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I would like to address several things that drivers are doing in the area that just boggle the mind. First, when did it become okay to leave your high beams on all the time? You do know that you will end up blinding another driver and causing an accident, right? That’s just being an outright jerk. Second, use your low beams when it’s twilight or foggy. Sure, maybe you can see but do others see you? Third, that yellow line on the roadway isn’t there to show you where your front tire goes. Stay on your side of the road, especially in curves. Are you too lazy or stupid to slow down and steer through the curve? Fourth, it’s called a blinker. How much work is it for you to actually use your indicator? If you’re that sorry, stay at the house. Fifth, speed kills. Everyone drives on U.S. 23, 119 and KY 15 like it’s qualification day for NASCAR. And for those of you coming across Thornton/ Cracker Neck Hill, there are, indeed, driveways and parking lots where people have to pull in and out. It’s bad in either direction, but it’s especially bad when folks are heading towards Whitesburg. I was watching someone remove a tree from the road at the top of the hill today and no sooner had the fellow moved to get into his car when another vehicle came over the hill at a high rate of speed. Not just one, but at least three vehicles came over that blind hill absolutely blasting past the line of traffic that was there. Are you people trying out for the next Dukes of Hazzard movie? Are you in such a hurry that it’s worth killing someone? IQ’s are at an all time low around here.

. I have to hand it to Sheriff Danny Webb, Captain Kenny Terry, and that girl cop. It seems they don’t want to come into our neighborhood here in Doty Creek and clean it up. It seems they are letting the drug dealers on the Left Fork of Doty get by with whatever they want. Everybody knows what is going on with the meth.

. I saw on the news where those killings in Chicago are starting to get a little bit of exposure. That’s good. I am just floored as to why the president of the United States and the mayor of Chicago couldn’t stop these shootings and murders or slow it down. I am also confused about Black Lives Matter. What’s their angle on the Chicago murders? They would be doing something really good if they could stop those murders there. I hope there’s something done about it.

. I called in and made that

statement about Hillary Clinton being like Adolf Hitler and being an abortionist. I really didn’t think Speak Your Piece would put it in there, but you did. I want you to know that I apologize. You all are good honest people. Have a nice day.

. Thanks again TVS Cable, for a snowed in weekend with an Internet stream that is barely accessible in Mayking. Tick tock. Your time is running out.

. I heard the Democrats haven’t heard they lost the presidential election. I’ve got news for them, they did. Ha ha ha.

. All I hear about is Tractor Supply coming to Letcher County. Seeing is believing.

. When people say all these mines are going to be opening up in Letcher County they forget something. There is coal in Carbon Glow that has never been touched, but these companies go to the Eolia area to put in deep mines instead of coming to Carbon Glow. They just don’t want to mine it over here for some reason. I think it’s time they put a few mines in our area so these people can prosper from it. Thank you. (Companies are mining where the high quality metallurgical coal used in steelmaking is located. That’s because the price per ton of met coal, which stood at about $90 in July, quickly shot up to $308 per ton after China took steps to reduce excess production. Met coal now sells for about $220 per ton on the spot market. Mines that produce steam coal used to make electricity haven’t fared as well as the met producers. As of Monday, a ton of Central Appalachian steam coal was selling for $46.50 a ton, down from $48.05 last Friday.)

. We have some sluts working at a certain location on midnights.

. Follow the money and it will show why some people are so disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not win the election. The politicians have lost jobs in the cabinet and branches of government, which means losing money. People of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have made large contributions to Hillary, which they saw come to naught. Many newspapers and radio and television stations were also supportive of Hillary Clinton, and they cannot believe the majority of 35 states did not see things their way. It hurts to be mistaken, but what I think should hurt more is the respect they are losing by their behavior.

I hear they are going to try to make the Chevy Cruze in Mexico. I would buy a Subaru made in Cherry Hill, New Jersey instead, because it’s three times the car that Chevy is anyhow.

. I would like to say that know these next two or three weeks are going to be hard on these liberal Democrats. They’ve lost the presidential election and they’ve lost governors, mayors, representatives and senators. They’ve just lost all the way around. But look at the upside. You’ve got Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. When you’ve got them leading you, well … look where you are today. Keep them in there and things will be just fine. If things start picking up and jobs start coming and wages go up, I’m afraid you people are going to get even madder. I’m trying to figure out how to keep you calmed down for the next four years. We’ve been upset for eight years but we never complained nearly as much as liberal Democrats have.

. As I am speaking it is Saturday, January 7, 2017, a date that will go down in history as the rebirth of the Democrat Party in Kentucky. While anyone with half a brain had to know it wouldn’t take long for the Republican Party to mess up this rare shot at one-party rule its members were given in Frankfort, no one could have seen it happen so quickly. When Governor Matt Bevin and the Republican leaders in the state House and state Senate chose to look down upon and to shut down the voices of the hardworking union men who showed up in Frankfort from all across our state today to protest the so-called right to work bill he just threw away any chance he had at being reelected in three years. Governor Bevin’s decision to carry water for millionaires and billionaires from outside of Kentucky instead of looking out for hardworking men and women who take home between $40,000 and $50,000 will go down as maybe the biggest political blunder in Kentucky’s history.

. I get a kick out of reading Speak Your Piece and the comments from what appears to be quite a number sore winners who love to gloat over Donald Trump’s victory in November. I imagine they know they better get as much of their gloating in as possible before Inauguration Day, because the fall we will soon witness is going to be of historic proportions. I am one of those Democrats who hoped out loud that Donald Trump would mop the floor with his Republican challengers in the primary and that he would somehow manage to beat Clinton as well. Why would I think that way? For the simple reason that I have never liked

Hillary Clinton and firmly believe that Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party as we know it once and for all. Putting up with a few months of gloating by those who support degenerates like Trump and his immoral mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway — whose voice never fails to make the sound of fingernails across a blackboard somehow seem soothing — is a small price to pay for the coming Trump-led destruction of the GOP. Put your seatbelt on. This ride to the doom of the Republican Party is going to be like nothing you have ever experienced. And it starts on January 20.

. To a lying crook: It’s amazing how you can go to church and pretend to be a preacher and go out here and have yard sales and make money. You’re really fooling everybody, aren’t you? We know about how you ripped off one of your best friends.

. If the girls would stop feeding those boys across the mountain they would have enough food to feed the senior citizens. Also, they’re not supposed to be using the recreation center free of charge. They’re not even senior citizens. Judge, this is not going to help you. If you’re going to let them and others use the rec center for free, you need to let all of us use it for free.

. I’m sure glad Putin vetted Hillary before our election.

. It looks like the members of the fiscal court would get off their behinds and do something for the people of Letcher County. This TVS Cable should be renamed the No Signal Cable, because that is all you get on your TV when changing channels. The Internet service is no better, so slow it times out. This high-speed web that is proposed for Letcher County is in trouble if TVS Cable has anything to do with it. We are paying the highest prices in the nation for TV and Internet and getting the worst service. Their franchise needs to be revoked. Letcher County deserves better. It is time for the do-nothing Letcher County Fiscal Court to do something for once. Hold TVS Cable responsible for the lousy service the people of Letcher County are paying for. Remember, there is another election coming.

. I’ll tell you, Speak Your Piece, what’s on my mind. I work hard every day of life. I have for the last thirtysomething years. I come home every day and realize that I have to keep putting money up for the women’s shelter up there. Why is it that every time I come through there, 14 men are trying to get with those girls at the back door? If the women are no more responsible than that and don’t appreciate what my money does for them, remove their hind-ends. Have mercy on the children, but remove those women out. Men do not need to be hanging out at the women’s shelter. So that’s what’s on my mind, Speak Your Piece. And to the woman who is in charge: You need to do your job and keep those men away from there. If we have to pay for it, then let’s do it right. If we’re not going to do it right then shut the son of a gun down.

. In the Jenkins area the pastor and his wife using the church debit card as their own is about as low as it gets. How can anyone justify using the money that people put in the offering to support the church use it to support themselves and their children?

. I watch Lisa Smith on Everyday Manna.’ She looks like she is a very good cook. Everything looks so delicious. But why doesn’t she have a hairnet on? (You’re not alone in your concern about TV cooks not wearing hairnets. The magazine Science Daily reported recently that researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst are studying

food safety on cooking shows to ‘determine whether they present positive or negative models for viewers.’ Meanwhile, the website points out the ‘lack of hats’ and other ‘hair restraints’ in determining that cooking shows aren’t the proper places ‘to learn how to handle food safely at home.’)

. Listen, you little blonde over here in Cumberland. You don’t have to worry about me, honey. You’ve gotten too fat for me. I don’t like fat women. But I do know about the rose petals on the floor leading to the bedroom and the candles. Does your old man know about this? You better start treating me right. Bye.

. To all of you parents who park next to the roadway to wait for the school bus in the mornings: Please turn off your headlights when your vehicle is facing into traffic. If you feel the need to have the lights on so the bus driver sees you, please just use your parking lights. It’s especially tough to drive on a dark morning and have someone’s headlights shining right into your window, even more so if you are parked at or near an intersection. Please be a bit more considerate of other drivers.

. Hey, people, this is the old cat killer just passing out some wonderful knowledge. If your false teeth break, Gorilla Glue will hold them. Have a great big old meow day.

. It amazes me how these tree huggers don’t want any jobs coming to Letcher County. They claim we were going to get a Tractor Supply, but so far we’ve seen nothing yet. Just like they were going to build a prison at Roxana, it’s a bunch of hogwash. Everybody knows they’re not going to build a prison in this county because certain people in the town of Whitesburg don’t want to see anything done. Well, I for one would like to see some jobs come to our county.

. Concerning the editor’s comments about President Obama letting the prisoners out, I don’t think the government should hold people prisoners forever for marijuana charges. I’m just reading that he’s letting all of the Guantanamo Bay terrorists leave. What do you think about that? Please tell me, Mr. Editor, you’re not taking up for this jackass. He’s absolutely destroyed us. (Since when did correcting a factual error become ‘taking up’ for someone?)

. Doesn’t that radio station just beat all you ever heard in your life? I … I don’t know.

. They sure need to come up into Turkey Creek and film an episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Everybody up here looks like they are already a zombie.

. Well, here we go people. The Donald is not going to make Mexico pay for the wall. No, the working class people are going to pay for the Mexican wall.

. So, the former president of Mexico said there is no ‘effing’ way that Mexico is going to pay for that wall. Well,

if America quits sending all of that money to Mexico they are already paying for that wall. Trump isn’t stupid. Sure you’re mad at him because he’s bringing all of our jobs back to America and leaving the Mexicans there. So what? What are you going to do about it? Nothing. You can’t do a thing, so I say God bless America and God bless Trump. They say Trump trusts Putin more than he does American intelligence agencies. Well maybe he knows the truth about the American intelligence agencies. They are lying sons of bitches. Trump has figured them out; his staff has figured them out. Mexico, you will pay for that wall. It might take a little time, but you might as well get your pesos together. Send them all back, Trump.

. I sure am glad I live in the real world and not Hollywood.

. I think this county’s roads during snow conditions are just terrible. We had just a small snow of a few inches. In Virginia there was no snow on the roads on either lane the entire way from the Tri-Cities to the top of Jenkins-Pound Mountain. As soon as you crossed over into Kentucky the left lane was completely iced and snowed over. Then, about 20 yards down the road, both lanes were that way until you turned left toward Whitesburg. This is something the road crew needs to address and take seriously. Everybody was saying, ‘you go to Virginia it looks nice; in Kentucky, look at all the trash.’ This is our problem and we keep elected officials who aren’t qualified to do the job.

. Why do preachers teach that God is a sadist? They don’t mean to, I am sure, but when they preach that souls burn forever in hell, that’s what they’re doing. The meaning of the words destroy and blot are essential to know. In Matthew 10:28 it tells us that God is the only one that can destroy a soul. That is what He will do in the Lake of Fire to the ones that don’t make it. The following two versus, 29 and 30, tell us what He is really like. In Revelation 19:3 it’s talking about the Lake of Fire and says, ‘Her smoke goes up forever and ever.’ That is the end of her and her smoke disappears. It’s no more. The memory of the ones we know who aren’t in the eternity will be blotted out. Revelation 21:4 tells us there will be no sorrow or crying there. In Luke 16 is the account of the very unhappy rich man who no doubt thought that his earthly possessions would make him important there. Wrong. The things he is saying are figures of speech.

. If I was Donald Trump, I would make where those crazy blacks in Chicago live look like Aleppo, Syria.

. It’s amazing how our magistrate here in District Four always has Woodrock and the Blackey area first to have the roads graded or graveled when there’s a big snow on the ground. He himself drives that grader through there. I didn’t vote for Keith Adams and surely won’t vote for him again if he runs for re-election.

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