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If any of you men out there think your wife is going out on you, she probably is – with my husband. So give me a hint where you are, and maybe we can get together and catch them. Then maybe we can get together.

Mary Sue, it’s been three years since you’ve passed. I love you very much and miss you. I’ll see you tonight in my dreams.

The gas people have wrecked on Bill Moore Branch. Now I can’t get my daughter to the hospital.

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, a coal miner was killed in a methane blast in October 2006. Last week, his foreman, another miner, and the mine owner were charged with involuntary manslaughter by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. I wonder, when was the last time we in Kentucky saw such criminal charges filed in regard to a Kentucky mine fatality?

Every fast-food restaurant should make sure their managers brush their teeth, take a bath, and clean under their fingernails.

It looks like another night of aggravation just because a certain woman can’t keep her trap shut. Thank you.

I would like to get a reply on this. I live on Daniels Branch and I would like to know where here the three guys who are dealing drugs live. I’m now having to drive 10 to 12 miles a week to get my stuff, and I would love to cut down on fuel. So please tell me where they live. I would love to know who they are.

When is the 20-mile yard sale going to start?

Spare the rod, spoil the child. That’s not the way I read it, but it seems to make sense to me. They didn’t call it child abuse when I was growing up. It was called being made to do right and have respect for your elders. This was before they took prayer out of the school and we knew who God was and what He stood for. Anyway, let’s remember that a parent’s life is a child’s guidebook to life. Who is in your life? Something to think about.

To the bunch on Linefork: You need to mind your own business. What happened to my daughter back then has nothing to do with you now or ever. You don’t know what you are talking about when you say she threw her kids down. You don’t know half of the story. If your so-called man had any mind he would DNA-test that baby. Everyone is out saying it doesn’t belong to him, but came during the two months you left him. The three children are hers, not yours. They never will be yours. From her mother.

I just read Speak Your Piece and saw the comment made in memory of Hawk and Star. All I want to know is who put this in here and what kind of drugs are they on?

To the person in Texas: Your opinion is of no regard to me. It is obvious who and what you are. As for threatening me, be advised to tread very lightly. And as for my correspondence with you through this forum, it has come to an end. Signed, R.

I think it’s a shame that the students at our local school are eaten up with lice. Why aren’t our school nurses doing their jobs? And where are our tax dollars going?

This is for whoever is writing to Speak Your Piece to try to cover that trooper’s behind: We know you are probably his family. That won’t do him a bit of good. This man was out killing sporting dogs. And for the smartaleck that said coon hunters are the problem in this county, you are badly wrong. We buy hunting licenses. It’s a state law that we’re allowed to hunt. It’s not a state law that cops can go hunt and kill sporting dogs. Think about it.

Someone made a comment about a fool. You’re not supposed to call anyone a fool, but if you fill the shoes then it doesn’t matter whether you open your mouth or not, because there is no doubt.

In spite of the efforts of a few good people, Jenkins is a cesspool. Young punks roam the streets at night terrorizing. I have had enough. By the time you read this I will have left Jenkins. It’s nothing but a cesspool.

I think it’s a crying shame when certain people are fired because they cannot pass a drug test themselves, but are oh-soquick to have another person put in jail for failing a drug test.

I still want to see you. You forgot the cigarette and the kiss. Maybe I am just stupid, but I really don’t understand why you do that. Is that a ‘look what you’re missing’ or ‘look what I want now,’ is it a joke, or is it the real thing? Come on, now. Don’t toy.

To the bunch in Love’s Branch: You have stolen from people and you have kicked women in the face with steel-toed boots. You all think you’re everything, but in my eyes you are scum and trash and a lot worse. If there was any kind of law enforcement around here they would have already picked you up and put you in jail and thrown the key away. And as for having your kids, you don’t need them. The only time they eat is when they go to school. You don’t need them. You sell your food stamps for pills. Your whole check goes to pills. I think someone needs to check into your life before one of your children is hurt or killed. From a concerned person.

Give more details about this stunningly beautiful woman who was in the checkout line in front of you at Wal-Mart.

I would like to make this comment concerning the woman who is having a hard time. I have learned one thing in my life. Every single man I ever went out with or ever liked always disappointed me. Every single one of them went out on me. And there have been quite a few. I’ve also learned that you can’t be thin enough, pretty enough, nice enough, or work hard enough. If I was you I would quit worrying about it. I quit a long time ago. The harder you try the worse it gets. Just let what happens happen and forget about it.

This is from the lucky lady at Millstone to the woman who is going out with my husband: Maybe you’ve got a husband and he is as lonely as I am. Ask him if he would like to get together with me sometime.

This message is to a tramp who drives a red car – the sorry thing who gave her son away and keeps his check: I know all about my husband meeting you in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Cameras don’t lie. The deal you performed at the racetrack is also on film. The guy still laughs about it, and you broke another family up. The guy who escorted you through J.C. Penney’s and got all of his things on your credit cards is out telling everybody. You had a good man on the hip, but you ran his kids off too. He doesn’t know what a sorry piece of trash you are when he’s at work. You still see all of your other men. The truckers are all laughing at you. As for the man you’re staying with now, I’ll make sure he’s taken care of in every way.

It’s a good thing they are taking those kids away from those people down in Texas who supposedly are molesting them. But how come they don’t go into the Catholic parochial schools where the priests have molested them and take all of those kids and put them in other places? That just goes to show you what a strong hold the Catholic Church has on United States politics, doesn’t it?

I hate dogs and I hate cops, but if they have a jury trial for that cop and I’m on that jury I’m going to turn him loose. Pour the lead to them, officer.

I’d like to invite any Blairs and relatives to our family chat room. We meet up on Tuesdays and Fridays around 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. It’s a nice place to come and visit with forgotten family and keep in touch. Please contact us at blairchatroom@yahoo.com

Timber theft legislation didn’t make it this session, but it got a lot of attention and has a good chance next year. Leslie Combs showed good leadership and a lot of legislative know-how in her effort to get more protection for landowners. She also made them more aware of the danger to themselves and to their property from this crime. Everyone owes her thanks for her good work.

While preparing for my Sunday School class I came upon the story of Isaac when the famine fell upon the land of Gerar. He and his household were asked to leave because they had become so large in number that the Philistines were jealous of their success. Isaac moved three times and dug three wells before they were satisfied. What a patient man! Sometimes God’s people do better not to demand their rights and to leave the results to God, rather than to fight. We should seek peaceful and generous solutions to problems, even if it means bearing the weight of those solutions ourselves. The appropriate response to opposition sometimes is to simply move on and leave the problem, even if you did nothing wrong.

I’m sure the state trooper who killed the coon dogs was In the right. Coon dogs are a very mean breed of dogs and they are so dumb when it comes to property lines. And God knows policemen never lie. Okay, I was kidding. In my 70 years on earth I have never seen or heard of a mean hunting dog. I know the dogs didn’t know whose property they were on, but 99 percent of the people in Letcher County don’t know for sure where their property lines are. Rocks and trees don’t count. Yes, some police lie. And some don’t lie. I think the man’s sleep was disturbed and he took it out on the dogs. Good thing it wasn’t someone singing.

Our economy is always pretty bad, and looks like it will get worse. The prices of gas, groceries and heat are getting high and will probably get higher. Crime is already sky-high, and conditions are right for it to get really bad. People need to be alert like they’ve never been before for their land, their houses, and for themselves.

I miss the lovely mountains of southeastern Kentucky. I miss the wonderful people of southeastern Kentucky.

Happy birthday, Susie Q. Have a great celebration. Love, M.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” It’s easy to blame the sheriff and the commonwealth’s attorney, and there has been reason to blame those offices in years past. The courts have given plenty of reason for blame, and it’s better not to even think about the legislature, but none of them bear the primary reason for the corruption and pollution and crookedness that permeate this region. That rests squarely on the citizens and the long-standing culture of permissiveness toward criminal activity. Another longstanding culture, that of entitlement, enables the citizens to rationalize marginal or corrupt activity that benefits them, highlighted by the ‘we’re due it’ philosophy. Rigidly religious people, who spend Sundays condemning others for various transgressions, seem all too willing to accept free and illegal gravel or paving, at taxpayers’ expense. Others are rumored to sell their votes, sometimes very reasonably, and of condoning and politically supporting those convicted of selling votes. Many others are suspected of living on Social Security fraudulently. A decent civilization cannot exist with morals as flexible as these.

Mom had surgery today at the hospital. My dad is disabled and couldn’t go to the hospital with us. I was calling Dad on my cell after Mom came out of surgery and someone who works there told me I couldn’t use a cell phone inside the hospital. I walked up the hall to a pay phone and called Dad to tell him how Mom was doing. While there I walked down to a little church room to pray for my mom. There was someone standing in the doorway across the hall and I saw two people in that office with cell phones talking on them. How can I not use a cell phone in the hospital and they can just a few feet away? I just don’t understand that.

People, we need to step up and demand that the trooper who shot those dogs be prosecuted. We need to make sure that another incident like this one – or one that’s even worse – isn’t allowed to happen.

I think it’s so funny that the 27-year-old therapist from Neon is in trouble for fraud. I thought this person was smarter than that. Just goes to show the sun doesn’t shine on the same dog’s behind all the time.

I just wanted to say that I drove up Marshall’s Branch the other day and that place has some nasty houses. Those people really need to clean it up. I don’t see how people can stand to live that way. One house looks as if you’d have to shovel your way to the front door. Marshall’s Branch people, get out and clean up around your houses. I’m sure you all are not that sorry. Get to work.

To a fellow miner: Diesel fuel does not clean chutes. It gives you a headache.

I want to say that the new system at West Whitesburg Elementary School is a step in the right direction but not working. If one person buzzes in and another person is standing there they just go on in. I don’t see how this is any better, and there is nobody paying attention to who comes in. So this system is useless, also there are kids that are pick-up that walk out with the bus riders and wait until the teachers are back in the school then go to their parents. I don’t think that is fair; they should have to come in and get their child just like everyone else. Someone needs to be paying attention to this.

This goes out to the state trooper that allegedly shot the two innocent dogs: Did it make you feel like a man to go out there and murder those poor dogs? They were just doing what they were trained to do. An individual must really be sick in the head to do something like that. I’ve always heard this saying: ‘You can judge a man’s character by the way he treats animals.’ Well, I guess we know what kind of character you have. I hope you are punished for your actions and I hope you feel remorse for what you did. Shame on you.

The Appalachian Roundtable keeps popping up in the news, and it seems like they’re doing good. Why don’t they put out more information? Exactly what do they do and do they need help?

Times are bad and getting worse, and employers are trying to tighten up and cut costs. Some may try to do this on the backs of workers. People should know and insist on their Social Security, health, and Workmen’s Compensation rights, and not allow themselves to be passed off as contractors.

Edison Banks has taken a strong stand against timber theft and I hope it works. He has gotten way out ahead of the rest of eastern Kentucky and has probably gotten the attention of the thieves. If hard times get worse, though, and it looks like they will, the rogues will be sorely tempted to try again. They’ve had it easy for a long time, and some of them probably don’t know much else, so people had better keep an eagle eye on their land. It would be good if they kept an eye on their neighbors’ land, as well.

To the guy in Cram Creek: You’re stuck on yourself. You’re nothing but a pansy. Your wife and kids deserve better than you. I’ll take them off your hands.

Stay away from the house. It has a computer virus. Her camera is not Candid Camera. She has a hot line to the attorney general. Thank you.

To the people of Letcher County: The number of inmates in Kentucky prisons has risen from 2,838 in 1970 to more than 22,000 last year. Estimates are that 80 percent of the crimes that lead to prison are related to drug abuse, and the fastest growing segment of the prison population is non-violent drug offenders. We have to start somewhere. Stop the entanglement, the yoke of bondage. Call God. The people of Letcher County need the church’s prayers. Matthew 22:39.

No, actually you’re not worth going to hell for. One day you will be in hell for your own evilness. If I were you – and I thank God I’m not – I would be more concerned with what is going on around me instead of material things. That proves further what a lowlife you are. We’re tickled pink to be rid of you. Ha, ha, ha. Now does that answer your question?

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. I would like to meet the person who wrote the comment about the unconditional love animals give us. It must be a deep thinking and profoundly intelligent person. Every word they said was true and seemed heartfelt. It’s a shame that humans don’t have the capacity to love like animals. It’s also a shame that a person so caring must live in a world with a state trooper who would kill innocent hunting dogs. Anyone who could care so little for something so loved by a little girl must be a real lowlife. I’m glad I never met Trooper Adam Hall and hope I never do. Though I’ve never owned a coonhound or foxhound, I love to hear them. It’s part of the classic night sound like the bullfrog, cricket, owl, whippoorwill and many more. Very little stirs the imagination like the sound of a chase far in the distance on a moonlit winter’s night. I admire most coon and fox hunters because they seldom kill the quarry. In doing so they know they would lose a beautiful animal they enjoy, and never enjoy that chase again. Each time the animal is chased, it gets smarter, and so does the dog. This improves the animals’ survivability too, and improves the breed. I have sat around campfires and listened to old gentlemen tell of famous days and fabulous chases of long ago. Life doesn’t get much better. Unfortunately in this day and age, life is cheap and people are shallow. No one respects others or their basic pleasures in life. A classic example is Adam Hall so heartlessly killing a family member so precious to a small girl. I know how I would feel if someone shot ‘old Barney.’ He ain’t much to look at, but I love him dearly. If anyone shot him, I would position myself about 500 yards from his front door and wait for justice. My deepest sympathy to that little girl. Signed, Brushey Bill.

I wonder if the psychopath that would go by people’s homes shooting got any help. I would be ashamed to act that way over a man that made a pure fool out of her and degraded her to anybody he saw. That’s downright pitiful.

To a certain principal: I would say her name but it wouldn’t be printed. She has her picks of certain children, and some she treats like a dog. She’s a smart-aleck to some parents. She thinks she’s something with her big designer clothes. She’s not fit to be a principal.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Isaiah 56:11. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough and they are shepherds that cannot understand. They all look to their own way, everyone for his own gain. Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou on my right hand till I make thine enemies thy footstool. Psalm 35. Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul; let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt. Let their way be dark and slippery and let the angel of the Lord persecute them. Love thy neighbors. Stop the drugs. Matthew 17. Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Should I be blind leaders of the blind not use Matthew 17 and if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch. What are the churches in Letcher County doing? Sure not their faith. Matthew 17. How long shall Letcher County suffer without entanglement of drugs? The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. John 3:16. Proverbs 4:14. Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not into the way of evil men. The way of the wicked is as darkness they know not at what they stumble. Micah 7. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy. When I fall, I shall arise. When I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Psalm 27- 1. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes came up on me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: Though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. O daughter of Babylon who art to be destroyed happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Remember, O Lord the children of mother and father that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. Psalm 4:5:8:4. Offer the sacrifices of the righteousness and put your trust in the Lord. I will both lay me down in peace and sleep for thou Lord only makest me dwell in safety.

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