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Hmm. Seems to me that if every person in the county paid a dollar a week tax, the county’s deficit would be pretty well covered. Somebody buy the county judge/ executive a calculator. Better yet, take some money out of the rainy day fund they’ve built up over the years from the severance tax income.

. I was calling in about the garbage dump there at the bottom of Burton Hill. You can see it from the road.

. Democracy. We saw it in action when Trump was elected as the president of the United States. Then all of these young people hit the streets — most of them illegal immigrants and a lot of them with their faces covered up. What are they protesting? Why don’t they save themselves the embarrassment and just go back home? There’s no place for them wearing masks in my United States. People with masks are low-life’s, scum of the earth, cowards. Anyway, God bless America. And if you don’t like our democracy, get the hell out. And all you young-un’s need to realize there is change in America.

. This is for Jim Ward and the members of the Letcher County Fiscal Court : Instead of taxing the poor people, why don’t you tax the gas companies and put the burden on them instead of all the people who can’t afford to pay that extra tax? It looks like everybody is going to have to leave the county, because poor people cannot afford to pay another tax. (The November 9 edition of The Mountain Eagle carried a news story on its front page documenting the fact that Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward has suggested a placing a licensing fee of $1,000 for each of the 1,385 natural gas wells and 14 oil wells in Letcher County. Ward believes the $1.49 million in revenue raised by such a fee would keep the fiscal court from having to pass an occupation tax that would generate revenues of about $1.54 million.)

. If you have been praying for the president-elect, please continue. There are people who do not mean him well. Thank you.

. Thank God it’s finally over. No more Bill; no more Hillary; no more Obama; no

more Saul Alinsky. Thank you.

. Answer to a comment from last week: Trumty Dumpty is going to build the wall; Trumpty Dumpty is standing tall. It’s very plain to see, Trumpty Dumpty sent Hillary back to where she needed to be.

. Interesting that Clinton won all 18 states where an above average share of the population has advanced degrees. She lost 29 of the other 32.

. It’s amazing how certain people blame everybody else for their getting caught dumping garbage. What’s the matter with little garbage dumpers like you?

. This is to the guy that wrote about the door-less Jeep Cherokee. Well I’m that guy with the Cherokee. It’s called the Baja 1000 actually. If I choose to drive my Jeep without the doors it’s my choice. I haven’t lost a minute of sleep over your comment. Actually got a few laughs. I wear my seatbelt 24/7. You keep on having fun worrying about me while I just keep having fun with my life. Mind your own business old pal. You might actually sleep a little better at night if you didn’t worry about me so much.

. The Huffington Post reports an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 inmates convert to Islam each year, and that 15 percent of the total U.S. prison population or 350,000 inmates are Muslim. Letcher County meth heads converting to Islam — now that’s going to be a sight to behold.

. I know you’ve got plenty of calls after this election, so I might as well throw my two-cents’ worth in. If you want to blame somebody for this election, blame the mainstream media for telling everybody in this country two years ago that Hillary Clinton was ahead and would win the race. It was Hillary this and Hillary that. Well, the media didn’t pay any attention to the voters; they just interviewed a few people in downtown New York and decided that was the way everybody else would vote. Even the night before the election, the news media told everybody that Hillary would win. Well, Donald Trump outdid her and now the media can’t

accept defeat. Thank you very much.

. You two young ladies go out here and tell your friends your mother stole from the church and everything else, then you blame everybody else. You better be thankful you’ve got a good mother and a good daddy.

. Thank goodness the election is over with. What really surprised me is how these so-called Democrats are rioting and looting and destroying property. Is this really the Democrat Party that our grandfathers and our fathers fought for? I don’t think so. It really makes me sad that the Democrat Party has gone so far left that it’s turning into a socialistic party. If a Republican had done the same thing the Democrats are doing now, they would be labeled racist and intolerant. But who is really intolerant? It’s not the Republicans, but it is the Democrats. Thank you very much.

. I understand free things are free things, and all are appreciated by us in need. But what I would like to know is why that when you get so low that you are homeless — you don’t even have a home and all that goes with that — you are not allowed to go to the local food banks and get free food. No food for the homeless in Letcher County.

. Mr. Billy, you were pretty good about going through the county and taking other people’s campaign signs down so they wouldn’t be in competition with Angie Hatton’s signs. How about going through the county now and taking all of Angie’s signs down, because frankly we are sick of looking at them? That would be a very good venture on your part. Thank you.

. Sorry you missed your birthday, Emmitt P. Adams, on November 16, but God called you home for a better birthday. We will miss you. Love, your children and grandchildren.

. You hunters who wonder where all the deer are need to thank the coyotes. They are going to kill every deer they see. They also chase rabbit dogs and coon dogs If you want to keep your deer in Letcher County then get out here and get rid of these coyotes.

. A certain man who lives on Box Rock Road is a twotiming backstabbing rat. Thank you.

. Instead of putting the prison in around here, why doesn’t the court system try to solicit another power company to come in here for some competition? My power bill this month is $357, and it’s not even winter yet. I guess there will be slim pickings for food at my house this month.

. Sir Trump, I listened to the news this morning and there you were talking about Hillary Clinton. When they asked you about a special prosecutor you said you didn’t want to hurt these people, that they were good people. Well I want to tell you something, Mr. Trump. Satan can come as an angel of light. When you learn this you will learn what you are dealing with. Now I know there are two investigations going on into the Clintons, but I also know what you promised the American people and the American people expect you to stand up for what we put you in office for. And that’s not the only thing I’ve been hearing you say, but that’s the one that really pushed my button. You campaigned against Crooked Hillary and Lying Hillary and now all of the sudden they are good people? Did they get to you, too? Or is it when you go through that door at the White House that you become a special person and above the law? We will see, Mr. Trump. God bless America. We put you in there to change all of this,

Mr. Trump. We don’t expect you to do it the first year or the first two years, but we do expect it to be did though. You have a good day, and God bless you and your family. From a pissed off American.

. This is the old cat killer. So you think I’m a monster? Well what about these cat lovers that keep sitting their cats and dogs out down past my house? Do you think I’m going to spend my money to take their cats to the vet and get them spayed and feed them? You put your address in Speak Your Piece and I will bring them to your house and put them out and let you take care of them. And no, I am not a serial killer. What about people who kill chickens? You ever eat a chicken? Somebody killed that chicken. You have yourself a great big old meow day.

. Attention all cell phone owners, beware of Red Pocket. They will accept your money but they will not give you service. And then they will turn around and give you a hard way to go. I had paid my bill early and have a receipt, yet I waited all day long to finally find out they turned my service back on even though it should never have been turned off because it was paid at a store at Isom four days, if not five, early. I told you I would put it in The Mountain Eagle. Now read it; it’s about you.

. I would like to say as one old Harlan County boy that I tried not to gloat over this election. I tried not to, but then I saw those Democrats whining like a little twoyear old that had its pacifier taken. If you had told me I could have gotten rid of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Shumer all in one day I would have said there was no way. But sure enough that’s what happened. I’m just like a rat eating d-CON — I love it but it’s killing me sure. Now every time one of those Democrats start crying on TV I just enjoy the election all over again. I can hardly contain myself, but I’m going to try.

. Okay, Government Channel, the Mountain Heritage Parade and stuff are over with. Give us a break now. We’ve seen enough of it. Thank you much.

. Hey, smarty pants, look who is stepping light now. Is it you and the bug-eyed guy from Georgia who can’t see the forest for the trees? Adios.

. I want send congratulations out to Renee Campbell for winning the coroner’s race. We need somebody like her in there for coroner. We also want to congratulate Angie Hatton for being our new state representative here in Letcher County.

. Back in the days of George Washington they had a weather even they called the little ice age. For months it frosted and nobody could raise anything. And they’re talking about global warming today? Listen, people, get real with your yabba dabba doo, pull it up behind your head and go on and enjoy life.

. To the girl who left my daughter a comment on Facebook stating that she left her daughter a friend’s request: For one thing, that was my granddaughter playing on my computer. As far as you saying you’re going to beat my daughter half to death, little girl you better pack a lunch, because she’s a wildcat. The guy you were with doesn’t want you anymore. He says you are a liar and a thief. The best thing for you to do is to keep your opinions to yourself and mind your own business, because nobody wants you anymore, honey. Have a good day.

. It’s the day after Election Day and I saw Darrell Hall

out picking up his campaign signs. That’s a wonderful thing. I challenge all candidates to do the same.

. A certain girl on Pine Creek is HIV positive. She needs to go get treatment and go get help and tell people the truth.

. Us angry old white men saved America — again.

. We the people have expressed our concerns for our country by voting Donald Trump in. Now let’s see what he can do. Hopefully he will not have a double standard like our mayor in Jenkins does. The mayor will see in the next election what it will cost him for having a double standard. Thank you.

. Where’s Bill? I’ve not seen Bill.

. It was noticeable that there was no editorial section in the November 9 edition of The Mountain Eagle. Perhaps this was due to an overwhelming backing of Republican candidates in Letcher County, and other counties in eastern Kentucky and Appalachia. I would have very much enjoyed reading the views of the paper, as well as other opinions. Editorial is one of the things that make our Republic a great place to call home, and should be highly valued. ( We are pleased you took notice of the fact there was no opinion page in last week’s Mountain Eagle, but your reasoning why is wrong. As the outcome of presidential race wasn’t determined until about 3 a.m. Wednesday and we had to be on the press in Pikeville at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, we were lucky to even get the outcome of the local races reported. As for your comment about the ‘overwhelming backing of Republican candidates’ by Letcher County voters, GOP candidates won two of the four contested races here involving political parties (Donald J. Trump for President and Rand Paul for U.S. Senator). Democrats Angie Hatton (94th District State Representative) and Renee Campbell (Letcher County Coroner) won the other two.)

. John Podesta or Mr. Magoo? Too close to call.

. I have lived in Letcher County for almost 70 years. I have seen a whole lot of state representatives from Letcher County over the past several years and have not seen them do much to help our county. If I lived in Pike County I would be appalled that I would have to be represented by Angie Hatton for the next two years. I would begin to start soliciting legislation to try to get redistricted. Pike County seems to be interested in growth, but the people in Letcher County are more interested in politics instead of growth. People in Letcher County are more interested in voting for family members and things of that sort. Letcher County is not going to grow; we haven’t grown in years while other surrounding counties have run off and left us. When Ms. Hatton takes office, Pike County is not going to be represented adequately. If I lived in Pike County I would be doing something to get the legislature to redistrict our counties so that we wouldn’t be tied with Letcher County. Like I said, Letcher County is not interested in growth. This is a one-horse town and it always will be. Your local government and your courts are biased. There is a double set of standards here in Letcher County and there always will be. The buddy system operates fully here.

. Happy birthday, Nathan Eddie Hurley of Isom. It’s your big 14th on November 16. Your dad would have been so proud of you. From Mamaw Jackie.

. This is in regard to the preacher’s wife taking money from the church for her electric bill: First of all, three or four people from the church need to go have a talk with both of them. If this doesn’t work, then bring it before the church. This is everybody’s concern, but it needs to be handled with love and prayer. Just my opinion. Thank you.

This is my opinion of women. You should stay

home and take care of your house, take care of your children, and leave the killing of deer and elk to the men.

. What is the point in people wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day?

. Where will you spend eternity — in heaven or in hell? That’s your choice.

. To all you idiots who voted for Hillary Clinton: How does it feel to be aborted? Do you realize coal helped Letcher County and all surrounding counties? Think about it.

. A shout-out to Donald Trump for winning the president’s election. I’m getting my lunch bucket packed and I’m ready to go back to the mines. Hooray, hooray.

. I’ve been watching TV all day. Where’s Bill? Where’s Bill?

. I’m going to have to get me a job as a Whitesburg city worker. It seems like I see them hanging out everywhere while they’re getting paid to do nothing.

. To the person who said they didn’t like my comment: I’ve got news for you; the truth will stand when the world’s on fire. So take that.

. It’s a safe bet that people with Obama phones and welfare and food stamps didn’t vote for Trump.

. What’s the deal with so many Letcher and Knott countians marrying their cousins? When you marry your mom or dad’s brother or sister’s child, that’s your cousin. You’re inbred. It’s a wonder children don’t come out with legs and arms sticking out their back. Come on, there are other people to date or marry instead of your fourth cousin. You people are sick. I’m sorry, but I have to speak what’s on my mind.

. It’s a beautiful day and I am so thankful to be alive and to be blessed. Jesus loves me.

. This is my survey about a certain grocery store: They will charge you twice for the same item. Check your receipts for yourself and see if you are paying for more than you got.

. Obama’s worst problem is global warming. He could not or would not talk to China about curbing its use of coal. If he will not talk to China about this problem he should quit talking about the U.S. using coal. Tell China to use hemp blocks to fire their power plants. This will work and will save our earth.

. On November 5, 2016, I turned the radio on and heard my friend, Mr. Paul Morris. I hope they’re glad they did Mr. Morris wrong at the radio station in Letcher County. He finally went into a real county, Perry County, and got on the radio there. I’m glad to hear Mr. Morris back on the air.

. On a recent Saturday my wife had a problem with her heart. I took her up to the Whitesburg hospital, but they didn’t have a heart doctor on call. Apparently people in Letcher County aren’t supposed to get sick with their heart on the weekend. It is ridiculous not to have a heart specialist on call.

. I done and went and took. What did I do? Where did I go? What did I take? I feel a tinge of envy and jealousy in the atmosphere. I wonder why. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking.

. You two sisters steal your mother’s pills and you give them to your own kids to take. What kind of girls do you call that?

. I was in a dentist’s office and heard this girl talking about other people. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to that office again. That was a disgrace.

. To Judge Jim Ward: My first question is what have you got working at Fishpond Lake? You have a burn ban going right now and 14 fires were burning the other night at campsites around Fishpond Lake. That is ignorance.

. Anyone who would sit on their behind and watch a dog kill a little kitten should rot in hell.

. I think it’s a shame how the little children in this world have to suffer because of their parents. One day the Lord will make you pay for hurting your little children. Your day is coming. You may be having fun right now, but it won’t last much longer. Just think about the little children out there. God please watch over them.

. This is the old copycat killer calling to let the people of Letcher County know I have teamed up with the old cat killer, and we are now into spaying and neutering the cats. I hold them and he spays and neuters them. The only problem we have is when we feed them and turn them loose they still don’t want to leave.

Now we’re looking for a good nurse and we could go over to dogs. Thank you very much. Signed, the old copycat killer.

. I would like to know the name of the city employee who flies in and out of the water plant and throws gravel everywhere and acts like a pure idiot.

. This is the old cat killer letting you know that I voted for Donald Trump but did so hoping he wouldn’t win. There was no way I could vote for Hillary Clinton. The reason I hoped Trump wouldn’t get in is because he’s too good of a man to have to clean up behind George Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama. We sure didn’t need Hillary, and not because she is a woman. We are tired of the same-old same old.

. To the SOB who stole my Trump sign at Mayking:

It was outside the 500-foot mark and you took it even though you left a sign up for one of the candidates for judge that was closer to the polling place.

. If Hillary Clinton had won I would have hoped that those who voted for her lost their Medicaid, their Medicare, their Social Security and everything they owned. I used be a Democrat but I changed to Republican because all they want is to steal off somebody. And they don’t give a damn about their country. I asked God to help us to help Trump win.

. Just in case Hillary Clinton won, I had a name for her — Miss Corruption. And for all the people who voted for her, we can call them Stupid Ass. Just like Jim Gray’s ad about Rand Paul’s ‘wild ass’ ideas, some of the people in the United States are pretty stupid.

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