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I would like to say thank you to Dolly Parton. God bless you Dolly. I always knew your heart was in the right place since you wrote that song, ‘Coat of Many Colors.’ It’s shown even more since the tragedy in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. I just can’t say how much you are appreciated. I know those people have been through a whole lot, and thank you for helping them.

. To the caller who has asked us to save our baby pacifiers so he could send them to the Democrats who are acting like babies since Donald Trump was elected: You might want to save some of those suck plugs for those Trump-voting students at the University of Michigan who are asking for their own safe space on campus to protect them from those mean Hillary Clinton voters.

. Is it my imagination or does the town of Whitesburg have a lot more Christmas lights up than there used to be. It looks better than I ever remember. (It’s not your imagination. The city has nearly doubled the number of lighted decorations it displays. The decorations used to hang on downtown poles only, but are now on poles all the way from West Whitesburg to the

end of Madison Street near the Upper Bottom neighborhood.)

. To all the people who get their water from the Letcher County Water and Sewer District: We have Asplundh behind Walmart cutting down trees and filling our river full of tree limbs. Jim Ward, how is this happening on your watch? You are the county judge. They are filling our river full of brush. Thank you, Jim. We’ll remember you when it comes time to vote the next time.

. Dinah Blair Hollow has lost a very nice guy. It’s sad to hear that he’s been put away and another loved one has been lost from the family.

. Donald Trump has the chance to be a fine president, but he has to grow some thicker skin and stop trying to make every single thing about him. The United States can’t let the Russians get by with hacking into this country’s computer systems just because Trump gets his feelings hurt by the idea that some people might believe the Russians helped him beat Hillary Clinton.

. I know of a woman who draws two Social Security checks, runs around with handicapped tags on her

vehicle, and works everyday at a certain store. She also has a certain son in his thirties who has a bad past and is shacking up with a certain girl. Why doesn’t he get off his sorry behind and get a job?

. I saw on the news where they had already passed last year’s numbers and reached 701 at the first of December. Mayor Rahm Emanuel rares back and says we’re a sanctuary city and we’re going to take care of all these illegal immigrants here. I’ll say this, and I’ve held it as long as I can hold it: Mr. President and Rahm Emanuel, what an embarrassment you are to let your own city be destroyed like that. Nowhere else would that happen; yet it doesn’t even make the evening news. I know there are a lot of good kids who have been shot and killed there. I would love to have them here and bring them up as productive citizens. Up there it’s just like they are rats or something. It’s disturbing, and God help them. (Nearly all of the murder victims in Chicago this year — 712 men, women and children as of December 9 — were born in the U.S. and living in African-American communities. Most were members of organized gangs fighting turf battles related to the sale of illegal drugs.)

. We talk about the middle class. We’ve got enough doctors and lawyers. You can’t get out in Pikeville without running over one. What we need is working class people and working class jobs. We need plumbers, electricians — people who can really do something instead of just talking about it and running down the people who are out of work because there are no jobs in construction work or coal mining like they had.

. I wish our county leaders, who are good people, would have locations set up for people to take their garbage by and just drop it off. We would have a lot less garbage thrown out beside the road if this was the case.

. I live out of state and I get The Mountain Eagle. I have really missed looking back at the era of the 1930’s. It seems that the names I recognize most often were from that decade and I really miss seeing that. It seems like in the last few issues the 30’s haven’t been mentioned. I would like to see that return if it’s possible. Thank you. (Thank you for calling. Unfortunately, very few copies of the papers printed in 1936 are still available. The good news is we’ve already found all of the editions printed in January 1937.)

. This is for the water offi ce. I went in there on December 5 to pay my water bill. At 12:40 there was still no one in the office so I had to leave. I went back a couple of days later and there was nowhere to park for a

person with a handicap. Also, all three of the people who work there took lunch at the same time. Why can’t someone be there to collect from opening until closing? You go to another place in Whitesburg to pay a bill and they don’t take lunch until 1 o’clock and then they’re out until 2. You can’t make a trip to Whitesburg every day to pay a bill.

. Does anybody know whatever happened to the Jenny Lea Academy bandits? Did they get out of the trouble they were in?

. Hillary Clinton did not get 270 electoral votes as the paper quoted. Those liberals may hope she did, but she only got 232 to Donald Trump’s 306. Thank you. (Thank you for pointing out the mistake. A garbled sentence in the November 30 edition of Speak Your Piece should have read that Hillary Clinton only got 232 of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.)

. This is the old cat killer. I would love it if they brought those fellows who murdered Dr. Acker’s daughter and let me take them inside that house they killed her in and nail their feet to the floor, put handcuffs on them, and set it on fire. Have a great big old meow day.

. On January 20, I’m looking forward to saying ‘free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we’re free at last.’ I was told for two years that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. The liberal media ran that down our throats. They told us that all these polls showed that Hillary was going to win. So where are these people now that said all that? Have they went back under a rock or something another? Donald Trump won the election and I’m tickled to death. I’m just an old deplorable redneck. I know I’m not as smart as these movie stars and all these people on TV telling us what a mistake we’ve made. I’m not as smart as them, but I do know that Trump won the election. And what happened to the Democrats? How come they didn’t vote? Hopefully they will keep Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in there, because without them there is no way we would have won this election.

. Thank goodness President elect Trump is putting someone who hates the Environmental Protection Agency in charge of that organization. I’ve been worried about the way our current President wants our air and water to be too clean. I mean, who wants their kids to have a healthy environment? Having to suffer is character building and something kids must learn to handle.

. To a certain man: If you’re a preacher I’m Santa Claus. Do you think you’re untouchable — out here running around digging in Dumpsters and getting

these old machines out? You make money from it and draw SSI. You also sell scrap and you also set up at the flea markets. I’m going to make a video and send it to the SSI board. Then we’ll see how you lie your way out of it, preacher man.

. If I had hold of the two juveniles who set those fires in Gatlinburg I would beat them until they couldn’t breathe. Fact is, I’d give them the death penalty.

. To Jim Ward, our county judge: Driving down U.S. 119 from Kona hill past the garage I meet a white vehicle with blue lights on top of an SUV that says 911. Can you tell me how this vehicle can be driven with blue lights when it doesn’t have a thing to do with law enforcement in any way?

. No decision has been made for the prison so why is the county and ARC prioritizing water for it when other people in Letcher County don’t have clean safe drinking water? This is another way of discrimination to the people of the county. It doesn’t matter if we have safe water.

. I wish The Mountain Eagle could do more coverage about hunting in Letcher and surrounding counties. Letcher County is full of trophy game — elk, black bears and whitetail deer are now abundant. Letcher County has at least two Boone and Crockett bucks entered into the record book and some in the Pope and Young record book as well. One guy even has Letcher County bucks entered in both B&C and P&Y. That’s a huge hunting accomplishment, but nothing was ever mentioned about these record whitetail deer in the paper. People are traveling from all over to hunt eastern Kentucky bear and elk, but rarely do we see stories about these.

. This makes the fourth time I’ve driven a large load of scrap, including aluminum cans, to a certain dealer and gotten paid only $25. I don’t think it’s right. (As of December 13, scrap yards across this region were paying 40 cents per pound for aluminum cans.)

. This is the old Harlan County coal miner. I saw on the news where they appointed the attorney general from Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, to head the EPA. I don’t know how deep the pockets are for the Sierra Club — I know Michael Bloomberg backs it — but they better be digging deep, because there are hard times ahead for these environmental tree huggers. I’m tickled to death with him. Thank you.

. To a certain person: If anybody could recognize trash it would be you. You worked in it all your life, and all you’re doing is catching the reflection of the smell coming back off you.

. I just wanted to say thank you to Mayor James Wiley Craft and the Whitesburg City Council for all the new Christmas lights that have been put up this year. The town really looks beautiful.

. Please turn on your headlights when driving at dusk and in the rain. Your increased visibility to other motorists can prevent accidents and potentially save lives.

. This is the old cat killer with one more thought. I went to school making straight F’s and I can still spell the word level backwards. Can you outdo me?

. There’s a very special lady who graduated from Letcher High School. Let’s see if she can figure out if I’m taking about her. In the Eighties, I was in the seventh or eighth grade and she was a sophomore or a junior in high school. I heard she is a single lady now after catching her husband cheating on her. If it is true and she is single, I would very much like to hear from her through Speak Your Piece. I would very much love to go out with someone as beautiful as her. Signed, your secret admirer.

. The first lesson Donald Trump must learn is that his title will be President Trump, not King Donald. Who gave him the authority to cut a deal with the Carrier

Company? Is he already trying to usurp the power and authority of Congress? Watch for other companies to get in line and say, ‘Me too, give me a few million dollars to subsidize my business and I won’t move to Mexico or another foreign country.’ If Donald Trump continues on this course he will be like a frustrated rat in a labyrinth hitting one wall or dead end room after another. Even though he has a Republican majority in Congress doesn’t mean they will support every silly notion he dreams up. We, the American people, the voters, put Congress in Washington and we can take them out. Donald Trump’s honeymoon will be over before it gets started if he tries to push 535 Congressmen to follow him down the path to destruction. Prediction: Donald Trump will be the first president since President Nixon to resign from the presidency.

. I would like to pay respect to my grandmother, Mahaley Louise Cress. She passed away on December 2. Mamaw, you are gone but not forgotten. You will forever be in our hearts. I wish I could be there for my family, but I’m not. I love and miss you all, and I’m praying for everyone. Hopefully I’ll be home soon. I love you Mamaw. Love, your grandson Robert Adams. I know you’re not on Earth seeing this, but I hope you’re in Heaven looking down upon us for one day I will meet you there.

. I’d like to wish a whole bunch of people a merry Christmas, starting with Kenny Ott, Cookie, Linda Pendleton, Carolyn Sturgill, Jerry Boggs, Stephanie Brashears and Sam, the Roberts family, Kenny Ray Harvey, Sue, Dwight and kid, plus the Day generation, Fieldses and Meads, Ted Smith and Diann’s boys. That’s all. I will appreciate it if you would print this? Also, Kenny Pack, Colene and family, Kara Miles, Riley Junior and Jay Turner. Thank you, Stanley David Pack.

. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can certainly ‘talk the talk’ but it remains to be seen if he can ‘walk the walk’. His biggest challenge is to bring our presidentelect, Donald Trump, out of the clouds. He cannot perform all of his promises that he made during his presidential campaign. As President Obama told him, ‘campaigning and governing are two different things’.

. To all you drug buyers coming into Whitco: There are no drugs at that one certain house anymore. You now have to go elsewhere in Whitco to get your fixes.

. I get the paper sent to me every week through the mail and I like reading ‘The Way We Were’ more than anything. I enjoy Speak Your Piece, too. I don’t live there, but I have a buddy who does and I asked him if stuff in Speak Your Piece is true. He told me to come over some Saturday and I’ll take you for a ride. I got in the vehicle with him and he took me to Beetree Fork to a house there. He said, ‘Look at the vehicles in the yard. They’re busier than Walmart.’ He then asked me what I thought they were doing there. We went on up the road to strip job road where we came upon a woman and a man in the back of the truck. You can imagine what they were doing. We went on down the hill to Blair Branch, I think he called it, and said he had another thing to show me. There was a hog in the middle of the road. I asked if it belonged to anyone, but he said it just stays there. Then he took me to some place called Turkey Creek. If there was ever a hell, it’s there. The sun doesn’t even shine. He said the state boys don’t want to go over there and everyone else is afraid to go there. He told me, ‘That’s why we get laughed at.’ I said, ‘Well, I’ve got a whole lot of laughing to do.’ I hope it straightens up over there.

. To a certain church: You all should never have come over here and stolen our pastor. We had a good little church. But I’ve already heard that things aren’t doing too well up there. Is that right? If God’s not in it, it won’t work.

. We salute Donald Trump.

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