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I am calling to inform the people around here about our child protection services. It’s a shame when your child is taken out of your house and sent off elsewhere and is later molested. It is shameful and needs to be investigated. And I’m sure a lot of people out there will agree with me.

. Meth making in Daniel’s Branch has resumed and the police seem to not care, It’s either that or the man who makes it snitches so much he gets away with it because he works for them. He has been a snitch for almost five years now, has gone to jail a couple times for a meager week to a couple of months’ stay. Methmaking partner brings in the pseudoephedrine and other crap they use from Lexington about every two weeks just like clockwork, then takes back some of the poison to Lexington and sells it or trades some for more supplies. However, it does not matter now since the ‘terrible pills’ are cut down now and replaced with heroin with fentanyl or fake Lorcet with fentanyl. Now even the terrible Xanax and Valium have been replaced by cartel fakes, increasing overdoses from about 70 people in 2012 to more than 1,000 now. Great work was done by all facets of law enforcement and lawmakers to rid Kentucky of pills; trouble is the heroin, meth, and even crack that was never here the past three decades is here to replace a known dose pill. This is the great trade-off the judicial system has given Kentucky. The people who need their medicine don’t have it now, but the drug addicts who need their illicit drugs have even more now. Is this not a great example of stupidity by all?

. You sisters think you’re something. I talk to one of you every day, and you shouldn’t be talking the talk you’re talking. (From the just-wondering department: Have you spoken with either sister directly about that which you think they shouldn’t be saying?)

. I’d like to say we’re in need of all the pacifiers we can get for our two- and three-year-old young ones. If you’re not using any you might have, we could use a whole box of them — one box for CNN and one box for MSNBC. We need as many pacifiers as we can get so we can keep these people happy. I’m not gloating. Don’t take this the wrong way.

People talking about being inclusive, people feeling like they’re not included. I’ve only felt that way for eight years. If Hillary had been elected, it would have been four more years, so that would have been 12 years. I never felt included in the Obama administration, and I think there were 90 million other people who felt the same way. I didn’t feel included with Obama or Hillary. (Ninety million or 62 million? As of Tuesday morning, the national vote total in the presidential race was 62.4 million for Donald J. Trump and 64.6 million for Hillary Clinton. In the Electoral College, Trump had 306 votes compared with 270 for Clinton.)

. Looky here; what are you people afraid of? Trump is president. This man is in charge of America and he’s selecting a staff to help him run America the way it’s supposed to be run. You illegal immigrants who are here that are murderers, rapists, or outlaws, the day of judgment’s come upon you. Breaking families up? Let me tell you little girl or little boy, if your daddy or mama is here illegally and they’ve committed a crime against America — against God —we’re going to send them back home. The United State of America — that’s a beautiful thing. Everybody wants to be here. But what about you people who have been on your hind-ends? Are you afraid you’re going to have to go to work now? You’re going to have to put down your game controllers and get off the couch and get a job. Like I’ve said, God bless America. You people just settle down. You Indians that’s on the warpath about the pipeline, you need to ‘smokem’ peace pipe.

. I keep reading the story in Speak Your Piece about a certain church where a lady is paying the power bill out of the church’s tithes. Is that church in Letcher County or in Knott County? I would like to know. Please reply next week.

. Hillary Clinton makes Adolf Hitler look like a schoolboy stealing bubble gum. Bye.

. I think it’s a same you can’t go to the grocery store and shop for the people standing in the doors bumming. I’m going to have to quit going to the stores where they do that. (Really? You actually begrudge folks who are out volunteering their time and

effort to raise money for worthy causes such as helping needy veterans or seniors and children who are less fortunate than you?)

. I would just like to report that it’s way worse than what I thought. These liberal progressive Democrats have just gone all to pieces. We’re going to have to have a lot more of those pacifiers than what I originally thought, as they’re in full panic mode. I’m afraid if Donald Trump does well, creates new jobs here, brings jobs back from overseas and gets the economy going, they’ll go into a full panic and we will have a major catastrophe on our hands here. Their own party turned on them and didn’t turn out the vote, so they’ve got major problems. All I know to do is get them a pacifier, because they are in a mess right now. But we’ll help them all we can. That’s all we can do.

. It’s a shame you can’t go out to a grocery store and trade without two girls — one on one end and one on the other end — a’bumming. We’ll just have to quit shopping there, I guess. (Oh my.)

. To you out-of-work coal miners: I feel your pain. I spent 40 years in coal mining and related work. I’ve seen it all — the good, the bad and the ugly — and I still wouldn’t trade it for a factory job in Ohio. I know you feel like our government has deserted you, and it has. The old Chinese proverb comes to mind: ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’. Doesn’t that conjure up visions of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump on the campaign trail? Their big lie is still echoing through the coalfields: ‘I’m going to put you coal miners back to work.’ What they (and Hillary) should have been saying is, ‘For you out-ofwork coal miners I’m going to budget a few million dollars for early retirement and manpower retraining to help you make the transition through your mid-life (and mid-career) crisis.’ When the next politician comes along and promises you a ‘pie in the sky,’ don’t believe it. If it sounds too good be true, it probably ain’t true. If Donald Trump is sincere in his promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ he will seek bipartisan support and take a chapter from history and, as President Lyndon Johnson did, ‘declare war on poverty’ via education and training.

. The Letcher County Fiscal Court promised to hold a special meeting about the county’s decreasing revenues. However, Judge/ Executive Jim Ward did not announce the time and place of the meeting, so I wasn’t able to attend and give my ideas for how to raise revenue for the county government. So here is what I think we should do: raise the minimum wage in the county. The richest people in this county make plenty of money. They can afford to raise wages. I know people that worked on Thanksgiving while their bosses got to stay at home with their families and rest and relax. Raise their wages. Give them a livable wage. They deserve it.

. I would like to know what is wrong with Letcher County’s churches and their getting more and more women preachers. I hate to burst your bubble, but you need to read The Book. The Bible excludes women from calling The Word. There’s one thing about it: Hell is mighty big and it is big enough for all of you all, and the preachers letting them get the floor. The Bible speaks about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I guess you’re going to bust hell wide open.

. I was just watching a tragedy that took the lives of so many children. It’s only matter of time until these buses going in and out of these hollers at 55 and 65 miles per hour, on

one-lane roads, are going to go and take more innocent children. Maybe we could do something, like stopping the buses from coming out of Pine Creek so fast. These are just tragedies waiting to happen. So, Superintendent Tony Sergent, are you going to step up and make changes like you said you were going to do? I’ve heard lots of speeches about things you were going to do, but I have not seen much of anything in action. Maybe you should start here and now. I see, every day, buses going high rates of speed like they have to get there in 30 seconds or less or something crazy is going to happen. (Please see related story on Page One of this issue.)

. I live up on Elk Creek, I’m on city water, and the water up there is nasty. I stopped by the Letcher Fire Department to see if I could get some bottled water and they were pure smart butts to me. They said that water was for Carbon Glow. Why can’t the people on Elk Creek that’s on city water get bottled water since we can’t drink that nasty stuff?

. I would like to thank Barack Obama, I would like to thank Harry Reid, I would like to thank Senator Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Feinstein, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Chuck Shumer, because there’s no way we could have won the White House, taken the Senate, and the House, and elected a slew of Republican governors and a slew of Republican mayors without their help. We just couldn’t do it. I’m hoping the Democrats will hold tight to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and just let them keep talking, because we couldn’t campaign no better than what they’ve done. They’ve done such a good job of electing Republicans, there’s nothing I can say but thank you very much. That whole group there’s done a great job, so my thanks goes out to them. Thank you very much.

. I’m calling about my neighbor’s boy who was killed going on three years ago up there in town — stabbed to death for no reason. I’m an old man, and I have never in my life seen anything as embarrassing and as insulting [as this case not yet having gone to trial]. There is no way on God’s green Earth [the court system] can justify taking three years to try those two men for what they are accused of having done. You can hem-haw around and use a lot of big fancy words and stuff, but when it comes down to the crux of the matter, there’s no way you can justify it. It’s an absolute insult. This family up here, their hearts are torn out. Is there any mercy for them?

. In the sixth chapter of Genesis, God forgave his demon sons for coming down here and molesting you girls. Then he forgave King David of murder and adultery, and now Obama, who I voted for, is going to forgive Hillary Clinton. I pulled five days in Virginia and lost my license for a year and a half, and that was for a first offense. That just goes to show people in high places can get away with anything they want to.

. Does anyone know the bald-headed guy who’s always in public growling and kissing his knuckles? That son-of-a-gun is loonier than the ‘Looney Toons’ on TV. He needs a muzzle on his mouth, a ring on his nose, and he needs to be locked up in the psych ward.

. Hey, they got these sanctuary cities for aliens that come over here after having been in prison — murderers and stuff like that. Are these same cities going to be sanctuary cities for child molesters? I’d like to think not, but I believe they will.

. Without a doubt, he is draining the swamp.

. That book sure seems to be causing a stir in Letcher


. Many thanks to the brave firefighters and helicopter pilots who have worked tirelessly to protect our homes and forests, and have enabled us to have breathable air.

. To a woman who believes her mother stole the magnets: She did not. She does not want your watermelon magnets.

. I saw a picture of a book in The Mountain Eagle. Would someone who has read this book call in next week’s Speak Your Piece and let me know if it is worth reading.

. I called this in a few weeks ago, but I want to repeat it: I am a natural health consultant, a BA in health, taught health for years. The number one way to be healthy is start your day with a good breakfast. Organic cereal and eggs is great. If you go all night and all day without amino acids, you will be sick. Of the people I give this information out to every day, zero you are sick, eat a good breakfast. Start doing this, and I promise you your life will get better. You’ll start feeling better, you won’t have headaches, and your life will change.

. I would like to congratulate my fellow eastern Kentuckians on their choice to help elect the first fascist U.S. government in history. I hope the book burnings keep you warm while the billionaires help themselves to every last bit of everything that’s left to get — the small part the military-industrial complex doesn’t already have.

. I sure do miss hearing that good DJ on Friday nights on WMMT. He really knows his stuff, but I haven’t heard from him lately. I sure hope he hasn’t passed on.

. To a certain animal lover that lives in Blair Branch: If there’s a coyote and you’re trying to feed it, or any other varmints, if it comes around my house it’s dead meat, or it’s going to be roadkill. It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When these varmints start killing our deer population and these possums and varmints start killing our turkeys and everything, I am going to kill them and you can’t stop me. I am the bounty hunter, and when it comes to the fur trade, I keep the skin and do away with the rest. I have been in Blair Branch before, and us coon hunters don’t take kindly to people calling the game warden on us for hunting, and for running our dogs off when they’re on the tree barking on a coon.

. Looks like Judge/Executive Jim Ward and the Letcher County Fiscal Court are up to their old tricks again by taxing people with their high electric bills. I got mine, and it was over $300. I am on a budget, and Jim Ward doesn’t give a care. He’s just after that money. There is no coal severance tax money, so now he’s picking on the people of Letcher County and once again collecting all the money he can get his paws on. They claimed they were going to put a prison in Kingscreek and that didn’t happen. Ward and the rest of his fiscal court members aren’t going to do anything to help the people in Letcher County. All they’re going to do is get the money to stick in their pockets from these electric bills they raised so high you can’t pay them. Come next election I’m not going to vote for Jim Ward, I’m going to vote for someone else,

just like I did in the presidential election. I voted for Donald Trump. Maybe he’ll do something. Obama never did anything and Jim Ward isn’t either. He’s not keeping up the roads to these cemeteries. Now the road to the Milton cemetery, it’s in real bad shape. The road to the Doty Cemetery, which is the Reilly Cemetery, is in real bad shape, too. How come he wants people to pay high electric bills when he could be out here helping the county? (Neither Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward nor the Letcher County Fiscal Court has taken any action toward placing a county tax on our power bills. Such a tax has not been mentioned by Judge Ward or any member of the fiscal court.)

. That scumbag Castro fi- nally died. Hell, they should have killed him in 1957. The thing about him is, well, there’s nothing about him I like. Since they buried him, they gave him a 21-gun salute. I hope they stood him up and shot him 21 times. When they get done with him, they should take him down and put him in the sewer, because that’s were crap belongs. Damn communists; screw Cuba. God bless America.

. This is to Oma Hatton, who writes the Whitesburg news for The Mountain Eagle: I saw Della’s picture in the paper the other day, and I want you to know I went to LPN school with Della in Hazard, and she was a very wonderful person. We enjoyed her very much, and I thank you for sending that picture in to the paper. God bless you, honey.

. I’d like to shout out for the Pikeville Medical Center. They’re number one for saving my sister Lori’s life. She was in critical care, and they saved her and brought her back twice. I would also like to thank the Vietnam vet who came up in the intensive care unit and asked me, her sister Madonna, if there was anything he could do, and I said just pray. It was so nice of all the people there. The nurses showed their kindness throughout our family’s pain. I’d just like to say thank you to the hospital and all the people who showed their support, including the people who spent the night with us. She was so critical. I just want to thank everybody for helping my sister, Lori Maggard. From her sister Madonna Mason.

. I don’t know many people and don’t care to know many people, but it annoys me when I call places away from here and the first thing they ask me is whether I know Jim Webb. I say who is Jim Webb? They say Jim Webb the poet. I say I’ve heard of him. He’s notorious. The thing is, knowing Jim Webb isn’t something you can forget, because everybody knows Jim Webb.

. To the immigrants: You bring your grimy butts over the border and think us taxpayers owe you something. I got something for you, and you can come and get it. (We’re not sure who the immigrants are that you are talking about, but those that we know in Letcher County work very hard to provide for their family and do not ‘think us taxpayers owe’ them one red cent. If you would like to meet some of them, drop by our office one day and we’ll take you to them.)

. No more parties allowed on a certain piece of property on Little Colley. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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