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Let me tell you all a little story about the county being broke. Well, they wouldn’t be broke if they hadn’t spent on everything in the world. They have two or three secretaries in the judge’s office when one would be just fine. (While more than one woman works in the county judge’s office, only one holds the job description of secretary. Another woman, Doris Jean Frazier, is the county’s finance officer. Two other women handle billing and collections for the Letcher County Sanitation Department.)

. I was looking at the classifi ed ads in The Mountain Eagle and see where people want $650 and higher deposits for renting trailers that couldn’t be worth $350 a month in rent. You know it’s true, because nobody can make minimum wage in Letcher County and pay rent like that. We don’t live in Texas; we live in Letcher County.

. I think it’s a shame Jim Ward wants to raise the poor people’s taxes. Things were going good until he got in office and brought the gas companies in here that gave him all that money to run on. I don’t want him to stick his foot on my property. He’s got about four secretaries; let him lay three of them off.

. I just got through watching the East Kentucky Broadcasting news, where they were telling about Kentucky Power Company giving an organization in Pike County $10,000. In the Bible it speaks of robbing Peter to give to Paul. That is the same thing the power company is doing. Also, our Letcher County judge thought he could pull a slick one over on us and raise our insurance costs by adding a new tax. Thanks to Wayne Fleming, Terry Adams, and Bobby Howard for standing up to him. It’s about time. Thank you.

. A yellow Jeep running around in Jenkins has no license and no insurance. Something needs to be done.

. I’m going to speak very clearly. I am sick to death of the druggies going to the cemeteries and doing their drugs, selling their drugs, messing around with other people’s wives. If you know what I know and your wife is missing, come to the Babe Ison Cemetery on Rockhouse. You’ll find her up on the cemetery desecrating the memories of people’s loved ones by messing around for pain pills. I’ll even go as far as saying this: There’s a green truck, a silver truck, a white car and a red car with women and men in them. I am sick and tired of you guys going up there and messing around in the cemetery that holds our loved ones. Please, law enforcement, go up there and run these people off. What do we have to do to get something done?

To the man making moonshine: That’s exactly what I think a guilty person would say.

. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want any of His children called second-class citizens. I feel the Jewish people should be respected for the fact that God chose them to bring His son into the world. God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to front families, so to speak, for His plan to set up His kingdom on earth. Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, was the father of 12 sons, one of which was Judah, the patriarch of the Jews and Levites. The other sons have not received as much recognition, but they also did great things. The Israelites multiplied into millions of people because that was a covenant promise of God, according to Genesis 22:16. God allowed these families to be punished for bad behavior by slavery. Finally it ended, and the Jews wandered until 1948 when they returned to their homeland. The others, known as the Lost Ten Tribes, migrated north, where they crossed the Caucasus Mountains. They became the Christian nations of northwest Europe, Scotland, and Ireland. Many of these people immigrated to the Americas and Canada. Joseph gave his inheritance to his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, whose prophecies became England and the United States. Christians in these two countries have been diligent in spreading the gospel message around the world, which is what God wanted them to do.

. I would like to know one thing. When are they going to try those men accused of killing the Hogg boy? I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. (An update about the trial(s) appeared on the front page of last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle.)

. I think it’s a shame that Jenkins has eighth-graders on their girls’ basketball team and Letcher County Central can’t win with seniors.

. Mr. Trump, God bless you and your family. What can I say today? I can say this: The first thing we need to do quit letting the United Nations tell the United States what to do instead of asking. You’ve got the right idea by putting America first. And these people who are able to work, get them off their behinds and make them go to work. They’re scared of work. Another thing that’s really got my chain rattling is Mrs. Clinton making a video telling her supporters to stay strong. I want to tell you something: It’s a sad state when America is backing this woman. You’re on the right path, Mr. Trump, and the American people appreciate it. If they want to pray at their meetings, let them pray. These people who are chanting,

Satan’s got them by the rear dragging them straight to hell. This is America. Anybody who is not American, doesn’t have a green card and is not here legally is an illegal. They get away with killing us, but let us kill one of those little bastards and watch what goes on. Anyway, God bless America.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: It’s time to have a new girls’ basketball coach at Letcher County Central. The team has had another dismal season. If you have a girl that’s six-feet and three-inches tall but you still only play six players, you are bound to lose. Years and years of losing is enough. Clean house. There’s a bench of juniors and seniors that aren’t being worked with. They can’t play well because they can’t do what they’re not taught.

. Not to beat a dead horse, but I think Jim Ward is that horse. He has done just like what happened in the years before Carroll Smith — he’s taken the county out of the good and way into the bad to where he’s hollering he needs money from all of us taxpayers. He needs to remember that we voted him in and we’ll vote him out. Thank you.

. Once again, the Letcher County Central girls lost to Knott County Central. The first reason for that is coaching. Screaming doesn’t work. The second reason is ball-hogging. That’s the coach’s fault, too. If someone doesn’t listen, take them out. He had no problem taking other kids out. How long can parents put up with their kids’ confi dence being torn down instead of built up? What does that make us as a county if we continue to let our grandchildren be treated like they are nothing?

. It’s amazing how a certain person lies to get anything he wants. Sooner or later he’s going to be drugtested. When they find out what he’s been doing he’s going to get fired and his mommy can go back to whining and griping.

. Wonder who was in that little red truck that came off the schoolhouse hill Saturday morning at 2 a.m. and was real slow about coming off. He had his lights out and was trying to slip through to keep anyone from seeking him. But you know, it’s hard to fool good people. Thank you very much.

. Some people in Blackey are not taking care of their pets. They are on the street and they are hungry and they are going to other people’s places to be fed. It is so sad to know they are not being taken care of.

. Well, the girls’ basketball team lost again to Knott County Central in the district tournament. What is wrong? I believe the coach has his picks, which is why they girls can’t win. All I have to say is give all the girls a chance and maybe they could win some games instead of using only just six players. Thank you.

. There’s a new lawyer coming to town from out of state. He’s coming to clean it up just like Matt Dillon did Dodge City. He’s going to clean Whitesburg up.

. This is to Jim Ward: Highway 1410 across Airport Hill is a public road, not a commercial road, just like Indian Creek is a public road but not a commercial road. The time is coming.

. There will be some federal court papers coming in to Whitesburg. I just wonder if the people in question will pay attention to them or try to overrule a federal judge. There will be paperwork over some property. Thank you.

. People who have had trouble with their property over the past 50 years need to take Whitesburg back over. If you have any questions, text 606-355-2273. Thank you.

. There’s a gentleman in the Mayking area who gets 90 OxyContin pills a month for migraine headaches. That’s why I say go, go doc. We need three more just

like you.

. There’s a certain female deputy sheriff who thinks she can tell everybody what to do and boss them around. If you’ve got honeybees in your yard and chickens or anything, she’ll give you dirty looks. You need to stop harassing chicken farmers and beekeepers. The more you stir the pot the worse it’s going to look, because you can get stung in the rear end. Start going after the drunk who got a job on the rescue squad instead of me.

. Just been watching video about the big prison and all the jobs it’s going to bring. I will tell my beloved neighbors and friends, which I love very much, that unless you are very educated you will not get a job at that prison. All the people who are laid off from other government jobs will have priority over you. We hillbillies have no clue about what we’re getting into.

. To certain guy in the Mayking area who drives a white vehicle: Stay off Sunset Strip. Quit hanging back there making your meth. The meth lab is back there. I saw where you were and I saw the old man you were with. Stay out of places like that. Get a job. Make a living.

. Democrats and Muslims are cut from the same cloth. They hate nonbelievers.

. Four Lortabs taken out of the left drawer. Gone with the wind. I wouldn’t have thought it.

. I’d like to let anyone working with the highway department to know that we appreciate the fine work at the beginning of the Mountain Parkway. The signs are large and very clear. The signs and the newly painted lines on the parkway were nice to see. Some of us were discussing that at the Jackson entrance to the road the sign needs to be bigger and the lane should be identified back a ways so it wouldn’t be so easy to miss, especially in the dark. Good work. Thank you.

. To Mr. One-Eyed Vagrant up in Cook Branch: You pull in my driveway again, me and you are going to have serious trouble. You got that?

. To the caller who said moonshine was being made at Bill Moore Branch: Could you put me in contact with them? I could sure use a good quart.

. With all the changes going on at the courthouse, do those people know something?

. To Mr. Larry Tolliver, who buys overdue tax property tax bills in Letcher County: I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. If you’re smart enough to buy fraudulent taxes out of the courthouse you’re smart enough to buy my oceanfront property in Arizona.

. May I present a couple of quotes? One: ‘Play us a song, Piano Man, play us a song tonight. We’re in the mood for a melody and you’ve got us feeling all right.’ Quote two: ‘Rock me mama like a wagon wheel. Rock me mama any way you feel. Rock me mama like the wind and the rain, rock me mama like a southbound train. Hey, mama rock me.’ This is the Midnight Phantom.

. Letcher County Fiscal Court, you say you are in dire financial straits. Then why did you build the multimillion dollar rec center and give $300 stipends to each magistrate. Please answer me this.

. It’s a strange thing to me that on a Sunday when it’s 65 degrees and sunny, Walmart is full of people buying soda pop. Do they know where it comes from? I drink milk; I drink orange juice; I drink water. I know where that comes from. Where does Mountain Dew come from? Where does Coke come from? They’re all zombies. They’ve been brainwashed. Stop it, people.

. Watch your behind. The

next time you steal my gas out of my truck, your little car won’t get out of my drive even though the light is out.

. Hey, Judge Ward. How do two certain people get to walk and exercise free up at the rec center? They’ve been out of the senior program forever. They got mad. You made the rest of us quit.

. So the farmers are concerned about having no one to pick their crops? That’s pathetic. Don’t they know the prisons are full of people and the jails are full of people who would rather pick those crops as lie in a cell? Then the farmers could take the money they would normally pay their workers and give it to the cities. Then it would be self-sufficient to rebuild the cities and do good for the neighborhoods by working the prisoners instead of illegal immigrants who are sending the money to Mexico. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

. Okay, Margaret Nichols. We stood for nearly 30 years, and now it’s time for you to stand for us. If you’re not in that snake bin at the courthouse, let us know. Go change your politics from a Democrat to a Republican.

. I would like to tell Jim Ward, Keith Adams and Woody Holbrook that they’ve got the county in all this mess and they ought to have to pay for it. Let them go tell the senior citizens about what they’ve done. I would like to thank Terry Adams and Wayne Fleming for doing the good job they are doing. Keep it up.

. I would like to thank Mountain Comp for hiring some very nice doctors. One of them is an eye doctor who was raised right here in Whitesburg, Gerald Combs. He makes everyone want to go to see the eye doctor. Thank you.

. Making moonshine is not illegal. It is illegal to sell it. I was raised on Bill Moore Branch, and all the widows had to sell moonshine in the Fifties and Sixties just to raise their kids. Now we’ve got these trashy people complaining just because two old coon hunters are making themselves something to drink.

. Just wondering if Dr. C. from the eye department at Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation in Whitesburg is married. (We’re pleased to report that ‘Dr. C.’ has been happily married for many years.)

. I’m wondering when the county law and Kentucky State Police are going to clean up the meth that’s being made on these strip jobs, graveyards, Little Colley, Thornton, Camp Branch, Colson, Deane, and by the Mill Creek mafia. Thank you.

. If you want to make meth you need to come to Mether County, where the cops will let you make all you want.

. They can and will write you a ticket for not have a seatbelt on. That is good. They can and they will write you a ticket for texting on the telephone while you are driving. That is good. Yet they can’t go up and down these hollows and make these people clean up around their houses and do away with all that garbage and old junked cars? Something is wrong with this picture. (Amen.)

Parents lay it on the boys when the girls get pregnant, but they should see what the girls are wearing to school. They are showing everything they’ve got, which is very little, and putting on all that makeup like a whore. If they had good mommies and daddies they would stop such as that. Try to raise them right instead of yelling and crying when boys get them pregnant.

. Hey Senator McConnell, when are you going to rip out Obamacare ‘root and branch’ like you’ve been telling us for years you’re going to do? You all voted it out almost 50 times when President Obama was there to veto it, but now that we have a President who hates everyone having health care as much as you do you can’t seem to write ‘Obamacare is hereby repealed’ and vote on it one last time. Is it because now that you’ve fooled enough gullible people into voting for you yet again you don’t give a rat’s arm about keeping your promise?

Can anyone please tell me what happened to the coward that smashed a man’s head in from behind with brass knuckles in the Walmart parking lot? Is he in jail or is he out walking the streets again? That seems to be the norm around here. Keep ignoring them until they finally kill someone.

. I want to thank Terry Adams and Wayne Fleming for taking a stand against hiking taxes in order to keep county government running. Shame on Jim Ward for going on the Letcher County Government Channel and saying the magistrates offered no alternatives to increasing revenue for Letcher County. They made suggestions, just not the type of suggestions Jim Ward wanted to hear. There have been many options put on the table, but Jim Ward, Keith Adams and Woody Holbrook do not understand or know any other options except to tax the citizens until we can no longer hold up under the financial stress. Looking back just a few years when Jim Ward, Keith and Woody all voted for the magistrates to have thousands of dollars per month for gas expense so the magistrates could ride around in their vehicles at the citizens’ expense. The exception was Terry Adams and Wayne Fleming who voted against taking an increase for gas expenses. That could have been money put away for a rainy day, so to speak. Other alternatives include, selling the Rec Center. It has been nothing but a burden (which Wayne Fleming warned about from the beginning) upon our county. It does very little good and at a very high cost to everyone. What this court needs is for the citizens of Letcher County to come to the meetings and let the county know who is in control. When people let their voices be heard, change for the good can happen. On another note regarding the magistrates, Keith and Woody continuously talk to each other when someone else is speaking and presenting information. Once again, shame on Jim Ward for not dealing with this matter. This type of behavior is rude and disrespectful, and I cannot imagine that any person who has the honor of being elected to serve his fellow citizens would be so disrespectful. How much more are the citizens of Letcher County willing to take from some of these elected officials?

. To all of Letcher County: As you all know, the county election is right around the corner. Signups are in November. So I want to talk about the jailer race. It was brought to my attention that the former Don McCall is retiring and not running this term, but I was told that Luther Tackett was running this term. Well he sure has my vote and support. Folks I’m here to tell you he would make a dandy jailer. Not only does he work at the jail, he is our constable and does a great job. He helps everyone he can in Letcher County. He’s an all around great person. So who is with me on electing and supporting Luther Tackett for our next Letcher County jailer? Hands down he will make us a great jailer. Let’s show Luther we’re behind him and show our support in next week’s Speak Your Piece. And when you see him out and about, shake his hand and tell him you’re supporting him.

. After listening to all the uproar at the court meetings this past week, it seems like the county judge and his boys are out to put it to the citizens of Letcher County. Then you have the few magistrates that are for the people. Letcher County wreaks of mismanagement and waste. All Letcher Countians are suffering now, but the ones that are suffering most are the senior citizens faced with high medical costs and the cost of living. They just can’t afford to bleed anymore. People of the county are taxed to the max. I travel all over this county and all you hear from the people is that the Rec Center is breaking the county. Why won’t the people in the courthouse realize this? Is our county judge like our former president; just trying to save his legacy in hope that one day his name will be in big letters in front of the building? This Rec Center is a hole in the ground that the people of Letcher County keep throwing money in. How much longer can this go on? When coal was king the

money was wasted everywhere; now we don’t have it and the court is going to make the people suffer. Americans are fed up with mismanagement and waste. In the past November elections they cleaned house. Maybe it’s time Letcher Countians take this into consideration. Out with the old and in with someone that will put Letcher Countians first instead of their own ego.

. Letcher County has a 1.3 million deficit. Their answer is taxing us more. You can start by demanding an end to salaries for magistrates and only paying their real expenses. That’s a complete waste of money. Then, elect a person as county judge who would have a little vision. This good old boy stuff has and will continue to hold us back like lackeys until we vote with our heads instead of our hearts.

. I agree with the letter saying Letcher County is being run over with criminals who slip through the prosecution system. I wish the public could know exactly what percentage of those arrested are ever prosecuted, and what percentage of those are ever convicted. We see people who we know have committed crimes show up on the street again, apparently not even inconvenienced. We don’t know exactly how many escape this way. If anyone knows how to make that comparison, I wish they would print it. Also, if anyone has information showing lax enforcement, instead of complaining to neighbors, they should contact the Kentucky Attorney General’s office at 700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 118, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601- 3449. Letcher County is a dangerous place, and we deserve better.

. To Speak Your Piece: Here at Wallens Ridge State Prison, we inmates look forward to the laughs we get each and every week from some of the articles being printed from you ‘outstanding’ citizens about our patriotic president. The majority of America suffered the Obama administration, especially the coalfields. Now all of a sudden it’s not fun when the rabbit has the gun. You’ve got to give the man a chance. After all it was the ‘outstanding’ citizens who gave him the job. We’ve got two words for the haters … Trump you.

. I want to wish several people through the month of March a happy birthday, starting with Cassel Boggs, a longtime friend and neighbor, Sumo Barron of Haymond, Selma Lou Banks, our cousin, and Haley Murphy of Barresta Branch. One anniversary, Pastor Joe Brown and Sister Linda, his wife, on March 17 on a Friday, also St. Patrick’s Day. Moving right along, Lonnie Pack, our brother’s birthday is March 29. That’s all folks. Please print this okay? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. I am not going to get into a discussion of the Bible very much except to point out one more thing. Satan is ‘chained up’ under lock and key at the present time. However, his work hands and their spirits are on present-day planet Earth and are ‘flesh and blood bodies.’ They are the personifi cation of ‘evil’ (Satan’s children). God also has His ‘flesh and blood representatives’ here on present-day planet Earth. They are the members of all the denominations of the Christian church. They are the morally excellent and virtuous people who together, as a ‘living, collective organism’ for the body of Christ’s wife and the Children of God. The church is the Holy Ghost, the New Jerusalem, and the mother of us all. You should read the book of Galatians 4:19–26. This is an allegory, which the governments of the ‘present day world’ do not want you to understand. This is the year 2017, Jerusalem is presently occupied or controlled by the descendants of Agar, which is not Christian. The Christian Church is being intimidated or put down by Satan’s aggression all over the world. The U.S.A. cannot win a battle against the whole world. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is thermonuclear war involving the whole world, which will burn up all the Earth’s living organic

life forms. ‘The End of Time.’ Good riddance, then maybe they can begin again. Makes you kind of wonder where did the ‘Freedom of Speech’ go to in the U.S., doesn’t it?

. I just watched the Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting. The judge kept repeating, ‘What else can we do?’ My question is, why aren’t they on the phone to our representatives in Frankfort and D.C.? Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. Ask Hal Rogers to come to Whitesburg and explain the problem that all our counties are experiencing. Also reach out to our wealthy businessmen and women who have made themselves rich off of the hardworking Letcher County residents. The people who have a successful business could afford a contribution and so could our medical facilities help relieve some of the financial burdens our county is facing. I feel this situation is only temporary due to the fact that we will soon have a prison to boost the county revenue, and I’ve got great hopes that our coal industry will be much better in the future months and years to come. Perhaps it would prove to be beneficial and productive if all our local county judge executives could arrange a meeting with Governor Bevin and explain what a critical position our counties are in.

. Fishpond Lake is one of Letcher County’s greatest attractions. My vision for the lake is quite simple. Make it even better. Why not get serious about developing it into something greater and better for our residents and tourists? My suggestions are considered to be logical, wise and free of financial hardship. First of all we have a gentleman in Whitesburg who is in charge of providing ways to make our economy grow and prosper. I’m talking about Mr. Narramore, our tourism director. Why not apply for a federal grant to improve conditions at Fishpond Lake, which I will outline below? 1. Fishpond Lake needs portable toilets located at various spots all around the lake. In the winter months all the bathrooms are closed. 2. Install pole lighting all around the lake and near the water when most people use the most. People could walk the lake after dark without fear of attackers, bears and venomous snakes. 3. Stock more catfish and crappie in the lake. It’s no fun to fish all day and catch nothing. 4. Provide more swings and other playground equipment for our children to enjoy. Build a park. 5. Build another fishing pier at the rear of the lake. 6. Build a bait and snack shop at a convenient location or ask a private enterprise to provide that service. 7. Build another shelter at the area of the old tennis court where four-wheelers and campers can relax in the shade and enjoy a meal. 8. The area around the lake needs more barbeque grills. 9. Make the roadway a oneway traffic lane, because the roadway isn’t wide enough to pass other vehicles in some areas. 10. The bathrooms need to provide showers and laundry sinks; one bathroom for men, and one for women. 11. Build some cabins around the lake for people to rest while staying at the lake for a few days. 12. Provide phone and Wifi service to the area. Cell phones don’t work in some areas. 13. Install surveillance cameras to prevent vandalism, theft and violence. 14. Have a security guard on duty 24 hours a day. 15. Lower the fee for RV camping.

. I would like to ask the mayor of Neon why she wants to charge residents ‘outside of city limits’ more for their water usage than city residents. Where does the water come from that serves Neon and the surrounding areas? McRoberts provides the water. If she wants to be fair, she should charge people living in Neon more than McRoberts’ residents. The best thing she could do is charge everyone the same rate. Does she really think she and people living in Neon and surrounding areas deserve a water rate lower than others? I think what Neon needs is a mayor who has a vision for the future of Neon and someone who considers the needs of the residents and the city. She sits by and does nothing while the city buildings are wasted away. Why isn’t she

interested in applying for grants to restore the vacant buildings, perhaps turning them into housing and business opportunities? The city then could benefit by having a large tax base and increased spending. We need someone who has more energy and enthusiasm. ‘Someone with a vision.’

. There is a little canary bird that goes to the Rock of Gibraltar once every ten thousand years to sharpen its beak. When will that little canary get the Rock of Gibraltar worn down to sea level? Never. Now let’s put that scenario in contemporary terms; when will that arrogant, yellowhaired, racist, Bozo, Donald Trump get off his high horse and become sensitive to the needs of the common man, the poor, the sick, the uneducated, the distraught and the immigrants ‘yearning to breathe free’? Never.

. The only hope for the current Trump administration is for the sitting, spineless, Republican Congress to develop some gonads and stand up to their leader who is currently leading them around by the nose and do what they know is right for America. Congress has the power to keep the president on the ‘straight and narrow’ if they have the guts to use that power. You mark my word, history will record that the word ‘disaster’ will become synonymous with Donald Trump’s political career.

. One of President Trump’s biggest failures will be his attempt to ‘repeal and replace’ ObamaCare. Even Senator John Boehner, who had been one of the biggest opponents of affordable healthcare, is now saying, ‘it’s not going to happen.’ If President Trump and his Republican constituents would do the sensible thing, they would make a simple statement, ‘We are going to keep affordable health care and we want to get bipartisan support to make it better.’ That simple act would give respect to the Trump administration and would be a landmark piece of legislation that would ‘Make America Great Again’.

. We the American people sent Trump to the White House to do his job for the American people. We sent him there to build the wall. We sent him there to have the travel ban. We sent him there to put our coal miners back to work. We sent him there to stop all the foolishness that has been going on in our nation for a too long time. We sent him there to stand up to the lying news media. We sent him there to stop the politically correct foolishness. Either you are right or you are wrong. We sent him there to stand with Israel, not to insult Israel as the past president did. So now it would be good if the Republican Party got some backbone about themselves and stand behind Trump and let him to what we sent him there to do.

. I would like to know why our county government went up around Fishpond Lake and built an RV park and ATV trails and then turned around and let them put gates up blocking the trails into Fishpond from Haymond.

. Dear Jim Ward: I am 18 years old. I can’t walk at the Rec Center for your seniors watching the court meetings. I think you should close down the social club for seniors. Most of these folks are there to work out and have more money than I will ever make. Get real. You are wasting money that the county needs. Time you pay salaries and benefi ts, you could do without the Golden Girls Rec Center. My groups think you brought the seniors there to try to save the Rec Center.

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