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I hope all you men treated your Valentine in a special way last week. My Valentine’s been gone for about 20 years, but I never missed a Valentine’s Day without getting her roses or a nice card or something. Anytime you start taking them for granted you need to listen to the song by Vern Gosdin, ‘Chiseled in Stone.’ You’ll know what I’m talking about. Thank you very much.

. This county ’ s meth problem isn’t being taken seriously enough. It’s a shame that people can be put in jail for being crazy out of their minds on meth only to be let out of jail the next day. I would hope that if someone has to hurt or kill one of these crazy meth heads they would be cleared for acting in selfdefense.

. I would like to know one thing: Where is the principal of Fleming-Neon High Middle School and where are the teachers when the children make so much noise you can’t hear yourself think if you wanted? The teachers are out in the hall on a computer or something. They don’t have teachers anymore in Letcher County. They ought to get rid of all of them except for the few needed to have one good school with some really good teachers.

. I would like to know who is paying the electric bill for the firehouse at Kingscreek. With so many people homeless, maybe that could be a place for some of them to stay.

. How messed up is it when a special needs child is bullied for an entire year to the point he comes home and sits on the couch and cries, goes back to school and the children come toward him and bully him again? He says something to make them leave him alone, only to have them run and tell. Now he’s being charged with a felony. How messed up is that, Letcher County? Nice job.

. I would like to thank Jimmy Craft, Sam Wright, Jim Ward and Larry Adams for showing me just how dirty the Democrat Party really is. For me and my family, we have changed our party over from Democrat to strong Republican.

. The swamp needs to be drained here in Letcher County. We need Trump. Thank you.

. To a certain person: Everybody in Letcher County is finally happy to see you have a woman just like you — use her and abuse her. Everybody knows what she’s doing out of her place of business. Hopefully you’ll both get caught up in that and go to prison.

. I would like to speak to the nasty human beings that are going up on the Dave Ison Cemetery and having sex and throwing their stuff on the ground right in the cemetery. We’ve got loved ones buried in that cemetery. Judge Jim Ward and Sheriff Danny Webb, I am speaking directly to you. You need to get over there and do something with that heathen bunch or I’m going to start cleaning them out myself. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done fast. This is shameful. People just flat do not respect the dead. That’s what you get when you get these millennial children; they’ve got no millennial sense.

. My brother is a disabled vet who’s normal pharmacy was closed on a Sunday last month and was told to get his medicine filled at another place. When I got him home he noticed that his pain medicine bottle looked low, so we counted them and it was 20 pills short. I called the pharmacy and spoke to the head pharmacist who said he was looking into it. Weeks passed with nothing done and me constantly calling until today, when he told me my brother’s doctor would not let him give my brother the medicine they shorted him. My brother is a Marine, who had his back broken multiple times. He should not have to suffer because someone either took his medicine on purpose or is just plain incompetent. Since there is a stigma on this kind of medicine here and I doubt anyone else will take it seriously, I am putting it in here first. Then I am reporting it to as many news organizations as I can over the next three weeks. If this brave man must suffer for no reason then I am telling the world why. .

We the American people elected Trump as president, and now we expect him to do his job that we sent him there to do. We the American people want the wall built. We the American people want the travel ban enforced. We the American people want our coal jobs back. We the American people are sick of the stupidity of Obama’s foolishness. If you Democrats don’t like it, why don’t you move south to the other side of the border so when the wall is built you will already be on the other side of it? What Trump needs to do is clean house and get rid of all the corruption the American people have had to put up with the last eight years.

. Letcher County is being overrun by outlaws and rogues, and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping it. Everything from murder to drugs and burglaries and assaults are happening

from one end of the county to the other. Everybody seems to be blaming the sheriff’s department, and that is wrong and unfair. I see reports of a lot of arrests but don’t see anything much about going to jail. Why is that? Why is there no news of prosecutions? The trouble is that criminals are not being prosecuted like they should be. What are the prosecutors doing, making plea deals or just dismissing cases?

. Now that President Trump has thrown out the regulation that protected our streams, have we finally gotten back to mining? That was last week and I still haven’t heard of any Letcher County mines going back to work. What are he and our Senators waiting on to give our jobs back?

. Who is the school worker who got in trouble for fooling around with a delivery truck driver? What’s going on at that certain school why didn’t they fire her the first time they caught her?

. Well neighbor in the blue Ford pickup, you were warned about drawing Social Security disability and logging in Pike County. I know you are being watched and are going to get your check cut off and may have to pay all back that you have gotten. You think you have everybody fooled by going to church and acting all high and mighty, but everybody knows what you are doing is wrong. My husband is in bad shape and people like you are what hurts the ones that deserve help and can’t get it. So you will get what is coming to you very soon.

. A few years ago we had a litter warden. Al Henderson did a real good job, and Darrell Banks did a dandy job. I know Al is dead and I don’t think Darrell is still working. Does Letcher County still have a litter warden? If so, they sure aren’t doing their job. Our county is getting back into the nasty department. We’ve got a mess and someone needs to take charge. We need to get someone in charge of the litter. I pay my garbage bill and everybody else should, too. I’d like to have the job. I’d sit up day and night just to catch the dirty rotten scum.

. God bless America. God bless Mr. Trump and his family. Mr. Trump, the American people put you into office, not the Russians, not the Chinese, not the people from any other nation. Americans back you. Now, concerning the Russian ship that’s off our coast: Is it true the Russian soldiers had on clown uniforms and clown faces? This is a joke. America stands strong. Does Russia want to enslave us? Yes. Does China want to enslave us? Yes. Do the Democrats want to enslave us? Yes, the Democrats want to enslave us by not letting you put your panel together to get things done. They object to everything you try to do for America. I’ve got a notion: Let’s send a message to North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and all these S.O.B.’s that want to pick on America. Democrats, sit down and shut up and quit rattling Trump’s chain.

. It’s hard to get lower than a meth-addicted woman who throws her children down.

. I’ve been reading where the county wants to bring in more tourism dollars. Nobody wants to see this nasty county. The people who live here don’t even want to have to look at it. The county officials won’t make these people who live in their own filth clean it up, because they are too worried about trying to keep their job. Nobody wants to come in here to see the blooming of the diaper trees and the

. I guess Tractor Supply decided not to come to Whitesburg like we were told.

old mattresses. All you have to do is look at U.S. 119 coming down Payne Gap at the garbage beside the road. Look at Pine Creek, Cram Creek, Pert Creek — just name it, there’s a garbage pile everywhere you look. Nobody wants to see it. I live here and I don’t want to see it.

. To the person who made the accusation that people on Bill Moore Branch were making moonshine and had better stop it: Listen, there’s no moonshine being made on Bill Moore Branch. I would be the one making it if it was being made.

. Please, jury and judge, turn those fellows accused of killing the Hogg boy loose. Everything will be all right.

. I was sitting here thinking about what Barney Fife said on Andy Griffith: He said, ‘Andy, we’ve got ourselves a situation here and we’ve got to correct it.’ The situation we’ve got is these liberal Democrats haven’t had a bowel movement in the past eight years. They’ve been holding it back to protect Obama. God knows he never told a lie to anybody. Now that he’s out they’ve had to relieve themselves and it’s just splattering all over the place. They don’t care who they hit, so stay out of the way of those liberal Democrats if you don’t want to get splattered.

. I think it’s a shame when someone gets on Facebook and begs for money to pay their pay their bills when they’re drawing Social Security Disability.

. Sister, we shared the same last name twice. We married the Mason brothers from Millstone, Bill and Pete Mason, the sons of Pauline McElroy Mason. They were also the best of friends like me and my sister Lorie. I would like to thank everyone who has been sending their prayers and wishes for Lorie to get well. She’s living at Jenkins with her son, Pete. Hospice is on the scene helping with her care. Thank you all for the cares and well wishes for Lorie. And please keep praying. Thank you, Madonna Mason.

. A famous Italian poet named Dante wrote ‘Divine Comedy’ about 700 years ago. One part of it is called ‘The Inferno.’ The poem and the artwork from ‘The Inferno’ have influenced people’s beliefs about hell. Luke 16:25 shows us a look into paradise, where there is a gulf. Lazarus and the rich man are on opposite sides. The rich man is in mental torment because he is on the bad side. The side of the gulf we go to is decided by what is written about our life in the book. This is not the white throne judgment; a lot of things have to happen before that. Were we with God before we were born? Yes, but it is too many words to go into now. Why are we here on earth? The answer is to see if we will love God or Satan. A long time ago, Satan and a lot of God’s children revolted against God. The earth got into a very bad shape as a result. Jesus tells us three conditions we have to meet before we can have eternal life in John 3:3 and 3:5. Number one, we must be born again. (Again should have been translated ‘from above.’) Number two, we must be born of water, which is the bag of water wherein we develop in the womb. Number three, we must be born of the spirit, which happens when we die and we go to a side of the gulf. This is not the white throne judgment and the Day of the Lord. Genesis 1 tells us about God’s work of fixing the earth and preparing it for humans. Barely five chapters later, in Chapter Six, He tells us His regrets that he made humans on the earth. God is not cruel and He hopes we will love Him and His ways. However, He will destroy the ones that don’t. That is His right, because all souls

belong to Him. Ezekiel 18:4.

. I think we should change the name of the Letcher County Recreation Center to the Letcher County Old Folks Center, because you can’t get up there in the morning without hundreds of old people getting free workouts and free use of the walking track and all the other free stuff. I think we ought to put a stop to that.

. I would like to make a positive comment on the Jackhorn Post Office: Thank you very much for opening your lobby 24 hours a day. We people who work don’t have time to get there if it’s closed when we go to work and closed when we get back home. P.S. To all you hoodlums and lowlifes who may want to go in there and trash it: I for one would pull you out by the hair of your head and beat the tar out of you if I catch you damaging the property and inconveniencing the rest of us. Let’s keep a good thing going. Thank you very much.

. All of us who voted Republican this year did a great job. We put four people in the White House who are really going to help Kentucky. We’ve got Mitch McConnell, Rand McConnell, Donald McConnell and Putin McConnell. Thank you.

. To Mr. Gary Bentley, who wrote the commentary about us coal miners needing to demand that McConnell support the RECLAIM Act: This is the old cat killer, by the way. I enjoyed your article; it is all the truth. I have no answers for anybody or anything, but where’s this world going to in this country when we don’t have coal. I appreciated your article, sir. You have a nice day — or a great big meow day.

. They don’t make the moonshine on Bill Moore Branch. They make it over in Jenkins in one of those old abandoned houses down in the basement.

. The only idiots complaining about Affordable Health Care are the ones on Medicaid getting handouts. Get off your butts and go to work. It’s called W-O-R-K. It’s time people on Medicaid stop getting a free ride. They need to pay a premium. They need to co-pay, just like everybody else. Quit your whining.

. The Democrats are scared to death that Trump is going to take that free check and put them to work.

. I was just wondering when election time comes again how our prosecuting attorney is going to explain these three, going on four years these boys accused of killing Michael Hogg have still not been in front of a jury. They’ve not been tried yet. It seems to me like we need another prosecuting attorney. Thank you. (Prosecutors don’t set trial dates; judges do — in this case a visiting judge from Harlan County who

has to schedule the murder trial here around his regular schedule there. As the judge pointed out in a ruling recently, none of the delays have been the result of actions by the prosecution.)

. Why is the GOP ruining its reputation by pushing for cabinet kings like Mr. Pruitt, who have no problem blowing off mountaintops and pushing them into our streams and hollows and gives huge breaks to big oil and mining companies while screwing the workers and miners and claiming that they’ll get jobs? Thank you.

. The media had been chomping at the bit wanting a press conference. Well you know that old saying, be careful what you wish for because you might get it. I’ll tell you what, if he didn’t put a slam dunk on them the other day there’s not a cow in Texas. Ha ha ha. CNN? Lord have mercy. I wouldn’t want to be them, that’s for sure. They sort of remind me of MSNBC. There’s only two people that watch it, and one of them left. It’s going to be about the same way with CNN. They can’t figure out why all these people voted for Trump, but they’re the reason. GOI — get over it. You will survive. I know these liberal Democrats are in a panic, but they’ll get over it. Be patient. You’ll eventually get back in office, maybe not in my lifetime, but you’ll eventually get there if you get some new people at the top that know how to run it. (President Trump continues to be ratings gold for CNN and the other big cable news networks. Through the first seven weeks of this year, CNN’s rating were up 36% compared to this time last year. CNN expects to profit $1.1 billion in 2017, its biggest year ever. Fox News continues to be the highest rated cable news channel by far and is the top-rated cable channel period, followed by Nickelodeon and Home and Garden TV. CNN is fourth among the 108 cable channels tracked by Nielsen, and MSNBC is seventh.)

. It’s funny how disillusioned one can be to think they are included in everything and that someone has talked about the good times they’re shared. That is totally false. If someone just tells you things to make you feel better, that is totally false. It’s amazing how one can make themselves feel better with delusions.

. It’s good to hear Trump say his administration is running like a well-oiled machine. But I think I hear a rod knocking. Just ask Pudzer.

. I would just like to ask how much more corrupt Letcher County is going to get from top to bottom. Everyone around us must be rolling over with laughter at how corrupt we are. .

Someone needs to do something about this horrible drug epidemic we have here. Enough people have died from it.

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