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I would like to comment on President Obama releasing these prisoners or shortening their sentences. If I am correct, it’s right at 1,200 prisoners. I think what he’s done is sold the Democrat Party under the bus. Any Democrat who runs this office will get this rammed down their throat. I think the worst is yet to come with Obama. I think he’s going to do some things that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I hope I’m wrong, but 1,200 people released? (USA Today reports that as of December 29, President Obama had granted 148 pardons, fewer than any other two-term president since George Washington. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, issued 189 pardons. What Obama has done more of than other presidents is the reduction of sentences through ‘commutation.’ Obama had granted 1,176 commutations by December 29, far and away above the 11 commutations issued by George W. Bush. Most of the commutations issued by Obama have dealt with the reduction of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.)

. A certain law-enforcement officer needs to be dealt with before some innocent person is killed. This officer has an itchy trigger finger, has no temper control, and curses people.

. To a certain woman: You better quit looking at me so sourly, young lady. I know all about candles on the wall and rose petals on the carpet leading to the bedroom and all that. I know you wouldn’t want everybody to know that, would you? And besides, you don’t need to worry about me. You’ve gotten too fat for me.

. Obama, try any dirty trick you think you can get away with, it will blow up in your face. You are dealing with God. God has His hand on Trump and the plan is already in place. Your goose is cooked.

. It’s sad to see what President Obama is doing to Israel. I’m just wondering what he can do in the next couple of weeks that will really make the American people angry. It’s going to be rough, but Trump is getting us a selection of men who know how to restore America. I think Trump is a chosen vessel of God.


We have a judge in Letcher County who is a campaigner from you know where. I would put his campaigning up there with the fellow who stayed in office as county court clerk for all those years. He campaigns 24/7 year-around.

. I just retired after 40 years and draw just a little in retirement. I’ve been talking to some people recently who are healthy and don’t work, but they are drawing more money that I am. How is that? I would like for all you people out there who have worked all of your life to comment. A friend of mine has been laid off for about a year. His wife went down to check on getting some food stamps and they wouldn’t let her have any. I know other people who are drawing $800 to $900 in food stamps a month. I think that’s a crying shame. I never was in politics, but now I’m thinking of running so I can make a difference for the workingman. The government has no sympathy for the workingman. Can some of you hardworking people out there comment on this?

. WMMT-FM in Whitesburg has a problem with a notice it continues to run about a jam in Clintwood, Virginia on Friday nights. That jam has not happened for probably over a year now. The director at the Ralph Stanley Museum has called and tried to get it straightened out, but it is still running.

. Here we go again, Bevin is choosing the candidate to fill the office of the PVA. They holler jobs, jobs, jobs, but all who have one already are trying to grab another one. Here we are picking from a doctor’s wife, a city councilman and parks director with two jobs, and a construction and business owner. Give the PVA job to someone who needs it, Governor Bevin.

. I think there needs to be something done about a certain pharmacy. You go there to pick up your medicine and you are standing there and you’re the only one in line and the employees and the pharmacist are back behind the counter just talking away and totally ignoring you after you’ve been waiting for 10 minutes and there is no one ahead of you. I think the manager needs to check into this. Thank you.


I would like to speak to all of Letcher County and ask a question. Have you guys received any medicine in the last thirty days, gotten deadly sick after you took it, then found out it wasn’t your medicine that the pharmacy filled? I know of three people this has happened to. All I can say to the pharmacist is this, and I’m not naming names: Get with the program, because I may get a lawyer if this has done anything to my organs. I have seen new faces there. If that’s who is doing this, you better find someone who knows what they’re doing. If not, the lawyer will be addressing you.

. Oh my, how the mighty have fallen. First, you lost your position as head bartender and then you lost your position in politics. I’ll bet that was a heck of a fall from that top ladder, wasn’t it? Oh my. Don’t get too high, because when you fall it hurts like the devil.

. Donald Trump is the stupidest man ever elected president of the United States. I can’t believe the stupid people don’t see that. It’s mind boggling to me.


To the person or persons who made the comment that we thought we were better than God, are losing our big fine home now, and will have to get our daddy to take up a love offering: Let me say this: We have never thought that we are better than God. He is all mighty and that is who we served. As for the big fine home, it’s not that fine, it’s just a home. And no, I’m not going to lose it. God is in control; He will take care of it all. And if I do lose it, I’ve already boohooed to Daddy and Daddy will buy me another one. Thanks.

. No coal mine jobs; black lung benefits could be stopped; no prison jobs for the county, as was admitted recently. When are you people going to learn not to listen to political lies?

. This New Year I would like to thank TVS Cable for exorbitant prices, poor service, and generally poor Internet signal. I can only hope that if the new broadband plan comes through we will have some other options.

. To the couple who are alleged to have been defrauding Social Security while mining coal: I believe one of the Ten Commandments says thou shalt not steal. If you are found guilty, were you not stealing from the government? In my book you were.

. It has been three years since the Hogg boy was killed. What are they waiting to put them on trial? That Hogg boy did not deserve to die. .

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