johnny Ray Turner if he’s planning to run. What kind of politician are you? What do you have against Jenkins and the citizens that live there? Jenkins is the largest community in Letcher County and they deserve money from the Coal Severance Tax Fund just like Whitesburg. Jim Ward, you should also be ashamed. I heard that you two men are behind this. As for the other magistrates, shame on you, too, for voting for it. I’m mainly disappointed in Archie Banks with the way he acted toward the Old Jenkins High School. If the school building was located in precious Whitesburg, the remodeling would have been completed 10 years ago and given millions of dollars to fix it. The old JHS building is an historical landmark and should be saved. However, I do want to thank Wayne Fleming for his courage to stand up in front of a crowd of people at the Jenkins City Council meeting and telling those in attendance what happened. Maybe Jenkins should annex with Pike County or Wise County. Jenkins is just as important as Whitesburg, Neon, Blackey, Isom, Letcher and other communities. I don’t blame anyone but those in office. Turner, Ward, how many votes did you actually get from Jenkins? Is that why you are treating Jenkins poorly? Shame on you.

This is for the lady in last week’s Speak Your Piece. You were talking about the Jenkins Police Department passing out awards for safe driving and stuff. How stupid are you? Did you actually think that the police were going to stop you or anyone just to give them a free coupon? If you really thought that was true, instead of showing how high your IQ is, you should have called the police station and asked to speak to the chief. Here’s your sign.


Hello, everybody, this is Star from Texas and this is for that certain person that put a reply in Speak Your Piece. Well, well, well, you actually had something to say, not that it really matters much because what you need to realize is that when it comes to my best friend, my sister, you will never be right in my eyes. What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t stand up for her? As far as you calling me immature, so be it. I really don’t give a rat’s hind end what you think of me. What you need to realize is you need to really watch how you talk back but don’t let it go too far because then it will be out of my hands and you will have to deal with my husband and he really doesn’t care who is right and wrong. all he cares is that I am his wife and no one, and I mean no one, will talk to me any way that they want to. I guess it is a good thing that we haven’t met and at this point I really don’t care to meet you. If this hurts my sister’s feeling, well, then I’m sorry but this where I stand on the situation. I am a very outspoken person and if you can’t handle what I have to say then that’s your bad luck. To Tammy: I love you and miss you. Please don’t let this conflict come between us. You need to fill him in on who I am and how I really don’t care if someone likes me or not, and I’ll stand up for my family against anyone. Starlinnea.


Losing anything to a thief is a hard thing to deal with mentally and emotionally. Having someone else take something you have worked for, and something you treasure, is a hard thing to reconcile in your mind. I have had things stolen and I have experienced those feelings, but I think timber theft takes it to a higher level of rage and frustration. I believe this is because stealing timber, in effect, is stealing your land, and that’s something you think of as being solid and permanent. It gets you to feeling there’s nothing you can depend on or trust. I do hope we get stronger laws and that Edison Banks gets the help he’s asking for to stop this evil. How anyone can lower themselves to the level of doing things like this boggles the mind.


To the lowlife scum that threw the load of garbage over the hill at UZ Sunday night April 6: I think that you are lower than the trash you threw out. People like you have no respect for anything. You have the stupid mentality that someone else will pick it up. People that dishonor the earth will answer to God. I personally picked up your trash and evidence was found of who you are. You will be prosecuted. I hope you get this message but you probably will not because you are too stupid to read. I think we have a beautiful county and some people try to take care of it, but this county is full of disrespect- ful trash like you. It is hard for the people that try to keep it clean. What you did is criminally malicious! How would you like it if someone came and threw it in your driveway? At the county line the sign says ‘a certified clean county.’ What the heck is clean about it? Everywhere you look there is trash. Trash over the hills, trash in the ditches, trash in the creeks, and trash in the rivers. I think the county needs to crack down on the trash that is throwing it out. We need to enforce strict fines and community service and jail for people like this.


Very seldom in life does one meet someone that takes their breath away at first sight. I met that someone Saturday, April 5, at Wal-Mart of all places. You were in front of me in the checkout lane. You are the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen. I was speechless for once and forgot to check for a ring on your finger. Of course you must be married and I am dreaming for nothing, but it is a good dream and I am claiming it and holding on to it. You left alone, so dare I presume you are available? You looked me in the eyes once and I was afraid you could read my feelings. I’ll probably never see you again but I’ll always wonder what could have been, but more than likely will never be. Who says you can’t love at first sight? You are my inspiration and my hope. You are truly a ray of sunshine in my mind. Thank you for making my day Saturday, April 5.


You were the reason for our breakup. Why don’t you let him control his own life, and worry about the little diet that you stay on? You’d probably be as big as a horse if you weren’t on one. No wonder people talk about you.


I would like to congratulate an elementary school on being number one. This school is number one in many things including: Having the worst sportsmanship in the county. Having a coach who has the most technical fouls called on a person in a season. School who allows parents to scream and use curse words toward the other team’s player. In watching the principal display the same behavior at ball games like the coach and parents. Having the worst dress code, you can’t tell the staff from the students. Teachers who wear denim and t-shirts are so unprofessional. In never having a principal at school in the morning so parents can meet with him. Having a principal with the worst attitude and behavior we have ever seen. School that has a beautiful gym but students aren’t allowed on the floor unless they take off their shoes. Nasty! In having the most bake sales in the county. School where parents run the school. School where there are so many parents in the office you can’t go in to discuss an issue with a staff member. Certain people should realize we have more than one school in Letcher County. They should get off the UK hill and visit other schools. Hats off and everyone can say bow-wow to this dawg-gone number one school.


Galatians 5:1: Stand fast therefore in the liberty where with Christ hath made us free, and not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Galatians 6:2: Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:7: Be not deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Matthew 21:12: And Jesus went into the temple of God and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers. Mad as hell, loving my neighbor, Matthew 22:39. Roses are red, violets are blue, and I love you so I am chopping down the rose bushes on my land. I don’t want you entangled on my land. Psalm 36 The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart that there is no fear of God before his eyes. The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit. He hath left off to be wise and to do good. I am not God, but you know not to put your friends on my land at Cromona. I am calling God on you and the police, telling everyone. Should I be blind? Leaders of the blind do not use Matthew 17 and if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch. What are the churches in Letcher County doing? Sure not their faith. Matthew 17: How long shall Letcher County suffer with our entanglement of drugs? The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. John 3:16.


I have no problem with public money being spent on our veterans, but the money set aside to pay for a World War II monument for Jenkins can create some problems. The most serious would be placing names of Jenkins residents on it who served during the war. Where do you cut off who is considered a Jenkins resident; do the limits come down to Bill Moore Branch or farther? How far toward Neon do you go? Do you include only men and not women? It is my opinion that if the fiscal court spends the money on a monument, it should do so honoring all Letcher Countians, regardless of what part of the county they live in. If you purchase a monument to Jenkins residents who served, you should also be obligated to pay for monuments for every community in the county. The brave men and women from Gordon or from Blackey should be honored with monuments. I encourage the committee that is designing the Jenkins monument to either leave the names of veterans off or to attempt to list all veterans from Letcher County who served during that terrible war. But in reality, it is not as important to see individual names on a monument as much as it is to honor all servicemen. It would be very easy to miss the name of a serviceman or woman, which would be a shame. Leaving the names off would allow more of the money to be spent on a much nicer monument. I am sure the intentions of the committee are sincere in wanting to honor World War II veterans but I hope they think outside the community and let the monument honor all Letcher County servicemen and women. Don’t forget that thousands of women served their country during the war as well. They might not have fired a rifle at the enemy but did their part to save our country. The committee might consider the Civil War Monument at Pound Gap and the Coal Miners Memorial when they design their monument. These two monuments are dedicated to all who served. There are no names on the monument itself. The names adjoining the monuments were paid for by individuals who wanted to honor their ancestors or family member. On behalf of veterans from throughout the county, please design your monument for all of us. Thank you.


In memory of Hawk and Star: ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old and the frail are young again. Those who are maimed are made whole again. They play all day with each other. There is only one thing missing – they are not with their special person who loved them on earth. So each day, they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up! The nose twitches! The ears are up! The eyes are staring! And this one suddenly runs from the group! You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and again and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

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