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I think it’s time for the Democrats to get their guns and the Republicans to get their guns and let’s get this all straightened up.

. With the Christmas and New Year holidays falling on the weekend, parts of Letcher County will have no garbage pickup for three weeks in a row. With the bears, dogs and other animals, you can’t put it outside. Houston, we have a problem.

. Children at school get energy drinks but they won’t even let us have a soda. Thank you.

. Well, it looks like Barack Obama wants to start World War III, because his Hillary Clinton lost. I’m so sorry. He’s got just a little less than a month and can start World War III anytime.

. Thank you to the City of Whitesburg, the city workers, and businesses in town for all of the beautiful Christmas lights and window displays. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the decorations and know others have as well. One small request: Can we add Mariah Carey and Twisted Sister Christmas tunes to the loudspeaker play list next year? Thanks again.

. All the Democrats are worried now, afraid that Trump has the connection with foreign governments. Well what about Hillary’s connection with foreign governments that gave them $200,000 to do one speech and then the buyer got their way into the State Department? There’s no need in the kettle throwing black to the pot.

. The gas pumps at a certain convenience store never have (*******) paper in them to get a (*******) receipt. (They) ought to buy some (*******) paper.

. To the deadbeat who likes to shack up with a certain girl: Well, it looks like you’ve got the certain girl shacking up with you now. Ha ha ha. You think you’re some kind of god or something, but you’re just a loser.

. I think everybody in Letcher County should go to the rec center free. Don’t our county taxes that we pay help provide those things?

. I know this guy who rides a red four-wheeler everyday and goes up and sees this girl while her man’s at work. I don’t

understand why something doesn’t happen. It’s a shame that we have to put up with people who do such things.

. I think something should be done about a certain cop in Jenkins. No good has been done or come from him whatsoever. He flies up and down the roads, almost hitting my kids while they’re playing. He took a man to jail that I know. The man said the cop exceeded speeds of 90 miles per hour while refusing to put the man’s seat belt on, laughing because he said he feared for his life. Now I’ve found his old car wrecked and hidden behind the Burdine sewer plant. Do our tax dollars now go to hiding cop cars? Just saying. Such a shame.

. Brother, you are living with your sister’s daughter. What would she think about that? Not nice.

. I would like to thank the preacher and his workers who are up at the white church on the hill behind the Jenkins Library for giving out food and gifts. Thanks for making everybody’s year a little happier by filling their bellies up and giving their children gifts. They do this every year, and I want to thank the nuns.

. You turn on the news and it’s about hack this and hack that; Russia did this and Russia did that. … Everybody knows about the Democrat Party; that’s why they voted them out. We know Trump’s going to be the president and we know Trump’s going to make some changes. Maybe the poor people will now have a shot at working out some money.

. Let’s get rid of ISIS in one big swipe — just go in and wipe them out and kill them like the batch of cockroaches they are.

. I sure am glad the people who think they are above the law finally get some law laid to them. You thought you wouldn’t get caught up in the stealing of all that coal? You took it right up Colley, didn’t you? Well, well. Reckon where you went with it? I am glad that people who think they’re above the law are finally getting caught.

. I just wonder how the heck you can go from burning down The Mountain Eagle to running the VFW and the American Legion. This just blows my mind.

I see where President Obama has pardoned or shortened the sentences of 1,324 people, some of them convicted of drug offenses. I’m not going to complain to him. History will record him. He can make all the excuses he wants to, but 10 or 12 or 15 years down the road we will say this is what this man did. All the excuses in the world won’t change it. I hope for his sake that all of the people he released don’t go out and commit a major crime against some innocent person. On top of that, Trump is still going to be the president later in January, and I want to thank all those movie stars in Hollywood with all that clout they’ve got because we couldn’t have won the election without them.

. I might be out here digging in Dumpsters to feed my family, but at least I am not a hypocrite like whoever put that comment in Speak Your Piece.

. I would like to wish my nephew in Virginia, John, a happy New Year and thank him for watching over his Uncle Mike. Love you to death.

. Boo hoo, boo hoo, those people who thought they were better than God are losing their big fine home now. I guess you’ll have to get Daddy to take you up a love offering. Boo hoo, boo hoo.

. I see the stock market is at a record high and has gone up a thousand points in the last four weeks. Caterpillar is up; John Deere is up. Is that because Obama is going out or Trump is coming in? I know when the economy is doing well the price of gold usually drops, and it’s dropping.

. I was just thinking about the boy who tried to rob the Jenkins pharmacy. I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut that he’ll pull more time than the boys accused of murdering that Hogg boy. That’s Letcher County for you. That’s just the way things are.

. I have friend who works in Washington, D.C., and they want to pass a law to take out of people’s Social Security $140 a month to pay for the student loan debt. They also want to do away with black lung benefits. So I would suggest that all the people here start saving, because pretty soon there won’t be anything for people that depend on Social Security to live on — and black lung benefits. I am all for higher education, but start saving, America.

. So, the owner of Big Daddy’s Liquor Store wants to lower tax revenues for Whitesburg so she can sell more liquor at her business. Increased revenue is the reason the citizens voted for the City of Whitesburg to sell alcohol in the first place. I suggest she re-open in a better location with a bigger and nicer store. She also might want to consider getting a better selection of decent brands. When the liquor licenses were handed out by the state, I felt like the Rite- Aid decision was a good one, but I had hoped for a second place that would add to the economy. Didn’t happen though. Politics

won out. And speaking of politics, the council very wisely voted this latest request down 4-2. But how did that even get two votes? I understand one, because she was leaving. But the other one surprised me.

. I hear that people are asking questions about the Pine Creek woman with HIV. She is a lady who wouldn’t listen until she hooked up with a certain guy that was HIV positive. He might as well have taken a gun and killed her the day he slept with her. He was positive and he knew he was positive, and now she’s positive.

. To Sheriff Danny Webb: Danny, I’ve known you a long time. You’ve always run a good clean sheriff ’s office — no complaints whatsoever. But there’s a little something I’d like to say about some of the deputy sheriffs. I don’t think a deputy should use words like, ‘Stop, you G-D bastard’ or ‘I’ll shoot you in the back,’ especially in a Christian home. No matter what’s going on, in a Christian home they should never use words like that. I think you ought to clean them out. Thank you.

. It has finally come to me why so many people are against Donald Trump: It is not what they are claiming. They would be too embarrassed to reveal the truth; they are afraid he will be able to improve the labor market to the point they won’t have an excuse not to work. It’s easier to let the government to pay for their food and living expenses than it is to take a job. Many of the young people going to colleges and universities want their educations to be paid for by the government, and they are afraid it won’t be now that Mr. Trump has been elected president. Don’t people realize there is practically nothing free except maybe air? What people take as free is paid for by the taxpayers. The elected officials have been such poor stewards of the people’s money that we have become a poor nation with over nineteen and half trillion dollars of debt. It is human nature to want to get free stuff, but it’s not helpful to our country.

. It looks like the Letcher County School Board is just like the Letcher County Fiscal Court — bad management. I worked for a big company in this county at one time and the first thing they did when things got bad was replace management. That tells you something. We’ve got bad management in the school board and bad management in the fiscal court.

. I’m calling in regard to the Christmas baskets that were supposed to have been given out at the Kingscreek Fire Department. People who didn’t need the baskets got them, while some of the poor people in the community who really needed a food basket and had their card and did everything they were supposed to do did not get a basket. Our children and families suffered for that even though these good Christian people from Georgia brought the stuff to us. I think it’s a shame that good people from Roxana and Kingscreek who really needed it did not receive it. I hope those in charge please take this into consideration that people who really needed it were left with no dinner for Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

. I guess by now, we’ve all seen that the average Trump supporter is very much less than average in terms of IQ. They continue to show they belong in the ‘deplorable’ class by the things they have said following the election. For instance, the self-righteous Harlan County Man is so stupid he thinks there are nine trimesters in a pregnancy.

That’s one of the traps the poorly educated that Trump loves so much fall into. They use words they don’t understand.

. What in the world happened to the Cats? I guess the Cards made a blanket out of them. I just want one fellow in Craft’s Colly they call Grundy and one in Jenkins they call Big D to know that the Cardinals have flogged you. It’s bragging grounds.

. I believe with all my heart there is more to the story in the Fields case. I would like to know who the guys on the other fourwheeler were. Does anybody know? I have my own opinions, but I will keep them to myself.

. I am tickled to death to see that people are finally getting caught for stealing coal in Letcher County. If they look close, they’ll get more. You fellows who have been caught so far deserve what you get.

. To the nosey neighbor at Mayking Loop: Please keep your nose where it belongs and out of my business. Why don’t you act your age? You act like you’re 16, but look like you’re 90. Act your age for a while, woman, and stop hollering about my things. Think of your own backyard.

. A video made by some members of the Letcher County Planning Commission is extremely vague about any information for the prison or its benefit for the county. Judge/Executive Jim Wards continues to say it will bring business to the area; the people want to know what business will it bring. There are no businesses here to do business with; everything and everybody is moving out. No business or no one comes to a prison town. The planning committee also said in the video to contact them with any question. If you want the truth, contact Mr. Gaston of the federal Bureau of Prisons. He has said many times to contact him for the correct information.

. I would like to give credit where credit is due. I live in Isom and we have a hometown there. The IGA with Gwen Christon and all of them is just like a home. Everybody is friendly and it’s just like they are your family. That says a lot about the store. Gwen, we appreciate all that you do. We will always give money to you and your store locally in our community. We should not go elsewhere to spend our money when we’ve got a good local store like yours. God bless you.

. This is the fellow calling back who said Hillary Clinton made Adolf Hitler look like a schoolboy stealing bubblegum: I still feel that way. I hate Hitler, but Clinton supports abortion. Anybody who would support that is no better than Adolf Hitler.

. I’ve noticed some of the bragging, moronic posts in Speak Your Piece from Trump supporters telling people to get over it, that Trump is president. They seem to forget their vicious racist attacks on President Obama throughout his two terms as president and their pitiful ‘I want my country back’ whining. They take delight in what they see as liberals whining about the outcome, but the CIA and FBI are the ones that state conclusively that the Russian government interfered in the U.S. election to put it in Trump’s favor. What would these right-wingers be doing if the roles were reversed? It is hard to imagine, but it wouldn’t be pretty. It would probably involve violence and lawlessness instead of peaceful protest.

. To the three men charged with stealing coal: You men tell me you didn’t know better than to try to steal coal from a company as big as Nally & Hamilton. You knew better, but that’s what happens when you get greedy and have too many new vehicles and things. You get greedy and you try to make a little extra money and you get caught. I have heard tell of the feds taking the shirt off your

back and your family Bible. You all should have known better than that.

. Help Gatlinburg, my foot. I feel sorry for the people who were hurt or killed and for their families, I really do. But don’t you know that everything down there that burned up was insured for 10 times more than what it was worth? Let them help themselves. Thank you.

. Now that it’s become obvious that Donald Trump played his low information supporters, I wonder if they are intelligent enough to know it. There will be no wall, coal mining isn’t going to make a comeback, and low skill/ high wage jobs are going to keep disappearing because of automation. And Trump is already filling ‘the swamp’ with right wing billionaires who are going to loot the government and ruin the social safety net. His education secretary doesn’t believe in public education and his labor secretary doesn’t believe in the minimum wage. They called you deplorable for a reason, just like many believe you are ignorant for a reason.

. I saw where Grayson Allen, the Duke basketball player, got suspended for tripping a man who wasn’t expecting it. I hope he’s lucky enough to get into the NBA, because a fellow like DeMarcus Cousins would stomp a mud hole in rear end and turn around and stomp it dry just for eyeballing him. They’ll straighten him out if he makes it to the NBA. You don’t do that. There’s something wrong with that boy. He’s out of control.

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