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Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty we’re free at last of Barack Obama.

. Is it true about District Four in Blackey? I heard they haven’t had a magistrate in several years. They say he eloped and is representing another district.

. Now that the War on Coal is over, I’m doing a survey. Would the coal miners who went back to work Monday please call in and tell us if the pay they’re getting now is better than when they were laid off and whether the company they work for has more employees than they did when they shut down? We need to show what a great job President Trump is doing. Thank you.

. I heard a whopper the other day. A preacher said he didn’t have the gas money to go and get his wife out of the hospital. Please let this preacher know that lying is a sin that disqualifies him as a preacher.

. With all the influence that President Obama had, with all the influence Bill and Hillary had, with all the influence the entertainment and movie industry had, with all the influence of the music industry, and with Hillary winning the popular vote and still getting beat, I don’t blame them liberal Democrats for being torn up all to pieces. I’d be upset too if I had that much going for me and still lost. Thank you.

. I would like to wish my sister a happy birthday. She must be older than the rock in the head of Horse Branch in Linefork. Happy birthday, Sis. I love you.

. I have read so many opinions about Donald Trump that it’s really getting to be pathetic. I too was skeptical about him, but the more the news media put him down the more I liked him. So I got to listening to him. Yes, he has a big mouth; he’s a big man. But he didn’t get there just by tickling people’s ears and doing what they wanted him to do. So I think they should give him chance. Let him open up a big old can of whip-butt and show America how it’s done. It’s

going to take quite a few months to get through the muck Obama has brought Kentucky through. So give the man a chance. Sit back and watch him work. I think he’s God’s man. He is God’s answer to the Christian people. Thank you for listening. Bye-bye.

. I liked the picture of Trump, Obama, and their families on Inauguration Day. And the one with kids by three different women was the white guy.

. Here’s hoping that all you Trump voters are going to be happy with the raise in the eligibility age for Social Security. It’s what the Republicans in Congress have long wanted and they finally got a man in the White House who is going to do it for them. Let’s see now, you Trump voters asked your hero to kill your healthcare benefits and return to the days of the ‘donut hole’ and he’s delivering on your request. Surely you won’t object to having to work until you’re 67 or 68 to start drawing your retirement benefits since you’ll be doing it for Mr. Trump.

. To County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: I have commented in Speak Your Piece about five or six times about a black SUV with ‘police’ written on it. Does the man who drives this vehicle have up-to-date policing papers and all that stuff? This is a serious question and I deserve an answer. Thank you.

. A word for Angie Hatton: Good luck on being a pro-life Democrat. I was a politically active Democrat for years and it finally dawned on me that the Democrat Party platform is pro-abortion. That is why I’m a Republican today.

. I’m sitting here watching performance by ‘Front Men of Country’ at the Trump inaugural concert. A lot of veterans are up there playing with them. I love this country. I loved it when Barack Obama was president. I didn’t vote for him, but I had his back. I had four brothers in the Army. Two of them were on the front line, one in World

War II and the other in Korea. We’re moving forward with or without the people who oppose Trump. They’re hurting themselves, not us. This is a great country and I love it. Thank you.

. Do you Trump voters know our new president’s five top priorities, according to him personally? Immediately seizing control of the National Labor Relations Board, turning it into a corporate bulldozer to destroy workers’ rights, particularly the right to organize unions. ‘Yuuuuge’ new tax cuts for corporations and the super rich, busting the budget for addressing human needs. Privatization of such basics as public education, Medicare and Social Security. Deregulation of corporate profiteers, from Wall Street bankers to Big Oil polluters. Eliminating the federal minimum wage. Freeing corporations from rules that prohibit discrimination in hiring, paying, promoting and firing workers. That’s along with stopping medical benefits to nearly 32 million Americans. In addition, are you aware of this fact? U.S. solar employs more workers than any other energy industry, including coal, oil and natural gas combined, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s second annual U.S. Energy and Employment Report. At least 6.4 million Americans now work in the energy effi ciency sector, which added more than 300,000 net new jobs in 2016, or 14 percent of the nation’s job growth. Next time you see Mitch, ask him where our new jobs are.

. They always talk about wanting to stop the people from selling drugs, but they have to sell drugs in Letcher County in order to pay their electric bill. There are no jobs in Letcher County.

. … The Mountain Eagle says it prints what we submit to Speak Your Piece. If you don’t print the opinion I phoned in I will call it in again and again and again until you do print it. (Are you familiar with the legal term ‘libel per se’? If so, you already know why we can’t print the comment you just phoned in.)

. I ’ ve got some bad news. We’re just not going to be able to come up with enough pacifiers for these liberal Democrats. The good news is put more water in the soup, because good times are coming. Go Trump.

. I would like to wish David Moore a happy birthday from his mother. Happy birthday, Son. I love you.

. Here I stand watching that red four-wheeler driving to a certain house again every time the man goes to work.

. It’s a shame how we used to have good communities in Letcher County back in the Eighties and now we have nothing but a bunch of scumbags taking over. Some people even trade their own food stamps for drugs.

. To a certain person who got on Facebook bragging because they got a job: Things don’t always last, and this won’t last long for you because you’re nothing but garbage.

. It’s the first time in eight years I’ve felt inclusive. Thank you very much.

. To the jailer of Letcher County: It is illegal to charge a suspect a $25 fee for being booked into the Letcher County Jail. You better keep

the money in escrow, because when a judgment is lodged against you in a class action lawsuit you will have to return every penny you have collected regarding this illicit situation. Thank you very much.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Now that I have gotten older I wish so much that I had been better in English. Kids learn what they can and try like hell to learn what the teachers teach them. Enough about me. Now about the e-mails that beat Hillary Clinton. I’m not a hacker, but when a hacker hacks into your e-mail account he is probably getting copies of what you are writing. John Podesta talked about Catholics, the evangelicals, the Baptists, the Methodists, the Presbyterians — you get the picture. When I heard this I knew Hillary was beat unless she fired John Podesta right there. She did not, meaning that she was upholding everything that he said. Trump is now our president and now you see why. Trump said on January 23, 2017 that he was going to turn the coal business loose. Let’s see if he is telling us the truth.

. I’m glad Trump is taking on the news media. You can watch TV yourself, even if you’re impartial, and see the media would tell a lie if the truth is the best joke. They’ve been doing this for a while. I watch all news media and I try my best to watch MSNBC, but it’s like they are on another planet talking about stuff that makes no sense. But I watch them just to see if I can understand them. And somebody please tell Rachel Maddow to slow down just a little bit so we can understand just half of what she’s saying. That woman talks so fast she can say 10 words in half a second. It’s like she’s trying to get all she can in before somebody changes the channel on the remote.

. I just wanted to call and talk to you about these Christian people in Kentucky who support Ashley Judd. I really don’t think you should support her anymore after what she did in Washington. She is no Christian. Ashley Judd, you’re a piece of garbage. Thank you.

. I don’t know why the City of Jenkins doesn’t make people register their ATV’s and four- wheelers and watch a safety film. That would bring tax dollars into the city. I don’t see why the county doesn’t do it, either. This would also help keep the criminals off the streets.

. The county needs to fix the road into Riley Cemetery. It’s a mess. It’s rutted out everywhere. It needs a good grading and gravel.

. After this country put up with President Obama for eight years, how can any Democratic politician even speak on television? They shouldn’t even say a word.

. I think the public should know about this. I know a lady who is 68 years old and draws a little SSI check that amounts to about $700 a month. She uses propane to help heat her house and has several 20- and 30-pound propane tanks. She went down to LKLP to get a heating assistance voucher and they issued one to her for 160 pounds of propane, with a $14 co-pay. Here’s the catch: They will not fill any tanks except for a 100-pound tank. Well, no one has a 100-pound tank unless you go buy one. If you go buy one it will cost you

$130, plus tax. So who and how can a woman or man who is drawing SSI and gets a voucher from LKLP afford to go and buy a 100-pound propane tank to get 160 pounds of propane worth $122? This needs to be straightened out. Why don’t they fill 20- and 30-pound tanks? The voucher they gave her is no good to her without a 100-pound tank.

. If a special deputy who drives his child to school every day gets into an accident whose insurance covers the child? (The special deputy’s insurance would cover the child, because the car was bought and paid for by the special deputy and not the sheriff ’s department.)

. I don’t understand why burning the American flag is called freedom of speech. I know the Constitution gives this as a right, but I think something should be added to satisfy the other people who don’t want the flag to be treated that way. You know that our flag represents our country and comes with the cost of many lives. Furthermore, a big quality flag is quite expensive to replace. So I’m thinking, why shouldn’t the person who burns the flag be required to replace the flag, not as a punishment but as appreciation for their freedom of speech? Thus, replacing the flag would give others their freedom of speech and would not be a cost to the Americans who want to see their flag flying high.

. We’ve got a great governor in Frankfort this time. He’s let people’s power bills raise so sky-high they can’t even eat. People right now are hungry and can’t even buy food to eat. The power bill went up, the cable bill went up. We’ve sure got a great one this time.

. People only care about you when you are taking care of them. Ask them for five minutes and you will find out they don’t have five minutes.

. Football, basketball and baseball. Well, why don’t they have something for the other kids in the schools like those who can play music?

. Would you please put the big crossword back in the paper? I would sure appreciate it. Thank you. (We try to get the Newsday crossword in every week, but sometimes we have to pull it at the last minute because of space requirements. Thanks for letting us know you use it.)

. Don’t worry about the Bible. It has been here a long time and they haven’t destroyed it yet. It is a very difficult book to do anything with. Chances are it will still be here after all its protesters are dead and gone. God (the concept) is as big and as old as the universe. I don’t

see why He should be mindful of puny man anyway. It is best for an individual to let God alone and let Him sleep. You see what happened after they woke Him up in Pearl Harbor, don’t you?

. There isn’t much use to respond to people who are set in their own ways of thinking about religion and the Bible. But sometimes it is a source of amusement just to acknowledge their asinine comments. People who don’t want to understand the Bible will never get the point of the Bible. You should read verses 45 and 46 of Chapter 9 in the book of Mark (the New Testament). They describe life in hell in the hereafter. The soul becomes like a worm and the fire burns forever. That is the second death. John the Baptist baptized with water, but Jesus Christ baptized with fire. You should read verses 10-15 of Chapter 3 in the book of 1st Corinthians. It explains the fire that you as a mortal being here on planet Earth will experience during your tour of duty, fighting with the forces of evil. You don’t believe that there is such a thing as evil? You will probably find out after it is too late. You should read I Corinthians 13:3, “ . . . body to be burned . . .” (cremated?) Life is full of fire. Oh! Incidentally, the ‘worm’ does not die.

. I would have thought that the oath of the presidency would have humbled Donald Trump somewhat but I was wrong. Most of his acceptance speech was spent bad mouthing his predecessors. I’m glad to see the ‘Million Woman March’ on Washington that should send him a message that you cannot walk on people and expect them to see you in a favorable light. His pompous countenance and attitude of self-aggrandizement will be his downfall. I’ll bet that his wife and immediate family are embarrassed and scared when they look out the window of their ivory tower and see 500,000 people who look at him with disgust.

. Donald Trump’s favorable rating is currently only approximately 35 percent. That means that unfavorable and undecided are approximately 65 percent. We already know that 50 percent of the unfavorable are the Democrats who voted against him. That other 15 percent are the ones who voted for him and already know they screwed up.

. To all you ‘Trumpies’ out there, I just learned that your leader, Donald, is going to be scheduled for surgery. It will be an outof pocket expense for him because Obamacare does not cover cosmetic surgery. He is going to have him a new rectum made because he has worn his old one out by talking out of it so much.

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