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I live in the Haymond community and have a fullblooded German shepherd dog that is missing. The collar has its name and phone number on it, so please call the number if you see it. A small reward will be offered.

. Reading the story of the man and woman from Craft’s Colly being charged with child pornography and possessing materials for making meth, I fail to see any mention of the guy who set up the theft of the ATV. I in no way condone these people and think they should receive the maximum punishment allowed by law, yet I also believe that everyone involved should face the same. Text found on one phone proved that one certain guy set up the theft of the ATV. Justice will prevail one way or another.

. Everyone is happy old Donnie boy won the election. We will see how that plays out when you wind up in soup line after Paul Ryan and the Republicans take your Social Security, SSI and food stamps away. And that’s not to mention Medicaid.

. I wanted to respond to an obviously and confused Speak Your Piece item in last week’s Eagle by an almost 70-year resident of Letcher County in response to a moderate pre-election letter to the editor: I may be confused, but I for one love Letcher County and have supported good recent county judges like Jim Ward and Carroll Smith, and good local magistrates like Wayne Fleming and Trump supporter Keith Adams. Letcher County has been well served by the Pike Countians we have elected, like Leslie Combs, Gary Johnson, Kelsey Friend, and John Doug Hayes, and Knott Countian John Shortt and our good state senator, Johnny Ray Turner of Greg Stumbo’s Floyd County. And though I didn’t vote

for Angie Hatton in the primary, I think she’ll do better for the people than Pike County’s Frankie Justice, who gave big bucks to the Clintons, Jack Conway and probably Donald Trump. If my fellow Letcher Countian urges Pike Countians and others to redistrict or move out of the 94th District, maybe he should too — maybe to warmer climates like Marco Rubio’s Florida or Ted Cruz’s Texas if not Trump Tower in New York City or totally Republicancontrolled District of Columbia. I’ve been thinking a little about going south of the border with some of the three million or more that Trump wants to deport, but I guess I’ll try to stay with our Angie in the Letcher County we love.

. So, Judge Jimmy Craft, I voted for you. When are you going to start the cleanup of Letcher County from the drug dealers, especially at Eolia? It needs to hurry and be done to save lives and stop destroying families before it’s too late.

. So the segment of society known as ‘Trump worshippers’ is now calling for the boycott of the Broadway play ‘Hamilton,’ because its cast members addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence about the need for the government to be inclusive of all. While I’m sure a number of normal Trump voters will still go and see ‘Hamilton,’ you can bet that not one of the idiots who are calling for the boycott could even find New York City on a map, much less be willing to fork over the money required for admittance to a Broadway theater. Talk about turds in a punch bowl. And hey, geniuses, how do you boycott a play that’s already sold out through next August and one that Pence himself is urging people to go and see? Trump needs to lay off his Twitter account and take lessons in class from Pence, who will most

likely be our next president within the next two years anyway after Trump is impeached.

. Letcher County has lost an outstanding citizen — a guy who cared about the youth and kept a lot of boys out of trouble, namely me. He taught me how to shoot bows and took me away from alcohol and a lot of trouble. I thank God that I ran across a guy by the name of Wendell Brown. Wendell was a guy who loved the youth. It’s a shame that he got to be so sick. I would like to say to Richard, Glen, David, his sister and all that Wendell will be greatly missed. He left an impact on my life by keeping me off alcohol and drugs. I love the family and thank them for being part of my life.

. We have pacifiers on the way to MSNBC and CNN. We also have a whole box going to Hollywood to satisfy the movie stars. We have to take the pacifiers away from little one- and two-year-old children so that adult Democrats can have them.

. To all the folks thumping their chests and dusting off their work boots while eagerly awaiting for Messiah Trump (the oxymoron-ish billionaire champion of the working man) to bring back all our coal jobs: In the highly unlikely event that the Messiah cannot turn water into wine and coal jobs do not return, you can always enroll into Trump University and work your way to a brighter future. Good luck and enjoy your blissful existence while it lasts.

. It’s amazing how some people in this county always find a way to get what they want. I know a couple of them who went to a certain person’s doctor and told a big pack of lies on them. It took three of them to lie and this person can’t get any help now because a certain bum and his rotten family members told lies. These three people think they’re going to walk through heaven’s gate with a big smile on their face when they leave this world, but it might be the other way around with Satan there waiting for them.

. This piece is about two books I donated to the Whitesburg library about adoption and foster care. One book, titled ‘The Girl Behind the Door’ by John Brooks, is the account of his daughter who was adopted from an orphanage in Poland at the age of two. She was well adjusted for a short time but then began having severe behavioral problems. He and his wife tried to get help for her every way they could, but the daughter ended up committing suicide when she was in her teens. The author began an intensive search to find the reason for her behavior. He found what had brought about her actions. It might prevent others from going through what they did if they knew the psychology that can occur in adoptions. The other book is about a young boy who grew up in a foster care family who treated him practically as a slave. It tells about his longing to learn about and see his birth family. The book is titled ‘A Chance In the World,’ by Steve Pemberton. Both of these books are very interesting.

. So, it took Mitch Mc- Connell and the Kentucky Coal Association two whole days after the election to admit that the whole ‘war on coal’ was just a ruse to deceive coal miners to vote against their best interests. Now Mitch will forget them and The Donald will get frustrated when he learns that his powers as president aren’t as great as he thinks they are. For instance, he won’t be able to put easyto mine coal back into the ground or tell the Senate what to do. Coal miners will be left out of federal training programs when the Republican controlled Congress

won’t approve them, and the industry won’t be coming back after all. I feel sorry for the miners and their families. Maybe in the next election they will try to educate themselves better on the issues.

. Please, Lord, hurry and doing something about the drug situation in Letcher County before I lose any more of my loved ones. Lord, hurry and do Your will so the drug dealers and the people who are addicted will turn to you, and that they will be brought to justice if they don’t choose to turn.

. Every evening on my way home from work I get behind a school bus going up Sandlick and the bus has had a right turn signal out on it for the last month that I know of — and it’s still out.

. The point is this: The race for the office of President of the United States was fair and the people have spoken and Trump was elected. To all of you — I don’t care if you’re a millennial or what you call yourselves — who aren’t happy with the outcome of the race: Quit getting free rides from the government with your insurance that pays for your college tuition and pays for all these food stamps, welfare, and free Obamacare. If you’re not satisfied, get you a ticket and as Trump says — and he would to be happy to pay for it — get your hindend out of our country. I got to the point.

. The sheriff’s office knows who is dealing drugs in the left hand fork of Doty Creek but won’t do anything about it. It seems like they always let them go after telling you they can’t arrest somebody based on hearsay. Our neighborhood used to be a good neighborhood when I was growing up as a teenager. Now it’s turned out to be a joke — a drug syndicate.

. I’d sure like to get me a job working on the garbage truck in the city of Whitesburg. They get paid for working eight hours, but from my observation they only work two or three and then sit around the rest of the night. I’m going to put my application in; I hope the mayor will hire me.

. To all Christian conservatives who voted for Donald Trump and prayed that he would win because he would be a Godly man in the White House: He said on ’60 Minutes’ that he would not have the Supreme Court to reverse its ruling allowing gays and lesbians from marrying, which was passed by a conservative Supreme Court in 2015 with Justice Anthony Kennedy crossed over with the liberals. With the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, let’s see if Republicans can overturn Roe v. Wade. If you don’t, I never want to hear that Hillary Clinton and liberals are baby killers, because you will be as well if you don’t reverse it with this golden opportunity.

. To the man who snuck in from Tennessee to come through my back door: You are a keeper. I am so in love with you and so happy to be engaged to you. You are my world, and I will always love you.

. Money buys happiness and money buys friends. Money also buys your way out of trouble.

. Someone asked in Speak Your Piece last week, ‘Where’s Bill?’ Well I can tell you; he’s sitting at a desk turned around with his pants down.

. To all the people out there who voted for Donald Trump to make America beautiful: Have you thought about how long it will be before the Russian flag flies over the Capitol? I am a Democrat who voted Republican and I am plumb sick of it.

Does the cat killer not have a life? Why are all these animals bothering him and no one else? I don’t understand that. The sole purpose of his life is bitching about these animals. And the Midnight Phantom can’t even make an intelligent comment anymore.

. Well, well, well. I just saw another naked picture of the future First Lady on Facebook this morning. They should pass a law to require all of these so-called white Christian churches to post her picture on their walls right beside of Jesus. The churches should also have to post a picture of President Groper right beside of them.

. So the county is broke, but it’s OK to use police cruisers to take children to and from school?

. ‘Imagine, for a moment, you are a white male somewhere in America who just lost his job at a factory. Your mortgage is in default, your car is being repossessed, and you wonder whether you’ll be able to find a job, much less one that pays a decent wage. You have no particular animosity towards blacks, gays, women, but you constantly hear the message that as a white, straight male, you are the paragon of privilege and that the hardships in your life are irrelevant or made up. You don’t feel so privileged. Are your struggles and fears really so different from those of the minority groups? It’s easy to see why that person voted for the candidate who acknowledged his fears and against the candidate (and party) who dismissed his concerns because he was not a minority.’ — Anonymous.

. I left a comment in Speak Your Piece about a girl in Pine Creek being HIV-positive. The reason I left that message is because I don’t want to see other people become infected when she gets out and messes with other guys. Boys, be very careful who you fool with.

. I sure do miss hearing music on Friday mornings on WMMT.

. I would like to wish my nephew Ryan Adams a happy birthday this month. Your Uncle Robert loves you. Also this month I want to wish Jasmine Cornett a happy birthday. I hope that you’re doing good. I hope my family and friends are doing good for the holidays. I love and miss you all.

. Mary, Mary, where have you gone. I’m missing you.

. Kudos to the Jenkins Fire Department for its indefatigable service to keep the forest fires from our homes. Open your checkbooks and show how much you appreciate these volunteers. We have one of the best fire departments in the area, so let’s help keep them equipped with the best equipment. Thank you

To all of you ‘Trumpies’ out there: Your vote says that you support Donald Trump’s ideas. He is a racist, bigoted, elitist who holds contempt for the Hispanics, the African Americans, the veterans, the Muslims, the poor and the handicapped as well as disrespect for women. When you look in the mirror do you see a Christian? When you go to church this coming Sunday I want you to stand up in church and say, ‘Thank God for giving our nation Donald Trump to set an example for my children.’ One of his first

acts as our new president is to change the plaque installed on the Statue of Liberty so that it will read, ‘Screw the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ Donald Trump will have to undergo a complete conversion or his administration will be the darkest chapter in the history of America.

. To all of you white folks out there who allege that the Mexican immigrants (legal or illegal) are taking your jobs: Now that your hero Donald Trump will be deporting millions of Mexican immigrants you will be able to reclaim your jobs picking tomatoes and lettuce in Texas or tobacco in Kentucky or other menial jobs in food services or hotel custodial work or plucking chickens. You know darn well that your complaint is a bunch of bull crap. These people are doing jobs that white people don’t want. These people are starting at the bottom rung of the ladder just like your ancestors and mine did a hundred years ago. This country is big enough for all of us and there are jobs for all of us if we are willing to accept jobs commensurate with our education and training and work ethic. Stop making excuses; get off your sorry asses and get to work. You already have the advantage of being white.

. God is so good. He has finally sent my son home to live with his mother. His drug business is thriving; he has gotten sales up since moving in with me. He has even bought a new truck. God is great. Drug sales are good. Come by and see him.

. For those who still can’t believe what happened in this election: We Christians came out of our apathy and the lie that we should be tolerant and allow evil to reign. It started when Franklin Graham had thousands meet with him on every courthouse steps in America and pray for our country. It got no coverage by the liberal media; they were busy covering marches and riots. This country has killed millions of babies and some people who say they are Christians vote for the very ones who promote this. They also promote the L.G.B.T. lifestyle, which is an abomination to God. Thank God for the Christian media who urged people to get out and vote. We are going to take our state back, too. We elected a governor who is a Christian and proud to say so. We voted Stumbo out who never allowed any bill to come to a vote that pertained to Christians. God has given us a proud-to-bea Christian Vice President. We were not only the deplorable people who voted; there is a lot of uneducated blue collar men and women who work as much as 60 hours a week to provide for their family as God has instructed us to do, and then have one-third of our payday taken in taxes to keep up the check drawers who never worked and spend it on drugs. We also keep up the children of men who have them by as many as five women.

. This is the Harlan County man. I just wanted to say that in the March 30, 2016 edition of this paper, I said Donald Trump would be our next President. Now the election is over and he is our President. You Democrats that voted for Obama last time and Hillary Clinton this time are so misguided. You have a reprobate mind

a bad case of being wingnuts. But thank God for that Anthony Weiner, you know the one that likes little underage girls, and the good old FBI boys, and Wikileaks and Hillary’s ‘deplorable’ comment. If you Democrats want to know what is deplorable, in my opinion it’s the murder of an unborn baby, our police being murdered because of lies from the Democrats, same sex marriage, transsexual bathrooms, and the lies of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC.

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