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If anyone wants to get by with murder they should just come to Letcher County, where they’ll be set free. You don’t have to worry about getting put on trial for murder here.

. The way they did Margaret Nichols’s secretary is unreal. A dog doesn’t need to be treated like that. That woman should have had the job; she’s been around 28 years.

. It was a lot better when people would smile and be nice than to be a jerk. Nobody is any better than anybody else.

. If the coal business doesn’t come back within a year, why not have the Jenkins School System merge with Letcher County? It would be a good thing for both school districts.

. To my back door man: I love you, and I’m just glad you aren’t my brother.

. Joe Dirt has been found. He’s on Colson right now.

. I was at the Social Security office in Hazard and heard two of the employees talking about the number of disability claims being paid to people and how many of the cases were being investigated because recipients are working everyday. I can understand the problem, because my husband is disabled. He has cancer and we are left having to fight the system without getting any help so far. In our neighborhood there is one man that gets disability, yet he and two of his sons log every day in Pike County. If things don’t change I will start turning people in, because they are the reason we can’t get any help. People go to church trying to hide their sins from the public and just don’t know they are making fools out of themselves and making fun of God. You better be careful.

. President Obama kissed butts; President Trump kicks butts. It’s nice to see somebody with a backbone. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. Thank you.

. I have to hand it to our county judge, Jim Ward. You sure did well when you shut down all of our community centers. Let me ask you this:

How come you didn’t shut down the Linefork/Campbell’s Branch center? We see they’re still running and having their usual things on Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re being fair, you should close that one down too.

. Here’s what I would like to see happen: Chris Caudill, the Whitesburg city maintenance director, or some other city employee takes some heavy equipment down to the dam and scoops up all of the plastic bottles and takes them to the recycling center before they start trickling downstream.

. Mr. Trump, this is concerning the judge who has overruled your executive order and is letting these people in from these seven countries. If one comes into the United States and commits terror the judge should be held responsible for their deeds. If a refugee from one of these seven countries kills someone the judge should be charged with murder. Trump, you’re just trying to help this nation, but you’ve got these here softhearted liberals out there who don’t even want to wait 90 days. Other presidents have done the same thing you are doing. They are mad because you won, Mr. Trump. They are going to try to do everything they can to try to tear you down. Mr. Trump, it’s the people who put you in there and it’s the people of the United States who are behind you, not a federal judge, not a liberal and not a SOB. We’re Americans and we’re proud of it. God bless America. (Our Speak Your Piece transcriptionist asks that you please refrain from using foul language when phoning in comments. Thank you very much for considering that request.)

. If you read the book titled ‘Up There at the House’ by Pete A. Martin you will never be the same again. In this case, censorship is necessary. In my opinion, this book should be banned from every library and school in these United States, especially in eastern Kentucky and Letcher County. It makes me mad to think that something like this could be published. (You forgot to tell our

readers where they might pick up a copy of your book and how much it will cost them if they do choose to buy it.)

. That girl that plays softball at Letcher County Central comes over to Jenkins every evening and practices on the Jenkins field. She’s coming over here and using Jenkins’s field and machine and everything, and she doesn’t even go to school at Jenkins. Why doesn’t she keep her behind over there where she decided she wanted to go? I think I would be a little embarrassed or ashamed to go to an opponents’ field and do my practicing right in front of them. Thank you. (Question: If no rules or regulations are being violated, should it matter which field a Letcher County resident chooses to work out on? If the girl lives at Jenkins, her family pays Jenkins school taxes on their property and utility bills.)

. I think all you fine folks who voted for Donald Trump should hold your breath until the coal jobs come back.

. Cops look stupid when they’re baldheaded and have those sunglasses on. The baldhead I can deal with, but they look stupid with those sunglasses.

. The Hemphill Hooker is now known as the Snaggletooth Hemphill Hooker. Thank you.

. This is the old cat killer saying a big howdy to everybody out there. Listen, Groundhog Day has now passed. I have eaten groundhog, I have eaten ’possum, I have eaten rattlesnakes, and I have eaten copperheads …

. Happy birthday, Mother. I love you and I miss you.

. I would like to tell people in the community out there that a certain church in the Whitesburg area likes to help people pay their power bill. The pastor and his wife sure are good about paying their own out of the church funds. Thank you.

. I’m calling to Speak Your Piece today because I want to voice my opinion about what is going on in Washington, D.C. The past eight years have been tough on eastern Kentucky, especially in the coal communities. When Obama was enforcing his EPA regulations, nothing was said. In a small part, this was discrimination against the coal miners who were trying to raise their families. Now when a new president takes over and closes the border to a few Middle East countries, people protest to the end — some who are trying to harm us. This is just for a short time. Coal miners have been discriminated against for the last eight years just for trying to provide for their families. Where were their voices? Where was Congress? This community is trying to survive. There is an old saying; a country boy can survive. So can those seven countries for the next 90 days.

. The Democrats have always been guilty of dirty politics. They’ve held this country back for years and they’re still doing it. I’ll never vote for another Democrat, and anybody who does is ignorant. The coal mines will be returning to normal. The people who think coal won’t come back are stupid. Thank you.

. Can’t wait until the next election. I saw where there are 10 of those liberal Democrats up for re-election and I think we’ll just get rid of them, too. They would complain if you were to hang them with a new rope. They kind of remind me of that old plow mule I had. He would do whatever I said. I took a two by four and broke it over the mule’s head. Someone asked me why I did that, and I said, well first I have to get its attention. That’s the same way with those liberal Democrats. First you have to get their attention.

. I read in the paper where Jenkins is finally going to have a middle school baseball

team. I think that’s a great thing. It will help their baseball program out tremendously. Jenkins has needed a middle school baseball team forever. If I’m not mistaken, the coach will be the same one who coaches peewee football. If it is, Jenkins Middle School’s baseball team will be pretty good in a few years.

. I just wanted to tell you about my favorite post on Facebook from last week. If there is a Muslim ban, refugees can pretend they are Christians — you know, just like Republicans do.

. Don’t the Democratic leaders in Washington realize what they are doing to this country? Also, don’t the people who are doing all this protesting realize what they are doing to the Democrat Party? A lot of our leaders need to wake up, smell the roses, and realize what is going on. This is today, not a hundred years ago.

. I just wanted to make a comment about Nancy Pelosi. Whatever you liberal Democrats do, don’t get rid of her. I think in just another year or two you can probably wipe the Democrat Party plumb off the map. She can do it single-handedly. If they try to run her off, don’t let them. Keep her in as your spokesman and 99 percent of this country will be tickled to death. Thank you.

. Go ahead, Judge Craft, and take care of your cronies — Sam Wright and Larry Adams. You are going to need them. You know yourself who was the most qualified for that job to serve the people of Letcher County. What you did was disgraceful to this county. Thank you.

. Come on, people of Letcher County, does the appointment of Larry D. Adams as circuit court clerk really surprise you all? It doesn’t surprise me. It just points out one thing to me; Sammy Wright still runs the courthouse. Thank you.

. This is why the Democrats are so scared of Donald Trump. They are afraid he will take their welfare check and they’ll have to go to work for a living.

. Joe Manchin, the Democrat from West Virginia, will be the only Democrat reelected to the Senate in the next election. These others are whining and complaining so much they are turning people off. People are tired of this stalemate that’s been going on for eight years. This new leader we have, Donald Trump, his slogan is lead, follow or get the hell out of the way because we’re coming on through.

. Is being a Democrat what stops some people from being able to carry on a sane conversation?

. Democrats, quit whining about the election just because Donald Trump got elected. Suck it up, buttercup.

. I see where they want to build up the old Daniel Boone Hotel in Whitesburg. Let me tell about that. They went and built the rec center and they expect everybody else to pay the bill when it gets in trouble. We’re not paying for the hotel, because there is no sense in putting a hotel in downtown Whitesburg. Where is the other money going to come from? I don’t think it needs to be touched.

. I find it a shame that Jenkins Mayor Todd Depriest has never sent anyone to the city softball field to fix the field until this year. The mayor wouldn’t do it even when his daughters played.

. Please continue to pray for our leaders and elected officials. Pray they will be forgiven for outright lying to two people who thought they were being told the truth. Pray that since favors have been traded, certain officials can now make their own decisions in the future.

. I haven’t read where any of the miners who went to work the Monday after President Trump took office called in to Speak Your Piece

to tell us how much better their pay and benefits are and how many more people their companies have hired now that coal is back. Please go ahead and let us know. Your calls to Speak Your Piece are anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being jealous.

. I don’t know what we’re going to turn into in Letcher County. Everything is a mess in Letcher County. It says in the Bible, ‘woe to you’ you doctors, lawyers and such. You better pay attention, because time is ending.

. I’m looking at these needles in the newspaper that they’re talking about giving to these drug users. When are they going to start giving them the drugs, too, to go with those needles? Myself, I have to have needles to give myself a shot of medicine I have to have. Reckon they would give me some of those needles? I’d say not; I have to buy mine.

. If the kid involved in the school bus accident in Jenkins had been going to school in the proper district the accident wouldn’t have happened, plus it would save money on gas, wear and tear on buses and cost of having employees driving kids all over the county so they can go to school where they want at taxpayer expense. This stuff of going to school where you want is ridiculous, as well as these pop up schools with housewife teachers. We want America back.

. Don’t forget there is an election coming up in two years. It might be a good time to think about getting rid of the click that now controls our courthouse.

. On February 1, a new face appeared to join the workforce in the Letcher County Courthouse. Mr. Richard Brown has been appointed by the governor to take the office of the PVA formerly held by the late Randy Hall. Our governor is a Republican and he found a Republican to fill the office. Randy Hall was a Democrat and had been re-elected to his office by the voters of Letcher County. Eight candidates traveled to Frankfort in December to take a test to ‘qualify’ for the office, among them a man who worked alongside Randy Hall for 20-plus years. He knew the job, knew how to run the office, and was well respected and liked by the citizens of Letcher County, but he was not chosen to complete the term. He is a Democrat like his boss, the man we elected, Randy Hall. Isn’t this similar to the incident that occurred at our state highway garage a few years ago? A man was passed over for a promotion and the job was given to another man with less seniority and less experience. This incident caused some changes in the way political influence affected hiring and promoting state employees across the commonwealth. The PVA’s offi ce is staffed by state-paid employees. I would like to say to the governor, ‘what were you thinking? You just don’t pass up and employee of this caliber and with his experience just because he’s a Democrat and you owe someone a favor. You wronged a good, solid citizen and employee.’ We elected a Democrat to this office and a good — no, a better — candidate for the office was available. The office, the job, and the salary belonged to Rick Rose, who also traveled to Frankfort, took the test, and passed it, but with 20-plus years of experience. Where are the laws and rules to protect people like Rick Rose? Something obviously

needs to be done to protect employees and assure them that all the years they worked and served count for something — that if a job is open it will be given to the most qualified candidate and not someone else because they belong to the ‘right’ political party, or because someone owes someone else a favor. Isn’t it illegal to hire or not hire someone because of his or hers political affiliation? If not, it definitely should be. Mr. Rose should file a lawsuit.

. I want to wish a bunch of family members and friends a happy birthday in February, starting with Jodie and Dianna Barron in Haymond, Jamie Pack, Eddie Sumpter, Cassell Couch, all three on the fifth; Opal Boggs, Marie Amburgey, married name Parker, lives in Florida; Xavier Cornett, Dakota Fields, Bub Pack lives in Columbus, Ind.; Jonathan and Joseph Pack, brothers. I will appreciate this greatly if you’ll print this for me. Thank You, Stanley Pack.

. Real men don’t have to wonder if they are a man or a sissy or an ‘it’. Real men go to a man’s bathroom. Democrats have less intelligence than a dog, for a male dog will raise its leg to wet and a female dog will squat. Our nation has been run by stupidity too long. It is time for this nation to come to its right mind and turn from this foolishness and ungodliness. Repent and turn back to the true and living God and stop playing with pagan religions, for religion cannot save you, only Jesus can save you. America, repent and turn back to God and then we will be a great nation once again. The only way this nation can be great is if we stand for God and stand with Israel.

. I agree with President Trump. There are probably more than one million unqualifi ed voters in the states of Washington, Oregon and California, which (or who) voted for Hillary Clinton. All the illegal immigrants with an illegal driver’s license probably voted after registering illegally as American citizens. They were unchallenged as to their citizenship and therefore, simply voted. I am 100 percent in favor of President Trump’s policy declaring ‘America first.’ The United States of America is a distinct culture. I do not want the USA culture changed. That is, I do not want my religion, my civil rights, or my personal freedom altered by the importation of foreign immigrants whose religion is very different than the religion the American culture is based upon. Nor do I want my lifestyle and way of living changed by a foreign, evil, ideology brought into the United States by immigrants who are bound and determined to change my homeland into an enclave of their government and homeland of their religion. They have no intentions of assimilating into the American culture. They are going to take the USA over if you people don’t stop them. God bless President Trump. I voted for Trump.

. For you Democrats that have about as much intelligence as a Billy goat: There is no global warming. God says in Genesis 8:22 that ‘as long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter, day and night will never cease.’

. I don’t understand how a bailiff can be sworn in to be a bookkeeper. Can you? Do you think he has the necessary experience, or was this just another favor to the person behind the scene who is pulling the strings?

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