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Lady, if you’d spend as much time reading and studying your Bible as you do loafing in a beauty parlor and calling Speak Your Piece, you might have some knowledge of the Bible. I wouldn’t call anybody a devil if I lived like you do. As far as the rapture goes, you don’t have to worry. If there is one you will still be here.

To a certain girl: How would your cop brother like to see the video I have of you selling the pain pills with the ‘green specks’ in them and Xanax? Keep it up. Keep running your mouth and he will get the tape. It was hidden on a friend when she came and bought them from you.

I don’t think there should be a second festival in Jenkins. The one in August is plenty for our town with all the other festivals around the area. I hope the Jenkins City Council votes to just have the one festival in August. So let’s all get together and have a good time in August. Jenkins Resident.

I do agree with the comment about the man who is soon to be a father for the third time, each time with a different woman: I don’t know if this comment was concerning me, but I am pregnant by this guy from Letcher County who already has a kid he’s never gotten to see. He broke up with me on Mother’s Day and went and got married to this girl he was working with. She has five children. I don’t know if the comment was concerning me, but the guy I was with is scum, too. Please reply. Thanks.

Hi, Joe and Paulette. God bless you and all of my friends. I have been gone now for 20 years. You have always been in my heart. My children are grown. I have 10 grandchildren who only see an old man who loves Jesus Christ and takes good care of their grandmother, whom I love more and more each day. I haven’t wasted my old age. I now have 22 certificates on my wall that I’ve earned in the study of the word of God. I need only seven more lessons, and when I pass this courses I will have one more to hang on the wall. I have been ordained to minister and preach by man twice. But the day our God ordained me I became a preacher. No man can take this away from me. All of those certificates can’t get me into heaven. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can do that. I look forward to seeing all of you soon. PS. I don’t follow man’s traditions. I know better. The Bible tells me so. I love you all. God bless.

To my loving girlfriend at Jenkins: Baby, we’ve been through too much over the years not to be together. I just want you to know that what I did Monday night, I told you the truth about everything. I have no reason to lie to you about it. I did exactly what I told you I did. I love you very much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you’ll get over this. You took something and blew it out of proportion, and you’re assuming things that never happened. Girl, I’ll always love you, no matter what. Thank you.

I wouldn’t let my dog live at the big house on the hill. Intimidation, fear and control rule there.

To the people on Cram Creek: We know how you people feel about your drug dealer. We have one here on Little Colley that the court system has never wanted and been willing to do anything about. This is typical of the gutless judicial system here in Letcher County. It’s never ever going to change for the people who live here.

So they’ve come up with a guy who can tell who cut a tree and the brand of chain-saw he used just by looking at the stump? I cut a piece off a log in our yard the other day and I called my family out and asked them to look at the cut and tell me who did it. None of them seemed sure enough to give me an answer although I’m the only one in the family who can use a chain-saw. Did this guy say he has any other powers? It may be that he could be turned into something useful. If this legal system gets any crazier, we’re going to have to start holding court in a rubber room.

To a certain principal: I thought this next year may be a normal year, but I guess not. You should just go ahead and get rid of a certain teacher you are continuing to let teach there. All she does is harass the kids – the ones she kicks out. And she talks about her underwear and what she’s going to buy, etc. She’s had so many complaints filed against her she should have been let go a long time ago. I have been told there are about 10 parents who are going to start a petition to get rid of this teacher. If so, I will sign it. Just let me know.

I would like to wish Brielle Holcomb a happy 21st birthday.

It’s Wednesday night again down here in Doty Creek USA. That means it’s just about time for a certain drug dealer to start selling his drugs just as soon as it gets dark. I’m sick and tired of it. If the cops aren’t going to do anything about it, the people are.

I’m just calling in to speak my piece about people who call in about other people when it’s none of their business. People are out trying to make a dollar and other people are calling in to report them. This stuff will come back to get them someday. Understand this. You’re supposed to take care of your neighbors and friends. It’s tough enough to be living in these hard times in the United States without ‘witnesses’ calling in on other people. Thank you.

Yes, the drug dealing is still going on in Cram Creek at Mayking. People who have been busted before are selling again, only pushing three times as much now. I just don’t understand. This is a bunch of crap. The cops are up here pulling our kids over on four-wheelers, but they can’t control the drug dealers and buyers who are coming up and down the hollow flying. That’s a bunch of bull.

This is old depressed copper man again. I’m still depressed about losing the 528 pounds of copper someplace between here and Virginia. I don’t know if it evaporated or what, but something happened to it. When I left here my load weighed 1,780 and when I got over there it weighed 1,252. I don’t understand. Weighed on both ends and lost 528 pounds. If you’re going to haul scrap to Virginia, be sure to check your weight before you leave. It might decrease a lot. Check it before you take it. Thank you.

A fellow here wants to put something in Speak Your Piece. He says he had a girlfriend who left him and now he’s got another one, and he doesn’t want anybody hurting him or messing around with her and stuff. That’s about all for right now. Thank you.

I have a friend whose wife runs down to psych ward in Hazard. She’s trying to get every one of them on pills. I think she should consider coming home.

Dean and Nina Cornett are fairly smart people. They put a lot of work and a lot of money into trying to protect their property, and they didn’t get to first base. It makes you wonder where those of us who don’t have as much as they do stand. A drug pusher was caught selling drugs in a school district and, the best I remember, got three months and then people criticized Danny Webb and other law enforcement. I don’t know how they can have the heart to even come to work when it’s almost certain the courts will turn those they charge with crimes loose anyway.

Letcher County Central High School has been in existence for six years? Evidently the girls’ basketball staff thinks so. Just the other day at Wal-Mart I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt which said ‘2007 53rd District Champs Lady Cougars – Sixth Consecutive 53rd District Championship.’ I am certain that LCCHS has only been in existence for two or three years. Someone please tell me how they came up with six consecutive years as 53rd District champs. I would say they think LCCHS is just a new building and location for the former Whitesburg High School. What do you think?

It would be nice to be close to the power structure in Jenkins. That way I could go through town in a canary yellow convertible and polka dot truck with out of state tags that have been expired for two years. Most people can’t even drive through town with a tail light out without getting pulled over and ticketed.

To the girl at the old Sonic drive-in: I’m sorry for the confusion I caused. I hate to think that I caused such a huge frenzy when I tried to tell the girl I care about so much how I felt. I’m sorry that my message was misinterpreted, and the wrong girl read it first. To the girl who did read it: You are a such a nice person and a great friend, but the feelings I expressed in last week’s Mountain Eagle were not meant toward you. I’m sorry that I made you feel that way. I honestly didn’t mean for this to happen. To the girl it was meant for: I still care about you and cherish every moment together. I thought that once you read what I wrote you would understand the corny jokes, but I guess not. I guess that’s your A.D.D. kicking in, haha. This time, I hope the right girl finds this first and I hope you can figure out who I am on your own. Jack.

Could someone please explain to me how someone can buy a rundown house that’s barely fit to live in and start a business in it without a fire inspection, no business license, and no access for the handicapped? I know Jenkins is a small town, but I believe we still have laws that say this isn’t okay.

Pinball for police? Is this how you get away with expired plates and a bad attitude?

Can you believe the nerve of the Cornetts for resenting having their timber – their ‘precious trees’ – stolen? How unreasonable can you get? Reasonable people would have gone along with having their timber stolen, or their car stolen, or their house stolen, and would not have caused all this trouble. In this liberal welfare society of ours, people like them are out of step. They should be helping the thieves. They need to understand the thieves, and sympathize, not object. After all, thieves have got to eat, too. Seriously, these are good people who work for this county and stand up for their rights and the rights of others. Anyone in this county who thinks their personal welfare and the welfare of their families are not at stake in this situation had better consider carefully.

Congratulations to Janis, Mike and Anna. We’re looking forward to meeting Myles Joseph. Love, Aunt Marty and Uncle Mike.

When I hear that someone has won or lost a legal case, it makes me wonder how dumb people can get. That just isn’t the way it works. There is only one group of winners in any case, civil or criminal, and that’s the lawyers. The average lawyer in Letcher County, whether they are defending, prosecuting, or are judges, makes more than ten times what the average citizen makes. That’s like playing poker in a game where the house is dragging 30 percent of every pot.

Shawn, you make me sick with your letters to Misty. How can you write love letters to each other and speak about your hearts? What hearts? Even animals have hearts. You don’t have a heart. Therefore why are you here? You are a nothing. You are lower than an animal. Your letters have no meaning and are just lies. You are lower than scum. You deserve what you are going to get. My ‘hopes and dreams’ are that you both burn in hell for what you’ve done. I am living for that day.

Hats off to Letcher County Central High School’s girls’ basketball team for a successful camp this year. This is a great opportunity for our young students. Class act.

The person who called in that long timber trial complaint to Speak Your Piece last week apparently resents that Jarrod Breeding got mentioned in the press, but doesn’t mind trying the Cornetts there. Looks like a case of ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

I am a religious person, and I try to suppress such emotions, but I feel very angry that someone has attacked my friends by name, has libeled them, and has shielded himself by refusing to sign his name. I believe the writer is a professional and has gone well beyond his bounds, and I am certain that the newspaper has gone beyond its First Amendment protections. My friends have been painted in a false and very bad light. Anonymous character assassination like this is reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan and like organizations. It’s the verbal equivalent of wearing a sheet.

Hats off to the county for an excellent paving job in the Eolia and Partridge area.

Hey, Clyde, talking to you and seeing you smile makes this awful place seem not so bad. I can’t wait until we both get out so we can follow through on our plans. Always thinking, Bonnie.

Hey, handsome, there may be windows and locked doors between us for now, but the time will come that you can show me just how much you like strawberry glaze.

To a certain woman in the LCJ: We both said ’til death do us part. I’m still honoring that statement, but where are you? Did you not mean it in the beginning? You’re still my soulmate. I worry about you every day, but it seems to me you’ve totally abandoned me. Now I’m all alone in this world. You need to renew your vow to your love of your life, the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You need to straighten up and honor your vows. Your dog Jaz would be so, so sad, Mommy.

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