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What is wrong with us? What have we become? I would like to think that the people who call or write in to Speak Your Piece each week are not indicative of our population as a whole, but I’m really starting to wonder. In last week’s Speak Your Piece, I read one person say ‘You Indians that’s on the warpath about the pipeline, you need to smoke ’em peace pipe’ – a blatantly racist, mean remark made by someone who probably doesn’t completely understand the issue at all. Another wrote that ‘90 million’ people voted for Donald Trump, overexaggerating the number by nearly 50 percent. One person claimed that ‘Hillary Clinton makes Adolf Hitler look like a schoolboy stealing bubble gum.’ Really? Hillary is worse than someone responsible for the murder of more than 6 million people? Two people chimed in that they were sick of people ‘bumming’ at stores – an obvious protest against those who work to collect donations for charity during the holidays. Another fellow stated, ‘I guess you’re going to bust hell wide open’ if you allow women to speak in church — a hopelessly misogynist viewpoint. Another person writes that the fiscal court members use our tax dollars only to enrich themselves – a completely baseless accusation devoid of any fact or proof. And finally, to finish off my reading, a person tells immigrants who ‘bring your grimy butts over the border’ that he’s got something” for them and they should come get it. And this is all in a single week’s edition of the paper. Are we really as bad as this makes us look? Are we really this mean and misguided? I certainly hope not. I would like to think that these disturbing, appalling comments are made by an overly-vocal minority, and hopefully just a handful at that. But our Mountain Eagle is disseminated worldwide, and it saddens me to no end to consider what those outside our region must think of us when they read these sorts of comments — comments made by our people. It is a reflection on us as a whole, and a sorry one at that. So I would like to call upon my fellow Letcher Countians, those of us who are not as cold, misguided, ignorant or mean, to endeavor to contribute to Speak Your Piece regularly in an attempt to somehow squelch these lewd and low viewpoints and give a better representation of

what Letcher County really is — or, at least, what I hope it really is.

. Despite public feedback that our schools and healthcare facilities need broadband expansion the most, it looks like our leaders used ‘Kentucky Wired,’ whatever that is, to prioritize broadband to this still nonexistent prison and ‘places prison employees are likely to work.’ KRADD is doing the same thing with our water and sewer. People in the county without water, sewer, or high speed Internet will never get it, thanks to this prison pipe dream. Our county is fronting these bills, not the BOP. Pitiful.

. Last week The Mountain Eagle added its own comment about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. While it is true that Hillary won the popular vote by more than two million voters, it should also be pointed out that she won California by 3,446,281 votes. Maybe the rest of the country didn’t want the election to be dictated by Hollywood actors and singers. We don’t all base our choice for president on the media, but listen to the news on all stations, newspapers, etcetera, and then try to make an informed decision. The Electoral College prevents one state or largely populated area from being able to decide who represents the country. Everyone in the United States should be bound by the same rules when it comes to the presidential election. If there is any voter fraud I would speculate that it has to do with those states that do not require any voter ID before casting ballots. (We were correcting a factual error in our comment last week, one in which we also mentioned that Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, grabbing 306 of the 538 electoral votes available. And yes, as you point out, the Electoral College worked the way in which it was designed. By the way, California is much more than ‘Hollywood actors and singers.’ Its economy is the largest in the U.S., and would be the sixth-largest in the world if it were its own nation. How anyone can afford to live in a state where the average home is priced at $394,000 is another matter.)

. The people of Thornton Road would like to thank the Kentucky State Police for addressing the situation where the people who live in and visit one certain

house have been blocking half the state highway without any regard to the safety of their neighbors or others driving on this road. It’s one thing to put your emergency flashers on to unload groceries, but just parking your cars in one lane of traffic just isn’t right. Thanks again, state police. Keep up the good work.

. The citizens of Letcher County just want to know how a certain guy can use a cop car to take his kids to school. They say he’s a special deputy; what do they mean by special? The senior citizens centers are shut down, but he can drive a cop car and get his gas paid for by the county? (A special deputy is a volunteer deputy. The car being driven is the property of the special deputy. Also, the county government does not pay for gasoline used by volunteer deputies.)

. Todd Depriest, the mayor of Jenkins, is going to be voted out next time because of some of the people he has working for him.

. The Good Lord Above is the man who wants all the attention. If you don’t think He will get your attention one way or the other, just take a look over in Gatlinburg. He’s just showing you a little bit of what is coming. You better be looking toward the Lord. He’s the man who wants the attention and He’s going to get it.

. This fire in Gatlinburg is pitiful. I really feel sorry for those people, but it’s nothing compared to the day the fire and brimstone starts to fall. It’s going to happen, people. You better be right.

. This is concerning the comment about us needing to show the Jenkins Fire Department how much we appreciate them: From what I’ve seen and observed of the fire department, a man could have taken eight or 10 good boys and urinated on the bank and done more than what the fire department did. And the ladder truck they have? If the EPA ever got around that it would be shut down. It leaks more oil than you can pour in it. You need to know what you’re talking about before you extend congratulations. (With fire departments all across the county having trouble attracting younger volunteers, shouldn’t we be showing our appreciation for those who do step up?)

. At senior citizens, some of us sign in every day, but then some who come once every two or three months are allowed to get up there and eat first. I thought the ones who didn’t sign in were supposed to go last. They don’t go by rules there.

. I bought a washing machine from a man who advertised it on The Swap Shop. I didn’t have it five minutes until it poured water out on my floor. I took it back. He said he fixed it, but then it poured water out on my floor again. You know what the man tells me? My water is leaking and causing this. He won’t give my money back or fix the machine.

. It looks like you left front-page story blank again. Some newspaper. All you do is sit back and watch what people write in Speak Your Piece and then respond. It seems to me you’re nothing but a yellow-bellied coward. (Feel better now?)

. When Wiley Quixote loses Speak Your Pieces it’s kind of like an actor losing his lines or a swimmer losing his stroke. Bless Wiley Quixote for finding Speak Your Pieces, because a lot of us sit around and wait for Speak Your Pieces. God bless you, Wiley.

. Why are the county and the ARC prioritizing getting water to a non-existent prison before other people in the county get water?

This prison is not set in stone and will bring new problems and make existing problems worse. This prison should be the last thing on the ARC’s list of priorities.

. I saw on the news about another bus wreck in Hazard. We’ve got two or three on Pert Creek that fly. We’ve reported them, but the school system does nothing to them. I think they ought to get out and watch those bus drivers.

. To the caller asking about the location of a certain church: The church is in Knott County. People need to just be quiet about it and let things go, because the Good Lord Up Above knows all about it.

. I am tickled to death with the way this election turned out. I had no clue these liberal Democrats would whine and complain so much, but I’ve just enjoyed it a whole lot. And that the Democrats have reelected Nancy Pelosi makes it even better. We couldn’t have anybody better than her representing the Democrats. Hopefully they’ll keep Harry Reid and Dean in there, too, just to make things so much easier. I think I’ll be the happiest man there ever was during these next four years.

. To a certain person who sets live traps and takes people’s cats to have them euthanized: If I find out you’re the one who grabbed two of my cats I’m going to come looking for you. My cats weren’t in heat, because I had them fixed. Word is our new president is going to put a lot of hurt on the SPCA. So have fun.

. I’ve not heard a peep out of the president about this disaster in Gatlinburg. I’m sure there’s something they could do to help those people. On the other hand, they never showed up in Louisiana when they had those disastrous floods — Obama or Hillary. And they’re surprised they got beat in the election? Well go figure that. (President Obama did visit Louisiana after the disastrous flooding there, on August 23, after being criticized by opponents for not cutting short a vacation and getting there sooner.)

. Well, money can buy friends, maybe, and money can get you out of trouble and maybe even hide what’s on the outer part of you. But you can’t hide the trash inside of you with money.

. Back when I was a young man, one of my hobbies was boxing. After the fight and the judges made their ruling, we shook hands with our opponent, whether we won or lost, and went on as friends. I wonder why the Democrat Party can’t be like we were and go ahead and realize they lost the election and quit this acting like children and wanting recounts and this, that and the other. Accept it, shake somebody’s hand, and go on and say we’ll try it again in four years.

. I was wondering why there’s never been anything in the paper about Randy Hall passing away. He was such a nice man and they never even mentioned his name.

. To a certain person: Your laughter is really on yourself. So laugh as you may, you always have been and you always will be trash. So it’s okay to laugh at yourself, as you’ll always be trash until your dying day. Ha-ha.

. To the copycat killer from the old cat killer: Isn’t it a shame the way these cat lovers and dog lovers take them out and sit them out by the road so that somebody else can be responsible for them? Breaks my heart. I saw a thing on TV the other morning about people abusing cows and chicken. Well, I eat chicken

and I eat beef. Are we that bad of people? I do appreciate you, copycat. I don’t mean for you to get out here and kill everything you’re looking at. I just wish these cat and dog owners would take care of them and have them spayed and neutered. This is the old cat killer saying have a great big old meow day.

. They say there’s a meth lab in Daniel’s Branch? Well, they ought to come to Doty Creek and Jeremiah. People sell it about every day.

. I’m saw on Fox News a report about Donald Trump and Mr. Pence saving those people’s jobs up at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, and I am very proud of them. But, I never hear anybody say anything about the people who have lost their jobs here in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio — all coal miners. I think, especially since they say coal will not come back very quickly — that the politicians should be working on putting something in here besides coal for people to work. I appreciate Speak Your Piece and The Mountain Eagle, because I do believe that you print the truth. May the Good Lord Above bless you.

. In my own heart and mind, I believe that President Obama destroyed our jobs here in Kentucky and in other coal producing states. Since he made that first statement about making it hard on coal-fired electrical plants, I haven’t listened to him. He’s been in there eight years and I haven’t listened to a thing the man has had to say, because I don’t believe anything he’s got to say. I voted for one Democrat this year, and that was local. I will never again in my lifetime again vote for another Democrat. I changed my party registration back in December. I appreciate you listening to me. I know I’m griping, but I feel like I’ve got a right to gripe. The Democrats wonder what happened? The American people are fed up with them. I wish somehow our politicians here could work on bringing us something else in addition to the prison, which won’t hire 15 people from Letcher County. That’s what I’ve got to say, and thank you very much.

. I’m not sure how many schools are doing this, but did you know they are selling your kids energy drinks? The doctor told me the energy drinks could increase your blood pressure and your heart rate. Now get this: Schools can’t sell your child a Sprite or a Dr. Pepper or a Pepsi, but they’re selling your child Red Bull. Some of the children are bringing energy drinks in their lunch boxes; some are buying them at the schools. This is a very dangerous situation. If you parents put up with this it is your own fault. Something needs to be done to stop this immediately.

. I would just like to say how good it is to see the Kentucky State Police out with these little kids, taking them shopping and taking

them to get something to eat. How come you never see the City of Whitesburg doing that? Why don’t they take some of that payroll tax and take some of these little kids shopping or buy them something to eat for Christmas? It would be a good idea, I would say.

. People will tell you that they love you. They do, provided that you do all the loving.

. To the political people who run Letcher County: I think you are good people, but you need to get out here and have somebody going from door to door writing down people’s names and addresses, because there are four or five families dumping their garbage in the same containers and not paying a garbage bill. You say you don’t have the money for it? I want the good people of Letcher County to all get together. I’ll put in five-hundred dollars to help put a stop to these people illegally putting all their garbage in the same place while only one person pays for it. If you can afford cigarettes you can pay your garbage bill.

. Dear Ben: Was that your kiddie picture in The Eagle? I wasn’t your math teacher, but I think I helped you make a good newspaper editor. Happy birthday.

. I say praise the Lord Jesus Christ to everybody. Anyway, Trump has landed, and it was a soft landing but he’s carrying a big stick and it’s growing longer every day with the staff he’s hiring. Mr. Mad Dog, you’re just the man we need. These whiny little people who are opposed to have us waterboarding again? I’ll tell you what, Mr. Mad Dog, you give me a chainsaw and you line those S.O.B.’s up and I will get them to talk. Hey, it’s the American way. God has blessed America, and we’re going to keep it safe one way or the other. And Trump is doing a fine job. To all you people who don’t like it, leave it. Get the hell out of our nation.

. Just want everybody to know that our lawyers in Whitesburg will take a payoff. If you’ve got money you can get what you want. But you know what? The Bible says there will be a special place in hell for people like you.

. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can certainly ‘talk the talk’ but it remains to be seen if he can ‘walk the walk’. His biggest challenge is to bring our President Elect, Donald Trump, out of the clouds. He cannot perform all of his promises that he made during his presidential campaign. As President Obama told him, ‘campaigning and governing is two different things’. To all you drug buyers coming into Whitco: There are no drugs at the blue house anymore. You’ve got to come around up to the cemetery on the hill to get your fixes. Signed, Box King, Inc.

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