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Speak Your Piece

To all bus drivers going up Pine Creek and all around the area: Watch out. There’s a large eighties Chrysler, light blue on the bottom with a darker blue vinyl top, that is not just dangerous, but a catastrophe waiting to happen. This car flew toward a stopping school bus, then failed to stop. It also passed on the bus’s passenger side where the children get off the bus. The bus driver took hero-ofthe day action by stopping the child from exiting as the kid was getting off right where the car went by. This could have killed an innocent child. This is a serious crime and must be stopped.

. I just wanted everybody in the Jenkins and Neon areas to know that they are absolutely getting robbed on bottled gas over here. You can buy gas in Virginia for $40 for 100 pounds. It’s double that in the Neon area. You can get it for a great price right where you turn up to Wise from U.S. 23. Why is it so much higher in the Neon area than it is in Virginia?

. After being out of the area for a while I can say that Letcher County sure has changed a lot. The Food World building is empty, the Showtime movie rental place is gone, and now it’s a fingernail salon. So many things I see that are gone out of our county — even a certain lady I met several years ago. I’ve been looking for her for almost a year now.

. How often do restaurants in Letcher County drug-test their employees? Do they know if people working for them are HIV positive?

. The Letcher Circuit Court is the laughingstock of the whole United States. I will guarantee you anything that the boy who robbed the pharmacy in Jenkins will spend more time and be tried faster than the boys charged with killing the Hogg boy early on New Year’s Day three years ago.

. To a certain person: I saw a picture online the other day of you holding your grandchild and laughing like nothing ever happened in your life. You know what? You took my baby away from me. You killed my baby. You shot him and you killed him. I will never forgive you for this. If there is karma, I hope you get it back, one way or the other.

. The total wealth of President elect Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees so far, including cabinet-level positions, is $9.5 billion.

That’s more money than belongs to the 43 million least wealthy U.S. households combined. Boy, that President-elect Trump sure knows how to drain the swamp. At least they’re almost all white men.

. To the state highway department: If I couldn’t smooth the blacktop to the edges of concrete bridges I would sit down flat on my hind-end and look at it and cry my eyes out and think, ‘I thought I was a highway builder, but I guess I’m not.’ It looks like with as much time as they spend sitting beside the road they would figure out how to fix it. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Got to go. Can’t miss my appointment at the alignment shop.

. If you claim to be a Christian person and you voted for Donald Trump I can’t see how you can look at yourself in the mirror. Thank you.

. I would just like to say that I am enjoying the results of this election more every day. It’s just getting better and better. Hearing these liberal Democrats whining just fills me up. Everyday I just feel so much better. It sure does feel good to win one, because I’ve been used to losing. We won this one and it feels pretty good. You would think this was the first election we’d ever had that didn’t turn out right for some, but they’ve had elections for 200 years. So to these people who can’t handle it, just GOI — get over it. It’s been going on forever and you’ll live through it.

. A certain security guard is seeing another woman. You are my friend on Facebook. If he doesn’t come clean I will tell you myself. I even know the woman’s name. I just hate to see him treat you that way.

. Thanks to Donald Trump, Russia is now in a strong position to take over the United States of America without firing a single shot. These are scary times we live in.

. To a certain person: You have your niece and your niece has you. That’s between you and her. I have nothing else to say.

. This is the old cat killer telling all you women out there that the men you have are like toilet paper. When you get done with ’em, flush ’em and move on to the next day. Have a great big old meow day.

I just wonder how many men and women who were raised in Letcher County are sitting around enjoying reading The Mountain Eagle. How many Mountain Eagles are mailed every week. (About 2,000 homes receive the paper each week via the U.S. Mail. The paper is printed in Pikeville, and is entered into the mail at the Whitesburg Post Office about 6 a.m. each Wednesday. The majority of readers buy their copy of the paper from inside stores located all across Letcher County and in parts of neighboring counties.)

. I was just watching ABC News and see they still are having a hard time stomaching the results of the election. I think the mainstream media is going to have a hard time the next four years. They could bite a 20-penny nail in two now because they are so upset. I guess it’s over the stock market going through the roof and Mr. Trump having the potential to do good. Talk about upset — wait until around July and August of this year and they’ll be on hard drugs trying to compete. Thank you.

. Anyone who reads that book, Up There at the House by Pete A. Martin, is as crazy as he is. That book does not belong in the public.

. I would like to comment on speed monitoring devices they’re going to put on the school buses in Letcher County. I think that’s one of the nicer things that have happened. And no, we’re not picking on certain bus drivers, we are looking out for the welfare of our children. The next step I hope they take is to monitor buses with cameras so they can watch bus drivers text and talk on the phone as they haul our children. I can show you a video of a certain gentleman who does text regularly while driving a bus. And when did we allow smoking by drivers while on our school buses? Thank you.

. It’s amazing how two so-called sisters will run to another person’s doctor and tell a pack of lies. Enjoy yourselves while you can.

. Merry Christmas and a happy 2017. This message is brought to you compliments of The Midnight Phantom.

. I saw him — Putin was in there voting for Trump. Ain’t this a bunch of the silliest bull crap you ever heard, the CIA and FBI arguing about this when it was the American people who put Trump into office? Sometimes I think these groups of people like the CIA and the FBI haven’t advanced much more than monkeys in trees slinging crap at each other. Sure, Trump’s going to be our president. Russia didn’t have a darn thing to do with the American people putting him in office. And as for this global warming, it’s the Democrat Party throwing stumbling blocks at the American people who are trying to advance to a better life. It’s cold as hell this morning and they’re worried about global warming? We’re headed to a miniature ice age. So get your coats ready, people. It’s a-happening. God bless America.

. For the last three weeks bought the newspaper to find out more about the death of Charles Fields. For two of those weeks, the second part of the story that was supposed to be continued to the inside was missing. I would like you to rewrite everything you put in there, because he was my friend and I would really like to know what happened.

. This is about the talk of women being forbidden to preach: I’m using a King James Version Bible. In I Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verses 35 and 35 is where the text is I believe preachers use to teach this belief. If you believe what is being taught, I hope you will read the verses and think of the meanings of the words. ‘Let

women keep silence, for it a shame for women to speak in the church.’ Here is what The Bible is saying regarding the words ‘let,’ ‘silence’ and ‘shame.’ Before I start, remember that women have been giving a bad reputation talking too much. ‘Let’ means you wonderful women having a job keeping ‘silence,’ that is keeping the children quiet and orderly. You know, there were no nurseries and Sunday school classes when this was written. Taking the word ‘speak,’ it means the use of voice without reference to the word spoken. The word ‘shame’ in this context means ‘in decorum’ or lack of good taste. Don’t you think this would apply to males as well as females? The meaning of the words ‘obedience’ and ‘law’ is saying you wonderful women know your husband is the leader and you obey and keep the rules or law of the family. Thank you.

. There’s a certain tax preparation place is getting ready for its rip-off season. They’re already calling me and asking me to come in. I was ripped last year and I don’t think I’m going back for more.

. To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward, the Letcher Fiscal Court and the Jenkins City Council: I would like to know when you all are going to grow the stones to step up and do something with these people for blocking off the Pine Mountain Trail behind the rock quarry in Burdine. How is it legal for them to put gates up across this trail? I thought the Pine Mountain Trail was supposed to be the longest public trail in this region.

. Our power bills are out of control. Mine went from $200 to $700. People who are poor are going to freeze, go hungry, and everything else because they can’t pay it. Something has to be done about these power bills. Poor people can’t pay such power bills.

. I wonder in my mind when they are going to try those men charged with killing that Hogg boy.

. God bless the people in Gatlinburg and all the others affected by that fire. I hope the Lord will help them in everyway possible. We love them.

. It’s a strange thing to me that even after all the recent changes amid all the hoopla I still can’t get a choice cut of steak. I guess I’ll still be going to Wise, Virginia for

some good meat. Why can’t they help us hillbillies?

. I want to thank all of the family court attorneys and judges here in Letcher County for their continued effort in destroying people’s family life and taking their children away from them, especially around this Christmas holiday when mostly the fathers aren’t able to visit or have time with their children because of these attorneys. I want to wish them a merry Christmas with their families, because they have not been very helpful to other families here. Without someone stepping up and having laws changed this problem will continue. So continue the good work in destroying people’s lives, judges and attorneys. Merry Christmas.

. I told the librarian I was a published poet. She replied by asking if I had a copy of Jim Webb’s book. Why would a poet buy Jim Webb’s book? Just because he doesn’t have a PR man doesn’t mean he isn’t a pretty good poet. Just because he’s a pretty good poet doesn’t mean another poet wants to read his poetry. God bless you. Bye.

. This is about a comment in the December 7 edition of Speak Your Piece that started by asking, ‘What is wrong with us?’: Well I would like to say what is wrong with you, and what’s wrong with

being right? I know you left wing nuts want everyone to vote like you do, but thank God we didn’t. And about your criticism of the claim that Hillary Clinton makes Adolf Hitler look like a schoolboy, you failed to say that Hillary is responsible for murdering 60 million unborn babies with Hillary’s campaign on murdering babies in the ninth trimester of pregnancy. So what does this make Hillary? I am sure Adolf and Hillary are one of the same, and about your comment about women in the church, like it or not, it is Bible, a book you need to read, and that goes for all of us. All these people you said are misguided and disturbing and it saddens you. Well, get over it. We are people that voted for Donald Trump, ane we are a wise people. Well, I’ll wish you all a merry Christmas from the Harlan County Man. God bless the USA.

. I want to wish some more people a merry Christmas, starting with Frieda Mc- Cool, my sister-in-law, hope you’re okay; the people at Whitesburg nursing home; Archie Fields, my brotherin law; Bert Fields’s widow, don’t recall her name; all the employees there as well; now brother Andy Wright and Wilma, Danny, and Phyllis Mullins who live at Jenkins. Please print this? Thank you very much, Stanley David Pack.

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